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A majority of at-home MT is overflow work with in-house getting the bulk of the work. If they clean

Posted By: it all up, nothing's left. nm on 2006-04-11
In Reply to: Why is everyone running out of work?-sm - lucy


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They require that you work in house until your have clean QA for 3 paydays then you can work
Is that In-House or you work at home?
Is it work from home or in house ...sm
in New York. That is a good job.
There are several. Are you lookin to work in-house or at home? nm
That is one of many reasons why I chose to work at home! No thanks to in-house! Good luck. nm
You all have a point. I forget how this at-home thing works. I used to work in-house at a hospital.
and... we got paid extra for working holidays and even weekends and evenings. I am new to this at-home thing and it's pretty disappointing. I think I'm back to the hospital..
Are the bulk of the ESLs you work on heavy Spanish?
Thanks for all the other information you have given me too.
I did some overflow work for Landmark.. they are wonderful to work for.. very nice people.. pay was
Do you work in-house here? I applied last August & was told in-house only and they weren't
By not overflow, do you mean they have no in-house...sm
MTs and we do all work types for them? I wish I were on your team. Sounds great.
Majority of MTs say just give me the work and leave
Ever thought of a home health care aide? Usually paid training and start work right away. Can work
I think majority of negative comments start when work is low and
they start looking for another job. I, for one, would rather be too busy and have to work an extra hour or 2 than not to have any work. Overhiring is the death of all of us, since we do not have a guaranteed income unless you are a team leader or hourly employee.

Failure to pay on time is another large problem that will produce negative comments.

If companies were actually above-board with the problems at their company before the hiring process is completed, a lot of this could be avoided.
Like I said - it depends who you work for. I work for a hospital at home - not a company. nm
overflow work
I work 20 hr/wk for SPi/CyMed on radiology. They need radiology MTs for Tue-Sat schedule right now. I work Sun-Thur. I have no benefits but I'm on social security and this works gret for me as a supplement to my SS check. I've been with them 1 year this week. I'll be out for hand surgery in a few weeks and I know for sure they'll need somebody then! I also know my supervisor will work with you on scheduling. I work for the Ohio office but I live in South, hurricane alley. Yes, Katrina got me but I have bounced back! I don't know if it's OK to give out my super's phone number, but if OK with admin of site, e-mail me for info. Best regards!
It is also only p.r.n./overflow work
I left a lot of blanks as well.  I'm not so sure I could strain that much.  Being overflow work is tough nookies to find a rhythm as well and I wonder how spaced apart the time would be before receiving the dictation.  Glad I'm not alone as even volume control and slowing down/speeding up was not really helping at all.  Oh well....  only lost about 1/2 an hour all in all. 
Yes, it is all overflow - and there is not enough work for everyone! no msg
I also do overflow work for a clinic..
I charge 10 cpl, but I know that their other replacement charges 12 cpl. If it were a specialty clinic (mine currently is family practice and easy work), I would charge no less than 12 cpl. I'm not sure but it may also depend on where you live geographically.  I live in Idaho so I'm sure since our cost of living here is fairly cheap and that would be the standard. If you live in a larger place, maybe you could easily ask for more. Just giving you my input..
I got hit with router, but they only do overflow work
and we ran out of work constantly. They play favorites big time, so the good work goes to a few people and the rest of us got the left-over garbage. The tech ruined my computer and that cost me a big bucks to get fixed.
I work for a company that does overflow and I have been

with them for 5+ years.  I have never not had any work and rarely has there been a day when there weren't extra lines available.  A couple of times the hospital's system has gone down and they have asked if anyone wanted a a day off, or could adjust their schedule to work different hours than usual, but I think that has only happened twice.    I have a lot of dictators, though I tend to get the same 30 or so regularly. 

It all depends on how the contract is setup, if they get a certain # of minutes a day, or if they just get whatever in-house can't handle. 

anyone know of overflow or vacation work available?
I work 2 jobs that I love, but both of them are 2-3 times a month and average 100 minutes of dictation at a time.  I rather like the nature of this work as it is given to and I usually have 2-3 days to complete it.  I have lots of experience--ER, other hospital (except ops), psychiatric hospitals and offices (which I loved!), specialty clinics of all types--it's just that I really don't want to give up the 2 jobs that I already have and love, so I would like more of the same kind of thing.  I thought overflow or filling in for vacations would be a good option, if I could find it.  Anyone know of anything like this?  I am considered an excellent Transcriptionist by all whom I've worked for. 
I think it is a combo of all work being overflow and..sm
the fact that they overhire. Work has been low and slow for the past year. I have heard that some of the accts that we all heard about in that last conference call did not come on board--rumor, but other than the account that started in July to replace a lost one (and never has any work) and a clinic name I saw on the Community Pages (which a level 4 I'm sure will not be allowed to work), they have nothing new. Over the past year, they lost 2 of my accts. I have finally managed to replace them thanks to my persistence, but they are both overflow (like all of them) and low in work (like 99% of them). It just seems hard to get a PT job and still make 40 with them, but I guess we could try. Good luck.
WRONG - I work on 2 which are NOT overflow and know of 3 more sm
in my own STM group that are not.
But don't they just help other companies with overflow type work?
It seems to me that that would make the work load very unstable.
Yes, I work on solid accounts, not overflow.
Webmedx must be sending work to overflow co's as soon as...sm
regular employees start hitting overtime. The economy has an effect on the workload, I know, but not like this, not during peak flu season. Does anyone know for a fact that they are doing this? TIA
Yes. Last entry on community board. ALL Web work is overflow.
I am fairly sure all their accounts still have in-house transcription departments. All mine do. The Atlanta account you mentioned started the same time as my main and always has more work than my hospital, which is an account that has almost completely dried up over the last year. STM states they are saving work for their in-house MTs.
My guess is that many in-house radiology MTs are being sent home
I suppose it is either they are changing companies they are working with and the new companies need staffing or radiology departments with on site MTs are now outsourcing.

I wonder how MDI is to work for.
Con: Overflow work is cherry-picked from the git-go by the account's inhouse MTs. nm
I saw postings that all our work was overflow/extra support for hospitals. (sm)

Whatever happened, it has been ongoing since around the Memorial Day holiday.  I too am getting worried.  Christmas coming up, winter utility bills, not to mention the every day expenses we have in order to survive. 

I am picking up a PT position.  May be a little tired working the 2, but for right now it covers my butt.


All MTs, home-based or in-house, shoulda' staged a
WALKOUT years ago, before things ever got this bad.

One thing we should still do is all talk to labor organizers, because if ever a trade NEEDED a union BAD, it's this one.

And yeah, we could move on to other jobs. But don't think for a second that India/Pakistan/Philippines, etc. isn't ALREADY eyeing those jobs as the next ones to suck out of the U.S. ESPECIALLY any field that is dominated by women, because they know we don't have what it takes to get ourselves unionized, and to get our country to plug the ever-enlarging leak of American jobs and products to 'lowest-bidder' countries.

Look at what's happening everywhere in the world these days, and then be VERY embarrassed as you watch America repeatedly bend over and grab its ankles over and over again.

We're wimps, and the world knows it.

The hospital I work just contracted to send our overflow to MDI. I've been watching as our SM

minutes slowly dwindle.  Last meeting we had, we voiced our concerns about losing our work and Transcend/MDI outsourcing overseas, only to be told that administration is happy that TAT is being met and so they are going to continue to send work to MDI on a daily basis and we don't believe they are sending OUR work overseas.

My hospital is a prime account to be sent overseas, a medium-sized community hospital, three (count 'em, three) ESL who aren't hard to do at all with the resting being very good, very American dictators, easy to understand.  No way would a service give this account to an American MT who could stand to make a good pay check doing this account.

I think the next step is to get rid of us all and send everything out.  If that happens, that's it for me, I'm getting out of transcription all together.  I know I definitely won't go to MDI for a job, like they would put me on this account where I could pull in 2000+ lines a day.

I've worked too hard all these years to be treated like my knowledge, skills, and education doesn't matter and to be paid peanuts for these skills I have worked hard to acquire, improve, and maintain.

I'm just really bummed today.  My job future isn't looking too good right now.  I hope I'm wrong. 

Work in house
I currently work in house for a hospital in Maine who is going from pay per hour to pay per line
In-house work
I work for two hospitals directly as an employee. Both jobs I got after seeing their ads in the local paper, but would suggest to actually contact the hospitals in your area and inquire rather than wait for an ad.
The Transcription House - Anyone work for them?
I have done a search on this forum for a company called The Transcription House and I cannot find anything on them.  Does any work for them or know anything about them that they would care to share?  Thanks in advance
The rudeness on this board is why I won't work in-house. sm

In all the professions I have been in, I cannot believe how rude, condescending, and judgmental MTs are.  These boards are for helping each other to make wise career choices and sharing our input, not to go around being the spelling and grammar police and making people feel like they don't know what they are doing.  I am well respected in my job, have 100% QA ratings and don't belittle other people who make their errors here.  I think posters here need to spend less time being rude and more time thinking of how we can all help fellow MTs looking for advice.

The Ops could be staying in-house with the rest of the work being done by MW. nm
I work in-house at a local hospital...
And it's been pretty much famine conditions there, too. We're having to use our VH hours when we're called off for lack of work. I don't know where you're located, but I'm in central California. Perhaps it's a nationwide phenomenon for some reason.

Hang in there. The powers-that-be where I work keep telling us it's just temporary (although I'm preparing for the worst).

No offense, but do you work at line rate in-house?
Sometimes in-house people will work the holidays since we're only
H. told me the work was going back in house for some of the doctors. nm
Used to work for them at home--sm
You don't work for any certain facility. They now have the MTs working on all their facilities depending on the region you are in. They have heavy ESL.
You would not be sorry to work for them. Like any @ home job, it is a job and to be taken serious (
The pay is good, it is based on a line rate and bonuses for tier levels. You would not be sorry. A good group of people, excellent technical support and communications within the management!
Work from home
Does anyone work from home doing anything other than transcription? If so, can you share what your doing?
You are right, I DO WANT to work from home (sm)
and I chose this profession so that I would not have to send my kids to daycare. Money saved.

What is wrong with expecting to make a lot of money. I am in a profession that requires schooling, continuing education regarding medicines, their spelling; continuing education in operative procedures; computer knowledge, program education and yet I do not get paid top dollar, because the MTSOs are running a business and are in it to make money. What do you think I am in this for? A hobby? Ummmm.....no. While I love this profession, I do this to pay bills, get ahead and provide for my family.

Plus, let us not forget the MTSOs who want you to be an IC and then dictate when you will work. How is that right/legal. If the company I am working for cannot provide the work when they want me to work, I should be paid no matter what. I do not get paid to sit at my computer waiting for work to come in. In case you have not figured it out yet, that makes it impossible to schedule anything, even doctor appointments for yourself. Should I take my laptop with me to the doctor's appointment and transcribe while I am sitting there and during the exam? No. That is what I mean by having a life.

The offshore companies are willing to do it for a lot less money (and there will always be someone willing to do it for a lot less money), is because they are a poor country. I personally know of women in Costa Rica who work 10-hour days and only make 60 bucks a week. I hate to tell you this Toto, but we are in America - not some third-world country.

I have always worked extra and helped out when needed, but that does not mean that should be my regular schedule. It does not mean that I should have to change my entire family's schedule around to fit what an MTSO or a doctor wants just because they are having a power trip. They can wait 8 hours while I get some sleep.

It is just amazing to me that it is okay for doctors and MTSOs to have appointments, take their kids to soccer, dance, or piano lessons, but us - the low ones on the totem pole, are not afforded that option. We have reports to transcribe and every single one of us should be sitting at our computer typing all the time. I don't think so. And if that makes me a prima donna, then so be it. I am one.
And we who work at home are
so very ''screwable'' because nobody has to look us in the eye and nobody fears us storming into their office and causing a scene.  It's all quite remote and sanitary this way.  Send out a couple of e-mails, do a no-information informational conference call or two, ignore phone messages.  Hey presto!  No mess!  All done! 
It is grand to work from home,
get certain things in writing, such as work times, how down time will be handled (server down), and if you will be required to go into the office to work for shortage coverage, meetings, etc. Been here, done this. Get it in writing or you will probably regret it.
I work for that account from home and it is
a great money maker. You have to move to Wisconsin for 6 months to train, though.
You can work in the office or at home....
if you dislike the office, or find it tense, you should ask to work from home. There are only about 15 people that work in the office, most are not transcriptionists, and my experience is that they would rather transcriptionists work from home.

Life's too short, go ahead and make arrangements to work from home. Why would you want to work in the office, especially if you dislike it so much?

Here is what you save because I work from home

The average cost per square foot of commercial real estate is $6 to $13 per month.  A cubbie for my work area would run about $864 a year.  You want me to give up taking off any time for the first year except for a couple of days.  HOW MANY DAYS DO YOU GET PAID TO TAKE OFF?  Oh, that's right.  Your job doesn't bring money in, does it?  I save you electricity.  I save you the resources you should supply me under IRS rules such as books, CDs, etc.  You should be paying 100% of my internet expense, provide a computer at no charge if you are an employer meeting IRS regulations and I worked on site.  You should contribute to my state unemployment fund regardless of what state I live in when you run out of work and I am left without an income (oh, that doesn't happen to management, does it?)  You should provide an email server to keep from cluttering my personal email account and causing me to spend extra money to keep all those informative emails that require server space.  You occasionally want me to fax something.  Did you provide me with a fax machine?  I'm getting further away from the definition of an employee aren't I?  You want me to be 100% responsible for my own health insurance.  What if it's so crappy I would rather find my own?  Do you contribute to my health premium costs, say $35 twice a month NOT to take your insurance  (like employers I've had in the past)?  If I am hit by a drunk driver, where is my short-term or long-term disability benefits?  Oh, that's right, you cut out those expenses because you didn't think we would need them and wouldn't notice what you did.

Lastly, do you think I don't notice that my wages have been going down instead of up over the last 7 years because of forces beyond my control?  My knowledge, skill sets, resourcefullness and employment values increases yet I make less money.  Is this how it works in management?  About that retirement fund, thank you for offering it and contributing to it as I am going to need it when I retire from MT at about the age of 72 because I can't make it on what I'll be pulling from the federal government if I try to retire in my 60s.

Gee, I'm glad you cleared up what you offer me.  I honest hope you can see my point too.

I hope this point does not get pulled because I think these are valid issues that ALL MTSOs should be aware that MTs think about.

Did I leave out anything?

I work at home as IC for hospital...
Stay put.  After 10 years of working at home for this hospital with no raise, I decided to venture out and try other MTSOs.  Good thing I kept my hospital job.   I usually do 200-250 lines an hour with the hospital but other MTSOs I was down to 120-150.  Mostly it is the different dictators and I can't stand leaving blanks so I would listen over and over to try to get them.  Then the styles of what this one wants and what that one wants also differs tremendously.  Stay where you are and maybe talk to the hospital about possibly doing at least some days at home.