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Does anyone work for InHealth in Atlanta, or have any info about

Posted By: what it's like to work for them? nm on 2006-01-24
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InHealth out of Atlanta, GA? Info please

Inhealth Transcription in Atlanta?

Looking for any information regarding this company.  Thanks!

Anyone currently working for InHealth Transcription in Atlanta, GA?
InHealth-Anyone have any info?

They have an ad on MTDaily, but when researching, I cannot find anything.  Anyone have any info?  Pros, cons, anything else? How is their platform? Can you use IT with it?


Info on Meditran, Inc based in Atlanta
Anyone work for this company?  Can you share the good, the bad, the ugly?  Sure would appreciate any info.
Anyone work for Metro Transcribing out of Atlanta
Anyone work for Milner in Atlanta who would share your experience? Thanks! nm
Medical Imaging in Atlanta - Anyone heard of them, work for them?

They are radiology only and looking. Any help/knowledge is appreciated. 

Currently work for them. Pretty good company so far.
Does anybody know about this company or have any experience with them?  Am contemplating. 
InHealth & MDI-MD

Hi all...I was looking at the websites for InHealth Transcription and also for MDI-MD.  They look pretty good in terms of what they offer.  Anyone have experience with InHealth?  I've seen some posts that MDI-MD is good and also some that say they run out of work there.  Any info on these 2 companies would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!!

Anyone currently working for this company.  I would appreciate any information. What their platform user friendly, plenty of work and benefits if FT.  Thanks.
InHealth Transcription please. TIA
anybody working for Inhealth? -

I would like to have some information on this company, employee/IC, platform, internet/second phone line, work flow, etc. Thanks a lot.

InHealth not Allhealth - sorry!!
Very happy at InHealth Transcription
I NEVER run out of work, always have extra available if I want it. Pay always on time and correct. As an IC, I have a 24-hr TAT and only work M-F as I'm on a clinic acct. Pay is not out-of-this-world, but seems to be in line with what is the norm these days. I also work 4-6 hours a day and am always able to get 1000+ lines in easily. Check them out at www.inhealthtranscription.com

Good luck in your search!
InHealth Transcription Services
Any information on them? 
inhealth transcription company

Looking for info about inhealth - are they hiring - good company/bad company.  Heard that they bought out a few failing transcription services. 

Inhealth Records is a good site. sm
here's the web site:
InHealth has had good & bad posts. Bad ones concern the owner. nm
My Virus Protector would not let me go onto InHealth's webpage. Enter at your own risk!
DSG out of Atlanta.
I have worked for them since November and love it. Very helpful, friendly staff and the QA feedback is also very helpful. Pay is ALWAYS on time and I always get immediate responses. I have been in the hospital recently (complications during early pregnancy) and they have been ultra supportive and understanding. I love DSG and feel very blessed to be employed as an IC with them!
DSG, Atlanta
Anyone working for DSG, Atlanta?  Would appreciate any information about this company.  Read prior post about their sound quality not being good but otherwise seemed a good company.  Any additional input would be appreciated  Know they use Docuscribe.  Thanks in advance!
DSG, Atlanta
Looks like Atlanta?? nm
Same in Atlanta. Didn't know about it. nm
I just hired on with DSG out of Atlanta. (sm)
Seem great so far.  This account I am doing has some funky things going on with carbon copies that I can't seem to get my head around, but otherwise like it.
I'm in Atlanta and never heard of them. Are they new?
Looking for company around Atlanta
I am supposed to be working today but again, no work. I need a job where I can most of the time be assured there is going to be work there, not a hit and a miss type situtation. Have loads of experience, fast speed, want a good platform and because of the problems with ULD, want to get work in my area code (here we have 3 different ones- 404, 678 and 770).  Anyone out there know of any companies close around that fit this profile? Thanks
I am referring to DSG in Atlanta, GA
...and I think those who replied are too.
Wordspeed in Atlanta
To find out what specialities Wordspeed handles, you can contact Wordspeed at:

Ron and Charlotte Wojcik (owners)
380 Rose Creek Place
Woodstock, GA 30189
Voice phone (770) 516-6235
e-mail: wdspeed@bellsouth.net

I'm pretty sure they are still seeking more transcriptionists. Sorry to respond so late to your post. Hope this is useful.

I am not sure about St. Joseph, Grady or Atlanta Medical, but my husband used to work at Emory and they have outsourced everything they can..he was laid off during all the change about 3 years ago.

A new nonprofit board just took over running Grady, so no telling what is going on there....

I live south of Atlanta (Griffin area) and all hospitals in this area outsource. 

I heard through the grapevine that Southern Regional (Riverdale) let their radiology transcriptionists go not too long ago, but don't know about HIM. 

But, if you happen to find a hospital that still has in-house, please let me know!!!!

Is this Paradigm out of Atlanta?
If so, I worked for them about 5 years ago.  They were wonderful, paid very well.  At that time I lived locally to them and only quit because I was moving out of state (I know, these days you don't have to quit because of moving) and they were my second job.  I would go back in a second if at all feasible.
DSG out of Atlanta uses Docuscribe. nm
Med-Tech in Atlanta or Amphion??
Any feedback would be greaty appreciated.  Trying to decide where to go or if should stay??
I believe you can use dial-up with DSG out of Atlanta -- don't know if they have IC positions
available but couldn't hurt to try.
Metro Transcribing in Atlanta, GA

They have a job posting on MT Desk.  Does anyone know anything about them?  TIA!

Any opinions on Med Trans, Inc out of Atlanta, GA
Any comments?  Good or negative?  Thank you.
Re: Wordspeed in Atlanta, Georgia
I have worked for Wordspeed since March 2006 and I am thoroughly satisfied with it. At that time, I switched my employment from Medquist to Wordspeed, and, unlike MedQuist, Wordspeed ALWAYS has a full workload for everyone, all the time, 7 days a week. The owners/supervisors are the husband-wife team of Ron and Charlotte Wojcik (pronounced WOY-chick), and their professional attitudes and sheer professional expertise way surpass anything I ever experienced at MedQuist. If you are interested in working for Wordspeed, feel free to call them directly at (770) 516-6235 or write them at:

Wordspeed, Inc.
380 Rose Creek Place
Woodstock, GA 30189

Or E-mail them at:

Atlanta Data Scribes
Searched archives but didn't find anything that was helpful...all from 2006-2007.  Anyone familiar with this company?  Pros and cons please.  Thanks.
Thjey are out of Atlanta but I am not sure of the name of the recruiter
to be honest.
if you're a radiologist in the Atlanta area, then they need you!
New ad on job board for Atlanta Data Scribe looking for hem/onc MT. nm
Do you mean Dictation Services Group out of Atlanta?
DSG (Dictation Services Group) out of Atlanta - nm
First Choice, QT Medical, Metro Transcription in Atlanta, sm
and I am sure there are others. These are the ones that I know of.
Anyone with MRT Services in Atlanta doing medical or other transcription? Found them
Are you required to work major holdays at KS. I know nature of biz to work them. Thanks for info. nm
Atlanta Journal Constitutional Article - this link works

May 22, 2008 - Atlanta Journal Constitution article:


If anyone works inhouse in the Atlanta area, pls see question on Main Board. Thanks. nm

Anyone know what happened to Jeanne S, Jason and Jamie of ML&M, whom Lanier bought out in Atlanta, t