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I second that emotion about TT

Posted By: TTer22 on 2009-04-04
In Reply to: IMO, TT is hard to beat - TTer

Great people to work for. I have had no problems there after 1-1/2 years.

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I second that emotion
I second that emotion...nm
I'll second that emotion...
Tons of work in Ohio and I have only one account - accounts are monitored very closely and if work starts to thin out people are asked to switch to their secondarys - politely. They try very hard to balance the workload so as to not have anyone run out of work. Hate hearing how other offices are run - yuck.
I second that emotion..to the letter!
In the words of Marvin Gaye "I second that emotion." (sm)
Also with heavy ESL experience for almost 30 years and WOW - their account I was on was horrible. I looked up the web site for that account and the headquarters of some Indian physician organization was from there and it was about 99.9% East Indians with some of them having accents so heavy I wasn't even sure they were speaking English.