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Insurance cost

Posted By: Also thankful on 2007-06-11
In Reply to: Medware- Ballpark figure for cost of their family medical insurance. NM - Anon

It all depends on where you live. I am in Florida and pay $450 per month for myself and 2 kids. It is different for other states.

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The insurance cost is double for Transcend but insurance probably doesn't factor in for her.
I have heard more good things about Axolotl than Transcend, although it seems Axolotl may be less flexible with your schedule and someone told me that QA was pretty strict, which should not matter either if you have worked for a hospital and know what your QA score is.
Cost of Insurance @ KS
Can you tell me how long it takes to be covered under their insurance plan and how much it is for individual coverage? I had read earlier it was very expensive but they were working on it.
If you are IC and pay for your insurance, that cost
Insurance cost
Geesh.... I thought mine was high. Are you paying for family coverage or just you and spouse? And if you don'the mind my asking who you work for. You may replay by my email if you'd rather do that. I appreciate your reply. I will definitely not be looking into Acusis or All Type! Webmedx is a good company other than I thought their insurance was awful high. Up until last summer we had insurance through my husband's company, which was very reasonable as it was a large company, but they went out of business so he is now without a job and it's up to me to carry the coverage.
Cost for Transolution's insurance sm
Can you tell me how much it costs the employee for Transolution's health insurance for employee and spouse? What insurance company do they use? Also, is it more if you just work the 32 hours? Thanks
Insurance is no cost at all to my husband
and me thru teamsters, $20.00 copay when going to the doctor, PTO. That is the good part- now the bad- if he should die before me, no insurance for me. Well, since I am 10 years older, will possibly have Medicare before him, who knows??
Does anyone know cost of Axolotl's insurance?
Can you share what is the cost of WMX's insurance .... SM
especially health insurance. I need employee/spouse coverage and I know family is always somewhat higher. You may email me, if you want. Thanks very much!
Transcend insurance cost ?

Can anyone working for Transcend tell me the employee's cost for insurance?  For example, how much per paycheck is taken out if you want to cover just yourself (no husband or dependents) for medical, dental and,vision (I have been told they offer all 3).  Thanks for your answers.


All Type pays 80% of the cost of health insurance
if you are a full-time employee; for exact amount, contact HR. You get PTO, holiday pay, quarterly bonuses as well.
Cost of DeVenture's health insurance for families, anyone??
Considering applying, but in the past, the cost was just too high. TIA
Does anyone know what Opti-Script's health insurance cost?
What is it like as far as deductible etc. I am thinking about applying but insurance benefits are very important, but more importantly is that it does not take half your check to pay for it. Thanks for any input.
Focus Infomatics..anyone have information on the cost of their insurance or other benefits?
I heard they recently started offering their employees insurance...just wondering the cost and if it's good insurance. Thanks
Can anyone tell me the insurance cost for Amphion per month or pay period? I am a single mother
with 2 children under age 10.  I know you can't give me the exact amount, but anything you can tell me would be great!  I have asked the recruiter but have not heard back as of yet and weighing my options.  TIA!!
Medware- Ballpark figure for cost of their family medical insurance. NM
401k funds are protected by govt insurance similar to the insurance
that banks have (FDIC). It is safe even if the company goes under.
The insurance plan in my opinion is excellent insurance. I am not sure if it will change when it'
time to renew or not. I really hope not but I know that a lot of companies change every year in an effort to keep costs down because most insurance companies start raising rates after you have been with them a year. The insurance is Great West and they also have excellent dental and vision plans. I believe the cost is less than $70 a pay period for the employee.
No cost here either
For medical and dental it is around $85 biweekly.  SGS is also the only company I know of that allows contractors to have medical and dental, around $110 biweekly, as long as you meet 9600 lines minimum biweekly, which is pretty low these days.
how much did YOU cost THEM?
If the FOB belongs to the hospital, why in this world would you not want to do the right thing and send it back even if it means going out of your way (although it is crystal clear here that this would be against your nature) to do right by the hospital?

I could never, ever do something that could cause an MTSO to lose a client and if you chose to follow the road you are on that is what could happen. It doesn't belong to you. It has security codes on it. The hospital is upset. The MTSO is upset. You are upset. Crimy!! God save the MT profession from crabby, nothing-better-to-do-with-their time old timers like you!!!!!!

Do you think that you are so special that you were the only one who lost money on trying to get you started up? People in the hospital were helping. People at the MTSO were helping. You were sitting around waiting, not helping and you continue not to help.

Send it back all ready and be done with it!!!!!!
Doesn't cost the MT anything, though from my
experience you can do as good, if not better on your own.   They actually contacted me (probably from my resume posted on a couple of job boards) and I tried them thinking that maybe they had companies that didn't advertise and that probably paid well considering they were using a third party company to hire/screen, but the company they referred me to was one that frequently advertises here and the pay was average. 
IMO, the COST of being a CMT (attending sm
seminars, etc., to get the required credits) was very high and far outweighed any extra pay offered, to say nothing of the time spent on it. I find that just being a really good MT will get the same pay rate. When I was a CMT, I was living and breathing MT. All vacation time and Saturday mornings were spent getting credits. The rest of the time I was working. I have a life now.
How about the phone cost? I went
to their website, and it says that some accounts have a 1-800 # and others are long distance but that they reimburse what they consider a fair amount or something along that order.  Does anyone know how that works?  Otherwise, they sound really good!!!  If anyone has any info regarding the phone stuff, I'd love to know!!!  Thanks.
Nonmember cost is $275. nm
Doesn't it cost...
an individual out-of-pocket to get a background check? I mean, if one is looking for a job, chances are he/she is broke and does not have the money to pay for such paperwork, not to mention the fact of how much it costs in gas to run all over the place.

The reason I know this is because my son just got a job at a local restaurant as a chef. In South Carolina some jobs require a background check, but the potential employee has to pay for this as well as run all over creation requesting records from the Highway Department as well as City and County law enforcement offices. It's time consuming and costly.

I wouldn't mind the background check if it came out of the potential employer's pocket (which they can write off anyway) and if they did all the leg work. I wonder if this sort of thing can be done online?
About how much does Aflac cost per pay?
I agree. It should not cost you to

Maybe, just maybe, since working remotely, you may need to purchase a stamp.  Now employee is different than IC, I think too.  An IC can write off that expense of a fax machine whereas an employee cannot.  So, we need to differentiate.  I don't feel the OP is complaining.  I think she has a point.  These companies assume because we are remote that we have all of the modalities that they have being a national or large MTSO.  

It doesn't cost anything so I would try.
All they can do is turn you down, but then again they might hire you. 
They use them to reduce the cost of
transcription, not just third shift work, and not just when they need help. We can have no work and you can be sure they are still sending the easy jobs to the low life trash from India just so they can make more money for the big wigs at the company. Face it, Transcend does not care a hoot about you. They can mouth the words we care, but it is just like any other politician. You are a fool if you fall for the lies.
VR is not cost effective for MTs
I agreed to a certain amount for standard transcription and a certain amount for editing. You need twice the amount of minutes for editing to make what you need but the minutes aren't there. In any event, it is not worth it. I say look for another MT job that doesn't use VR or find another profession.
Ultra low cost
This is disgusting, but unfortunately there will be someone who will apply. This is why we're working for peatnuts.
You either need a job to fit your cost of living or a cost of living to fit your job. sm
While I agree that you cannot live in California on $35,000 a year, no one is forcing you to live in California. Suze Orman says either find a way to lower your expenses or find a way to earn more money. It's common sense :)

There was a post a few weeks ago about not everyone being cut out to be an MT. I agree.

The original poster needs to stop whining and either get a job that pays more or get a new career. She can make $15,000 on minimum wage at a mall or Walmart.

BTW, it was insulting of her to say that MOST woman don't need to work. How dare she? In this day and age, most adults need to work. This is not 1958, this is 2008. I am not a bra burner, but my husband and I both make similar money, clean the house, cook, raise our 3 children. I am just lucky to have a job where I can work from home. I hated commuting anywhere, hate traffic, no patience.

But that doesn't mean that I work less. I treat my job like a job. I work in my home office but I work all day. I do not do laundry, chat with friends, cook. I go to work each day by getting ready as if I were leaving for an office, pour my coffee, make sure I have everything I need and start. I take bathroom breaks and a lunch break and take the full hour that I would somewhere else. I work 8 full hours as I do not include my lunch hour, so my day is 8 to 5. When I am done for the day, I turn everything off, leave the room and close the door, as if I were in an outside office.

My husband has a salary of $71,000 and I make near the same as him each year. I do not work overtime except very rarely, an occasional Saturday here and there, just like if I were on salary in another profession.

I am not perfect, but I love my job and do it well. I also know that MT'ing is not for everyone, although it seems as if a lot of MT's who are not very good at their jobs have a sense of entitlement.
To offset the cost of
providing your own insurance, paying the extra half of the Social Security, having no sick days or PTO, etc., you have to make I believe at least a couple of cents more per line. If you could find a 'true' IC position that let you set your own schedule & paid enough extra per line, it might be worth it. Otherwise, I'd really recommend going with employee status...
cost comparisons - IC vs SE

There's no actual formula you can follow, because there are too many variables. How much do you withhold for taxes? (i.e. TN doesn't have a state income tax). Do you need to pay for health insurance, and how much? Do you need a phone line with/without unlimited long distance? Do you have minimal office costs (just a headset for voice files or would you need to buy another C-phone if the one you had died)? Do you want perks (i.e. paid sick time)? And so forth.

In a nutshell, you don't want your net pay to be different either way. In other words, if you net pay as an employee/statutory employee is $20,000 for a 40-hour week, make certain that after all of your deductions you are not making less.

P.S. ShortCuts is provided at no cost ...sm
to Transcend employees and is provided prior to their account moving over to editing. 
Variables in cost of living
Some states sound good, but then check out the taxes - real estate tax, personal property tax, sales tax, cost of heating/cooling, transportation, license plates, insurance, etc. A lot of it balances out in the end. Some states have outrageous license plate fees, (I paid over $600 for my car last year). I also get a personal property tax bill each year for everything including my dishes and silverware. State income tax is out of sight. Cost of heating in winter is unbelievable. I have to have 2 sets of tires for the car, 1 for winter, 1 for summer. I have to have 3 complete wardrobes for the weather changes.
It's the cost of doing business in any industry. They know this, or should. nm
does anyone know the cost of living in Bangalore? I need a job... lol nm
Why would it cost to make a complaint? -sm
If they start charging, no one will ever make any complaints.
Cost of Living Increases

I work for a large MTSO and after four years have not received a cost of living increase. Is this standard operating procedure? Things cost more than they did four years ago. Do you think CEO is getting the same pay as four years ago? Any thoughts?

Can anyone share what the cost of DeVenture is?
When I applied a year or two ago, it was really expensive for families. I think like $1000 a month or something outrageous. I'm just wondering if they have gotten anything better.
Me, too. I figured it cost me about $1k a year to keep sm
it up. I had CE's out the yingyang. I miss going to the physician's lectures, but that's about all. It was a good run for a while.
How it is cost effective -- see inside
Why would any company care how long it takes for an MT to complete their work if they are paying by the line typed? I just posted that I would try and find the Advance article, but I believe it said that offshore MTs are only 25% productive as US based transcriptionists. I doubt that Transcend would risk lying on their SEC documents. There are many companies out there that send much more to India.

Bottom line, I am not sure why all of this is being brought up now and by people who state they do not even work at Transcend. I have a close knit team and we are all happy at Transcend. I never said they were perfect, and I am sure there are companies out there that compare, but it's a great fit for me.
Cost of living is higher
In eastern bloc and Ireland and India. They're gonna want as much as we make. And if not now, then soon once they seal the deal. Plus our HIPAA laws still don't apply anywhere but here. There is still that.
It also depends on your cost of living.
I live on the California coast, which basically means I can't make a living at the national going rate. Fortunately, I also have one small local account that pays at a rate commensurate with the local cost of living, and because I have this, I can survive. Not sure I'd call it a good living, but I can get by.
These companies cost US all the time, right?

Oh Poor MTSO - must cost them
Excuse me if I have no sympathy...
Insurance sucks compared to my old insurance... sm
The insurance seems like they don't want to cover anything, even simple prescriptions I used to pay 4 or 10 dollars on I now pay 20 to 43 dollars.  I like the company/people so far, just don't like the insurance.
Whichever you prefer. You can use yours or they will provide you with one at no cost.
Is there a large cost associated with the Sten-Tel system? Thanks. nm
Doesn't cost anything to report 'em to