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I last used it the second week of January. Maybe your company's version was better than the compa

Posted By: that I worked for. nm on 2006-02-02
In Reply to: How long ago did you use it? All of that has changed - Vianeta MT


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I think MQ and DSG use the same version but this company I am with now does not. nm
I agree. Version 8 is a nightmare. Love version 6. nm
This is January. It is always slow in January. Part of MT. sm

This is the normal situation during the holidays and January and then accounts usually pick back up.  It was that way when I worked in a hospital, that way when I had my own accounts and that way now that I work for a service.  It always picks up.

My husband and son are both in construction for the State of Illinois, working in concrete.  We know that they are always laid off for most of the winter, and we plan around it.  It is part of the job, just like it is in transcription.

Next year,  we're going to be smart about it.  We are both slow at this time of year so we are planning a vacation somewhere warm.  We'll spend on vacation what we'll save on our heating bills, not really but will save something, and on gas in our cars. 

In the next few months, these same people will complain that they have too much work and no time to do anything. 


Well the one company uses an older version of DQS and has not upgraded to the last 1 or 2 upgrades.
That is my concern.  I am not sure where to look at the version I am on for the company with the lower version to see what it is.  I hope this works out okay. 
Version 8 stinks. I would not do purchase anything to work for a company.
don't do it, unless they are paying you 12 cpl to edit the VR.

Tell them you can not afford it with the line rate they pay...he he!

Happy New Year!!
The ExText will be interfaced with your own Word version unless the company installed something
It seems like a like of companies have a revolving door. I am starting to wonder if it is the compa
Maybe there are a lot of transcriptionists who move around a lot, making it seem like the companies are at fault.
It has been my observation that when work trickles to you while others are getting plenty, the compa
Yes it is! I got mine today -- think it is great. I'm happy to be part of such an amazing compa

I feel like I have FINALLY found my home.  :-)

Anyone know of a company that needs about 10 hours a week...
I'm looking for part-time work, about 10 hours a week.  I've got 13 years full-time acute care experience and just need a few hours, Mon-Fri, morning or night!
the company that runs 3 to 5 ads a week.
Was I dreaming or did a certain company advertise for ESL MTs at 15 to 20 cpl a week or so ago and

now it's suddenly 9 to 13 cpl?  I tried to take their test and one of the questions they asked was what you were making. 


Maybe I was dreaming.  I copied the ads I applied to and that one seems to be missing.

I accepted a position with a company last week. sm

How long does it take usually for a company to get you into training and typing after just being hired?  A week from your acceptance? Two weeks?   I'm waiting for equipment to arrive now. 


I accepted a position with a company last week
I was able to set up an appointment to start training after my software and equipment arrived also.  It was approximately 2 weeks after being hired on.  Don't get to worried.  They still have to run business as usual and it takes time getting training schedules and software set up.  I am so thankful that I switched from MQ .  I have been with my new company for 6 months now and wondering why the heck I didn't leave earlier.  Good luck. 
This is crazy. Every week another company goes under fire. sm

I want to change from MQ to save my sanity, but every week when I check out the postings, there is another company that is being lynched.  This is a tough crowd, isn't it?  I don't know how to weed through and figure out what is hype good and bad versus what is real.  I think I would be better off spinning a wheeling or flipping a coin than trying to balance out what is true here. 

Does anyone else feel this way?  Where can we go for real answers?

Busiest Days of the Week for Your Company?
I always thoughts Sunday nights were busy, getting preops ready, etc., Monday's are pretty busy and Friday is always busy, but the days in between seem to be really slow this year.  Is anyone finding certain days of the week to be busier than others?
Every week a different company has bad posts. The funny thing is that sm

it just goes round and round.  How about doing something about it rather than arguing back and forth.  I think we all can agree that there are good companies and bad companies but that for the most part they are all pretty similar.  Slipping through the cracks?  It happens.  Be the squeaky wheel and call the company.  Obviously they need people if they hire.  Perhaps your resume was stuck to another or your message not written down correctly.  Perhaps you misunderstood something and need to clarify it. Perhaps they misunderstood something and need to clarify it.  If you have chosen to work for a company and did your research, then you have to decide after a month or so if it is the right company for you or not.  Transcription is a very small world and these service owners talk amongst themselves.  They work on making transcription better not how to burn and tick off the next applicant.

Be realistic.  These companies all have good and bad points.  The really bad ones are obvious with the paychecks that do not arrive for months and those that continuously bounce checks and those that rip off their employees with fraudulent line counts.  But the ones that are constantly attacked on here are the ones that have been around for awhile and will continue with or without you.  MQ, Spheris, MDI, Transcend, Transolutions, Keystrokes, Heartland, TransHealth, OSI, Precyse and Cymed are going to continue to hire and fire and have happy MTs and MTs that do not like working for them.  The truly bad ones like XXXX and SS, to name a few, the ones that only have horrible posts are the ones that will fade away. 

We all had to call in to the new insurance company last week. I was told that it will be sm
around $250 per single and that KS will be picking up a large portion.
Scroll down a week or so. Tons of good stuff. Great company
Don't worry. Next week, the bitter people will move on to attacking another company. It is just
you watch this board, you will see a pattern. One a week. Have to shred the reputations of good companies to bits just to feel good about being unhappy in general. I wonder sometimes if these people job hop constantly, even work at all, or work for the company they are bashing. Maybe it's just sick fun for those with no outside lives :)
MQ until January 1, then no more.
Been with them since January and have
not had any problems at all. Staff is super nice and very helpful.  Was taken off of QA after my first three reports.  Vianeta is very user friendly.  Pay is mailed on time.  I have no complaints.  Line count got up to par very quickly.
I have been with KS since January. What would you like to know? nm
I'll help if I can.
Believe that's until January
but am I wrong? Information does seem contradictory, muddy at best.
I have worked for them since January...
there is definitely plenty of work, they are VERY sweet people.  I recommend them! 
I applied with them on January 4th and just got a
account starting next week.  They sent me a bogus looking transcription test with the incorrect words underlined in red (duhh, just do a spell check) and you'll ACE this test.  They also sent about 6 files to transcribe.  I have over 15 years of experience, I no longer test for positions.  I have a packed resume, so I don't feel I should.  I tested for the position I currently have, but I only had to transcribe 2 files, and the test I think a newbie could pass halfway through an MT course.  I aced that test.  I have that job, and it is wonderful with great people that get back to me in like 5 minutes when I have a question or technical issue.  I have decided that with the way my resume looks, I am not testing any longer if I ever need another job, which I highly doubt because the job I have now throws work at me left and right.  I was out of their QA in like 3 days.  They totally respect me and do not use IM at all.  They don't believe in it.  I was not impressed at all with American Transcription.  I thought the e-mail was unprofessional and also a way off base since I had applied so long ago. 
I started MW in January

It shows that they are taking out SS.  At the end of the year am I going to find out they didn't.   If they didn't.  Were is that money going? 

Is that what is going on.  They show that they are taking out and people are finding out that they didn't? 

Got the email January 8th.
January 1st doomsday

In my opinion, from the 2nd conference call MDI has no clue what will happen with our pay and schedules come January 1st.  Seems like they would have asked Trascend about their pay scale, etc. but it appears they have no answers to those questions at this time (or they don't want to tell us).


When I was hired back in January they sm
offered $500.00 bonus. After the 3 months they automatically put in paycheck.
I posted this on January 12, no answer
Somebody answer, even if you have to make up sumpin.
They had an ad back in mid January, so maybe that is why it is so slow now
I left Focus in January.
I have mixed feelings about them after looking back. I will say that I was very grateful to them for hiring me fresh out of school and giving me the opportunity to work in this field. As a newbie, it is very hard to find work as an MT.

When I first started with them (for about the 1st 4-6 months) everything was wonderful and I had no complaints at all. After that, however, things started to unravel. My supervisor stopped communicating with those of us on his team, workload plummeted, and everything started going to VR. I was having a very hard time keeping the bills paid because with all the VR, my paychecks were significantly less than they were before. Because it was a new system, the VR hadn't been trained yet, so each report pretty much had to be retyped from the very beginning...for half the pay rate. I have been gone since January, but I still get emails on almost a daily basis telling me there are X number of STAT reports, etc.

Anyhow, I have moved on now and work for a great company. Like I said, I am very appreciative of Focus for giving me the opportunity fresh out of school, but I'm glad I am not with them anymore.

I'm sure there are people who could be with them for a very long time and be perfectly happy. I'm just not one of them.
This happened to me in January of this year... SM

You have every right to feel paranoid and betrayed.  That is exactly how I felt.  My employer, knew well in advance that they were going to outsource the entire department and yet our supervisor told us in a meeting that they were looking at outside services for overflow work only and that we should not be worried, our jobs were safe.

I was worried and said as much to the other MTs at the Christmas party.  Some agreed with me, but others said there was no way this hospital would even consider outsourcing transcription.  The doctors would hate it and complain. 

Next thing you know, we get an email saying in lieu of our quarterly department meeting, we were going to be scheduled for one on one meetings with the boss.  The first person went in and came back home, emailed us and said guess what, we're fired.  It was horrible, horrible, horrible!  I know that management knew months before that this was in the works.  They knew at our last meeting when they looked us in the eyes and told us not to worry. 

They acted like we should be grateful that the service that had decided to go with was offering us all jobs.  We went from hourly with incentive and excellent benefits to per line, crappy benefits, and facing the possibility of working on other accounts because ours kept running out which meant low production which meant a pay cut.

I refused to go with the service.  Maybe I'm too prideful or too bitter, but I couldn't do it, especially since the service they went with offshores.  So I channeled my bitterness into making it known to the community that their beloved community hospital was now offshoring medical info to India.  I wrote letters to all the local papers, had an interview with a local reporter, and put the hospital administrator on the hot seat for a while because he kept having to talk to the papers telling them he requested his hospital's work not be offshored.

They will not soon forget me and that helped me get over it.  Now, I'm working as an Editor and love it.  I've moved on, but as you can see, I still have bad memories. 

You have every right to feel the way you do and you should be very cautious whatever you decide.  I will never be lured into a false sense of security ever again.  I have come to realize there is no job security in transcription anymore. 

Hope everything works out for you!

An ad here back in January said they paid on a
In January, their software was SoftMed & you still
Medware is just starting to in January. nm
Signed mine in January
so, how convenient is that?
There must be more than one version. sm
The platform I've used at a couple different companies is very easy to use. One place I worked the database very seamless integrated with what was called Meditech word processor. Another company used the exact same thing except it actually integrated with MS Word.

I think Meditech Magic and Meditech Client may be two different things and I'm not entirely sure which one I've been using that I like so well, but I think it may be Client.

At any rate, the line count on it is really screwy...but that could be something that is set by the facility/program administrator.
They use version 6. nm
It's probably version - every new version
And no, you won't find anyone to ask.  On a weekend?  Unheard of.
do you realize you are posting to posts from January of

I was told last January all team leads would be

in the U.S. by summer along with the QA team.  Come May, I was canned along with a bunch of other QA and management people.  Strange dontcha think?  Now they are singing the same tune to a different audience.  See ya at the unemployment office...

Yes, it is loaded with their version of DQS. nm
You'll have to ask KS which version of
Meditech it is.  Every account is different.  I have used Meditech Magic.  I used it for years and so I like it and can be productive.  There are other platforms that are much faster, but its all in what you get used to.  I've heard that the latest version of Meditech is much faster than magic.  
They were updated to a new version.
Does the version of Meditech

you will be using have an expander?  The Meditech I work in does not, therefore I have to use InstantText or ShortHand for an expander.

here's the short version

I've been using it fairly steadily since November 2004. I've got DNS Medical version 9.5 with a really good microphone. Plus, I've put the time and effort into training the program. My typing speed has dropped over the years (maybe 70 wpm now) and I don't have the a particularly good memory as far as abbreviations go, so DNS is ideal for me. --- I lucked out 'cause I was able to upgrade to version 7 for about $99, and then the subsequent upgrades were not much more. The program works just fine for me, so I have no need to upgrade further.

If you want to want more in-depth information, email me and we'll chat. I just don't want to floor the board with things.  

Do the MQ firm scheduled start immediately or in January? nm
They have a history of pay problems. In January, the owner told us sm
all that she could not pay us and that it would happen again in July. I have had 8 bounced checks, dozens of late checks and a few no check situations in the past 2 years. Not sure why I stayed but I am much happier now that I moved on.
If it's the one in the Carolinas, they offer 7.5 cpl and use MPWord, or did in January. Nice