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I didn't get mine yet. does it come sm

Posted By: new KS MT on 2009-05-19
In Reply to: Keystrokes sent out t-shirts for MT Week. It is nice to be appreciated! nm - KSMT

UPS or regular mail. They asked me when I filled out my employment papers 3 weeks ago what size I wanted because they were sending it. I wonder when it will come?

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mine didn't go that way... c msg
i tested. first email from them stated i passed their radiology tests, and they would contact me during the next recruitment. two weeks later, i received an email with attachments to download. these included pay scale of 7 cpl WITHOUT spaces, manual or templated headings, and i had 24 hours to accept or decline their offer. I sent them an email obviously declining.
Just got mine today - some didn't get them yet
Mine didn't say error either
This is the part that is so unsettling for me too.  And the fact that the human resource/payroll person doesn't even know what is going on and the fact they will not let her know what is going on is what is unsettling for me.  If they would just come right out and let us know what the heck is going on, then I would be a little more at ease.  But, no one is saying ANYTHING.  However, supposedly the money is there.......
I sure didn't get that from mine - do you work on Radnet by chance? sm
That's a hospital-based platform and anyone who works on that is more inclined to have issues. Whatever your platform problems, they are not company-wide, that's for sure.
That is too funny - if I didn't think someday one of those reports might not be mine!

Maybe we should all band together and just shoot those VR reports straight through - JUST FOR ONE SHIFT - take our money and see what happens.  Guess we could find out if there is any QA in place and if the MTSO gets any feedback from the hospital.  It might be a lesson for the MTSO to learn.  I spend lots and lots of time - follow word by word - in my VR jobs but the pay just is not there doing VR that way.  I do see bad reports in my search of what other MTs turn in and it is really scary.  BUT - bet they make more than I do at the end of the day.  When will the hospitals and the MTSOs figure this out???? and pay us more for quality than quantity.

Mine didn't seem to work when I had it minimized, so I'm stuck using their own expander, which
Hmmm..everyone got different tests huh..Mine were over 5 minutes a piece. I didn't do them. I thi
someone is trying to get free work.
I bet you 1 million $$ you won't find one on mine. Mine is
2 years old and it does not have a 9-pin serial port, nor does it have a game port.   I have used both ports on other computers so I know what both ports look like.  I also have a company provided computer and it does have the ports on it. 
I didn't say I didn't care, I just don't understand
why the sudden outrage over HL offshoring.  
She didn't say they didn't offshore at all s/m
What she did say is that if the work needs to be done here, it stays here (paraphrased a bit, I think).

That is not lying and saying that they don't offshore work, as was stated by another poster above, but saying that if the client wants the work to stay in the US, they will keep it here. Sheesh.
Got mine the very next day Fed-Ex.
Same with mine.
I started working at 6:30 a.m. and we were still working on the day before! By 8:00, it was gone! That never used to happen!
Because they are getting rid of mine
a huge producer of tons of work by December if they don't sign on DQS and so far they want no part of it. That is why I am on a new account on DEP, mine is going bye bye.
On mine, many MTs with 10+ yrs exp. SHOULD be on 100% QA!
Hey. that is all mine will eat too--sm
Fancy Feast, and only the pate kind, with an occasional fliet thrown in for differentiation.

shhh- about the wrong board, or everything will be deleted in the transfer. lol.
Mine too. sm
Seems to be okay, only takes about 30 seconds to download.
Mine low too
can you work 2 accounts if you ask for one?
I got mine on E-Bay for $500
One thing you have to realize is Dragon doesn't work efficiently on most platforms. It is great in MSWord, but when you have to type in most if not all these different platforms that are Word-like programs,(these platforms actually pull from your personal Word program) it prints a character at a time, not good! (most of these platforms have all kinds of security and nonmicrosoft programs will not work inside the platform) I can still use mine but I have to open WordPad and speak to that and then copy and paste into the platform program.

There are some who will say you have to tweak it a bit to work in some of these platforms, but you still loose a lot of functionality.

I love this program as it has helped with my carpal tunnel immensely, but don't think for a moment that with this program, once you have it trained you are going to be making big bucks. Yes, you line count will go up a bit and I mean a bit. You are not going to get rich. People need to understand this is not a program where you have very little typing and the money will just roll in. You have to be realistic.
Yes, that is sad and mine
worked the first time
they pay mine
I've been working there a year. Paid internet was part of my job offer. Maybe this is a new policy or you have to ask for it?
They pay mine too.
Also, been there a little over a year.  Love my job!
I got mine
It is refundable after 3 years of employment. If you leave before 3 years you get it back when they receive the equipment back. I received my deposit upon 3 years of employment without having to ask for it. I was pleasantly surprised, figured it would take awhile and need a few emails!
Mine too BUT..
The CEO called me personally and fixed mine as soon as I notified them that this happened. The company had no idea wbout this. They were great! I even sent them proof of fees that I incurred and they reimbursed those too..I am very happy with the fix
Mine's not there either yet!
This is the first time it hasn't been there on pay day in the AM! I'm freaking out! I left a message with the office to find out why.
Got mine the first day
They never limit the number of reports you can type even while you are on full QA. I have never seen another company do that, I was always limited to 10 max in the past. I made my line count from day 1, felt sorry for the poor QA dept.
Mine does exactly that!
Sent you an email...
Not on mine
I got a new computer less than a year ago, and mine does not have it either.
here's mine
YOG-- Loved it! Not in business anymore- sold to MQ.

MQ- Good about 8 yrs ago, went downhill after that.

DISKRITER-- Hated it-- Not enough work. Demographics took longer than typing the reports.

JLG- Love it, just hate the fact that we do not have DD right now, but love the work and the people!
mine went in too
old job of mine still uses WP5.1-- sm
it is still out there.....I have not worked there since Feb. just got too busy with another job, need to give them a call though....kind of just disappeared on them.
Mine is low as well...
I actually am going back to school starting in January. Just signed up for classes yesterday. I love being an MT, but the lack of work is happening more and more.
The company I work for is also in financial trouble.  Got a huge email last fall.  Now wondering if I should start looking for a different job.   Which company do you work for?  Mine starts with a S.    
mine is low and so are others...
Mine does...
Mine, too!!
It seems to be hanging up a lot, and one of the things that they were supposed to correct did not happen (I can't open my autocorrect options from the keyboard anymore). There are some things that did get as far as lag time, but for the most part my computer is just not acting quite right, but I'm afraid to ask them to fix it because I figure they'll end up making it worse. Plus, did it bother anyone else sending that great big PCCheck thing to them? I don't know if you scrolled down through there, but among the information on there was a list of every program on your computer. While I don't think I had anything 'incriminating' on there, I don't know if I'd necessarily want them to know that I had a program on there that kept track of my ovulation or even a program related to a second job. Gadzooks! I had intrusiveness in my life and I hate that I let someone thousands of miles away tinker with the means for my livelihood.
MIne does.

Your VR is done a lot different than mine
I am reading the above postings and amazed. You have a certain curve when starting VR that you will not make as much as later on. I have never doubled my line count from what I did straight (2000) but I have gotten to over 3000 at different times. I do not make basic wage, averaging anywhere from 16 to 25 dollars an hour. I am glad for our audits, although I sorta dread, have always seemed to do ok. Every once in awhile I am sent an email saying did not pick the right type of report for a document or maybe left off the dictator's name so I know ours are watched closely.
Mine does also.....
I can honestly say in the almost 2 years I have worked for this company (TMT) I have never run out of work.  I work part-time evenings and weekends for them.  It is a very small company, not sure exactly how many employees (ICs), but there has always been work.
All 5 of mine have been as well. You are right.
STMs apparently have no clue what an overflow account is. I'm back down to 3 now because they have lost 2 of my accounts and have been running out of work. I'm sick of them acting like this is a seasonal slowdown, which obviously is not true. They must think we are idiots.
If your VR is anything like mine
you would not have a bit of trouble with the ESLs. Mine is just as good picking those up as the other clear speaking dictators.
Geewhiz. Mine is a lot different!
I have to do min of 6000 lines/pp. I have to 1600 of it on weekends and have 98% or better QA. My incentive starts at 0.005 for 60001 lines and goes up to 0.02 for 16,000 lines. Plus the quarterly bonuses of $50 for the first 10,000 lines in the payperiods then $10 for every 10,000 lines through the rest of the quarter.

At 0.0875 cpl base, I can earn 0.1075 for 16,000 lines/pp! I like mine better!
Most definitely. I posted mine and had six
job offers from smaller MTSOs within 10 days.  I wondered why I never saw any ads from the smaller companies.  That's why.  They'd rather research their own MTs than to be inundated with hundreds of resumes from unqualified applicants.
Waiting for mine too. sm
Not to scare you, but it took 6 weeks to get my first one. I was shorted on both checks too. Were we supposed to get paid the 15th? They are always late so I do not know.
Amp not late with mine either!
worked there 6 months and have never been late - have a few other complaints, but hopefully those will be fixed in time....
Yep! Weekends are all mine!
Got mine yesterday - nm
Got one of mine on Wednesday. nm
Except mine was Spheris. nm
Yes, your situation is different than mine. sm
I would hope that your past outstanding work and performance would be what gets you back into the company. If not, then it's their loss. I wonder if you could try to get personal insurance and maybe work as IC for the hospital to prove yourself again? I never could do that. I can't get personal medical insurance, only through the state pool so being employee status is the best for me. It just irks me when employers base your ability to do a job based on whatever illness you have. I'm stubborn, I wouldn't go back to them if their only concern was my disease process. That's just my attitude. My pride is all I have left.
did mine 2 weeks ago too
I don't think the call went quite an hour, but pretty close to that. I was applying for clinic work, so maybe that's why once I passed the verbal quiz I was told a written/typing test would not be necessary. If you're applying for acute care it may be different. At the least, I'd imagine it's tougher.

The verbal quiz I got was dirt easy, though. How many cranial nerves are there? Sheesh.
Love Mine
I absolutely love mine, but it's a very small local company and I just transcribe for 10 doctors as an IC and there are only three other IC's working there besides me.