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I was hired and started in 1 week. That is not a long set-up time. When I started with our local h

Posted By: New KS MT on 2009-01-20
In Reply to: Large national companies and slow startup. - EmmaT

I needed to get a physical and go through orientation at the hospital which is only given two times per month. This is a 900-bed hospital, so it cannot be an unusual process. MQ took 2 weeks. KS took 1 week. SoftScript never got me started even after repeated calls and emails.

I have only been with KS for 9 months but would never put them in the same catagory as the others you mentioned. They are the best company I have worked for, and unfortunately, I have bounced around a little in the last 5 years.

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I was hired and started in 1 week. That is not a long set-up time. When I started with our local h
I needed to get a physical and go through orientation at the hospital which is only given two times per month. This is a 900-bed hospital, so it cannot be an unusual process. MQ took 2 weeks. KS took 1 week. SoftScript never got me started even after repeated calls and emails.

I have only been with KS for 9 months but would never put them in the same catagory as the others you mentioned. They are the best company I have worked for, and unfortunately, I have bounced around a little in the last 5 years.
I was hired and started in 1 week. That is not a long set-up time. When I started with our local h
I needed to get a physical and go through orientation at the hospital which is only given two times per month. This is a 900-bed hospital, so it cannot be an unusual process. MQ took 2 weeks. KS took 1 week. SoftScript never got me started even after repeated calls and emails.

I have only been with KS for 9 months but would never put them in the same catagory as the others you mentioned. They are the best company I have worked for, and unfortunately, I have bounced around a little in the last 5 years.
Took a long time for me. They called after I had accepted and started another job, so about 2 months
i just started working for a local hospital. sm
They pay for the entire phone bill and internet for an extra line to do their work.
I started about 10 days after being hired
But I had to wait for them to ship me the equipment and get my DSL installed.  I think they always start you out on a Monday.  Welcome! 
I started 3 days after being hired by Keystrokes and have been there since
June. I love my account and have no complaints.
I just started this week sm
It took 5 days to receive the equipment and the paperwork. I was looking for it well before then, they DID 2-day FedEx it and it took 4. I live in a very small town where we don't get mail delivery to your house, you get have a box in town and FedEx comes up here 2 or 3 times a week, depending. It sat at the terminal for over 24 hrs before they put on it on a truck to go out. I don't really think it is TT's fault about this because of the situation.

I called them when I didn't get it after 2 days, and then 3 days and I called them the minute it showed up on Friday. The IT guy stays late and I was installed early evening, so it won't have to be before 6, but the training will have to be.

Pick up the phone and tell them you are waiting. Ask them to check the routing through the FedEx website (they gave me the routing number to watch it). As long as you don't go on the attack, they are not going to be upset with you. I wanted and needed to get to work as fast as I could and while it took 10 days, it was entirely WORTH IT.

This is my 2nd full day, I have been released off of QA and I have managed on day 1 to transcribe the company line quota. I am telling you, lines are easy to make, ExText is wonderful for ME to use and the people...I don't think there is a nicer staff of people in this industry!

You'll be happy, so call them and see what can be done. Heaven forbid you sit there while FedEx screws you out of a really good MT job!
Just started this week too.
So far I really like it. I was offered a nice line rate. The platform is easy, but it can be slow to look up samples, but once I get used to the account, I won't need to look up samples as much. The dictators on my account are very easy. I have not run into an ESL or difficult doctor yet. Everyone has been very helpful. I have IM contacts so I have help immediately whenever I need it. IMO waiting a month to get paid is not unusual. You get paid 2 weeks after the pay period ends, which is how I got paid at my in-house jobs. Most companies will require a week or two to process all the payroll, so I don't see how that is a big deal. I currently only have one account that seems pretty busy, but I was told if it ever slows down I can take on more accounts as they have lots of accounts in all different specialties. I also like that they are completely flexible with a very small requirement (only 1800 lines a week). As I said, so far I really like it and I don't see myself going anywhere any time soon. In fact, if I can get my speed up on this account soon, I will most likely be dropping my first company.
I started with them last week
I applied on their website and answered the 50 question test.  The recruiter called me the same day and after we talked they sounded really nice.  I did some research on this board and then accepted the position.  I started last Monday and their software is really easy to learn and I really like my account.  The trainer was nice and I also liked the 12 hour window.  Very happy so far and I think I found a new home.  HTH.
Started this week
I graduated about a month ago, really seemed to hit it just right. Landed a FT job w/a national. So far it has been great--exhausting, info overload, but wonderful! Wanted 2nd shift, got it, not S-Th like I wanted, but that's ok. I applied at every good company I had seen on the chat boards, this is the only one that bit. But they were in my top 3, so I am very grateful. Very nice people so far too. Seems to be plenty of work on my account, FT benes, production bonus.

Oh, and I graduated from MTEC, just to put that out there. ;)
Just started a week ago and so far

everything is going pretty well.  Everyone has been really nice and helpful.  I really love not being tied to a strict schedule. 

I just started this week. (sm)
So far it is everything they said it would be - which is great. No surprises. The account I am on seems really good too.
No this is not true. I got hired in December and started 3 days later. sm
I am glad I made the move.
Call them. Something is not right. I was hired a month ago and started 2 weeks ago. sm
Call Laura or Becky in the office. They are both in tomorrow.
I started with Amphion last week, and
specifically asked the recruiter if they send work offshore. She said that they considered it at one time, but would absolutely never do it now in light of the lawsuits and the fact that there are no HIPAA requirements outside the US. I believe that she was telling the truth. I was hesitant to try a national again after a one-month disaster with TRS last year, but my experience has been good so far.
mine's started this week nm
One has started, one is this coming week. nm
Just started this week. I really think it is going to be great. nm
I just started actually typing last week. sm
When I hired in they asked what size I wanted for MT week. I haven't gotten it yet but probably will this week. I was impressed they even asked and I hadn't even started. They are wonderful to work for.
Does it always take this long to get started with MedQuist?
Trying this again...

I finished my DQS training almost two weeks ago. I was cleared for DQS two days later. The next day I received an email saying a DQS user request would be submitted for me and an update provided when I'm added. I've heard nothing. I've emailed several times with no response. Every email up till then was answered within minutes. I want to call now but fear sounding annoying and having it held against me in some way because I really need this job.

Is this typical? If so I can deal with it. I just wish I'd get some type of response. Should I call and risk being annoying after sending several emails?
I know which account this is that started this week. I would call tomorrow. sm
The IDs were sent back from the hospital but only one part of them. I have been on the account for 2 days and it is great. HBO Star and lots of volume and good dictators except one or two. Call and ask if the IDs are ready. There are a bunch of new accounts starting at the same time. They pulled me from my primary to help until the other IDs are in, so they are definitely needing you on there. You will love the KS rad department; I have been with them for 4 years and every year it gets better!
Newly hired by CardioScribes and eager to get started. Any current employees care to
post about your experience there? How long until you met production? Platform? Pay? Team spirit? Dictators? Just any info/opinion would be greatly appreciated. The software has been installed on my computer and I am really ready to get in there and get started. Just waiting for training.
How long does it usually take to get started once you fill out paperwork for MDI-FL? sm.
I filled out my paperwork about a week ago and have not heard from anyone.  Does anyone know how long it usually takes to start with MDI-FL?  Or has anyone had any problems hearing back from there once they said You are hired?
I started out very happy with them, now I am not so sure, long story.
It definitely shouldn't be taking that long to get started - SM
It sometimes can take a week or two for the hospital to get your IDs ready, but a month is definitely way too long. I would contact either Lee or Becky in the office. They are both EXTREMELY helpful and very, very nice. They should be able to check into what is taking so long and get things moving pretty quickly. There is no way it should take that long.
The person I am talking about started the second week in October for HR but the recruiter has been
with us since late summer.

I am going to dig into this, so thank you for the information. There is too much back and forth going on here to sort through what is true and what is not, so I am going to take some time and take it to my coordinator.

It might seem petty to a lot of you that we are willing to do this, but reputation is important and we have all been working too hard to let things like this happen.

I know that there will be flames here but the truth is that the Keystrokes Management Team has been working very hard to reverse a lot of things that happened in the past in order to make KS the best company in the industry. This takes time.

I do know that there are a lot of happy MTs at KS as we do not have a lot of emplpyee turnover, but I also know that one unhappy person can be like poison. Rather than attacking that person or persons, we are working on the reasons that they are unhappy and working to change that.

If KS was such a bad company, it would not grow as it has. I am not saying that they are perfect, just that they are not as this board portrays.

Another thing is that so many people attack the owner and say that she is unprofessional. You obviously have not met her. She is all business with her employees and customers and actually a fun person to be around as well. I have never met someone who gets as much done as she does and her customers love working with her.

I just think everyone should form their own opinions.
I sent it in the first day, heard back in a few days, took the test and started last week. sm
I know that they are very busy and it sounds like they are getting even busier. It took about a week after I took the test to hear, but I was told there were over 100 people taking tests and they were picking the best scores.
Started so long ago, there was no dep required, but they have alway be on the up and up with money.
Just started with DSG not too long ago and finding a shortage of work right now. Do they overhire
sometimes or what.  Seems it goes in spells.  Anyone seeing the same thing right now.  This started before the holiday time.
I have been on there since it started 4 months ago and this is the first time.
They are freaking out because the doctors can still dictate!!!
Companies that can't get you started on time
The famous one you're referring to, is the first initial a K?
full-time employee, but started out statutory (sm)
Good luck and I'm glad you're giving MQ a chance.  I think you will be pleasantly suprised. I know I was.  I was kind of disappointed when they called me back, but I really needed a job, so I took it, and four years later, I'm very happy! Good luck to ya!
I just started with Keystrokes full time and am on a Meditech account. sm

I would not call it my favorite platform by any means -- I think it is rather slow and cumbersome -- but with the addition of ShortHand and getting used to how things are done, I am picking up speed and hope to be at my normal level soon.   One of the pluses to Meditech is that you can access the patient's chart and see other reports dictated, plus lab reports, x-rays, etc. 

web site says MT-s go through a 28 week training process. That's a long time!
Only when hired by a local hospital - sm
It is a little surprising to hear they want you to do this.  I was hired by a local hospital (an hour away) and had to come in for training there - up to 3 months, unless I got the hang of it earlier.  Some folks who worked there lived a little farther away (one was 3 hours) but all were within driving distance.  So I have been asked - however, I've not been asked for a place as far away as what you described. 
Local newspaper ad for Med Trans Inc says it hires it's graduates from an 8 week course (sm)

called Medical Transcription Made Easy.  Wow, suppose their quality and pay are good?  I find it very insulting and sure as heck wouldn't want to work for a company like that.

Anyone ever heard of this company? 

and they started
you at 9.5 cents per line???
Well let's see, I started my day
and have sat here all day to only have 60 some reports! Sad but true. I have 2 other PT jobs for this very reason. I only stay because when the work is there, the money is good. If it does not pick back up soon, I'm gone!
Just started...
using CS this past week, and it is very, very easy and practical to use. You should love it!
I started with TT at 8 cpl - sm
and I was told by Debbie that top pay was 8.5 cpl, not over.  Maybe it was the account I was on.  Don't know.  Just relaying what I was told.  I really did like TT.  I couldn't afford their benefits, and yes, it is my fault for not doing my homework.  I
i actually just started with DRC ..
and just completed my first week. When I was offered a position, I was told that everything counts - spaces, characters, everything in expander. Considering it was just my first week with getting used to the system as well as formatting and dictators, I did very well - a hair below where we need to be for full time, which is not bad considering I relistened to all my jobs before sending it. That is my method of learning. I am happy:)
when I first started with MQ which sm
was then Transcriptiosn Limited, for years, I was a subcontractor given a 1099 and they supplied all my equipment. Probably weren't suppose to. Well, I leased it. Maybe that make a difference.
I started at 10 cpl with MDI-MA
I started out at
8, then they gave me 9 because the account I was on was HEAVY esl, then switched to VA, which also pays 9. Did fine on the ESL account but can't make the new production requriments on the VA account. Oh, full time employee status.
Just started, but so far ...
I'm not having too many problems other than the usual just getting used to new things. I don't think WebCorrect is that slow. I've worked on worse, that's for sure. I've checked their line counts and found them to be accurate and they do include spaces/65 char lines.

I haven't been paid yet, so I can't comment on that.

Communication is very good. You can IM a question any time. I've never waited long for an answer. You do have to pay attention to who you're supposed to IM though.

Everyone I've encountered is very nice and professional. I might change my mind later, but so far, I think it's working out well for me.
I just started with them, but so far
Mary has been extremely flexible with the schedule. Just ask her. I would be willing to bet she would work with you. She is the easiest boss I have worked for yet and I have worked for quite a few:)
I started with them just a little over

a month ago and can't afford the $125 to quit.

Do they still charge you $125 to ship back the computer if you're there for more than 45 days?

Welcome! I just started...
recently myself.  Does your account start with a C by chance?
started at ,12, now...
make 16.
I just started with SGS
So far I have no complaints.  Im fortunate, I have a very easy account.  I have not had any ESLs so far...well, I had one, but he had an English/British accent and was not difficult to understand.  I think the platform you work with is dependent on the account you are assigned to.  I am using a web-based platform and Word 2000.  As for direct deposit, I do believe they told me they have it, but I could have confused them with another company I was entertaining simultaneously.  Benefits are reasonable for individuals, the family price is a little pricey in my opinion at nearly $178 per pay.  I have to do some serious typing to justify that big of per pay deduction and Im hoping I can pull it off because I need those benefits as a single parent. 
just started
I am just starting with them. If you want to email me I will give you what I know.