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I have had no problems

Posted By: OhioMT on 2005-10-25
In Reply to: Are You Kidding Me? - FormerHISMT

Myself I have had no problems with Heartland. I was even off work for over a month due to health issues and my short-term disability went through without out a problem and my insurance was taken care of at the same time.

I love my accounts and have only had one time of not having work. Those who run into not having work usually only have one account asigned to them. I have three accounts and always have work.

In regards to the possible sell (it is not a for sure thing) they have been keeping us updated. I did post a message on here regarding it, wanting to see what others are hearing.

Just in the past 8 months or so they have made many great changes to the software and I love it here.

Everyone of course has there own opinion and of course no employer has ever made everyone 100% happy. All i can say is I have nothing but good to say about Heartland, my sups, fellow MTs, work flow, tech support, and upper mang.

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