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From time to time those paper checks aren't good!

Posted By: And furthermore.... on 2009-05-14
In Reply to: JYT - MT55


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I was IC w/them and checks came on time. First checks were FedX'd to me on time! I left due to an
those bonus checks aren't extra money...you would just get tw bigger checks rather than 3 checks

don't kid yourself

12/cpl, hsi, no travel time, no paper/products. Small town.
I've been there quite a while, pay on time, growth spurt right now, so good time to get on board,
new accounts and lots of work, and before someone says it, I'm not management, just an employee.
What about pay..on time? bounced checks?
Do be aware . . . paper checks only! (sm)

They don't offer direct deposit, just mailed, typed, handsigned checks, which can be  very hard to cash.

They don't communicate very well -- hard to get someone after 3pm EST if you have a problem.

At least one of their major accounts still uses a DOS platform and requires you to have this weird token thing that changes passwords every few minutes to log in.  You also have to get their footpedal and software.  So, if you're using their tools, their token, etc., how can you be an IC (since part of the definition of an IC is that you provide your own tools)?  Another company the IRS needs to look into, IMHO.

The DOS platform is so slow you can't make any kind of lines.  Instant Text works, but there is no way to save normals.

Any Spheris employees get paper checks?
Just had my direct deposit changed to a paper check.  Since payday is tomorrow, am wondering how long it will take to get my check--I am only two states away from HQ.  Thanks!
Any Spheris employees get paper checks
Wow, I was expecting it Monday.  That's good to hear!
The owner needs a personality transplant, but the checks are on time. nm
Checks on time, 10 cents/line IC, nice people.


Give it some time. I think some people aren't working today and the ice
You aren't wasting your time, you're investing in a potential "yes!"
As to why you don't get a response, it might be for one or some of the reasons below, or none of them:

a. You don't meet clearly-stated qualifications. I delete every resume or application that doesn't meet standards required. If you can't follow instructions, don't expect me to take time out of my busy day to spend time on explaining this to you.

b. You're an Indian pretending to be an American. Again, I'm not wasting Keystrokes on you.

c. Your application is filled with errors. Maybe the dead silence from recruiters is a message to go back and review what you've put out there.

d. Maybe your application got overlooked. It has happened. Email the recruiter. If you don't get a response, review a, b, and c above and e below.

e. Maybe the recruiter is swamped. There are days when 10 hours will fly by and I've hardly had time to breath. There are applications to look at, resumes to review, tests to score, interviews to schedule, paperwork to complete, interviews to do, reports to file, fires to put out, and someone has to beat the tech people/MT supe upside the head to get them to call an irate MT, who feels that YOU are responsible for her every woe and calls 6 times a day to tell you about it.

From a recruiter POV, don't put your experience on page 4 under everything else you've done. I don't care that you work in the church nursery, or that you drive bus, or that you swept floors at Mitzi's Kut n Kurl. Don't make me wade through all that to find out if you can do the job I'm trying to hire for. I suspect I've tossed good resumes because I don't have time to read someone's life story before getting to the information I need. I also don't want to know your parent's names and professions (why do Indians do this?).

So, if you don't get a response you can either call or email, or just move on. It's not necessarily a rejection of you, but rather the reality of a busy society.
Personally, DSG is a good fit for me. Pay is good and on time, sound quality depends on the account
and I like the platform. There is not much weekend work, although sometimes is available.  I get along well with the management, no major complaints.  There is pay incentive once you get over a certain number of lines in a pay period.  I work as an IC, so can't help with benefits, insurance questions, etc.
Does anyone recommend a pretty good company that is good to work for, pay always on time and plenty
of work.  I know that is asking a lot, but just curious?
I don't think now is a good time to look because of the
slow down. I left MQ in late July and had 4 interviews and job offers the first week of sending out resumes. Now, I think it would be a little slower with the glut of MTs looking and the time of year.
I'm lookin for part-time work (about 3-4 hrs daily) after 13 years of full-time, anyone know of a
company that is hiring flexible part-time?  I'm starting a career in real estate but don't want to totally quit transcription, but I think most places require 25 hours a week and I cant work weekends, as real estate sales are the biggest on the weekend with open houses and people off work to shows homes to.  If you know of a place I'd sure appreciate the info.  Thanks!
MDI-Maryland is an excellent company, pay on time all the time, great line rate.
I left also because I went out and got my own client(s).
They are very nice people.

The only negative I can think of were the e-mails from the owner say work, work, work, we are out of TAT.

Other than that, which is very minor, it was a good experience.
Not what I was told; 3500/wk part-time & 6000 wk/full-time. nm
Precyse Solutions is hiring part-time and full-time right now.
Saw this on their website.
i work 3 part-time jobs now. it can be confusing if you are learning both at the same time, but sm
other than that not a problem for me. best to get one down before starting to other or you might become overwhelmed.
MDI-MD: What are daily line requirements for full-time/part-time? Thanks! nm
I have one full-time job and 2 part-time jobs. It can be tricky at times, sm
but at least I now have plenty of work always. I have some big financial goals, and right now that seems to be the only way to accomplish it.  I can't see any reason why it would not be legal -- why would you say that?  I am cheating no one, except myself (out of sleep and a social life).  Fortunately, I am single with no children or anything.  I cannot imagine doing this if I had a family.  At least my dogige understands. 
per his request I told him Time To Call, he called Not That Time, emailed me
IC positions only but the pay is good and always on time-sm

easy system and dictators are all pretty good (from what I have had anyway).  I do mostly ops and discharges for them but they have ER and other stuff too.

Paid on time, but not good.
BEWARE, this is not a good time to be at OSi
They are having a major shakeup and have been firing upper crust for multiple reasons, violating the privacy of MTs and other extremely uncouth things.

Aside from that - the same old, same old - Big I and Little You. They still don't give a fig about the MTs. They like the fancy titles but don't live up to the fancy titles, don't know how to schedule, and try to gyp you at every turn, with falsifying time sheets only one way of accomplishing that!!!
I don't think now is a good time to look for work anywhere
over the holidays. On the other hand, people tend to get really ill over the holidays, and unfortunately, mortality rate goes up. It's just the docs are busy, and of course have their minds on their families too and the time they are taking off from work.
In 27 years of transcribing this has always proven true. It may get slow now, after the docs get the notices from medical records they are soon out of compliance, there will be a flurry of reports just about to be over a month old. So please hang in there. And if you need extra money there is always the ability to help in retail. Especially the chains which will be having big sales. They need extra help. Good luck to you!
Are there any good companies that pay on time?
ROI - Good company, pay always on time.
One drawback is scheduling. Although you are an IC, they treat you like an employee. Monitor when you start and end your shift and any breaks you take. If that's not a problem for you, then give them a try.
I had a good time but I struggled in the
70s when I was working 13 hour days and weekends to boot to support 2 kids in school, divorced mother. I hate being poor and I did not start transcription until 1973, by the 80s making a gold mine at it, outsourcing, outsourcing and now in the golden years working 4 days a week, just tired with fibro and thyroid problem. I make no excuses for now because I have done without in my earlier years.
Full time/part time based on # hours or
# lines per pay period, nothing to do with quality. The lower the quality the higher the pay it seems.
Solution: Find another job, part time or full time.
Post your resume, hope for the best.
Depends on how flexible you need to be and if full-time or part-time
They are a little more flexible if you are part-time.  Not so much full-time, where you can be a little flexible within the day (not a strict 8-5), but if you are scheduled for Monday, you have to work Monday unless you request off, and if you are scheduled for a Holiday, you have to work the holiday, unless you request off.  They encourage you to clock out every time you are not typing to keep your lph rate up, which means an 8 hour day can turn into 12 hours at the computer.  If they run out of work (which they do quite often), you have to make the time up.  They are also leaning more towards Voice Recognition, so MTs are getting trained on that, but not sure what percent will go that way.  It does affect how much work you may get though in the other accounts.   
They are advertising for full time HIM now, do they still hire part time? nm
It will get better, I hope. Too much time on my hands means too much time on ebay! lol nm

DVHP gives vacation time to part-time people. nm
Any companies out there where you do not have to fill in a time sheet or on a time clock?
I would like to do my lines and be done, and still get my benefits.  Any companies out there that go by line production rather than hours to qualify for bennies?
OSi with part time health insurance and paid time off
OSi does offer health insurance and paid time off for part time.  Yes, there have been changes.  Yes, there will probably be more changes.  I don't see anywhere that hasn't had changes.  If they don't change they will be out of business the way the economy is these days, just like some other companies.  If they don't make money, then I don't make money.  So, what is so different with OSi compared to other companies?  I see complaints constantly about all companies.  I don't think it is the fault of the company that they outsource or use voice recognition.  It just is life on life's terms these days.  There is still enough work for us, at least for me. 
My thoughts exactly, why waste my time when you know you are only hiring full time? nm
I work there and love it. Good pay and always on time.
I don't take the health insurance, so can't speak about that. The people are very friendly and helpful.
Good company, pay on time, seems like a lot of work. nm
Sorry you had a bad time with them. Hope you found a good fit elsewhere. nm
Seems like the good ones are staying a long time
I know many who have been there 2, 3, and some 4 years. Volumes are up right now, and we've had several new accounts go live in the last couple of months as well.
I have been with co for a long time. I have it pretty good, but new
A lot of OT on my acct, supes are good, pay on time.
Is this a good time to apply at Transtech?

TransTech - they are hiring now, good time
I tried several other companies, good ones, but it was like regressing in time! Not worth it!
You won't be shuffling thru papers, trying to find doctors names, etc.  Its a fast platform. I never realized how much I loved it til I tried "greener pastures", which sure were not greener! Felt like the horse with my head stuck thru the fence, but luckily I got back in my own pasture! There's no place like home, there's no place like home...Good luck to you!!
Good, decent company. Pay on time. Low on work. nm
As far as I know, IC only. Very steady work flow. Pay is good and on time.

Great lady to work for. 

employee, DD, pay on time as other said, good staff, appreciative.