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Only as a last resort

Posted By: Lissa on 2005-10-23
In Reply to: My thoughts... - StayAway

They are on their way out. They are currently for sale or already have been sold, and you may end up not having a job because of it. If you can find something better, take it. Work for them only if you are desperate. Earlier this year, I tried working there but could not take the lousy shifts they offered me. As a single mom, I needed better hours--I NEVER saw my kids. Their pay scale is horrendous--6.5 or 7 cents a line, you have to learn everything yourself because the mentors won't teach you a thing, and the mentors are deliberately spiteful and rude. I've been hearing from people that work there now that they are frequently without work and DO NOT get paid for time they aren't transcribing. It is a real Hell hole--avoid it if possible.



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Oh, let's see, pay us more for quality. If anymore MTSOs resort to offshoring,
I will start asking each and every healthcare provider I see who does their transcription and if it is offshored or if they suspect their work is offshored even, I will suggest that I come in and type my OWN report, at no charge to them -  and I ain't kiddin'.