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Has anyone heard if Scan Medical Services

Posted By: workerbee on 2006-11-05
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They made me an offer to work IC for them.


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Scan Medical Services, LLC

in North Branch, Michigan--anyone know anything about this company??

Is anyone familiar with Scan Medical Services. nm
Any info on Scan Medical Services, LLC out of Michigan?
Has anyone worked for them? Are they reliable? Pay on time, etc?
Scan Medical or Scan transcription

Anyone with info on them, any info I can get before I start working for them as far as work, pay on time, etc.?


Has anyone heard of or worked for ACES Up Medical Services? nm
scan medical

They called me in the past but now I cannot find their information.  Anyone have it?  thanks.

scan medical
I do know that the client has had to take work back from this work pool as all of the transcriptionists failed to work their required lines and work was at TAT.
scan medical transcription
Yes, they are reliable as far as a company. Pay is on time and direct deposit and they utilize DocQScribe. I left because even though I have HEAVY ESL experience, these were some of the worst dictators I had ever had
What is Scan Medical like to work for?
Does anyone know anything about Scan Medical Service in Michigan. nm
Havent been at Scan Medical too long but finding the work drying up. Anyone else there
notice this. 
I am only part time but I work for Scan Medical Serv. and another company and I am just asking
if other MTs are seeing their work getting very sparse with this company and if she has lost work or what the problem is. I am thinking of moving on to another job offer if this continues.
M & J Medical Services ?
Has anyone heard of M & J Medical or have worked for them?  I saw an ad but cannot remember where. 
QT Medical Services
Anyone have any info on QT Medical Services?
Probably Q-T Medical Services, Inc...nm
PRN Medical Services
Does anyone out there know anything about PRN Medical Services?  Any info would be much appreciated, good, bad, etc.  Thank you!
4 1/2 years, QT Medical Services. nm
RE: Medical Dictation Services
I would say it depends on the account. The problems the above poster has, I have not experienced at all, though I am only part-time. My platform is totally internet based- BayScribe which handles the voice and the transcription platform. So therefore, I never experience requested dictation completed.
Medical Transcription Services, Inc

Does anyone have information on Medical Transcription Services Inc out of Wisconsin  -good, bad


Medical Transcription Services, Inc
Can anyone tell me if they are working for Medical Transcription Services, Inc and the particulars of the company; such as work flow, system, personnel, etc. ?  Thank you in advance. 
Medical Transcription Services
If you hear any thing, please let me know.  They called me last night and I am suppose to test.  I don't want to jump from the frying pan to the fire.
Medical Transcription Services, Inc.

Any information on this company.....such as system clearity, work load, pay on time, etc ?  Would really like to know.  Thank you.   

STP Medical Data Services

of Illinois has job posting and unable to find any information here or on web on them - anyone worked for them or have any experience with them?

STP Medical Data Services

Does anybody have any information on this company?  I can't find anything on them anywhere.  Thanks!

Medical Transcription Services
Anyone ever work for this company?  They are from the midwest.  Just wondered if they are a good reliable company. 
Medical Transcription Services, Inc
out of Green Bay, WI.  Has anyone taken their written testing yet?  If so, how do you think you did?  Hoping I did okay.  Really would like that position. 
Medical Dictation Services
Work for them currently in Radiology...been with them for 4 years.  A good company.
Medical Dictation Services
Just wondering if anyone has heard of this company and can provide any feedback and/or any info good or bad on the Bayscribe transcription platform. 
MDI Medical Dictation Services

Can anyone tell me if this is a good company to work for?  I appreciate any insight you could lend.  Thanks!

p.r.n. Medical Services platform?
What platform does prn Medical Servieces use? 
p.r.n. Medical Transcription Services
Any info on this company? Do they pay on time? What platform? How are the dictators?
United Medical Services
out of Colorado....Any info on this company?  Any and all info appreciated.  TIA
Ever heard of MRT Services?
Any info would be appreciated.  I have checked their website but doesn't really answer any of my questions.  It says they type focus groups and interviews.  Medical terminology is a plus?  So are they not a medical company?
QT Medical Services are true to their word! nm
Good/bad on Medical Transcription Services
Does anyone have any info good/bad on Mediclal Transcription Services in Green Bay, WI
Anyone have any info on Speedy Medical Services out of FL?
Medical Voice Technology Services, Inc.

Can anyone give me info regarding this company that is based in the southeast?  Possibly your experience with them if you have one? 

Thank you very much!

Are you sure you don't mean MDI (Medical Dictation Services, Inc.? MRC hasn't been around
Midwest Medical Transcription Services
I don't know if this is going to post in the correct spot, I have never tried to post anything before.  Does anyone have any information on Midwest Medical Transcription Services LLC in  Wisconsin?  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks!
medical voice technology services
Anyone familiar with this company?  Any and all feedback welcome!!
any info on STP Medical Data Services,Inc
i did a search but didn't find anything. 
Anyone with any info on STP Medical Data Services? TIA. nm
p.r.n Medical Transcription Services questions

Has anyone ever worked for this company?  Cant find anything in the archives.  This is the company out of Ohio.

Just curious to know how they are.  Do they pay on time?  Do they pay fair?

Thanks so much!!!

Has anyone worked for prn Medical Transcriptiion Services, Inc?(sm)
I'm wondering what they use for a platform and what it entails.  I see they have an ad on the job board but no general info as to what platform they use other than needing a USB foot pedal.  Any info would be appreciated.  TIA
Anyone work for Aces UP Medical Services ? nm
Anyone have any info about prn Medical Transcription Services?
Not even sure where there are located.  Platform....good company to work for?  Anything  TX
Medical Transcription Services, Inc. out of Green Bay, WI
any information would be appreciated!!  Thanks 
Any info on Medical Data Services, Inc.?
I am not coming up with anything in a search.
Requesting info on Medical Dictation Services

Medical Voice Technology Services, Inc.- MVTS

Info on Medical Transcription Services, Inc. in Green Bay, WI?
They have an ad on the Jobs Board and I can't access their website.  I can't get anything on Google, and I hate to jump from the fat to the fire.