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I hear you. I just tested for what I thought was a decent company....

Posted By: sm on 2006-04-11
In Reply to: Are there any good companies to work for left??? Suggestions? - Burnt out on Bad Companies

After a ridiculously involved screening, passing all, and with more than 10 years exp, I was offered 7.5 to do operative reports! (and did I mention I also said I could work weekends!) Are they kidding?!?!

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and all this time I thought they were a decent company!
Guess I was wrong! I almost accepted a position with them 6 months ago when I was changing companies, but ended up accepting a position with another company instead. Now I'm glad I did! I definitely would not want to be a part of a company that treats their MTs this poorly! I hope that this MTs sues them for all that they are worth! What they did is totally illegal!
How long after you tested did you hear from them?
Anyone tested with Archivus and hear anything yet? sm
I tested with them and wondering if they have started contacting people. I guess I will move on and keep sending out resumes because in the past month, I must have applied to about 30 places and heard back from ONE wanting to pay 7 cpl......I wish they would state HOW much they are willing to pay up front, instead of having us go through this ridiculous testing only to be told they pay a WHOPPING 7 cpl. Dagnabbit!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I also tested for them recently... took about a week to hear from them. nm



I was so glad to hear this!! They are a decent

a decent company despite the posts here.

I thought it was just me, glad to hear others aren't making much with all the junk you have to ad
Okay, if i tested with a company Sunday and..
I have not heard anything as of yet, am I safe to assume that they don't want me on their team?   This is a company that runs ads just about every week.  However, I have not seen an ad this week yet. 
very decent company
Everybody is great and helpful. Wish you the best..
Looking for decent company

I'm looking for a decent national company. It's really important that they provide the computer since mine is ancient and they accept satellite internet because I live in rural Maine and that's all available here. I support a 4-person household and really need a company that's dependable. I was looking in Webmedx, Transcript USA, and Transcription Relief Services. Anyone know anything about any of those. Not interested in Diskriter, Transcend, JLG, Spheris, or Precyse. Oh also, are all the companies going to ASR now? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

She said she was looking for a DECENT company.
Decent company

They are a decent compay with better than average pay and good benefits.  Pretty flexible as far as scheduling.  Platform is user friendly and easy to get lines with.  Team leads and supervisors are nice and helpful.

Best company to work for as an IC. Decent cpl etc...nm
I work for All Type. They are a decent company.
Check them out. I am an IC but if you live in certain states you can be an employee or SE. Not sure if they need anyone right now though.
Great company other than below. Decent pay, easy

platform, they usually don't pester you to work OT if they have it, they pay for downtime, QA very tough, strict schedule, daily QA feedback, monthly QA score.

If you screw up be prepared to be yelled out like a 5-YO.  Work your schedule, follow account specifics, produce a quality product and you'll never hear from anyone. 

I have been working in-house at a hospital and would like to go home to work, but I am having a hard time finding a company out there that offers decent insurance benefits and PTO.. Any ideas are appreciated..
Who then will hire for part time and is a decent company?(nm)

Yes, they are a decent company. Different personalites, overall good people. nm
Good, decent company. Pay on time. Low on work. nm
I tested and did not pass and tested again 6 months later and passed. I think that more and more s
companies are testing MTs for various reasons.

You say that you work for them and keep posting. Why do you stay if you are so unhappy? I love my account and lead but it seems that you do not like being at KS at all.

Different strokes for different folks. Why continuously post compaints without doing anything about it?

Decent company, good people, pay on time, work low sometimes. nm
I wouldn't quit a decent company for seasonal low work volume.
I'd hang around and see what the New Year brings. I wouldn't say that if you were working for MQ, but I would for a company with a decent reputation. If it is still slow in January, I'd talk to my supervisor and find out what her take is on the situation.
Can anyone provide a name of a good smaller company to work for that offers decent benefits..
I want to get away from the "nationals". I know there are smaller transcription companies out there looking for a good MT.. Hopefully someone will have some good advice for me.
WebMedX is a good company. Decent pay for high level acute care
They have excellent account managers and a great QA dept. The platform is really quite easy with the improvements they have made, and they are constantly working to make it even better. Everything is geared to making the MT's job easier. I have been with WMX for over a year and I am quite pleased with them.
When I find decent people who know the value of decent wages, I will!
Thanks. Can you make any decent pay with them and are the accounts decent. What is your feeling
that. Thank you.
Anyone ever hear of this company?

Wondering if anyone ever heard of Teletype.  I saw their add on MTjobs about a month ago and wanted to apply but when I went back on in a day or two, their add was gone and has never returned. Does anyone know anything about the company or if they are still hiring.  I can't find a website or anything.  If anyone knows anything about this company, please post!  


How did you hear of this company
Were you contacted by a friend on facebook perhaps?
I hear ya. Never worked for a company sm
who ran out of work so much in my life. Four accounts and no work again. It's so disgusting anymore. I am out of here as soon as I find something else.
Did anyone ever hear of this JRancour Company that is advertising for MTs. I think they are in


Great company and I hear that work will
soon be picking up. I was hired recently, too, and I am willing to wait on some more work just to have the nice people to work for. Also, they pay half of the social security tax, not half of your taxes. But compared to IC deductions, that is a big help.
Anyone ever hear of Rural Transcription Company

glad to hear there is still a good company out there...
Did anyone hear from MnD Scriberz? Any info on this company?
I thought this was regarding a company

Anyone hear of a company in New Hampshire called TTS. Not much recently in
the archives about them.
My thought too which is why I did a check on the company
and apparently the company does some transcription.  I also have a watch on my credit report, etc., so will know if I am a victim of identity theft.  I will know where to start looking!!
Sorry to hear that. I talked with Ann a few times, and it sounded like a good company. nm

Anybody ever hear of a company called Specialized Information Management?
Do they hire at home ICs?
Now I hear this company plays games with the work flow when you
start getting a higher line count. This is not surprising. I have BTDT and don't want to go through it again. There are enough posts now for me to say I am just done with the whole thing altogether and I am not a happy camper! Thanks for your feedback here and below. Saved me some headaches!
Thought of it, tried it and STILL needed QA. We are not a big company so we do not have the resourc
nationals do in terms of recruiting, benefits, etc. We have to QA because it seems everyone just tries to make good lines not good quality.
I thought Axolotl was a Calif. company but...sm
I got an answer from Florida????? How does one get an MT position with the Calif. branch??? TIA
Any body hear of a company in MA that is hiring editors for 3 cent a line? sm

I asking for someone else, the email was signed Jay

MT Recrutiers- ever hear of this transcription comany? Any info good or bad, new company? nm
So, Yes, they were once OmniMed, meaning the same people. Thought so! BAD company! x
Actually, I thought advertisers on the job board had to disclose the name of the company, but

maybe I am mistaken.

Anyone that applied with Kathy Kirby hear anything yet? I am wondering how long it takes to hear a
response back
I actually thought of that. I even thought of trying to go back to MQ part-time!! (sm)
I just wonder about hours at a second company.  I work days (and some nights) with this company.  I have a set schedule but with the no work situtation I've been on the computer at all hours of the day and night.  Right now I have no work, so I would love to jump on at a company #2 and start working.  Do you have to have set hours at your company #2?  Thanks for the suggestion.
I said MAY NOT hear, didn't say you wouldn't hear. There is
a difference, and many people have said they knew they didn't do well on the tests, but still feel like they should have heard from companies and haven't. 
Hear, hear! (Or is it 'here, here?') LOL

I tested
I tested, passed and so on, but by the time they called me it was 3 weeks later and I had already taken another job. They just seem a little slow to respond.
You must have tested with JLG