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I just applied also and need info

Posted By: Keisha MT on 2008-12-05
In Reply to: Global Transcription Services? - Tinny

I am so afraid of going to something worse than what I have.

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Thanks for this info. I applied.

Applied with them once. Little bit of info.
Fairly new co., I believe. Pay wasn't great, I think 8 cents. Told me more at first then said no, have to start out lower until they get established. No thanks, heard that song and dance before. Should've told me lower rate from start. These are medical exam reports and stats were insane. I turned it down. Seemed nice enough and maybe they figured out they need to pay more but that was my experience.
I don't know. I recently applied for a job with them and it was in the info they sent me. nm

You're welcome. I applied and had saved the info. nm
Any info on DSG where I have applied as far as availability of work, etc. nm
I can't find any info. I applied a few days sm
ago and have heard nothing. Curiosity is getting the best of me.
Can I asked when you applied? I applied a few weeks ago
and never heard a word and I have over 16 years of experience. I applied because I got a recommendation from a friend of a friend who loves working there..Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get anymore details other than that.  I'm all for even one positive at this point on this frustrating job search. Good luck to you though and check back with us to tell us how the interview went etc. Thanks
No. I applied, but I've applied SM

at a lot of places lately.  I got an e-mail from a lady whose name starts with an M, but she didn't identify her company in the letter.  She had my resume on the bottom of her e-mail, so I know it's someone I applied with, but I don't know which one!!  LOL  I'm thinking it's The Word Pros.  Anyone else apply to The Word Pros and get an e-mail from M?

I'd love to hear information about them as well.

Just Me

HUH? I just applied with them.

Thank you to all who applied.
Great responses and experiences. Thanks.:)
Thank you! I have applied but sm
haven't heard anything yet. Just curious.
Is that why you applied?

just applied
Good luck to you.  The test was easy.  I did 100%. 
Just applied also and took
the tests.  Hopefully this a good company.  Still waiting to hear from Keystrokes.....  For being desperate to find transcriptionists for their radiology accounts, they sure take a long time getting back to you!
No, I actually just applied there myself. nm
Anyone applied to JLG? Ad says they need 100 MTs. (sm)

I have to assume they are growing big time to need this many MTs added to their work force.

I can't find any recent info on this company.  Any help appreciated.

I agree, there's nothing to lose. I already applied. As well as being an MT I also do insurance claims typing and it really isn't that hard. You just have to be able to type verbatim including um's and ah's. I get paid by the page now so to me it seems the pay may be actually better than what I'm getting now.
Anyone else applied to JLG? (sm)
Was told there were some changes and they would call and talk to me before the official offer letter was sent.  The lady I interviewed/tested with was very pleasant and I am guessing very busy.  Anyone else have input?   I know I can't be the only one who applied. 
Actually, I had never applied to them...
or even heard of them before I received the e-mail, and I have been happily employed for 6 years for the same company, so it is a mystery.
When I applied with TRS the -
recruiter couldn't even explain how pay rate was determined.  He told me is personal life story, which I thought was very unprofessional.  I found a job elsewhere. 
I just applied
I just applied there myself.  Do you know if the insurance is affordable there?  They sound like they have good benefits from looking at their website.
I applied too
I haven't heard back and at first thought the pay was low.  Then after I read the description of the work, it sounded too easy to get paid much more than that.  Let me know if you hear back from them.. Thanks.
I must have applied to at least 20 of
the wrong companies as well - looked for about 6 months - IC or employee - didn't matter - 25+ years experience MTing and 5 QA, and best offer was about 8.75 cents...with huge daily requirements to hit that mark - one offer for IC at 10 cents which never materialized - company folded. Lots of 7 to 8 cents per line offers - several 6 cents per line - needless to say, I stayed with my day job! To me, the 10 cpl and 11 cpl offers are like unicorns - I have looked and looked, but never found one and am definitely thinking they are mythical.
I applied....
for the pathology position.  Never heard a word!  I have 12 years pathology experience, so I know it wasn't because of lack of experience!
When I applied
They wanted this ridiculous itemization of where I worked as an IC over the past few years. Hello?

When I run into that type of red tape, I 'run'. (Because it's a sign of how they 'might' be if you were worked with them).

I don't have a problem providing a resume, and testing, but that was not enough to move the process along.
I have applied to several
I have usually always heard back.  But I don't go by the job seekers board and found out who  is advertizing for employment   I just read the company board and apply to the company I find has the better reviews.   It just seems to me that they are all always hiring. 
I just applied also!
I have never heard of this company, but orthopedics is my favorite specialit7. Sounds like a new company to me.
I Applied
I applied with them over a week ago and never got any response. I have 7 years of MT experience which included dermatology, so I'm not sure why I never heard anything.
Have you applied?
Hi Little Bear,

Thank you. Believe me, I am thanking my lucky stars in heaven for this one. I needed the benefits so badly and they just seemed like a wonderful place to work. I will definitely let you know how it turns out. Have you applied there?

I got one too and just applied! sm
They said the list was from AHDI.
I just applied
and missed 2 on the test.  I do not know if that is good or bad.
Anyone who applied
for the jobs posted recently by p.r.n. Transcription or Phoenix Medcom heard back from them yet?  I applied the same day they posted the jobs, but have not heard back and yet I am a very well-qualified transcriptionist.
I applied but don't know anything either
We must have applied for the same job.
I applied too.
I got the same 2 emails and was wondering the same thing. I am thinking it is a scam.
I applied for the ......sm
clinic ad when it first came out, and was offered a position yesterday for acute care TU-SAT, which I gladly accepted. I start training soon. This is my second time applying with them. You have 5 years experience over me in acute care so hopefully you will hear something soon. Good luck
I applied

I got a phone call a day later and talked to a real nice lady.  She sent me an e-mail as well telling me more about SoftScript saying that they are adding 12 more accounts and are very busy.  They said that I would need a WAV pedal which I do not have so I would have to invest in one because they do not supply that.  I don't know how much money this entails.  They claim to keep work here in the U.S.

I have read on this board that SoftScript has a picky QA staff.  I am not sure that is a bad thing, it can be but not always.  If I am doing something wrong, I want to know so I can stop. 

I myself am definitely going to keep SoftScript in mind but I had applied to 1 more I have not heard from yet.  I will give them a few more days and make a decision then. 


Okay, thanks. I had applied and now sm
have three other offers but was trying to hold out until I heard something from this company.  I guess they don't need the help as ASAP as their ad would imply. 
Just applied to MDI...sm
and got a response that they are hiring for night, evening, and weekend positions - not what I was looking for - so maybe everyone is trying the same thing, to only work days. I am running out of work as a hospital employee. It's very frustrating, so instead of waiting for work there, I am trying to accrue more IC accounts and going off on my own...at least then I can dictate my own hours. Thanks for the info!
sent resume never heard assumed that I didn't have what they wanted, although they seemed to be looking for everything.

I just applied with KS and sm
received a very nice e-mail  from them  on January 22 that said they absolutely DONOT hire part-time MTs.
I also applied there
took the test, did amazing according to the person on the transcription part, missed 1 also on the written, but then they would not accept my schedule.  GO FIGURE.  Tired of trying. 
Where have you all applied?

It is crazy how they treat us. I was applying like crazy last summer and gave up.  The stress involved was horrible.

I do believe that the companies have A LOT of applicants lately and the only way to get noticed is to keep e-mailing or calling them.

I guess it is the nature of the beast.

Where have you all applied?

It is not right how they treat us. I was applying like crazy last summer and gave up.  The stress involved was horrible.

I do believe that the companies have A LOT of applicants lately and the only way to get noticed is to keep e-mailing or calling them.

I guess it is the nature of the beast.

No, I never even applied with them
I got a job at another company right away.  Honestly, I never even finished the program.  I got most of the way through it and then I had to find income and pay my mortgage.  I got lucky enough to find the first company I worked for.  It was good experience, pay was peanuts, and God bless my mother who loaned me some $$ to actually pay the bills.
I just applied, thank you nm!!!!!
I applied too...sm
have many years of hem/onc experience, but no call back as of yet either. Let's hope we hear something soon!
when I applied to them..

They sent me a breakdown of how they pay, and it is really bad, folks.  I guess they figure it is Christ-like to work for low wages.

I applied there and...
I took their test and passed it. They wrote me asking when I could do a phone interview, I told them to call me at their convenience, I would be available. Never heard back from them. Applied at another company and got the job. THEN I hear back from Axolotl telling me they were sorry for not getting back to me. I think they found someone, it didnt work out, then they went back to me. I do know you have to pay a deposit for the computer they provide. Just give it a shot :)
I have applied
and Jimmy called me from there yesterday and said someone would be getting in touch with me today or Monday.  Do you make your own schedule?  Also I am a little confused, is it IC or employee?  Site says you get some PTO. How are they about time off for doctor apt. etc?   Thanks SO much.
Applied for a job...here is what I got....sm
NET PAY 60-90 days. All work done in June, you will be paid in September, YEAH RIGHT!!!!Anyone who goes for this is setting themselves up to NOT be paid, I have NEVER in all my years as being a MT heard of this nonsense......THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE.