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I don't have any person knowledge of them, but

Posted By: Me on 2007-06-20
In Reply to: Who would you say is better to go - Michelle

at least I can't remember hearing a lot of terrible things about them. Give them a try. Might work out great for you.

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I think it is one person. I had a few print outs from a few weeks ago and this person even capital
I have had a positive one. I have been with Keystrokes for 3 months and am very happy.

I printed them to show my manager but she told me that there are few bitter people out there and no one can do anything about them. My manager said that everyone can tell that it is the same few over and over again, for Keystrokes and a few other companies as well. Time to move on Ms. Anon. I cannot think why a company would go through the trouble of getting IDs and getting you installed just to ignore you after that. Doesn't make sense, does it? Are you sure that't the whole truth? You keep saying truth but it sounds fishy.
Exactly what I'm talking about RUDE! You are a very unhappy person. A happy person does not
respond in such a way!  This is the reason SS has such a bad name.
I am not a hateful person but that person screamed at me for 45 minutes. sm
She said all transcriptionists are idiots.
Not to my knowledge...nm
I have some knowledge..
How long have you been there and why are you not happy there?
OSi and knowledge
I think that many of you who challenge the skill level of those working at OSi are full of sour grapes.  I think just like any company OSi has a variable learning curve of skills in both MTs and Editors.  Everyone comes into their job from a different knowledge base, whether it is formerly working in-house, formerly working on a clinic account or just out of school.  I think all of us need to be more tolerant and help others move on an upward curve rather than a downward one.  By the way, I love working for OSi and I have been there for almost 4 years now and I have always found everyone to be helpful.
To the best of my knowledge
everyone has been paid. Don't know why no one else has posted this fact. It is notable that no one posted the company's name, which I think suggests a certain loyalty as they have been a very responsible employer.
To the best of my knowledge sm
They have everything traditional on Extext. Some ASR is on eScription, some on Nuance. Standard XP computer is fine and Word 2000 or 2003, and I didn't read the ad, but whatever they said.

You'll love it, I sure do.
Not to my knowledge, but I don't know everything that goes on. sm
I do know that I have a great account and can get 300 lph, so the money is good. cpl rate is better than most as well.
Shannon may have tried to help, but her knowledge
was too limited.  The only one I can rely on for help or a half way honest answer is Terri in the office, but I do not know if she is a teamleader or not.
No direct knowledge but
There's a message on the Career Step board by someone who says pay is late and by Paypal. Don't know about the rest but the Paypal payroll would be enough to turn me off.
Not to my knowledge. My account
right now has a backlog, as does a fellow MT's on a different account. I have NO idea what account this person has been on, but I have worked for MDI-MD two different times (took a few years off when I had a baby) and have NEVER run out of work. They're a great place to work, and you can get a secondary account in the off chance that your primary ever runs out of work.
Well... it is common knowledge
that the whole QA department is the laughingstock of the industry. What a joke... unbelievable. They wrote the book on inside politics. You never get promoted with this company unless you are in the right clique. Truly the blind leading the blind. Coordinators aren't even that bad. QA department in a league of its own. Now that I'm gone I can look back and laugh - really laugh. LOL LOL
Is there anyone out there who has current working knowledge of Spheris?  Hospital just sold off to them, all the employees given little to no information.. they said they only send stuff to India on a third shift basis if needed... Please reply if you have had any current experience with them, either good or bad...  such as hours, flexibility, any information would be greatly appreciated.. thanks again all MTs out there...  cindy  
Knowledge is power!

I just wanted to thank you all for sharing.  Every opinion and every point of view are valuable.  The truth really will set us free --eventually.

I work for this company. To my knowledge, my DD's have ... SM
A-L-W-A-Y-S been in the bank on time and usually early, and I have worked for this cmopany for nearly 5 years.

Now, I don't know what happened to affect the DD this time, and I myself have not gotten my check as of noon on the day after payday. However, I do live out of state, and I know for a fact that someone who lives closer to the office that I do has already received hers.

Can we not just give the company the benefit of the cout this one time? Can we not, just this once, accept tha maybe an error occurred, or an emergency, or some other mishap, and wait and see if everything works out to our advantage by the next pay period? Saying that this company should not be in business is really jumping the gun!

I have a feeling that if you have automatic withdrawals that are affected by this situation, if you will talk to management, they will probably work with you with some kind of a reimbursement. They have always been more than fair with me in anything I have ever asked.

I realize that paydays are not to be fooled around with, but come on, haven't they A-L-W-A-Y-S paid us correctly?
Please don't post what you have no first-hand knowledge of. sm
It just makes it difficult to sort through what is true and what is not.
Anyone with knowledge about Doctors Documents?
based in Florida? Pay, workload, good people to work for?
Any info appreciated.
Er, make that personal knowledge (nm)
No personal knowledge of this account but (sm)
In the past, I have found that most residents at teaching hospitals are pretty good speakers and dictate painfully long reports. Also, very rarely on ANY hospital, do all the dictators on the doctors' list dictate.  If you have a list with 200 names on it, chances are you'll hear about 50 of them - if that.
Lack of knowledge or complacent.....
This is exactly what I posted the other day when another poster accused me of making no sense. A poster was asking about a particular company and I told her this company was overall good, but they were doing the line count for you using their software and then direct depositing your check, all without an invoice beforehand. They then turn around and ask that the IC send in an invoice so they can have it on file; they are trying to cover their behinds by saying the IC sends in an invoice, but of course, I never did because that was a joke. If I couldn't count my own lines, I sure wasn't sending in an invoice. I quit and found something better for me. So, whenever ICs stop the practice of letting companies get by with free work (which is what we are doing when we accept an IC job on their terms, so they do not have to pay SS or Medicare taxes, we are keeping the problem alive). I see all the time companies wanting employee status in certain states only, but other states can only be IC status, BUT they still expect the IC to keep the same hours, shifts, etc., as an employee, which they cannot do.

Like I said earlier, it has become so customary for the IC to just go along with the company's dictating to us, we have lost our IC status but we pay IC status through the nose come tax day.
I figure knowledge is power
I agree with you, I believe that it is to your advantage to be a well rounded employee. But, I also know that when you are depending on this as your only source of income (luckily I do not) you want to make as much as you can and ESLs make that difficult sometimes, especially when you receive different ones all the time.

I also believe that the doctors could have a little more respect and at least TRY to enunciate. Some don't even bother.

So I guess I agree with you, but I understand everyone has different circumstances.
It takes just as much time & knowledge, and in
many cases can be much more time consuming. The only reason it pays less is so the MTSOs can make a larger profit. It s*cks and is a rip-off for MTs. You have to do basically triple the number of lines to make the same amount of pay as regular, and that's impossible to do. You can't listen to reports at triple speeds, and even if you could, it takes way too long to make all the corrections of that ASR mess.
So, then, you're selling your knowledge
More output for the same pay means nothing more or less than that each line of knowledge (because that's what it is) is going for a lower price.

The value of VR to the client should not be price, but time. When price is the value proposition for VR, knowledge is being offered at a discount. It is positively idiotic for MTSOs to sell VR using price as the value proposition. The appropriate value proposition is TIME because VR should permit shorter turnarounds.

The question is, do MTSO's actually charge less for lines produced by VR? I'm not sure. If they do, they're giving away the store (and forcing the knowledge workers to discount their input).
our fund of knowledge comes into play

with each report we type.  If that doesn't justify a decent compensation, I don't know what will. 

Should we just hop to the problem parts of the report since we are only getting paid for that part of the report, eschewing the rest, not making sure it makes sense?  It's outrageous, and we should all refuse to do it unless we get paid the same as straight typing.  Why should technological advances cause us to lose pay?  No one else is taking a cut except us, yet we are the glue that holds this profession together.  I know it's all been said before, but it's wrong, and if the MTSOs read this board, they will at least know where we stand on it. 

We earned our knowledge through blood, sweat and tears over the years, and we should be compensated for it.  Why shouldn't we?!

The knowledge thing is right on the money
I never went over to using the so called hot keys, made it this long without so no use in using now. How you like it when they say newbies only like? I think the ones protesting so much donít want to give up their templates, all their Expanders because then they might have to think about what they are reading and make corrections. Yeh for VR.
VR and straight need the same MTing knowledge...sm
the manual skills differ, but not necessarily always.

You can download to an MT who has never done VR a VR document for editing and she will be able to do it. NO SOPECIAL trainin g is necessary.

When I tested for companies, when VR was introduced, they tested me on editing VR, I had never done it before and I passed.

Basically every MT can do it, bringing up the speed that is the challenge.
Anyone Have Knowledge of Heartland's Mentoring Program??

I have been offered a position with Heartland in their mentoring program.  Anyone have experience with them?? I want to hear the good AND the bad before making a decision! I'm hoping this will be better than what I've found so far, which is an apprenticeship and I am NOT making enough to survive lol


Like I said, I'll take my decade of first-hand knowledge of her over
Advanced Transcription - PLEASE, any knowledge you can share anyone?....sm
Offer to do acute care with emphasis on ops, which I love to do; have found nothing in archives or forums, offer came through MTIA....Please, anyone know about them?
Also, knowledge of AAMT BOS, knowing formatting, being able to
transcribe bad/fast/or foreign dictators, your English grammar, spelling, and punctuationk, attention to detail, computer knowlege in many cases...plus just having the ability to test as fully as doing full-on radiology, op, ds, or whatever reports in any specialty...that would take so long orally. As much as I HATE all those test files, it really proves so much more than just a basic knowledge or your ability to look/Google things up.
Not firsthand knowledge, but their recent ad reads...(sm)
Full-Time and Part-Time Options: (Sounds flexible to me)

* Full-time is a minimum of 5,000 lines transcribed per week.
* Part-time is a minimum of 3,500 lines transcribed per week.

Advantages of Working for Oracle Transcription, Inc.

* Work schedule: You may set your own hours.
* Benefits: We have optional benefits for full-time contracts.
* Environment: Our staff is friendly and supportive.
* Training: Training is done in your home, over the phone.
* Quality Assurance/Technical Support: Easy access to our staff by phone or email,
and a quick response time.
* Accounts: We match MTs to accounts suited to their skills.
* Blanks: We do not penalize for any blanks left in reports and give timely feedback.
If it is a court case, then it is public knowledge
ASR editing takes just as much time & knowledge, and in
many cases can be much more time consuming. The only reason it pays less is so the MTSOs can make a larger profit. It s*cks and is a rip-off for MTs. You have to do basically triple the number of lines to make the same amount of pay as regular, and that's impossible to do. You can't listen to reports at triple speeds, and even if you could, it takes way too long to make all the corrections of that ASR mess. On ASR, *YOU* are the transcriptionist.

Now, if you're referring to QAing, that's a whole different thing. It's MUCH more stressful than MTing & takes more experience, so I've never really understood myself why the pay is lower.
I had knowledge of VR and pay rates prior to this job search.
When I was in school, all we focused on was straight typing and nothing was ever taught about VR - I graduated earlier this year. In my job search I'm really not seeing much about VR. The place I am now has four or five accounts and all of them are straight typing. As for the shortage of work, I am on the largest account in the company and the shortage is felt across the board. Even the supervisors are aplogizing to us for the shortage.

Oh well, for the meantime I will just see what is out there, test and interview if asked to and go on from there. For right now though I have a job at a place I like - it's better than nothing!
Typing is the LAST thing MTing is about, it's about KNOWLEDGE..nm
type there, oh yes, should be about -- why would you sell yourself and your knowledge for half your

pay ? ? ?  Can't you see that a speech document Editor has to have the same education/knowledge as traditional transcribing has.  Why wouldn't you be worth the same amount of money per line? ? ?

If you have any experience at all and any knowledge of medical terms, then you are worth your regular line rate whether doing VR or traditional.  THINK ABOUT IT !

Sorry dear. Been at this forever..test was not basic knowledge....
Some of it was stuff you'd never come across in 20 years of doing this job, not even once. lol
The pay doesn't match the knowledge level required! (s/m)
It seems like everyone wants years of experience, well-rounded knowledge of various specialties, perfect English & spelling, fast typist, yada-yada-yada. But the pay is a joke. And a regular 8-hour day/40-hour week? Forget it! Being paid on production leaves out the variability factor. (I'm on this board right now because I've been sitting here for an hour waiting for work from my employer!) So to make up the gaps, I put in 12+ hour days, and STILL need a second job. I've been MT-ing for 30 years, yet I can barely pay my rent.

And the problem starts with the hospitals & clinics who only care about the bottom line. They'll gladly pay to overstaff their facility with far too many overpaid, superfluous management personnel, but then get chintzy when it comes to their transcription needs. Yet they want perfectly done transcription, even with ESLs. So the MT companies have to bid low to get the account. And the people actually DOING the work get paid next-to-nothing.

I would like to see MT go back to being a good, solid middle-class job again, instead of the sweatshop labor it has become. Employers need to offer a true living wage in order to attract top MTs and retain them.
Again, your post is showing your lack of knowledge of the company now. sm
I am not going to argue with you but suffice to say that RD is no longer here either. It has obviously been a while since you were an employee of the company. I don't know and don't care why you left/or were let go, but do not speak of something you know absolutely nothing about. It only looks bad on you.
I transcribe FT and teach PT because I WANT to share my knowledge and experience with sm
others getting into this line of work. If you do not make $45,000 to $50,000 in transcription, you either are not very good or not very dedicated. It is easy and I do that in 6 hours a day with a 30-minute lunch.

To my own knowledge, it is less, B&W character is just the actual printed out characters..sm
that appear on the page, NO SPACES, etc, so it could really add up, I have never taken a jot with those specs, perhaps someone out there doing this could say how they made out? But I have talked to recruiters about some of these jobs and it does seem to lower the line count.
To my knowledge, raising a family here....No, that is the main problem, ....sm
If we are properly paid, we would not have to work two jobs or more, work all kinds of overtime and not see our families, etc. I left an in-hospital job where I was part-time, got paid $19.25 an hour with FULL benefits, all kinds of perks, tuition reimbursement/a 50/50 401K, daycare, etc., because I had an ill child and needed to stay close to home. Trying to replace all that at home? as the commercial says, priceless.
To my knowledge, the owner still lives in India, simply owns a home here. sm

The work is received FROM the Indian office and sent TO the Indian office.  They used to hire only American MTs, but then started outsourcing to a company in India (big surprise).

I understand what you are saying, though.  And if they are honest about it, then it is the choice of the MT as to whether he/she wants to work there.  The fact that they blatantly misled in their ad angered me, but then again, I have been an MT long enough, nothing should surprise me.  I guess I have done my part, and I have no particular axe to grind so I should just leave this alone now.  I just was shocked when I saw the ad. 

Good luck to all of us in finding a job that treats us well and pays us even better (smile).

I have not posted anything wrong. It is common knowledge that Keystrokes does not send work offshor
Now I know why so many people do not like these boards. I did not write anything bad or over the top. I simply stated facts. I agree with the others and will now observe but not post. This is craziness here. If someone asks a question, I guess they would rather have answers from those that do not know the real answers. Call the company if you have questions from this point out. The phone number and web site are not secret.
that person go.
Since you are the person
who actually makes an offer to someone, you should have a method of following up with someone after a week or so to make sure that the new hire is up and running, especially after you have been notified that the new hire has returned all necessary paperwork. Your process sucks. period.
Cant you see that the person is already down?
Thats right kick them when they are down. Thats a great example. Get a life.
So they are the same person? nm
The only way a person would need SM

to have nice people to work for and only communicate with nice people is if they are in need of something they should have within themselves.  For me, my job is just something I do for 8 hours a day and whatever they have to say to me, fine, oh well.  It doesn't reflect on me whether people are snippy or rude, I just ignore it and move on in life.

It's just work, business.  Not my whole life.