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Gee, could it possibly be because there are a lot of people who actually like working

Posted By: TTecher on 2007-08-20
In Reply to: Yes, but strange all those many people say the same thing. - nm

there? You have obviously had some bad experiences. I am sorry for you.

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Their IT people have been working on
it for quite a while now and it is getting better, but I live quite a ways out, so I might have more trouble than the rest. Any idea how to fix it? Our IT people are not very good.
did you have people working for you sm
when you had your business? Did you ever need them to work weekends for you?

So you made 10 cpl right out of school. That was then and this is now and the profession has changed. You have BEEN in the position of having to have a paycheck. Sounds like you don't HAVE to have a paycheck now. If you don't HAVE to have the paycheck then why all the complaining. Let the ones to need the paychecks do what they want, quit complaining. If and when you EVER GET TO THE PLACE where you need a paycheck again, you will again be willing to work and do whatever it takes to put food on the table. Don't knock those who still do.

Personally, I don't have to HAVE the paycheck either. But, because I don't have to work doesn't change the way I look at MTing. It is a job that you do when the work is there. If you had your own business for 19 years you should know that.

You are going in circles nad not making a bit of sense.
What I want to know is why aren't people working?
Not working that schedule, but because they have people
working that schedule two days of my shift I can't get even half my time in and then even if I work my off days there isn't enough work to make up for the shortages those 2 days.    I already work what seems like 12-hour days just to get in 7 hours with that stupid clocking in and out. 
They seem to have happy people working for them
I too sent in a resume a couple weeks ago and did a search and saw mostly very positive posts. I did that related posts thing that the other poster describes and it worked really well.

I figured they are probably swamped with applications if the number of people I have seen post that they really want to work there is correct. :)
If I were working for the Toth people
I might just make a friendly little stop by my local IRS office for a chat.
That is just pitiful, How do people stand working there??? NM
There are a lot of people who do and it seems that most love working there. I started 6 months ago
and have no complaints at all. It is refreshing to work for a company that treats employees as individuals, not just a number. I also like that they do not send work offshore and that I only have one main account. I do have 2 back-up accounts, but have never worked on them after training. I am lucky that my main account is very busy, too busy most of the time!
I hate it when people tell me that working at home is a benefit (sm)
Benefits are something that the company pays for. No use as MTs. If it was a true benefit, then they should give us the money to cover the costs of what daycare would be, because if you have kids, generally they stay at home with you, right? So, they should be compensating us for daycare costs on top of what we already make. Now THAT would be a benefit!
Give it some time. I think some people aren't working today and the ice
I remember your post several weeks ago..Hopefully, you still arent working for these people. I'm
sure they have been paid by their client. Why do they think they can rip people off. You need to post their name so that noone else bothers with them. Oh yeah, I think I remember now..It was someone named Joanna who asked for overflow help on podiatry, right? I am ashamed to admit that I submitted my resume. Luckily, she never called or I would be doing what your doing..Nightmare..
My job is working out splendidly, I wouldn't say big bucks, but good pay and nice people. sm
I am just looking for something to do in the evening and weekends.  I am going to the job during the week daytime hours.  I miss transcribing as it is not transcribing.  Thanks for your concern.  But, yes this job I am working at during the day is a breath of fresh air compared to trying to sort through transcription companies, trying to figure out how they pay, by the character, by the 65 character count line or gross lines.  I really am enjoying the people the place too.  I would recommend trying an out of the house job for everyone on this board that can! 
Didn't realize you were actually MISSING a day of work b/o people working O/T. What did mgmt say?
I kinda agree. I enjoy working at TT, but this kind of "overkill" is why people sm
get tired of us talking so much on here. Every place I have ever worked has always paid early if the pay day fell on a holiday.  Granted, they do not have to, and it is a nice and considerate thing to do, but hardly so much so as to make me want to burst into a chorus of Go Tell It On the Mountain.   lol
Great advice. Is people stop working for them, maybe they will start paying attention. I wonder if .
their clients know they do not pay their MTs to do the work. You can bet that Rapid Transcript is getting paid by the client. What a ripoff. Just the fact that they have an F rating by the BBB woudl be enough of a turn-off for me. Crappy business practices.
I just took a PT IC position with Paladin Retrieval and so far so good.  I believe they are still looking for acute care folks.  Pay is good too.
Now, how can you possibly know that? (sm)
Seems to me 9 months is more than enough time to meet requirements.  Sounds fishy to me.  There's probably more to it than OP is saying.
How can you possibly say that? They are NOT going to be the next
to go. That client in NV is extremely pleased with TT and isn't going anywhere. I have been with TT for almost 5 years now and they have lost a total of 2 clients in that time. Gimme a freakin' break!
is that possibly why...
it takes a long time for that recruiter to get back with you, if she/he does?
Very possibly

Nothing is 100% sure of course.  But some transcription companies are already doing this, charging more and offering quality and doing very well, especially in specialty fields.  They don't advertise as much because they have lower turn over but we know who they are.

I will bet that because of increasing lawsuits and liability, hospitals are going to be a lot more careful about what becomes part of a patient's medical record.  And who has access to it.  As the economy gets worse, the big companies are going to cut corners more and more trying to squeeze more money out the business.  They probably won't even want to be bothered when their profits go down and cut into their big CEO paychecks.  First there was a glut of nurses because the hospitals didn't want to pay them.  Now there is a shortage and they are going nuts trying to recruit them.  There are cycles in business.

I don't want to become a mllionaire.  Just make a decent living for myself and some other transcriptionist.  As I said, some companies are already doing this. 

She can try RC Transcription. They have an internship. The downside is it's free. As in they do not get paid at all. But after completing the internship, they often, if they do well, get hired. Focus also has an internship. Other than that, I'm not sure of any companies that do it that way. You may want to consider giving her a letter of recommendation with the info that you are mentoring her as she works, maybe be able to get her foot in a door with a company that occasionally will take on a new MT? Good luck to her!
Could it possibly be the -
very first one, at the top of the list?
Possibly - but for whom? But even
if we lowly MTs were even offered these perks, who among use could actually afford a hybrid, or even a used jalopy, at this point??
No SE but possibly IC
In our call he said Transcend doesn't have a statutory employee status.  They do have IC status which will be addressed on an individual basis.  It's obvious they prefer folks to choose employee status but IC may be available.  I've seen their ads for ICs and they require you to have a federal employer identification number.  ICs also have to pay self-employment tax, which amounts to an additional 7.5% to cover the SS/Medicare match that the employer pays for SEs.
I don't know where they could possibly fit
they should change their name to 'TRANS-CRAP'.
possibly MedQuist
Maybe MedQuist? I was recently hired as a newbie. As a newbie, they want a set 40-hour schedule, but I was told that can change down the line. I'm statutory, BTW.
What about my message could possibly have come across like that?
All I did was comment on some of the rude replies to legitimate posts and ask for input on other positive MT sites.

Why the chip on your shoulder?

Possibly DTS in Tennessee. nm
Possibly Milner ? .... nm
How can you possibly say too many MTs look for the perfect job? sm
It is those who settle for substantially less that drives the field down.  And MOST cmopanies pay for headers and footers ... anything I have to research and provide should be paid for .. to think less means you have been brainwashed.
I don't know anything about Transend, but they can't possibly
me worse than SoftScript.  If you read back through old posts there are lots of posts about both of them. 
I believe it is at least 90%, possibly as high as 98%...nm
Did you consider that possibly they do not have anything that fits what you want or that sm
you might not fit what they want for openings they have right now?

Don't take it personally but if you are really upset about it and want to find out what the reason was, ask them. The worst they can do is not tell you, but they might give you insight into something that you are projecting or missing, something that you can correct.
What training can they possibly have
that cannot be done online?

The company should invest in modern technology, otherwise it is going 'under, 'soon!'

And if you have to go, I hope the company pays for EVERYTHING.

They couldn't possibly know...sm
I plan to continue to use mine as I always have. I am just really going to have to be extra careful! I've never sent any Expander faux pas through, but my luck, it will happen now!

I agree that everyone should be on their toes. It would be quite unfair to put any unnecessary work on QA expecting them to catch it. We all need to be grammar police. It comes with the job!
Looking to possibly hire on with JLG. Is anyone happy there?? nm
Cover letter possibly?? nm
Were there too many ESLs or possibly not enough work? nm
Does this natl possibly start with a big W?
What can they possibly find to email about all day?
This is possibly one of the best responses I've seen

Could it possibly have anything to do with being a HOLIDAY on Monday? nm
Amen! Possibly the most thankless job in our
Possibly trying to get a recruiting bonus. nm
Possibly the whole idea of their email isn't
but instead, to drive as many of their US competition out of the industry as possible.

No one could possibly have problems. CB has said everything is perfect again.
She has had such great experiences even though it has been pointed out that she is working under completely different circumstances than the majority of the MLS. The MLS on BeyondTxt get rated on the percent of work going to QA and get written up if it is too high. But she would never understand that in the glass house she lives in.

She has never had and will never will sent a question to HR@trcr.com and not get a response for 2 weeks if they ever do respond. She will never have to ask any questions about insurance because she knows all the answers.
the Offshore Wagon possibly?
Could you possibly email me at my address listed above..sm
and tell me on average how many lines you can do in an hour? I know there are a lot of variables to consider but it would give me some idea of what I might expect too. I have 28 years experience and consider myself quite good, but I know sometimes the software, demographics, etc. can slow you down. Also, is there a lot of work on the accounts? I like to do about 2000 lines a day. Thank you for taking the time to help me.
How can you possibly make any $$ for 2 cents per line???


Am I missing something??

I meant the MTs who cannot possibly work outside their home - nm
Yes, told double to triple possibly
I've done VR on other platforms in the past and I too transcribe really fast so have never seen much extra in the line of productivity. Yes, do a combo of both straight and VR. Thanks for your honesty here.