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I used to clean the grill at BK...

Posted By: kyradmt on 2005-09-28
In Reply to: Really? They had about 99% ESL on the account I did! - former Diskriter

Your post brought back gruesome memories! I also manned the fry station - quite fun during those hot summer months. Hmm...come to think of it - MT doesn't seem quite so bad now that I think about it.... 

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ooops...sorry...that's OSI that's been on the grill lately. No comments about OTI. nm
I really think MDI could clean up a lot of
problems if they would communicate with the remote MTs.   We had weekly conference calls for 2 or 3 months, then 1 for 1 month and then none.  If I did not know MTs on other accounts, I would think there was nothing put out in communication, but several of my friends get little things like notes where they might need additional help or other little things going on in the company. I have had 1 e-mail in last 6 months stating where they needed additional help.  Why?  Because I have a team leader who thinks she is going to control everyone and her idea of controlling is to limit the amount of work you are allowed to do.   This team leader idea was the worst idea they ever had when you have a team leader like this one!!!!!!!! 
You and me both. I basically just clean up
for brand spanking new MTs at one-third of their line rate.  Depressing.  But am making a little money while looking for other jobs.
Then email that too! I want a clean board and I think Adm does too!
And I'm sure even the janitors who clean their buildings -sm
But when was the last time you got a C.O.L. raise, or a merit raise, for that matter? Here in the western U.S. a gallon of gas is now $4.00 in some places, a box of cereal (which once you open it, is in reality HALF a box of cereal!) costs $5.00, rents are high, etc., and MTs still make about 7-8 cents a line - if that.
It only takes a second to clean my toilet. Want to
who is going to clean up the bad ESLs' VR reports? I ..sm
Is this a way to weed out too badly dictating ESLs doctors from VR?
Well the invite to come clean my toilet for free still
Paid 50% of already deflated MT wage to clean up somebody else's mess...nm
Starbucks coffee is burnt, you clean the tables, you serve yourself
Good thing it did end up here. Post about squecky clean posts has already been
When I read "that breed", I thought she meant "Arabians". Don't try to clean it up.
You know exactly what she meant. It was obvious.
A majority of at-home MT is overflow work with in-house getting the bulk of the work. If they clean
They require that you work in house until your have clean QA for 3 paydays then you can work