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Has anyone who worked for CorTmedical in 2006 gotten their 1099 yet?

Posted By: NYMT on 2007-01-23
In Reply to:

I know that a lot of us were burned last year by this company.  I am wondering if they are going to at least send the 1099 for what they should have paid us.  I am wondering if they do not send it, how am I going to claim what they did not pay me as a loss?  Thanks to all, hope everyone has found something better since that disaster.   

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CorTmedical MTs; Have any of you gotten your 1099 from CorTmedical for last year?
I know that a lot of us were burned last year by this company.  I am wondering if they are going to at least send the 1099 for what they should have paid us.  I am wondering if they do not send it, how am I going to claim what they did not pay me as a loss?  Thanks to all, hope everyone has found something better since that disaster.   

You can file without a 1099 -- as long as you have invoices, etc. that you sent them or copies of checks that they paid, you just report that amount to the IRS.  You don't send in copies of the 1099 with your taxes you just report the income.  Sometimes companies do not send out 1099 and figure it is up to the IC's to keep track of and report their income.  But be sure you have copies of all invoices or billings to the company to verify what you got paid.   That is why, when an IC you should invoice or bill out what your services to the company so that YOU have a record of what you did for the company.  

no, you will get a 1099
I emailed them and they told me they had some mixup and they hoped they would be sending them this week........
W2 -- 1099
is it focus informatics? Go to the job boards and get the email and send request. OR ggogle the business name and see what comes up and contact that way.
1099 no message
They do not have to send you a 1099 for what they did NOT pay you, However,
you still need to claim what you received regardless if they send you a 1099 or not and pay your taxes accordingly.  I would report them to the IRS in either case, because I am sure you have tried to receive your past compensation without much success.
Anyone rec'd 1099 from Sten-Tel yet?

Still waiting on mine.  This is from the Sten-Tel in Massachusetts. 

Also, anyone know if they are hiring?  I'm thinking about begging for my job back. 


You'll get a 1099...

As a first-time IC, you may want to get some tax preparation help because you should have some write-offs that will most likely save you money.

1099 versus W2
An IC receives a 1099. You will see your total earnings under the section called Non-employee Compensation.

I totally agree with the other poster who said you should see a tax specialist, and I don't mean H&R Block. Ask friends and family who they would recommend. Don't just choose someone out of the phone book.

I'm also recommending that you get into the habit of deducting the money to pay your taxes with every single check you receive, unless you're really good with leaving your money alone (no matter what) and can pay your taxes quarterly. Also, a lot of people have different recommendations on how much you should set aside for your taxes. It can be anywhere from 20% to 30%, depending upon where you live. Discuss this with your tax specialist.
Oh, yes, it turned out I didn't need the 1099 after all
Just as said above, when I didn't receive it my accountant just told me to get my own information together and then send the employer a letter telling them that this is how much I earned, this is how much I'm going to claim. I guess I was just letting the OP know that I knew the feeling of not getting a 1099.

To the other poster above, I did get out of there as soon as I could. It was a local MTSO and at that point I was new and even now I didn't want to work for the Nationals so I stayed. The pay was good and as an IC I made my own hours. The only problem basically was the 1099 situation.
1099 Form amount
Isn't the amount $600.00? If you make that amount or more then you must be sent a 1099 form? I do have records of all of my earnings that I made last year. I made a little over $3,000.00 with this company. It was not that much, but enough to report in.
Sudden change in 1099 status?
why would a company after YEARS of having IC's suddenly push everyone into an employee status?  Does this have anything to do with trying to make the company less likely to be unionized???  Or is there something else entirely going on that Im missing all the way around?
Still have not received 1099 form from previous employer!

Am I not correct that employeers are supposed to send out 1099 forms by the 31st of January?  I quit a company back in May of 2007 and I still have not yet received a form.  I guess I should contact these people?  You would think they would have sent it to me by now!  It's frustrating having to contact old employers because you really do not want to have to be bothered by them anymore!

Anyone know anything about CorTmedical? 
Karen: If you are a newbie and want some on the job experience try applying. If you want to know more about the company from people who work there, then leave a post or email me: jenpoole31@yahoo.com

Okay, once again: In response to the poster who knows absolutely nothing of CorT: The owner is not mean, she is absolutely awesome. The pay is low when you start as it is an internship. Once you get off qa then your pay goes UP to what most companies are now offering. I am QA for the company. We have some truly amazing newbies at this company. They work hard, learn very quickly, and are just absolutely excellent. Sure there's an issue with the company getting paid by the other company. That means CorT is paying us out-of-pocket at the moment. This issue is being worked on and I'm more than willing to stick it out while they do. They are wonderful. I've never been with another company that was so upfront about the problems they're being faced with. If you have never worked there, don't know anybody who does, then keep your mouth shut with your negative thoughts.

When people post about MQ, as tired as I am of hearing it, I don't go posting my two cents. Because I've not worked there. Obviously you've never worked at CorT either. Or you tried but failed the test. Whatever.

I've spoken with several people that work for them and they're pretty happy there.


I think it was Etranz that had the funds problems.

they have blown me off for 3 months now and now all of a sudden I get an email saying they have proof of all the mistakes I was making (yeah right) and that I was being over paid anyway. I am going to file a Civil suit against them. I have every email they sent me and I still have the work that I did. They are liars and horrible people.
they have blown me off for 3 months now and now all of a sudden I get an email saying they have proof of all the mistakes I was making (yeah right) and that I was being over paid anyway. I am going to file a Civil suit against them. I have every email they sent me and I still have the work that I did. They are liars and horrible people.
is not a place you want to work for, they are liars.

Has anyone ever heard of CorTMedical transcription in Ohio? I just found their website and have never heard of them nor can I find anything about them in the archives. If anyone knows anything about them I'd appreciate some info.

I would give the website address but don't know for sure if we are allowed to post that on here.  I only read and post on here sporadically. Thanks.

CorTMedical Pay
I got the impression from the website that they paid well, but like I said it was probably too good to be true..I would like the person who works there though to let us know about the pay there as well as bennies. 
I would be very cautious about working for this company. I worked for them in the past and my paychecks were ALWAYS late. They also bounced a payroll check to me, which my bank charged me for. I was told by the owner that I would be reimbursed for their mistake. That was back in March. The owner told me that he mailed the check out several times, but I never recieved it. He finally said that he would overnight a check to me if I did not recieve it within 2 weeks. That was about 2 months ago, and needless to say, I never got paid. Also, communication is very poor. I found that trying to get an answer about anything usually took at least a day, if not 2.

Anyone know anything about them?
Agree with Patti. MTOS sends 1099 as courtesy,
Any comments on CortMedical?
CortMedical: Pay is lousy. nm
CorTmedical has been great to me.
I came into this company as a newbie in their internship program not long ago.   Their QA is wonderful and I have learned SO MUCH.  I came into the company during a financial hurdle that was no fault of theirs.  They have kept the employees informed and are caring and compassionate.  They are still having trouble, I hope it ends for them soon.  I believe they are good hearted bunch, hard working and well-meaning and I wish them the best.  If I never see a penny...I will still be pleased with my experience with them.  I have learned on the job and seen people at their best during the worst of times.  That says a lot for them, I believe.  I give them a thumbs up:)
CorTmedical Story

I know all of the facts around what happened with CorTmedical a few months ago. One of their clients did not pay them as scheduled and a few checks didnt clear because of this. It was a very unfortunate circumstance but the key principals and owners of that company paid back every cent plus any fees those employees suffered as promised. is was simply a bad time but everyone that i know that works for that company loves working for them. they are honest, compassionate and they treat there MTs and QA's extremely well. The are also growing very fast and are increasing they cpl rates to their workers by the month.

CorTmedical - Any info?
I am not sure about this company, anyone have any information?  Seems they are new. 
Happy with CorTmedical
Hi.  I started in CorT's internship program and they had great QA and support by IM any time you need it.  CorT had trouble early on when I started with them, because their client wasn't paying them.  They are a smaller MTSO and many of them don't pay if their client doesn't.  They got it straightened out and paid my back pay and have been on time since then.  They did quite a bit of hand-holding with me since I was new and were very kind and patient.  I was out of the internship within a couple of months. They seem to be a hard working bunch of people that really care about their employees.  They gave me a chance when no one else would and I hope to stay with them:)
CorTMedical location
I went back to the website and saw they were close to Dayton..but would still like to know about bennies and cpl (ballpark)
CorTmedical....What is the DEAL?

Do they even have MTs working for them anymore?  They do not pay their employees and they do not care.  They need to just shut down their business!  Anybody out there know what I can do about it?  I am going report them to the Better Business Bureau.

CortMedical Transcription, anyone have any info

Has anyone worked for or does work for CortMedical Transription.  Does anyone know anything about them and how they are to work for?  Please let me know. Thanks

CorTmedical ~ any recent info on them?

Please email the Administrator regarding CorTMedical
Sorry - that is CorTmedical. I just get all frazzled even typing it!
Been there is 2006

They'll have to drag me out of there. I plan to stay forever.

I've never been happier. Make my lines every week, lots of bennies and lots of incentives.  Take the job. You'll never regret it.

Nothing since 2006?
I'd be very wary. First, VR is very poor pay for what you do. Be very careful of any company asking for ONLY VR work and pay less than 5cents per line. Second, if nothing is posted since 2006 either they haven't hired anyone new in a long time or there is only neutral feedback for them, not great but not devastating either.

I, personally, only post negative when something is really awful and I fear for others who get stuck in that situation. You might do a BBB search on them to check for any complaints. Not everything is put into a BBB score, but you can check if anyone has ever made a complaint as an employee or customer. I did this with my last employer, they were not BBB, but the BBB does keep records on all companies and wannabe companies out there whether they are members or not. Just research a bit before you are bitten! :)

I hope they are a good company, keep us posted!!
I don't know, but here is the phone # 301-921-2006 nm
my benefits for 2006 will be less as well

I feel very disappointed about the loss of some benefits, rate increases for others and I also wonder with the all the other changes that the company isn't what it used to be and how it can feel it offers something unique or is different from other MTSOs.  It seems to be joining the ranks of well, nobody else gives you this/that, so don't expect it here either.

Of course, after only 4 months of having cable, they raised their rates without giving me more channels, better service, quality, etc, so I'm trying to see the balance on all sides (it's hard, though). Is it just the cost of living?  I don't pretend to know the answers but it is getting harder and harder to stay in this profession.

See below post of 03/30/2006
I noticed it and it might have some info you were looking for. :) I have none myself, sorry.
All the MTs may be fired 05/10/2006
or soon thereafter--what about the call-in meeting they are said to be having this Wednesday for all the MTs? Does NOT sound good. (Glad I left when I did.) Looks like the offices in India will be getting more jobs as the American offices will be closing, I've heard, at the end of May.
Ad from Dec. 2006 said they have their own software. nm
2006 listings
There are some back articles where people were not paid for work and even one person had a check bounce.  I am wondering if anyone has an update as well...I have an interview with them tonight but even though that was 2 years ago it makes me wary!
So who is their 2006 Employer of the Year?
An old ad said they did. I sent a resume in Jan. 2006 and never got a reply. nm
First Choice uses WP5.1, at least in Sept of 2006

The people I spoke to on the phone and by e-mail were very pleasant, the job sounded great.  I chose another MTSO but was left with a very good impression of this company.  They did work in WP5.1, at least in September of 2006.  Good luck to you. 

Do you mean Transcription1 out of Florida? They last had an ad here Jan. 2006. Don't
2006 posts said QA is VERY picky here. Pay was 6-9 cpl. Under
In 2006, you had to pay a fee to their site to test & they say