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Can anyone tell me the insurance cost for Amphion per month or pay period? I am a single mother

Posted By: JB on 2005-10-08
In Reply to:

with 2 children under age 10.  I know you can't give me the exact amount, but anything you can tell me would be great!  I have asked the recruiter but have not heard back as of yet and weighing my options.  TIA!!

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I am a divorced mother. I thought that was a single mother.
and I unfortunately always pay my own way. From the time I was a kid I paid rent in my parent's house, and no man ever gave me anything. Does that count?
I was never a single mother but a divorced mother
Does that count? Oh, forgot, single mothers are the ones who apparently want others to give to them because they are single mothers. When divorced mother, I not only had 1 job but had several and I bought my own home, bought my own cars, took nice vacations to exotic places, paid my bills so your situation probably falling under the category of I cant work outside the home, I have a child. Well, now what? Seems like you donít have much of a job if no work there. Do you continue to wait or do you try to provide for the child or just sit at home waiting?
Maybe she is a single mother.......
I agree...I would go part time with someone...that's what I plan on doing just to supplement. BTW....anyone who has a problem with that...I have a disabled child,although he does not drink formula....everything else is expensive and most of his treatments not covered by insurance.  Maybe this person is in a similar boat..............geez.............I say work as much as you want and make as much as you can doing it......
I have no more empathy with a single mother
than I would anyone else. I feel if you have children, then you should be able to afford to take care of them. I had a husband, disabled, and I worked and supported everyone so I just think saying oh, single mom, is a pure cop-out. I think entirely overplayed.
What's the single premium cost for Webmdx. Is it


Pay period goes from 1st of the month to the 15th, then 16th to the end of the month. sm

So, I guess you could maybe get by with less than 1000 a day, although the incentive tier would make it worth your while to do a bit more.  I am using ExText, and yes, I find it easy to use, but then I used it for a year with another company.  I think their other platform is Mongoose, and I know nothing about that, so really cannot say.

Yes, they are hiring now.  In fact, there is a $500 sign-on bonus.  I think it is all just acute care.  I'm sure they would love to have someone with your experience.  Rhonda Durham is the recruiter.  I am sure she could answer any of your questions.  I am happy to help too, if I can, but I am relatively new.  The account I am working on is mostly psych, it seems, and I am loving it.

Another nice thing, their benefits start after 60 days, not 90 like most.

Good luck to you.

The insurance cost is double for Transcend but insurance probably doesn't factor in for her.
I have heard more good things about Axolotl than Transcend, although it seems Axolotl may be less flexible with your schedule and someone told me that QA was pretty strict, which should not matter either if you have worked for a hospital and know what your QA score is.
Would you know the cost of benefits - for single and head of household with kids? nm
Ok it is about 64 dollars a pay period for a single person. This is from sm
someone who works here. That also is for the gold plan like I have. That's pretty good.
I pay approximately $113 per pay period for single coverage, $1000 deductible.
Hope this helps.
It's $20 per month, not per pay period.

I pay about $150 a month for single coverage, medical, dental, sm
vision, $750 deducible, $15 copay for PCP, $30 copay for PPO specialist.  Hope that helps.
AARP was $800 per month, single. $1000 deductible. SM
I know personal insurance is reasonable for people under 50, really I do, but I'm not under 50, I'll be 60 in June. I have checked all over and, even with spousal insurance, it is 800-850. There is an insurance crisis in this country of epic proprotions and I don't see it being solved anytime soon.

I'm willing to pay well for my insurance, even though I am healthy now, but not 800 and up and those didn't even cover a yearly PE. Even my crummy Spheris insurance pays for that.
Insurance cost
It all depends on where you live. I am in Florida and pay $450 per month for myself and 2 kids. It is different for other states.
Cost of Insurance @ KS
Can you tell me how long it takes to be covered under their insurance plan and how much it is for individual coverage? I had read earlier it was very expensive but they were working on it.
If you are IC and pay for your insurance, that cost
Insurance cost
Geesh.... I thought mine was high. Are you paying for family coverage or just you and spouse? And if you don'the mind my asking who you work for. You may replay by my email if you'd rather do that. I appreciate your reply. I will definitely not be looking into Acusis or All Type! Webmedx is a good company other than I thought their insurance was awful high. Up until last summer we had insurance through my husband's company, which was very reasonable as it was a large company, but they went out of business so he is now without a job and it's up to me to carry the coverage.
Rental is $20 month. Period. sm
I've never been asked to switch to a different shift. If you want a different account, talk to your supervisor and see if something else is available.

Good people, good pay, good job.
Pay period is 1st and 15th of every month
I submitted my timesheet on 08/31 after working 2 weeks to be paid on the 1st.  They have direct deposit and the check is not in my account.
I have a single plan with Affordablue with Blue Cross for $184/month. sm

Not sure about the pre-existing conditions clause -- might be a 3 or 6 month waiting period.   I have a $25 co-pay for office visits (5 per year), but $1000 deductible.  If you're relatively healthy and just need well visit checks, it is ideal, but not sure about your situation. 

I did find a site:  www.healthinsurancesort.com that might help you.

Good luck! 

Cost for Transolution's insurance sm
Can you tell me how much it costs the employee for Transolution's health insurance for employee and spouse? What insurance company do they use? Also, is it more if you just work the 32 hours? Thanks
Insurance is no cost at all to my husband
and me thru teamsters, $20.00 copay when going to the doctor, PTO. That is the good part- now the bad- if he should die before me, no insurance for me. Well, since I am 10 years older, will possibly have Medicare before him, who knows??
Does anyone know cost of Axolotl's insurance?
Can you share what is the cost of WMX's insurance .... SM
especially health insurance. I need employee/spouse coverage and I know family is always somewhat higher. You may email me, if you want. Thanks very much!
Transcend insurance cost ?

Can anyone working for Transcend tell me the employee's cost for insurance?  For example, how much per paycheck is taken out if you want to cover just yourself (no husband or dependents) for medical, dental and,vision (I have been told they offer all 3).  Thanks for your answers.


When does insurance kick in? How much is single
I have the insurance, single plan..I did NOT know..(sm)
there was dental and eye!  Are you sure about that?  How did I miss that? 
Single insurance rate
I work at Diskriter, and I pay 145.00 a month for single coverage. Dental is 14 extra per month, and vision is free for single.
The new insurance is very reasonable. I pay $200/month and they pay $200/month. sm
Unfortunately, I have had to use it a lot since it changed and I am very happy. They have covered everything.

The insurance is actually $80 cheaper per month than I paid at the local hospital, which is a large employer.

All Type pays 80% of the cost of health insurance
if you are a full-time employee; for exact amount, contact HR. You get PTO, holiday pay, quarterly bonuses as well.
Cost of DeVenture's health insurance for families, anyone??
Considering applying, but in the past, the cost was just too high. TIA
Does anyone know what Opti-Script's health insurance cost?
What is it like as far as deductible etc. I am thinking about applying but insurance benefits are very important, but more importantly is that it does not take half your check to pay for it. Thanks for any input.
Do you know what the insurance costs are?? family or single?
Thanks. Looking for a new job.
Ok, the single gal who works here says that her insurance costs sm
64 dollars a pay period and that is for Blue Cross/Blue Shield Gold Plan, vision, and dental which is all combined and pretty darned cheap.

Webmdx, Diskriter: How much is single insurance?
Welcome to Keystrokes :-) I have single coverage on the insurance sm

so I cannot really answer your question about the family plan, but no one had responded, so I at least wanted to say hello.  I have medical ($1000 deductible), vision, and dental for $129.86 per pay period for single coverage.  I'm glad you cleared that up about the license thing because that threw me!  (smile).

I do not know what the percentage of ESLs is on my acccount.  It is a Meditech/C-phone count, and the lines are not really difficult to obtain.  The only problem I have is me ... can't seem to find my focus lately.  :(

Good luck! 

Focus Infomatics..anyone have information on the cost of their insurance or other benefits?
I heard they recently started offering their employees insurance...just wondering the cost and if it's good insurance. Thanks
Medware- Ballpark figure for cost of their family medical insurance. NM
Re: Wait period for insurance

I just wanted to clarify this and ensure that everyone has the correct information.  The wait period for our insurance is 120 days.  We review your status at 90 days to ensure that you are producing at full-time capacity and then if you are, you are sent the benefits info to sign up for whatever you're interested in.  The benefits will start 30 days after that so it equates to 120 days. 

Tara Goehring



How much are single insurance rates???? Webmedx, Axolotl, Keystrokes, TT, Transend?
Thanks for the info!
Insurance way too high. 12,000 lines per pay period.
All they offer are the few days of PTO. That does not include sick days or personal days and if you take a holiday off you will also have to use PTO to get paid for it, only pay for holidays if you work um.

My friend told me that there is no way she will be able to make the minimum line requirement after being switched to a VA account. She also said that on a whole their accounts are lousy and QA is very inconsistent.

I love my job but I think I lost my insurance benefits. Has anyone else not met the pay period quota
one time and had their insurance taken away? I think it happened to me. I fell short this payperiod on my time ($90) as I was ill for a couple of days and had no PTO time to use. Now, my insurance premiums were not taken out so I am afraid they canceled my insurance, which was the largest reason I have stayed. I needed the good insurance etc..not to mention that I just like working there and my supervisors. I did make more than enough for them to have taken out the premiums so I feel like this was just an excuse to cancel it. Now, if I have to wait another 120 days to qualify again, I will have to end up quitting and that is not a great feeling, but I know I can get a job somewhere else and not have to wait so long to have insurance again. I'm just sickened. I can't believe they would do this in one pay period. I work 7 days a week usually, all hours of the day and night and I just can't grasp they would do this. I have worked there over 2 years. So, do they really do this, for anyone who has had this happen before. Maybe, they are just suspending the insurance this pay period but I don't see how they can stop it one pay period and start it back in 2 weeks on the next pay period. Anyway, stressed out!!!
I've been at Amphion for a little over a month now
and LOVE it!
for single coverage?? If it's that, I'm afraid I don't want to know what family coverage is. Please confirm
The new KS insurance is only $250 a month. That's MUCH lower. sm
It took them over a year to get a decent rate.

You should try to go back if you miss it. I did and am glad I did and grateful they took me back. The grass was definitely not greener on the TT side.

Can anyone working at MD-IT please tell me how much you pay for insurance per month?
I have excellent health insurance through them and it is only $185 per month. sm

A lot of companies do not have PTO so I am glad that I have it, although I had to wait a year for it.  When I worked in another field, I had to wait a year, so I do not think it is that unusual.  I wish we had dental but I am glad that we have 401k, health and life.  Like with any company ... get it in writing and then you will not have two different stories. 

2 weekend days a month, no insurance
Statutory employee, not IC. I think their minimum for full-time (paid a better line rate if full-time) is 700 lines a day, but someone please correct me if I'm wrong on that. You pay long distance (most accounts). My accounts are heavy ESL.
It is $400 a month, but they pay half. It is good insurance, too. sm
I recently had surgery and my only costs were my deductible. The hospital split that $1000 into 10 months for me, so it was not so bad, and now the rest of the year, I am past my deductible. It is a LOT better than the insurance I had with Spheris.
I was told the new one will be less than $200/month. My husband's insurance is horrible and $800
$600 a month for family?? Yikes.. better pass. I need better insurance than that. Thanks