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I worked for a southern Pentecostal MTSO, and

Posted By: sm on 2009-03-28
In Reply to: Thanks for the heads up - catsxoxo

she NEVER mixed business with religion because that would be interfering in our personal lives, and she was too respectful to ever do anything like that. I think it's pretty ignorant of you to take your specific experience and paint a whole region that way. I believe the correct term for that is 'prejudice' and I find it disgusting.

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I lover my southern MTSO!
I absolutely love it when I have to talk to them on the phone cuz their accents are soooo cute and they are soooo polite.  Being from Ohio I just love it, it makes my day.  Plus, they never call to bug me, just quick questions from time to time but I never tire of hearing the accent.  Also, never been happier with them and pay is fine.
Wow! How many MTSO's have you worked for??? LOL!
Never worked for that place, but sounds like old MTSO
I worked for a small local MTSO for 10+ years, through

3 owners, and I trained the last 2.  The MTSO is a man.  He is extremely disorganized, just wants the job done, not interested in providing samples, doctor's lists, etc.   Frequently doesn't answer e-mails, not recognition for MT week.  I lost 3 close family members within a short time, never got a card, a plant, or I'm sorry.  When I worked there I did acute care and I didn't need samples, lists, because I had been there for so long I had the info or knew where to get it, but when this MTSO came on the scene things changed.   He lost the account to MQ, who has since lost it to CyMed, and he got a bunch of clinic accounts.  I left because I didn't want to do clinics, but I would occasionally do overflow for him.  He was always calling me because I wasn't doing something right, but he never gave me samples or answered my questions, so I did the best I could under those circumstances.  Pay is 7 cpl per gross line, which is 1 cpl more than I started out making 10+ years ago.  Never hear from him unless there is a problem or he needs a favor.  Checks are mailed and even though he is about 12 miles away it can take 3 to 4 days to get my check. 

I currently work for a small national (about 50 MTs).  Pay is better, MT week is recognized, my BD is recognized, Christmas is recognized.  Not that I expect these things but it is nice to feel appreciated.  I get an e-mail or phone call every few months thanking me for all my hard work and going above and beyond when they get in a bind, etc.   Pretty much left alone to work otherwise, but provided with any information needed to do my job.   I have direct deposit.

I briefly worked for YOG for a few months prior to their selling to MQ and it was the most disorganized company.  I didn't know who did what, couldn't get samples, had to frequently call for work because even though I was cleared by QA and should have been getting pooled work I wasn't.  Deducts if too many blanks.   I still had them calling me to work extra 6 months after I left.


Worked PT for a while a few years ago. Very honest MTSO who has had her accts
Yeah, be careful. I worked for MTSO that "said" they paid for spaces. I had to work really S

hard for my lines.  Took a second job part-time with hospital, same platform (EXText), same font size, etc. and did the same amount of lines in half the time.  Decided to look closer at the MTSO and found out they weren't counting spaces.  I confronted them and all of sudden.  Got lots of apologies and will add to your next paycheck.  Long story short, never happened and I never had any work after that. 

There are a lot of unscrupulous MTSOs out there.  They lie, cheat, and steal!

I worked for them previously. Very good, growing co., wonderful MTSO, average pay but lots of work.
Southern Transcription

Does anyone know anything about Southern Transcription services out of Valdosta Georgia? 

Southern Transcription
I don't know about a Southern Transcription out of Valdosta, Georgia but worked for the one out of Taylorsville, Georgia.  I have absolutely nothing negative to say about them, they are absolutely wonderful.  QA is great, the owner is very sweet and informative, keeps her MTs up-to-date on everything that is going on with the company, always trying to improve things for her MTs and is always stomping the path to get more accounts.  The pay is really decent, it is all hospital accounts and the platform that I worked on was Meditech, which I hated with a passion, lol.  They do not over hire and there was always, ALWAYS plenty of work to go around.  The only reason I left is because I had an opportunity to go back to work inhouse locally, I had been at home for a long, LONG time and was ready for some human contact again. 
Southern Girl
I have a friend up in San Francisco and she bought this nasty little starter home in a dangerous neighbrhood (gangs, drugs, but it was the only place she could afford to buy) for $350,000K. They are afraid to go out of their house at night. I once saw a two-bedroom condo listed in the SF paper for 2.2 million.
Southern accents? That's right up my alley. :) nm
Southern Transcription Services
I hear this is a good company. Any info?
Southern Transcription Services..
Does anyone have any information on Southern Transcription Services out of Georgia?  I checked the archives and there is not much info on them.  TIA!
Northern or Southern California?
Ever heard of Southern IllinoisTran?

Anyone ever heard of Southern Illinois Transcription in Carterville, Illinois?  Do they have a lot of work?  Do they keep you on the same doctors?  What do they pay?  Do they give raises?


Anything on Southern Illinois Transcription
I am just curious if they have good accounts, what type, VR or straight typing?  Are they a good company to work for?  Do they pay at least 8 cpl? Thanks
Southern Illinois Transcription...from below...sm
Please steer clear of this one.  the owner is rude, moody, and sends out emails YELLING (all caps) Threatening and if you try to contact other MTs who work on the same account with you, she gets hightly ticked off.  I told her she was crazy and then was gone!  Maybe she needed medication or something.
yeah, too bad the southern CA MTSOs only pay
Does anyone work in the Louisville/Southern Indiana

area?  If so, do you mind saying where and how you like it?  Thanks.


Any info on Southern Transcription in Georgia? nm
Southern Transcription Services in Georgia??....sm
Does anyone here have any current information about Southern Transcription Services in Rome, Georgia? I'd appreciate anything you care to share about this company because I can't find anything about them here, even in the archives. Thanks!!!
American, yes I guess we still count southern as Americans
Just to let you know, doing grammar or spelling policing here can get you tossed off. Not being ugly, just knowing.
I work on the radiology account they are hiring for at Southern Transcription Services
and always have work. I have only run out a work a handful of times. It is a very busy account. It is a very good company to work for.
when docs give mtso a check, then mtso pays you?
Isn't she an MTSO owner - which MTSO ? Just curious. n/mnn
I worked for a temp agency for 3 years..LOVED it. Just worked. No counts, no hassels, GREAT pay..
No benefits at the time.  I even learned pathology while temping (8 months on that assigment).  I loved the variety, the ability to say I'm not available such and such time.  I'd do it again in a heartbeat if I didn't need benefits.
A company is ONLY supposed to verify that someone worked there, what dates they worked, whether PT o
and last date worked. It opens everyone up to a lawsuit if more is given, so most companies are told by their attorneys and business advisors to verify only.

No one has a right to a reference, only verification of employment.
It worked! Latest suggestion from DJ's email worked. nm
If I worked a longer day, I just put my regular shift, 3p-11p, or whatever. If I worked sm
an extra day, then I was told to fudge the hours around on the other days so it all came out to 40.  I didn't really mind -- have learned not to expect overtime in this profession -- and I was happy to be able to work whenever I needed to get the lines I needed.  However, them telling me directly to fudge on my time sheet would seem to be a violation of the wage and hour laws.  I suppose it doesn't matter now if they do not even have enough work to make the minimum line count necessary.  Several of the companies I thought were golden seem to have gotten a bit tarnished lately sad. 
Glad it worked for you. I have worked for companies
that were more reliable and paid without the delay I had. Maybe you started before they started doing that but it makes no difference. I TOO am a single parent.

You are not trying to argue? Sounds like you not only are trying to argue but you are just waiting for anyone to post anything about the co on here so you can just get out there and respond, which seems to be the way I have always noticed it. It's like all the MTs or whoever that work there are just waiting to respond.

This board is about the good points and bad points about companies. I am telling my experience.

The people were nice people though, but my experience was not a good one and I will not say it was.

I can go a week after the end of payday and even 10days later but that's it. Kids would starve.
New here.  What does MTSO stand for?  Thanks
Looking for an MTSO where I can do mostly ops.nm
Better MTSO
I would contribute myself. Sorry to sound conceited, but I'm really good at my job - and I want to work with other people who are good at it, too.
I think that the MTSO can
anonymously or pseudonymously respond with line rate range info to provide general info to the posters.
Another MTSO here

Feeling just like you.  Look at the ones who complain about working weekends - how many medical professionals do you know that don't have to work weekends?  Why are they in this field if they don't want to work weekends?  It's a pity trip.  How about working in retail or restaurants?? You want a 9-5 job, go get it, away from home of course.

Would like to talk privately but I don't spend much time on this board and don't really know how to do so.  Let me know if you do!

To MTSO - sm
I don't fish, so I don't know what you are smelling, but perhaps something from your personality? I have posted this before, and will continue to do so, as IT DID HAPPEN to me, IT IS THE TRUTH, and I have no reason whatsoever to lie. I want the original poster to know what can happen if she gets
hired by Keystrokes. I want others to benefit from my hiring experience so they don't have to go through what I went through. If my posts are so distasteful to you, do not read them. Your attitude in your posts leaves much to be desired as MTSO...wish I knew your company so that I never cross your path. Perhaps someone posted the truth about your company once too often?
Not all MTs are employees. There are ICs and there is a difference.
Many of the MTs who send that great looking resume' with what appears to be a solid work history...are totally bogus. They may have worked for company x, x, x, x, and x in the last five years, yet they condense and fudge to make it looks like they only worked for company x, and x in the last five years. Many MTSOs don't take the time to check. If the MT passes the test...the MTSO is usually so desperate to get somebody in to work, they hire them without checking.

Also, many claim that they job hop because a company runs out of work....guess what? This happens at almost every MTSO, so instead of quitting only to find yourself in the same situation a few months later, get a second part time IC job to fill in the gaps.
MDI, anybody know how big this MTSO
is and how many MTs they have?  Does any body know if it is IC or employee status?

Any info is greatly appreciated.  
Does your MTSO allow you to use your own

I'm torn on this issue.  My company has just strictly forbidden us to use normals unless they were created by the client, since apparently some MT's have left text in the document in error by not editing correctly.  I can see how this causes a serious QA issue, but I can also see that my pay just got cut seriously yet again by not being able to use them.

So, what' s the answer here?  How does your MTSO handle normals/standards, and what happens if you make an error with one?

At the risk of causing a stir, I am curious about your comment that no serious MTSO would hire a PCDI grad. I am the poster titled Another PCDI grad right below this post. Again, I state that I do not believe it is all about the school, I believe the person and the determination has a lot to do with how far you can go. I feel very comfortable with the 2 jobs I have. I also know that I am not the only PCDI grad with a job. I truly wish that more people would stop looking at just the school, and start looking at the person, because there are all types.
If I may ask, what does MTSO stand for? Thank you!
What is MTSO?
Well, that's why you are the MTSO and we are the

MTs!! Its your responsibility to divide up the work, and sorry, but most MTSOs I have dealt with have asked me to commit to XX amount of work. They know full well that is all I can handle due to MY other commitments, yet the MTSOs are more than happy to have me at my commitment of XX. That is OUR agreement. I am an IC and on my own. So it is not my problem if Sally has an earache or Dr. Jones has extra work. That is YOUR problem. MTSOs should ASK if we can handle more due to the above situation, but when MTs get dumped on with 2 or 3 times the amount of the agreement, it is WRONG, and very frustrating for the MTs. Thus why most quit and move on to a MTSO who will keep the agreement. Its only common sense, really. Which seems to be a lot to ask for in this day and age.

Top 5 MTSO
Cymed advertises as the 3rd largest for domestic MTs. Not sure how you would verify that though.
Of course....but where are you and are you an MTSO?
It is just hard to give up all my info all the time only to never find out who an MTSO is or if they are legitimate. All of my info, address, etc. is usually on a resume which we submit via e-mail, but if a supposed MTSO never e-mails back, how do we know who we just sent OUR info to?
You are not being 'bashed.' People are merely using a public forum to forewarn fellow MTs of poor experiences. If you are truly concerned about your reputation, you will re-examine your business practices and make some needed changes.

Bashing implies an 'unfair' attack - that's not what is going on here.
This is why when you are an MTSO

You should have a payroll account.  Any business person knows that you must have an account to pay out subcontractors.  My brother pays his subs (painting contractor) every week.  He doesn't see his payments for work done until sometimes 90 days, but why then should his subs wait? 

If you want to run a business, you must have a payroll account and not rely on what the client pays to you and when. 

If you do not have the capital, then quit using subcontractors thinking you are making a buck.  Do your own work! 

Just yet another view. 

Which MTSO's allow you to use your own
Seems to me an MTSO needs to see example of
Where in the heck do some of you people get this mess? We have more work because the hospitals are busy. Stop trying to invent things. Pretty cut and dry if you really want to know the truth. You people always get on here to plant negative ideas in people's heads. Why don't you pay attention to the job numbers and you can see or is it just easier to assume. SHEESH!