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I think you need to take your meds. VR isn't funny.

Posted By: sm on 2009-04-22
In Reply to: LOL...Obviously another MT who can't cut it with VR! - IncompetenceAbounds!

It's a ripoff and a cut in pay for MTs, and I don't find the humor in that. Being an MTSO or management as I suspect you are, I guess you would find it hilarious. The rest of us MTs aren't laughing.

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What?! The ones who need meds
are the mean ones like RadMT and the others who spoil this board for the rest of us.
Maybe you missed your meds?
Where is the need for all the drama? This might come as a shock to you, but I don't memorize all posts.

But you weren't CALLING MY BLUFF, my friend, because I wasn't *bluffing.* The post about the bet was my attempt at humor, which apparently went right over your head...

No problem with your winning the bet(finally someone older than me!) Send me your name and mailing address via email and I'll be happy to mail you your $1.00!


If you go to http://dogpile.com and seach, you can usually pull up info about anything.  It will usually give you the company's site which has saved my butt with lots of ortho and neurosurgery equipment questions.  It searches search engines...cut out the middle engine.
What a rude person you are, who are you to tell someone to get on meds?
Not only mispronounce but make up meds
Dictation: um er, um sss, shhh, shhha, sharlix. Yes, that's it, sharlix. Transcritionist goes all over to look for sharlix. Turns out he meant something totally different, but made up the word because it sounded good. LOL.
Anyone get the feeling that the "up your meds" comment
comes from the same, histrionic indivual each and every time? Lordy, am I TIRED of these insinuations that everyone who doesn't agree with it must be off their meds.

I just had 2 meds filled and never paid a dime.
Seems to me if you've had three appointments and are on chronic meds,
Uh huh, you don't overreact, but I should take my meds, I'm full of rage, and

my mom had to tie pork chops to the dogs ears to play with me.  All because I posted that people should quit whining and suck it up and do their jobs.

NAH you don't overreact at all!

And for the last time, I am not the origional poster who threatened legal action.  I have no association with SS whatsoever, as an MT or as management.  I have NEVER worked for SS.  I just jumped in because there was way too much crying about rude people.  Give me rude, straight-forward/blunt people over a bunch whiners any day!

Don't mind NIghtOwl, she obviously missed her meds today. nm
That is really funny
The majority cannot be wrong.  Your first post brought on the reactions of many, all saying the same thing.  Your first post was rude.  It just was. It sounded hateful.  No way that 5 different people read it wrong.  Funny how you descend upon the poor OP and basically rip her apart and then call the rest of us vultures.  So funny.  You are not one to be preaching about attitudes and how we should watch them.  Talk to the woman in the mirror first. 
it's funny that
the packet states no one will get a pay cut but they gave out pay cuts before people trained on DEP as DEP has only a certain pay level, so they were told. I guess this means no pay cuts with this packet. Pretty smarmy, huh??
too funny
I think it is funny that you all
want to say that JACKO and the others you mentioned are the only rudes ones on this board. Look over the posts. Pretty much everyone here is rude. I've never seen anything like it.
that is funny....unfortunately if they were not that way, I don't many of us would have a job-LOL
Too funny. He gets around. nm
Please, why is it that if someone has been treated badly and there are issues that that person tries to convey to another for their own warning, why is that a grudge?  You watch too much TV!
Too funny.
I have two dried up accounts as well. Yet they are still hiring. Go figure.
lol, and for 8 cpl! Now, that's funny.
Oh what like I'm scared? Yes M.E. are my initials, you better believe it. Saying liar is not slanderous. Especially since this board makes disclaimers. Funny.
How funny!!!
Was it a lady by the name of Phyllis Tate who contacted you?  She is always going on cruises.  I turned down that company one week after I started working there.  That place is so darn screwed up.  Do not consider taking a job whatsoever!!!
So funny!!  Yes, we know how to focus and concentrate and we know how to DROWN out nonessentials of background noise.
I sent a resume to them and one of the questions was how much ESL do I do. I told them over 50% and that was why I was leaving my current job. They emailed me back and said based on my ESL answer, I was not a suitable candidate for their company.
lol that was funny
Mac, you are 2 funny. nm
That's funny...
I don't care who you are!
  And I like your name - Mari Wisely  Cute !
LOL! That's funny...nm
This has never happened to me, not once. I have taken many tests and aced them and my email inbox was filled with email offers. I have 20 years experience and told them up front what I made/wanted. I think some MTs just can't face the fact that they failed the test.

Oh, please stop with all the nonsense!!  Why do you feel compelled to give out these TIPS?  So, nonqualified people can give a false, yet professional-appearing resume and then you can test them and waste your time?  Are you crazy?  At least you can quickly eliminate those - what does it take 1.5 seconds to look and throw out?  Is this your biggest job complaint?  Why don't you quit complaining about your job - do you really expect to get all perfect resumes!!  Hello - anyone home in there?? I thought evaluating a resume was part of a recruiters job - respond to good ones and don't to the bad ones...you act like you want these folks working at Super Wal-Mart to present a nice resume -Now, why would you desire that?

 These jobs are posted on the INTERNET - expect some crazy people !! 

P.S. I've had to deal w/a lot of recruiters who need some serious help, but I don't feel compelled to give out any suggestions - they would not listen anyway.  Its simple when the company/recruiter is ever rude, unprofessional, unorganized, giving false info - I move on.  You get a joke of a resume - move on!!


SAme thing happened to me ! After I resigned from Focus, It took them a good two weeks afterward to acknowledge my notice of resignation. They are sooooo ignorant and unprofessional !
How funny..
I was paid late. Supposed to have been paid Friday and still waiting.

MOST of the time DD works better than waiting for checks to arrive.
Thats is too funny
Sounds like sour grapes to me.
Can tell its getting late - but Im right there with ya with the Dippity DOO
Now thats funny:)
Damn if you do and damn if you don't. Post something positive and people try to turn it into a negative. LOL>>>
That's really funny!
So, if something gets rave reviews, it can't possibly be any good? Thanks for giving me a chuckle.

As for me, I personally have experience with both companies, and you couldn't drag me back to MQ if you hitched me to a semi!
Very funny
Not ! You're an idiot. I've seen your name just me with your boasting about another company that is soooo crooked beyond belief!!!! Getting jealous because KS is getting more positive attention are we?
that's funny
because I have worked for Priority Transcription for over 5 years and NEVER had a problem getting paid. I have even received bonuses for meeting TAT! Maybe there was a reason you didn't get paid!!!
Funny how OSI is in bad need of MTs

so one person gets on here with all this crazy talk about how great they are.  Anyone who has worked for this company knows what a nasty little place it is.  Trust me, OSI has lost all the good ones.  The only people there are ones the other companies will not talk to.  Just makes ya go hmmmmmm!  



That is funny since she is gone and you are not. Be the
Funny you should say that (sm)
I have made up my mind to stay off message boards and focus, and I have, but not completely.  Still visit occasionally.  I had increased production, though.  Hmmm.  I really was trying to type faster though, so that's probably it.
LOL! Me too. I don't know if that is funny or
I think Medquist has so much work because most MTs left and went to Transtech and now TransTech hasn't enough work! I know of a few MQ MTs who went to TT... coincidence? The workloads haven't changed, only the MT load.

Wish it wasn't so and sincerely hope TT gets back on even ground, they seem like such a nice company. On the other hand, MQ is getting what they ordered IMHO.
Now THAT is funny!

Funny you should ask...
I don't do anything other than MT from home, but I just saw something on TV last night where a lady has made her own business called The Handwork Studio teaching children how to knit.  It looked to me like she sat about 6 children around a table and was teaching them how to knit.  I thought what a wonderful idea.  So many are looking for things like this for their children for the social interaction.  The lady said she is having the time of her life.  Do you have a hobby that you could share in regards to teaching a class?  Made me wonder.... 
That's funny! You know something....
I am not the only person who uses *hmmmm.....* as a username here .


that is exactly what came to my mind when I heard it, LOL. Now I do not feel so dumb thinking it was funny, thank you.

lol, you so funny :)
I think it's funny!
And talk about a stress-buster!
oh so funny
I wish you people would learn how to think beyond your own pocketbooks and your little self-involved worlds. Petty petty petty bickering is all I ever see on these boards.