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I saw that and went to their site - just had a few questions for someone working there nm

Posted By: nn on 2005-08-03
In Reply to: Take a look on the jobs board. - sm


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Here is a site that will answer your questions
Checked out your web site - Questions

What is the current client base?  Why is there not instructions for an MT who might wish to apply?  How long have you been in business? 

I would have a million questions.  I have a good job now, but might be interested in something part time later on (still training where I am).  I have been an MT more years than I care to admit and I have to say - working for the smaller companies is a better choice for me.

Is there a good site to get DQS questions answered quickly? nm
P.S. - This is 1 site I cannot get on while working.
I make more working at home that I ever did on site
the most I made as an MT on site was 8 bucks an hour.
questions for those working for Probity. sm

I read the other post but was wondering if some of you who responded to that or anyone else could answer a few more things if you had time.

i tested with them yesterday and was wondering if the transcription portion of the test is anything like the dictators really are; are there lots and lots of ESLs??  that was a hard test.  i don't mind some ESLs but not 90% ESLs as i gotta make income too. 

how do you like the medremote and is it user friendly, hard/easy to get line counts?  i haven't heard of it before so i am curious.  i hate changing jobs!!!!!  also, can you use Instant Text with it?

i really liked the incentive portion as i worked one company with that before and it kinda pushed me more to hit the top of the ladder to get more pay.  i didn't quit til my goal for that day was hit so i made more $ in the long run. 

glad to hear some positives and happy MTs there.  TYIA!!!!

OSI--Anyone happy working there? If so, can I ask you a few questions?
I am thinking of applying as they have a good sign-on bonus and the benefits look really good. Could you tell me what their platform is, easy to make money, cost of insurance, and are they flexible or do you have set schedule and they freak if your not working at that very moment. Thanks for any help.
Is there not anyone working at TT to answer these questions?
It makes the company look bad when you post ridiculous questions like that on here.  Is there a way to pull in a doctor's name?  Do we need a TT board? 
Can anyone currently working for MedScribe answer a few questions? (sm)

What kind of platform do they have for ER work? Do you need a second phone line? Also, are their schedules strictly Su-Thu or Tu-Sa or can you just work a couple weekends per month?  Do they have a pretty good health plan?


I emailed Amanda re; some questions about working for them.
Haven't heard back yet. Guess I'll look for a different part-time company. Can't afford to hang around waiting.
Too busy working to post anything...plus no one has asked any questions about them lately...
You are still wrong to thank your company on an MT site, appropriate is your site.
Actually I posted looking for answers to my questions above, not looking to answer questions, but

to here goes...firstly, I don't know about the platform, only that it is Word based. Secondly, I have many years cardio, and thirdly, no the test was not hard. Still looking for any answers to my questions above. Thanks in advance.

Ditto.. Over 13 years experience working in hospitals doing all types of reports, currently working
for a national etc.. and Spheris told me I didnt have the qualifications. What cracked me up was the hospital I was working at at the time contracted some of our work out to them.. What a joke..I was good enough to work for a hospital and gave them work, yet not qualified enough for them. What is wrong with this picture.
MQ same situation. No pay for working holidays, no pay for working weekends nothing. Now noone works
much anymore and so they jerk the work out of the accounts to some place that throws it back with a lot of bad bad quality. This is the NE region. I dont know what the others are doing.
working from home is awesome but working for DSG is not...
horrible dictators, sound quality is bad, no answers to emails and they run out of work consistently...that is just my experience though...
Best Web Site...
Here's a totally silly, irrelevant, dopey question:  If you had never worked for any of the nationals, knew nothing about them whatsoever, and you had to pick one company based solely on their web site - who would you pick? Remember - you know nothing about any company whatsoever....
Here's a web site for you.

Except for the site.
know nothing.


On this site, at least. :) SM
However, I felt it was worth posting as a representative of those Spheris employees who are satisfied.

I think many Spheris employees choose not to frequent/post on online forums, since there are guidelines regarding such discussions and it's easier just to avoid the issue.
I took a look at their web site - sm
I have not complete any formal training with a medical transcription school, but have 15 years experience in acute care. Their web site says they prefer transcriptionists who have completed formal training with an accredited school. I really want to apply, but since I haven't gone to school, I am hesitant. Anyone know if they will hire based on experience, without having completed training?
new web site
what discussion forum on what new web site?
MDI-FL...is there a web site....
to go to for infomation?  Thanks!
New Site?
I am thinking about making a website/blog specifically for Pro-American MTs, educating the general public what's truly at risk here. For starters, I am personally going to boycott all doctors who support/send their dictation other countries!!!

I want to make the general public aware and get their input on supporting such a boycott. Hopefully, they'll join in on the boycott too.

My money is going to the doctor who supports American jobs. I'll put my trust in those physicians, thank you. As far as the docs who send their dictation to MTSOs who send our jobs overseas, I hope they all move overseas and live happily ever after! You don't deserve to live in America!

Who's game? I may get a friend of mine to get this started? I can message/email personally to those who are interested will details.
I don't think they have a web site

But they had an ad on the big MT job board.  They're in Florida.


Where is their web site??
They don't have a web site (sm)
Can I put you in touch with them?
According to their web site
The Transolutions APEX™ system is a secure, Web-enabled information management system offered exclusively by Transolutions. APEX™ reduces bottom-line costs by creating efficiencies of data management and storage at a centralized location. It also allows you to audit, access, view, edit and print transcribed documents. (Future phases of APEX™ will include electronic signature.) APEX™ incorporates:
OK, you got me to their site. I still saw nothing about it.
Could you direct me to which tab it states it on? Do they get money for all of us being paranoid and going to their website?
Web site?
Does this company have a web site? I could not find anything - was wondering how long they've been around. I lived in Peabody for years and never heard of them, not that that means anything!
Here's their web site
web site
do you have a web site for Transcend????
Anyone know web site for
MDI-MD? I tried www.meditrans.net because I had seen that somewhere, but you can't get in without a password? I just wanted to read about them, their requirements, etc.  Thanks
It's also in the TOS on THIS site.
Their web site says

you get paid when we get paid by the client, pay 0.07 to 0.8 cpl, you must submit your own invoices, a 2-dollar charge for direct deposits...I quit reading after that. 

I don't work there but thatis what their web site says. 


why not just go to their web site?
and if you look on the site....
they are lobbying for required certification to do medical transcription, which would suck all of us into membership and partnership wtih them. Blech!!
From their site, they are an
Indian company. Do you really wan to work for an Indian company?
Go to the web site for
the AHDI, formerly AAMT, and they have definitions for three levels of MTs. Whether or not you agree with their organization and what they stand for, I think that theirs are the best definitions I've seen for job descriptions in this field.
this site
I'm beginning to think it should be renamed MTWars. That's about all that ever goes on here anymore. I wouldn't even presume that I could get a decent answer to a question on here because it seems like every question starts some sort of ridiculous childish I'm right, you're wrong debate that goes on forever and ever . . . . It's a very ugly place to visit and as of today, it's off my list of favorites.
Thanks for the web site help. sm
I could never figure it out.  I applied and accepted an offer from KS! 
Web Site
Try this:
here's their site and number sm
Read their web site
They're more than a little scary.

They say they cut checks once a month but checks aren't mailed until they've been paid by their clients.
Cooper uses on site MTs. NM
do you have a web site address I can go to?
Don't believe everything you read on this site
MT Solutions, LLC site?
Is there a site for MT Solutions, LLC? I would like to know something about a company prior to applying. Thank you.
Not sure how to do a search on this site, but
does anyone know anything about a company called Transtech Medical?  TIA
Anyone know the web site for Med-Rite
Website/FTP site
Usually they have a website you download the software from.  Then you install it onto you computer.  Or some companies use FTP sites.  Works the same way.  HTH