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For all those that are happy with VR...

Posted By: Since we're on the VR topic on 2009-04-22
In Reply to:

How many lines do you average per hour on VR and how many lines do you average straight typing?

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Happy New Year. May we all have happy home lives (sm)
and do whatever it takes to make our work lives work for us too. 
Right and told we should be happy we have jobs. Not too happy right now.




I can't say enough nice things about this company; very flexible, you area a statutory employee. That means that they pay the employer portion of your SS. Great on time pay, tons of work. Do your lines and you are left alone! Expect to be responsible though. Pay for your phone; rent a Lanier or a C-phone if you don't have one; BayScribe platform. Anything that is a bit of an inconvenience is more than made up for. You will know to the minute how much you will make and how many lines you have typed. Check it out!

happy here
Positive experience for me. Two years later, still happy, still busy, still meeting 300+ lines an hour. To each his own... guess it's jump on Diskriter is crap band wagon again day. On any given day, one company or another is being ripped a new one on these sites.
Probably one of the best. I'm happy there.
Happy with QT and FCM!!! nm


Happy there......
I am very, very happy at OSi. I left a company where I had been a IC for over 8 years and went with OSi as an employee. I have had no regrets. I think some people say QA is snooty because they expect a job to be done right and often times it isn't. We have access to all reports typed on our accounts and to tell you the truth, it's amazing how some of these MTs got hired.

I love the platform, pay is always on time and often incentives create huge paychecks. They are very professional and very flexible. No cons as far as I can see.
That's cause we are happy!!
Why do you want to bash anyway,let's talk about good things
I am happy too
There are some that still like Transcend.  i understand that others have valid complaints, but not everyone there experiences the same issues.  Some of us are really telling the truth when they say they are happy.
Happy for you.
I hope you like your new job. I have been contemplating applying with them myself but worried about their flexibility.
YAY!!! I am so happy for you. Out of (sm)
all the places I have worked, they really are the best!! For many,many reasons!!
Yep and happy about it!
Yes I make 1 cent less than what FOCUS would hire me on for at their top pay. In exchange I get to work with an amazing company who treats me with respect, knows who i am, who my children are, listens to what i have to say and so much more. It is worth the cent to work for a great company.
Happy to Mad?
so have you changed your attitude about MQ? this is exactly what MQ doesn't want to happen -- MTs being able to find out what is going on in different offices, wage-wise and otherwise.
Can you be hired on as SE?
Sweetheart, you have no business releasing your venom on me. You are one with the mental health issue. If you were indeed a "Happy OSI'er," you would not care what anyone else thinks or says about that company.

The fact that you can get enraged so easily when other people express opinions contrary to your own tells me that you are indeed in need of a little Zoloft, Xanax, or maybe just a good dose of reality. The rest of the world doesn't have to agree with you about anything. It does not make us dysfunctional, depressed, unhappy, or stupid. It just means we see things differently.

You're in for a rough ride in life if you are get so upset about others' opinions.

very happy
Yes Cbay is still around and going strong, more work than I can handle lately. They do hire US MTs. Everyone knocks them for sending work overseas but what company doesn't these days? I am very happy with them and pay is on time every 2 weeks! They pay my bills so I really wouldn't care if they sent the work to the moon!
Is anyone happy...
Please leave some info on this board if you are happy working for OSI.  There is a lot of negative, but it may be some sour grapes too.  I would like to hear some good input about the company.  Thanks.
With OSi for about 3 yrs. Very happy now with
It is great working with true medical transcription professionals.

OSi is good for a laugh, though!
I am very happy with OSi
You will read a lot of negativity, but this is something that you will have to decide on your own.  I am very happy there.  Sure, they aren't perfect, but no company is.  Let me know if you want more information.
I'm happy as can be -
Happy because . . .
I have 2 good accounts with steady work, love BayScribe, like my team leader, and good pay that is always on time. I do agree with the above poster who says she feels they may be overhiring on some accounts to keep them in TAT. However, I haven't seen overstaffing on my accounts (yet)!
I'm happy!
Don't work on MANTIS but this company is really, really growing by leaps and bounds - even made the Fortune 500 top growing companies in the US. Great people (really nice) and a refreshing change from the Big Guys. Pay is generally $1.10 regular and $2.25 special - really nice accounts too. Check 'em out!
She's not alone. I'm happy there, too. sm
I'm FT and don't utiize the benefits, but I'm very happy at Spheris. My platform is easy to use, my supervisor is awesome, and the other girls are great. I don't have a hard time getting time off, and they pretty much leave me alone to do my work, but if I need help, they have terrific people at the help desk. Most Spheris employees are very happy here, but we just don't spend a lot of time of message boards.
Happy again
Wake up MTs. Change is good. Why is everyone so afraid to go somewhere else? If you are not happy, you can only make yourself happy. LEAVE. Do not wait for these nationals or other MT companies to make you happy. They won't. You must do it yourself. I'm happy after the change I made. You can be too. Just go for it. What do you have to lose?
Also very happy with MDI-MD nm
Happy as an IC
Very happy with QT! nm
me too, happy
Another happy DSG MT!
So far, no complaints!
Happy at QT also
Happy with them
I go an 11 cent per 65-character line with spaces included job from them. Very flexible. The hiring process was a lot easier than going it on your own. I was VERY happy with my experience there...this was 2-1/2 years ago. Maybe things have changed. They get a one-time fee, not a portion of your line rate.
There are more than two happy at MDI but

Just because two of you have work does not discount that the rest of us do not.  I struggled to get 1000 lines yesterday, had to keep dialing back in scrounging for work.  And as others have said here, we have talked to Dorothy and MDI is aware that there is not enough work to go around.  Maybe you two have an account that they did not put too many MTs on.  Apparently on mine they did.  I have been on this account for many years and I have always had work until the last several months. 

I'm also happy there
Can't compare it to other companies as it is my first MT job, but I have been there almost a year and am quite happy. No desire to move anywhere else. Good training, and they attempt to communicate with their employees. Steady workload, benefits and pay reasonable.
I'm happy at JLG
Pay on time, tho by snail mail as they do not offer direct deposit. Account I am on is great with a low volume of ESLs. Great QA with samples provided, if requested. Flexibility, easy enough platform, not a lot of pt. demos.... I just LOVE it here.
happy, happy, joy, joy
Does anyone else find the endless e-mails showing how much work there is but to *have a geat day* annoying? How can I have a great day when I am struggling to meet my line counts because the work is so sparse?? Plus, e-mails to supervisors go unanswered yet again.
I am very happy with my job.
My paycheck, in my opinion, compensates me very well for my experience and my effort. I work hard, produce a quality job and have good production. My consistent reliability with my employer has paid off. I currently work for MQ.

Even the employer I recently left last summer was a great experience for me - that was Spheris.

I have had employers in the past that I was unhappy with but it mainly boiled down to some type of communication breakdown so that my expectations were not met.

I'm not the kind of person who bad mouths or exploits an employer, period. If I have problems with them, I handle that with the employer. I'm not interested in slamming anyone or any company. There are too many choices out there for any and all of us and I find it petty and small-minded to act in that manner.
I'm very happy with my job. sm
I work for Transhealth. It has the most of what I need in a job.
Happy Too
I'm very happy with my job, there are some things that could be better, but I really like where I am at at this point. I work as an IC for a very small local company and only transcribe for 8 doctors on a Nephrology account. As long as I get my work done that comes in for the day (24 hour TAT) I can make my own hours which works out great having a 2-1/2 year old at home.
yup, happy too and doing MT 31 yr
and also currently working for MQ. I feel very blessed to do something i enjoy, that pays decent and especially to be able to work from home!! I'd venture to guess there are many more happy than unhappy MTs, but they just don't bother to post often -- too busy working and enjoying life to be negative!
Happy since I went with a different
I am very happy! You are so right! (sm)

The MTs who can do it all have a much better chance of actually liking their job.  I have always done anything from ERs to Op notes.  ESLs do not bother me, some of them are better than the US docs. I have worked for the larger companies and am now with a small national and absolutely loving it. I honestly do feel like I am part of a team.

I have heard MTs say they will not do ESLs and they will not do Op notes.  That is such a shame! 


happy with their job
Yes! I am very happy with my job. I work with a great bunch of people where there is good comradarie, open minds, will listen to new ideas and complaints. I get payed a really good pay with benefits as well as downtime. They require 98%+ accuracy so it is really great to see the fabulous quality of work as well as making a really good wage as it should be. It is nice to be able to take pride in the quality of work produced again as well as being appreciated for a good job done. I get on in the mornings not with dread but with enthusiasm to work again in a field that I love. I am back to a job where I think it is a privilege to be able to work instead of slip-shod production for a good line count. So, yes! I am very happy where I am.
happy with their job
I forgot to mention that I NO LONGER work for MQ as I could no longer make a living when there was no consistency in workload as well as they seemed to tell you what they wanted you to hear rather than being up front with their employees. This was after being with them for 8+ years. I have to be able to have trust in my employer as well as believe that they have good ethics in the workplace and unfortunately, time and time again, this was not proven with them.
It took me a while to find this company, but I am very happy with the. Of course there is one thing I would like to change (isn't there always)  But the things that matter most to me, I have found with this company...............pay on time, direct deposit (not having to remind them its pay day like I use with another company), benefits, plenty of work, some challenging dictators (for me that a plus, because I get bored if all of my dictators are easy), 401K, health, dental and being left alone to work , but support when I have a question!! (one company I worked for use to call me all the time to let me know there was a stat in my que........................which I could see...............very ignoring and disrupting when you are trying to concentrate). and oh I forgot being treated with respect for the hard we do!
I am very happy with my job.
I am fairly new to transcription and I work for 1 doctor who gave me a chance and I am very happy working for him, and he is happy with my work. The only drawback is that it is very part time. I am currently looking for more IC work, but not having much luck. I am not giving up though. I know something will come along some day.
Is there anyone who is actually happy with the
Please let me know who you work for and what you like about it.  I'm looking for a good company part-time.
They get a bad rap sometimes and I don't know why. I'm very happy there.
Professional, very nice place to work.
Very happy there
Tons of work
Happy here so far.

I think that with anywhere you work, your always going to have those who hate it and those who love it.  I have only been at Precyse 4 weeks, and so far my TM has always communicated back to me in  less than 10 minutes and is always there to answer questions, and if she is not, someone else is always there to help me.  I think it has alot to do with who your TM is.  But I have to say  so far, everyone has been extremely helpful to me anytime I need it.  I LOVE it......

Happy too
I'm happy their too...except for slow times like this past week, makes me anxious but that is just me. First time in 13 years I got anything for MT week and also we got a gift card at Christmas time that was really nice. I'm pretty happy here.

I am more than happy
with GIMT. No Tues through Sat or Sun through Thurs. Pay always on time. Workload steady. Great boss. No hassles from QA. Very laid back company, small and just the way I like it.
I'm happy there (sm)
I've been there for almost a year and a half and am very happy there. Steady work flow, mainly work one account, make good money. I've had 3 supervisors, and all have been at least OK, the one I have now is very good. It's a big company, though, and I've heard of people not having enough work and being bounced around on different accounts, and others constantly being asked to work overtime. I guess it depends on where you end up, but I don't have anything bad to say about the company based on my experience with them.