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Do you really think that this profession requires MORE than others? sm

Posted By: Aptos on 2009-09-24
In Reply to: sick of being screwed - well put!

Come on, nurses, teachers, most other *professions* have to keep CEs updated, etc. Wages are stagnant in *most* fields right now, not just this one.

If you feel like a victim, find something that makes you happier and feel empowered. That's not anything but truth.

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Transhealth requires 2 yrs nm
There is at least 1 facility that requires US MTs only.
It is actually their largest account. I worked for them a few years ago and worked another service that did this same hospital. This hospital is very picky and absolutely will not allow any offshore work. I guess they will have to keep all US MTs on that particular account in order to keep it.

I would invite all DRC MTs to come on over to TransTech, you will find a home here.
I believe TT requires 5 years
It is SO unbelievable...this job requires
us to constantly keep up with the new procedures, meds, surgical instruments, etc., it is a constant learning curve...and it just kills me that these companies offer less and less money every year...been doing this for 20 years now and it has really gone down-hill! Someone needs to understand what it takes to become a skilled acute care transcriptionist! Maybe the Feds can help us out...they're doling out billions to wealthy investors these days...
you must not have made the grade. He requires
very high quality work, but pay is worth it.
any company that requires YOU to pay THEM is a scam
never ever would you have to pay a STAFFING AGENCY to keep you on a list. The only time you should pay for work is if you are hiring a headhunter to do the search for you.

P.S. I'm not yelling - ... just in case anyone feels that they need to jump down my throat.
that employer requires employees not to say anything on the
Nothing wrong with that. Their work requires someone with
that set in stone requirement.
MDI-MD only requires a line count (sm)

commitment and they are now getting some accounts that are internet-based.

Anyone know if Silent Type requires you to fly to NJ? sm

If so, I hate to waste my time (and theirs) by even applying. 


Honestly, I am not sure, but since the hospital requires it and I have been through one before..
they just checked to make sure you didnt have a criminal background. The way I understood is that companies in which they require you to handle money i.e. financial companies, banks etc.. require credit check. I had one once when I applied for an insurance company as I would be paying medical claims. So, I really think the hospital will not require this.
Most of my ME work requires little editing.
I still come out ahead on it.

We have our own speech recognition software called DocQspeech.

I like it.

I make 8.75 cpl for my transcription and 7 cpl for my editing. I have greater production on my ME work, though, so that I make a fair amount more when I do edit work than with transcription.
BOS is a ripoff, as well. If your MTSO requires - sm
you to have it, do like I did and buy a used CD of it on ebay instead of that expensive book. (OR, if you've got a friend with the CD, maybe they could make a copy for you).
Webmedx requires only 2 years.
I don't think anyone requires 2400 transcribed
lines daily. Where I work, to maintain FT status we are required 1200 lines a day/6000 a week.
Keystrokes requires C-phone? NM
MDI-MD requires 1 weekend day commtiment.
I don't think the OP wants any weekend work. Phoenix Medcom doesn't do weekends, so even though their pay is not the best, they'd still likely be able to accommodate her schedule much better, I think.

You are in a profession
of people who really are scrambling for work. It's not like you are a doctor or lawyer. You are a typist and so stop being so uppity about it. your profession. I thought you had friends and that you are a mother, sister, niece.... get lost
Thanks everyone! Due to this profession and
all the garbage that goes along with it, I have accepted a position outside of transcription.  Pay is better and bennies to boot!  It's sad to see what this profession has lead to .  The ungratefulness from MTSOs is growing by leaps and bounds.  Please no replies that.... the grass is not always greener, etc.  Been there, done that.... I'm very comfy with my decision.  I can always fall back on transcription -we are a dime a dozen whether we are seasoned or newbie (unfortuantely)!
This profession... SM

can be a rewarding profession, but definitely not an easy one.  There are waves of workflow, waves of pay, waves of anger, waves of joy, waves of guilt, waves of happiness, waves of sadness, waves with a shark lurking (like an ocean).  hehe

So what do we do in the ocean?  Go with the waves!  Surf's Up!!! 

MT isn't the only profession
As a coder, we often work around and in spite of. Their written documentation is just as bad as their dictation. One visit the patient has metastatic cancer, the next visit they have cancer in situ, then they have a history of cancer, etc., etc., etc. One visit HIV positive, next visit AIDS, next visit HIV positive. There is no consistency at all. They come in with a visit diagnosis of Diabetes type 1 but their office note says type 2. MTs have it rough but we're not the only one. I think anything in the HIM field meets these challenges. They're just in such a big hurry to whip through it that they don't pay attention. Most docs consider doing their documentation just too big a bother and scr__ the consequences.
And I think that anyone in this profession that has

in this year 2009, should automatically be a CMT; no test; no money; just grandmothered into a CMT.  I am only 38, but I've been transcribing for almost 20 years now and used to have to look every word up in a dictionary and didn't have Google or electronic spell checks to help me do my job.  I feel like I should already be a CMT and not have to take the test.

I also think the line rates are very low here lately especially for acute care work that requires evenings and weekends.  I know this profession is 24/7, but all MTs deserve more than 7 cpl to work nights and weekends as in any other profession, there is a shift diff that pays.

As far as the ist at the end of my title, I don't mind.  A transcriber, in my opinion, sounds more like the name of a machine or office equipment.  The ist I feel is derived from the term specialist, so add what you like before the ist and that's what you get; it is not belittling and definitely not feminine when you consider how many male physicians there are in society today.  Furthermore, I'd take a male dictator over a female any day of the week. 

Okay, I'm done...  for whoever cares... 

This is the only profession ......
that the longer you are in it and the more experienced you are, the less you get paid.
If you are in this profession you have to
accept them, they are part of it whether you like it or not, or as you say - get out.
MTs getting out of the profession
I agree with that assessment. My local technical college is discontinuing their MT program because of the changes being made. So what is going to happen is that there is going to be a huge paucity of qualified people who can accurately transcribe and edit the few remaining necessary functions that they now perform and they will then be at a premium and the price will go up. Then once the medical providers figure out that the way they keep records (EMR point and click and VR), while they may be expedient and cheap, are not living up to the hype and hence will get them into trouble legally (due to sloppy entries and slipshod data entry by the physicians themselves), they will reassess the need for those in our profession and go looking for us again. Perhaps we will be there but probably not.
Does anyone know if Shapin requires weekend work? Thanks! NM

MQ requires 24 hours per week for PTO benefits.nm.
Allegiant requires 500 lines per day rather than set # of hours
Medical transcription is an industry that REQUIRES sm
patient transcription to be completed within a specific amount of time for proper patient care. MT is not carpentry or house painting or any other industry where human welfare is not at stake. Therefore, IC in MT terms is different than those others and must have MTs transcribing at the times they commit to in order to get the work done for proper patient care.

If you want to do your work on your own time, get your own accounts and see what happens if you don't stick to a schedule.

My account requires a second phone line (nm)

If your employer requires you follow BOS2, then you would have to
follow it or be in danger of losing job as your QA would be way down percentage wise.
Requires Windows Live Messenger
If a company requires a set number of hours,
production, or schedule then they cannot classify the MT as an IC and the MT cannot say she is an IC per IRS. They are to be treated as an employee, PT or FT, whatever the case may be.
Spheris requires $250 deposit, which is returned to you when
Opti-Script only requires 3 years
I left MQ for them at the end of the summer and could not be happier.  There is an ad at the top of the job seeker's board, although I am not sure they are hiring right now. 
MedQuist requires 1200 lines a day
I do voice recognition and am only required to do 1200 lines a day, 12,000 per pay period.
At least Transtech requires only 1 weekend per month
That is why everybody wants to work there plus the fact that you are seen as an equal and not harassed to death.
YES it requires more, well-know 50% med. error rate in hospitals nm,
. We have much more to know and keeping educating across the board than most medical people as we cross across ALLL medical/surgical specialities and related disorders/meds/products etc that go with them
to have a real profession
So before you going calling anyone dumb.... think about just how skilled you aren't. MQ'ER move along.
Don't let this sour you on this profession. sm
There are great companies out there and horrible ones. What was horrible for you might be a good fit for someone else.
the problem with this profession..

is..... it is very ill defined.  nothing is measured, nothing is objective, at least consistently.  7 cpl is equal to 10 cpl somewhere else.  a few examples.  people don't say they are acute care MTs to annoy you, there are a million different scenarios and a whole lot of jargon being thrown around, and i guess i'd be wondering what a person is called that does acute care but no ops.  a whole half a company where i work are like that.  so.. uh...see.  every scenario is different... which is a major part of the problem.

but, in response to your note, i disagree with a whole lot of it, and it's due mainly to what i say above.  i chose to work at home because i dont want to work at an office so i am sure as heck not interested in turning this environment into the very thing i left.

any, may i submit to you, and many others speaking in these forums.... it's fine to express opinions; it's not heard with much regard when it is touted as fact.  you see divas.  i see an industry of people who have been taken advantage of like no other.  there is no accountability from the doctor, the hospital, or the MTSO... it all runs down hill to the MT.  laws are blatantly ignored and policies rarely written with any definition.  if you want to compare the way we work to traditional offices, when was the last time you worked at an office where you worked 10 hours to get in 8, and you only got paid for some of the work, but not all.  it's come to be the norm here.

some heavy duty revamping needs to take place... and i'm working on it.  everyone put their thinking caps on about what's really at the root of these problems, and stop arguing for crying out loud. never seen so many arguers in my life.  it's apples and oranges that everyone is arguing over.... little bites of fact taken out of context.  no big picture.

i will be back over the next few months to hear them.  let's get down and serious and fix this chaos. look underneath what got you ramped up.. the ramping isn't valuable, but figuring out what is driving it is.  i say we start a revolution.

You are a traitor to this profession.
What you are doing is the reason why MTs are in the fix they're in.  You are selling US out for profit.  Pray tell, how do you plan to ensure patient confidentiality in the jungle? 
I would! This profession is all but dead
If we were men, I seriously doubt our profession
that is why the profession is swirling sm
around the toilet bowl because no one will stand up and tell the truth about these companies AND the ones who do stand up and tell the truth get blasted. Hey, if no one wants to list and wants to sit back and watch it happen without a fight, then don't gripe when its over!
The nosedive this profession took was because
meaningless little spats and email wars between MTs.
Or you could choose to look for a different profession, sm
where you are not so demoralized that you feel (jokingly or not) that you are a victim.
A disgrace to the profession???
Years and years ago before I had much experience I took a job for 6.5 cpl.  I had no choice.  However, it was an easy clinic account that I could do 1800-2000 lines a day.  I only worked 30 hours a week so the $16 - $18 an hour was not bad back then.  The same would be true today for a newbie.  It may be the only thing they can get until they gain more actual working experience.  Kidding right? - Do you remember being a newbie?  They are a disgrace to the profession?  Could it be perhaps that you are the MT who keeps going from board to board, posting under different aliases, and just dogging anyone's post that you can.  What kind of witch hunt are you on?  YOU are calling someone a disgrace to the profession?   
I believe I read that Radiologix requires you to train in-house. FYI. nm
HIPAA requires damage, not just a loose report...
and HIPAA has basically no teeth anyway. You are talking itty bitty fines like $500. Which is less than $600 a year for liability.Everyone gets their undies in a knot about HIPAA...the only thing ever close to a HIPAA violation was that Indian MT trying to get paid.  So let's get reasonable about HIPAA violations.
Flex time requires a schedule. Crazy huh?
There is nothing to like about MQ at this point in time. So many people work there because the company needs people but the turnover of people is pretty significant. Be very leery of the pool. It is murky and will not allow you to make money because in that pool are thousands of client profiles you must read to see how to format the report before you can even begin to transcribe and make money. After you read this client profile, you may not see the client again for weeks which was a waste of your time. The speech recognition program is the worst requiring many corrections at a reduced rate of transcribed reports. No one can make real money with the disadvantages MQ gives you to worQ with.