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IC pay - need opinions

Posted By: curious on 2007-08-09
In Reply to:

I was just offered a job transcribing psych work IC at 0.06/line.  Would this be good bad, reasonable, unreasonable. Same doctor/doctors every day.  Opinions needed

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Can I have a little feedback?  I have recently tested with most nationals and have been offered jobs. Who has the best insurance?  Who cares most about us with 10 years plus experience in acute care?  Who cares about quality?  I have been offered jobs with every national for which I have tested?  Who really is honest about their insurance, and values MTs who have been in this field for a long time?  I am not going to believe they are going to put us old MTs out to pasture, my goodness, we are the ones who caused this business to boom.  Please provide all opinions, I just want an honest company, paying benefits, computer provided, that cares about quality and experience.  Thanks.

Opinions on TRS?

Anybody with positive or negative experiences?  Thanks


DEP opinions?
Switching soon, have heard horror stories. User friendly? More productive? Any info appreciated. 

Let me know your thoughts!

TRX..any opinions?nm
TTS opinions
Anyone work for TTS doing Escription?  My clinic is laying off our entire transcription department due to EMR and TTS is taking over the account.  I've been hired by them but wanted to get some feedback on their pay scale.  Thanks!
Well, here's my opinions, lol!
Worked for Spheris and MQ. Both were good. I made more money with MQ but things were easier and more in my control with Spheris.

I liked Spheris' incentive program better and I could control which account I logged into. With MQ, I had to take which ever account reports were in my queue.

Haven't worked the other 2 companies, though.

Thanks for the opinions!
Appreciate your time to answer. Dont' know though about the platform, etc. I just bought a new computer last year and don't want any problems with programs being loaded on it, if there are a lot of tech probs. I also don't have any experience with WP5.1. My one account is mainly ESL, but at least the sound is pretty good, even though I can't always figure out what they're saying :) and I know how your line count can plummet when you have to keep listening again adn again! Thanks again for taking the time to answer!!
Opinions please

I would like to know the best software and what companies use them. The only one I have experience with is Dictaphone Ex-Text but I am not happy with my company. Thank you in advance for your opinion.  

Opinions please
Leaving OSI?
Need opinions

If you were making $700 (before taxes) every 2 weeks and had been on an account for 4 months, would you be happy with this or would you be applying at Walmart?  Seriously, what would you do or what is your honest opinion?

If you have never worked for this company and are just bashing it to give YOUR company a better shot then thats what I call invalid. How many of these negative posters have ever worked for KS for real? Im sure not everyone has a positive experience with any company but so far I think KS has had more positive than negative.
opinions, please?

What companies that you have worked for have the most user-friendly platforms?  In considering a switch, the platform seems to be most important to me but have only worked for one company for 12 years, so have nothing to compare.  If not the company, what platform would everyone recommend?  Thank you for any replies.

Opinions on new job
Doesn't sound good for starters. I've found that this is a good indicator of things to come if ya stay. I agree with the first reply...time to move on.
would like opinions
I've had offers from Transcend, Spheris, DGS, and Presynct (previously known as CMT Corp).  If anyone out there is willing to give me some info regarding these companies, I would greatly appreciate it.  Thanks.
Need opinions
I have been offered a salaried position as a quailty assurance analyst.  They are offering me 39K to start.  Dilemma, I have been with a company for about 5 years, make around 32K but not sure about jumping ship in this uncertain world of transcription.  That being said, would you jump from one to the other, more money, but uncertainty, or try to work both at the same time until sure?  I am a little apprehensive having been one place for so long and Im not a job hopper. Opinions please.
Nothing very new about DTS. Opinions, please?
Any opinions on
Opti-Scribe out of State College, PA?
Opinions ??
Are the H&Ps and consults that are done for hospitals very different from the H&Ps and consults done by large specialized medical practices (such as large cardiology, ortho, GI groups etc.)? I wanted to do hospital H&Ps, consults, discharges for a company but was told by this company that I did not have the experience (acute care), even though I have had about 20 years doing the large specialty practices, large HMOs and a little hospital work. They said that the hospital reports would be too involved for me. I've seen hospital H&Ps, consults and discharges, and they don't look any more complex than what I had done in the past. Any opinions? Any suggestions? Thank you in advance.
Opinions of MDI? sm

Scheduling? I know that they are Sun-Thurs or Tues-Sat, but are there specific shifts? How is their payscale? Do they pretty much leave you alone to work? Is the platform easy? How many accounts?

I have almost 10 years experience working at MQ and I'm looking for a change. I have an interview with MDI next week, but I have a few other offers out there as well (Landmark being one, but I'm unsure of that one due to the payscale).

Everyone's mileage may vary. Why would some of you not believe that some MTs cannot make a full-time living with Landmark? This probably depends on just how much work each MT needs to earn for their own particular circumstance to survive, and this would be dependent on location, cost of living, and particular expenses. The same people who express some concerns about Landmark have also agreed that the company has positive attributes (nice people to work with, honest line counts, pay on time, decent system, no garbage about schedules). The truth is still the truth. This company has had issues with losing multiple accounts, then shuffling the MTs and QA staff, which created situations where there was just not enough work to go around. The company has also gone for long spells (not just a day or two) where the work has been so low that the MTs could not possibly make a usual pay check. It's well known that most MTs that work for Landmark work for other companies, but that's not unusual for a lot of MTs with other companies. Many MTs work for multiple companies to make sure that they have enough work to make a living.

The issue here is why question people's valid concerns about a company, but not the people who only are cheerleaders? Why not question why some people keep popping in to rah rah this company every chance they get?
I want to thank everyone for your opinions!!!
I have made my decision though and will be going with Transcend and my gut tells me I definitely made the right choice!!! I hope I can be with them for a long time, as I hate changing jobs, LOL!!!!
P.S. - Opinions welcome
I'm thinking of looking at going back to on site work.  I am tired of these companies who hide behind the virtual office.  Since there is no face-to-face with coworkers and supervisors, they send carefully worded e-mails and put out carefully worded announcements and we cannot really get a feel for what is going on.  The guessing game has gotten old.  There are other jobs we are well qualified for at our local hospitals, like Unit Clerk (pay is really good in my area), lab and pathology, other medical records jobs.  Very good benefits at local hospitals, too, because of the need to be competitive for hiring nurses.  At least working on site you have a supervisor you can see in person.  Of course, I realize some of us have kids and it is difficult to work on site.  I used to work middle shift at the hospital while my husband worked days.  It was less than ideal, but it worked and the paychecks could be counted on! 
All opinions are welcome here. SM

Some have positive views of a company or situation, others have negative ones.  All are welcome.  Debate the topics, issues.  Stop with the personal attacks.  Do not stalk other posters' posts.  Do not stoop to name-calling.  Report inappropriate posts - don't join in the inappropriate behavior. 



TSSC. Opinions, please? nm

To all rad MTs...what is the best company to work for doing radiology?  I'm looking for a home where I can just do straight radiology typing - NO VR.  I know, it may be coming, but I hope to evade it as long as possible.  I'm tired of all the lies these companies tell you when trying to get you to work for them.  I'm tired of running out of work, babysitting the PC waiting for work.  I'm tired of horribly outdated programs that won't let me use my expander.  Are there ANY companies out there that have what I'm looking for?  Please tell me there's hope somewhere....TIA
Opinions regarding Proscript..sm
Are there any comments regarding a company named Proscript?  TIA
please give opinions. TIA nm
Opinions on the vendors? n.m.
Sten-Tel -- any new opinions
I looked in the archieves but did not find anything recent on this company.  Any pros or cons would be great.  Thank you in advance.
Is TTS really that bad - New opinions sought please. nm
I'm a new employee and all this talk has me nervous.  Has anyone made good money with TTS?
Of course you are entitled to your opinions... sm
and entitled to your right to free speech, as well. The problem I had with your original post, going into minute detail about this conference, is that you presented it as FACT and while a lot of your info is, in fact, fact, you injected your personal opinion in with those facts and it makes it more difficult for those not invited to the meeting to sort through the ideas expressed. IOW, you were not an unbiased reporter merely presenting who, what, when, where, why and how.

Additionally, your original post left out what, to me anyway, was something of major interest: That the Acusis CEO has been a thorn in the side of some of the big-boy MTSOs to the point of being sued for calling them out on their less than honest billing practices, and that he intends to continue to push for transparency in that arena as well. That statement alone was enough to make me say Yee-Ha! right out loud... but you forgot to mention it.
ANy opinions on DeVenture? nm.
Throw out your opinions on my new job...sm
Some of you may have read the post from yesterday about just being hired but a little nervous now.  Was supposed to start Sun. evening but Acct. Mgrs. & I.T. people are unreliable and don't have it together.  So far they are all Indian, even tho they are all working in MA (they wouldn't lie I assume?) meaning I have a hard time communicating to begin with.  Several e-mails w/no response, several times been told I'll be getting my User ID.  Now its Weds. and it should have been sent to me by noon AGAIN (right about now).  Many other disorganized, confusing factors on their part as well but I'll withhold the boring details.  Would you stick it out? I do understand from some of you that it can often be hairy getting set up and going but I would assume the professional thing to do on any company's part is keep you informed and have a consistent contact and keep you up to date on the plan.  These people say this, send something different, no reply when I'm supposed to have it....is this usually an indication of the things I'll deal with during employment there as well?  I think I'm subconsciously looking for someone to say Get the heck out and drop 'em  because I just have bad vibes now.  Let's hear what you've got....thx :)
Opinions - Webmedx

I'm trying to pull together a pros/cons list for Webmedx and the possibility of looking into employment there, so I thought I would put it out there for the experts - - those of you who either work there now or have in the past.  My major areas of concern surround: 

1.  Amount/line (average - - for 30+ years experience).

2.  Reliability of work not running out.

3.  Reliability of being paid.

4.  Benefits.  How long does it take for them to kick in once employed.

5.  Amount of work, if any, being outsourced.

6.  Amount of work within the company involved with voice recognition.

7.  Is it mandatory to do voice recognition or can you remain a traditional MT?

8.  If traditional MT is an option, is the result dictation you wouldn't want to give your worst enemy?

I think those are just a few to highlight at the moment.  Any input would be greatly appreciated.


opinions really needed!!!!!
Position transcribing pathology reports (micro/gross) at $.70c per report good/bad. opinions really needed --- thanks. 
MDI-MD or FutureNet? Any opinions? TIA nm
there have been mixed opinions
but I have had nothing but a great experience working here. I am very happy with them.
Axolotl.....Any opinions??
Good or bad.
Axolotl - Any opinions???
I dont want opinions on whether to do it... sm
I just wanna know if there are insurance companies that cover it.

I appreciate all the weight loss advice but I have made up my mind and just want an answer to my insurance question. Thanks.
Would like to hear opinions....sm

What would you do ........... offered an employee hospital position, at home, hourly base pay, plus shift differential, plus benefits, plus tiered line incentive on top of hourly rate.... Would you give up your IC status and client(s) for this?  

Of course, I will try to keep the IC status until I know it is going to work out, but that always scares me a little, thinking will I be able to keep up with it, back to working 12-14 hour days.  

Feeling secure knowing I have the job, plus a little insecure wondering, well what happens if........

Been in this business way too long I think and I have never been insecure about anything, what the heck is happening to me?



Opinions needed . . . sm

I am IC for a company.  When I first started working for them, there were no stipulations on when I would work, just that I would have all work back within 24 hours.

Since then, I have been told that they have a contractual obligation with the clinic I work on that all STATs will be done within two hours.  I have no contractual obligation with the company that I IC with on STATs at all -- when I have to have them back, any additional pay, stuff like that.  they are now telling me that I have to available during normal business hours **in case** a STAT comes in.

In your opinion, would you say that what they are asking me of me falls more in line with requirements they could make of an employee, or do you think they are within their rights to require me to be available during the day? 

these are just opinions and guesses,
but the real question you need to ask yourself is: are you going to just keep working and worrying about what may (and likely) happen or be pro-active and cover your bases? Personally, i recommend at least having a foot in the door somewhere else with a part-time job.
Seeking opinions
Two questions: 1. Does anyone know any reputable companies with good medical oncology accounts? 2. Any opinions about the following companies: MD-IT, Hoffman Transcription, and WebMedX? Would appreciate any info.
Seeking opinions
Any opinions about the following companies: MD-IT, Hoffman Transcription, and WebMedX? Would appreciate any info.
need opinions, so confused
I was hoping my fellow MTs could help me.  I work full time right now (8 hour shift) but the work is just not there for the 8 hours.  I am then put on a secondary account with of course not as much pay and not as good line count.  I am considering going down to part time and then finding another part time job which would allow me more flexibility in my hours and possibly even more money in the long run.  Does anybody else out there do this???  Could you give me reasons why or why not to do it?  As far as insurance, I do not need it so that is not an issue with going part time.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I am soooo confused right now  
Question about opinions on ESL...s/m
I have a question for everyone. I am asking this with ALL due respect, so please don't attack my question. I read on here a lot about people not liking ESLs, staying away from jobs that require ESL, etc. I guess I look at this business in that ESL is a huge part of our job, and they are not going to go away anytime soon. If anything, it will probably get worse. The USA is the land of opportunity, so more and more ESL docs will come.

I know it is never the same to listen to someone speaking our native language as it is to listen to an ESL, but it is the nature of our profession to have to listen to them. Supposedly, my accounts are 70% to 90% ESL (and I think this is a very accurate number), and to be honest, I have never thought twice about it. They are what they are. Every day I train my ear even better, and some English-speaking docs are worse than ESLs!

Again, I am NOT criticizing anyone who does not like ESLs. I would just like to pick your brain as to whether you think you might be shortchanging yourself by shying away from them. I kind of look at this career as one big lump of things that I need to know how to do, including OPs and ESLs. In my own mind, I would feel like I was limiting my potential knowledge by not learning all aspects of this business (at some point, not all at once! I started out on clinic notes when I was a baby MT, but there was ESL in there).

I hope my rambling thoughts are making sense. Just a question, not putting anyone down at all. I know we all have our comfort levels. I just have faith that MTs are a REALLY smart bunch of people, and the things we can learn out there are endless! I am just looking for insight because inquiring minds want to know :-) Have a great day, everyone!
Opinions pleeeze!!
I work for this small company as an employee @ 9 cpl with only benefit health insurance.  I have a set schedule. They don't go by the Book of Style.  They say every year they come up with changes so they can make money off the books (which is probably true to a point).  However, I brought it to their attention, that cc is on the Joint Commission unacceptable abbreviation list.  They said they will continue to type things the way the always have, also for instance times two instead of x2, and so on and so on. I am assuming there is 1 QA person.  But what really angered me today, I just typed a 12.00 minute H&P and instead of sending it directly to QA (her), she wanted me to instant message her the audio number of the blank, let her listen and she instant message me back what she head, which took up a lot of my time.  Now since she is getting paid hourly for QA, which should I have to taken away from my production to help her with the report.  I work with ExText.  If there is a duplicate report, she not only wants the job number, but also the name of the MT who did the original report, which takes research, therefore taking away from my production.  On top of that, during the hurricane in Texas, one of the hospitals was affected (not the hospital I was on), but my account ran out of work for almost 2 weeks, and no one bothered to tell me and to this day have not, that other MTs were put on my account, which pulled work away from me.  I have been promised a secondary acount, but still no 2nd account.  Is this worth looking for another job, or should I just bite the bullet and stay, as times are hard every where.
Opinions on Transtech
Thanks for your reply!  Do you work for them?  I've seen a few negative comments when searching the boards.  Any opinions on them? 
Any opinions on Diskriter?