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Just be aware that not all Escription accounts pay the same. I worked for one company on Escription

Posted By: luvmting on 2007-04-10
In Reply to: I just accepted a job with them (sm) - CC

struggling to maybe make $50 in 8-10 hours. I didnt know the difference as that was my first job on that platform and I just thought it was not a money maker. Then, I switched companies. I average $20-30 an hour and once I made $50 in an hour. I tried yet another company and I was lucky to make $9 an hour. The bottom line is that not all companies are alike, even though they use the Escription platform. What I have found is that goes according to how they set it up i.e. paying for footers, headers, spaces etc. Just dont be shocked if you dont make what you think you will. The companies know how to set it to where it benefits them and not you. As is the norm, not all companies are created equal out there regardless if they all use the same platform. That is what I am getting out.. Good luck.

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escription accounts
Escription work is on Word. Transform has a SUPER word-based platform and as of yet does not do VR editing.
MDI-FL hiring for eScription accounts
Hello all,
We just acquired three Escription accounts and our MTs LOVE THEM. Please e-mail me at Liz@medicaldictation.com or call me at 1-800-205-7047.

It is a fun program to work on.

Hope you are keeping safe down in Texas. God bless. We are all thinking of you guys in the way of that horrible storm.

Liz McGrogan
General Manager
Medical Dictation, Inc.
Anybody hiring for eScription accounts? nm
I work on escription accounts.
pay 4/9 for 60-90 days, can't remember which, then 4/10. Very nice to work for. I've been there since Octoberish.
It's about average on eScription accounts.
I get 4/8.4 as an employee.
Has TT always had eScription accounts? Is this new? Just curious..nm
I can only speak of the Escription accounts.
It's been low for a long time so if that is the account your on and you can be flexible, go for it. AND I do mean flexible.
I edit for Transcend on accounts using eScription. sm
I really like it, make more money than transcribing, and am in and out of more reports. And it's a lot easier on my wrists. I've always found the people nice to work with, in spite of the horror stories being related about the hiring process.

I have no experience with any editing programs other than eScription being used at Transcend/MDI, but you could request assignment to accounts using eScription. One thing, since new accounts (ones often needing new employees) typically are transitioning to VR, you could start out heavy on transcription of reports as the computer learns to take over that job, with a few weeks of lots of corrections to eScripted reports, and then finally doing almost all editing on a trained account. I think it's going to be that way on any account new to VR with any company. Transcend did adjust the pay rate as the account I was working on progressed so I never lost money and eventually ended up making more. Good luck wherever you end up.
Good luck. Are you on the Escription accounts?
I like it there.  I've had my moments there, but I haven't found anything better out there so I'm staying for the long haul.
Does anyone know what Transtech pays for its Escription accounts?
I'd be willing to work weekends if the price was right.  I've just seen too many Escription accounts pay too low, which to me, is 3 cpl and lower..One company actually offered 1.5 cpl. No thanks.
TransTech has 2 current Escription accounts

Anyone worked on both eScription and ExSpeech?
I would like to know if one platform is better than the other.  I appreciate your input.
Yeah if I remember right, they are one of the low-paying Escription accounts out there, maybe 1.5-2
cpl or something ridiculous. Not actually livable US rates...
With Nuance buying Focus, what will happen to the eScription accounts? sm

I really don't think eScription is going to like the fact that Dictaphone/Nuance is going to be working on their platform and learning their secrets to their software.........do you?

This is so interesting to me as I am an eScription editor.  Maybe it is time I start my own business again and contact all of the eScription hospital accounts or contact eScription and get their input on this.

In reading Nuance's press release, Bringham Women's Hospital is an eScription account not a dictaphone account.   Very interesting......Don't you think?  Would love to hear opinions on this.

They send a majority of the Escription accounts to India. There are a few of the hospitals that said
they could not send their work there but I suspect they do anything. In any event, yes, a lot of the easier work goes to India and they are proud of this affliation, not bad it doesn't pay my bills. Then, they wonder why we are so angry about India taking our jobs.
Yes, I have checked into and worked for several companies that use Escription and Transcend has the
best pay..now, they just need more work so if you have steady work, then I'd stay put.
Companies w/Escription accounts that offer affordable family insurance??
I realize that affordable is subjective so whatever information anyone can give woudl be appreciated. The majority of Escription accounts offer IC only. Thanks
Need a new company using escription.

I'm tired of running out of work with my current employer.  Anyone working for someone using the Escription platform that is hiring and has an abundance of work?

Best escription company
Can someone tell me out of all the companies that are out there that use escription who pays the best in regards to VR and then straight typing, when you have to type.  Thanks.
What is the best Escription company?
I would so love to get back to a company who uses this platform and has good accounts. If anyone knows of a company that fits the bill, please post or email me. TIA
Great company, low escription volumes but..
hopefully it will pick up. I really love working for them. I only want to edit, do not want to type
i worked for a company that used ExText, and they were aware of a problem
with the line counting, so they actually provided a web site, separate from Extext, that provided your daily count.
Just be aware that all accounts

on VR and they only pay you half your line rate - so if you are making 8 CPL, you would be paid only 4 CPL, and also no incentive for production, no shift differential, nothing extra, just 4 CPL.  Also it is very, very hard to double your production to make up for the half pay.  I felt I was mislead when I was hired about eventually having to go to VR (not given a choice) and what it entailed, low pay, etc. 




I've heard that DaVenture Health Partners was recently made an approved vendor, but as of today they are not posted on the eScription website yet.
Has anyone out there worked on Escription?  If so, what are your thoughts.  Can you make any money at it since it pays so much less?
Does anyone know of any companies that use Escription, OTHER than Transcend and MDI-FL?  Thanks in advance.
Does anyone know of any companies that use Escription, OTHER than Transcend and MDI-FL?  Thanks in advance.
Thanks in advance
They use Escription. nm
Thanks! What is the VR Escription like? Thanks. nm
Anyone working on escription, could you give me some advice on increasing my productivity.  Sometimes, I do okay and then other days it is so slow going. 
Any MDI MTs doing eScription
If you are employee as above, please tell me how things are there - is it a good place to work?
Any MDI MTs doing eScription
That says a lot. Thanks.
MDI-FL ad for escription MTs?

Anyone work there that can give me more details? What's the pay for editing there, dictators, atmosphere, etc? Also what about the radiology ad? Do they pay by report or by line? Thanks for any help.



Do any of you use this platform?  Do you like it?  Is is productive?  Can you give a time frame for the learning curve?  Any replys greatly appreciated.......thanks.
EditScript is Word based. It's very easy to learn. Works with Word AutoCorrect to save your shortchuts, etc. Very reliable from a technical point of view. Our facility just went live about 98 days ago, all 22 MTs are loving it. Most have already increased their productivity from our old ChartScript days. Does a really good job with speech recognition even with some horrible dictators - consistency among the MTs is key to that success.

Very nice platform, very MT friendly !

That sounds great.  I appreciate you letting me know that.......I needed to hear something positive.
I used to work where they had escription but was paid hourly at that point because we had just gotten it. Sorry no help. Good luck!
What is escription? nm
Their pay is low for escription, which is
probably why they are always running an ad.
USUALLY, not always, the doctor puts in the MR number which automatically pulls in the patient name. Some companies have you do a type of search using that number to pull in the DOS, DOB, location, referring doc all at once.
Pay escription
I'm a little confused by the pay. It sounds like they convert edited lines into a percentage of typed lines so you aren't getting paid a per line for editing. I think.
What company pays the best for escription?????  You can get through the reports fast but cannot seem to make the money as well as I can typing!  I like the fact the hands get a break but come on!
it's okay after you get used to it - haven't come close to the 600 lines per hour that you are supposed to do - and pay for editing is less than half of transcription line pay - but you definitely do not have to type as much - less stress on your hands and wrists. 
It is not difficult to learn but I found it to be slower than regular old typing.

Can anyone tell me which companies use eScription?



I've used it in clinical and hospital settings.
I only do eScription.
I only work on the eScription platform right now. I've never used Emdat/Inscribe.
I amm a radiology Transcriptionist and I would like to learn eScripition editing.  Do you know of any companies that offer training on eScription? 
Go to MT Daily.  They just placed an ad looking for eScription MTs.  They might be looking for editors.  Also, try Lee Perfect.  They are always hiring.
I have never used it, but if you say it's only editing then you are probably correct. I just saw it posted on MT Daily today.