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Just remember, they are serious on the noncompete

Posted By: or they would not bother. on 2007-09-16
In Reply to: No-Compete Clause - MT In A Panic

If you sign it, take the severance $$, and then apply at an MTSO, the new folks are more than likely going to want a reference from Q. I am sure Q is on the alert for this, and some bells might go off if you get a call to verify employment from another MTSO. Personally, I'd pay for a lawyer to wrangle it out, but I would never sign a no compete unless I seriously was not going to be in the business any longer. They have let go lots of employees in the past, and only selectively do the no compete, so I would honestly be worried about messing around with that. Wish I could be more encouraging, but, something is up these days.

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If they make you sign stating no work for other MT company they better pay you well and gaurantee the work. I hate it when you sign on with a company offering so many lines and you get maybe half -
Not due to noncompete clause ..
I'm just talking in terms of other MTSOs will hear that you are going around town undercutting their prices and stealing their clients. They get mighty ticked and share that info with other MTSOs and then if you apply with them, they'll say Oh, THAT person and it will not help your case any. It's not a legal thing such as the noncompete, just kinda like a social outcast, for lack of better explanation! lol

If you are happy where you are, I agree you should stay. You have to remember that most of what you hear on the Internet is exaggeration. I take about half of what I hear, cut that in half, and THAT is how much I believe. LOL It's just too tempting when you are posting anonymously to add some flavor to your life story so I just take what I hear on these boards with a grain of salt unless I personally know the poster.

There is good money in having your own accounts but there are a LOT of headaches that go along with it, too. (For example, I'm dealing with a severely delinquent client right now -- big bad headache.) I enjoy it but not everyone is cut out for the business side of running a service so you know, the grass isn't always greener. Or to take a line from one of my favorite songs, the grass is always greener where the dogs are sh*tting. (Oops, can I do that here?? lol)

Sometimes I'd just as soon go back to working for someone else, even if it meant less money. I'd give up some of the headaches in a heartbeat but I can't give up the flexibility that having my own service affords. Too spoiled now! I have two children so that's the major reason why I enjoy having my own service. I can call the shots as far as what hours I want to work as long as the work is delivered within the TAT. :)

One thing I should add, though, is that I do pay a price for the flexible hours in that I don't get days off very often, and they sure aren't paid when I do (same goes for sick days). On the contrary, I have to pay someone else to cover for me on those days. And for the record, I do my own transcription and have a couple of subs who help out only for overflow or when I get backlogged, maybe once a month or so -- or if I just need a vacation -- so I am still very much a working MT!! I have seven docs I transcribe for so I am busy, busy, busy. I'm looking into probably hiring someone on for the long haul within the next six months because my workload is increasing by the day but I will always still transcribe, too, for as long as this body will hold out.

Anyway, my point of this long post is to say that for me, having my own accounts is not just to make better money, although that is a good perk, but about the freedom to call the shots. Since I make the contract, I make my the rules and if they don't like my way of doing things, they can find another service. Since there aren't too many in my area, they'll usually negotiate something that works for us both. :D
Many have signed noncompete re:
You cant just make contact with a client of a company - if you have signed a noncompete / no contact - if they are money hungry / desperate they will sue for any contact with a client - however, if they go out of business - no competition there.
Even if you did not sign, I am sure they would find a way to tie up your life and be an annoyance.
Most noncompete agreements...
generally only refer to current clients, although it can include within X miles - X amount of time, etc. If the terms are too broad or restrictive (read FAIR by the Courts) the agreement is not enforceable. The Courts realize you cannot OVER-restrict an individual's ability to find work.

But if you want to target the same clients you have been with - this poster is correct, it all comes down to what the noncompete agreement says.

My attorney told me that noncompete clauses
are illegal and not enforceable because one person cannot stop another person from making a living EVEN if you sign that noncompete agreement. I went through it with both a pharmaceutical company and a transcription company trying to prevent me from working for their clients or competitors. I can see their point as an independent contractor when it comes to offering the same services and essentially stealing their clients. However, as a former employee, nobody can tell me who I will or won't work for. The second attorney is correct, and I would follow his advice.
Some states/companies have a noncompete thing going on. It took years for Diskriter to be able to
Wow, really. I can't even remember the
I will be calling KS today then. Thank you for your honesty and getting back to me.
I remember that, too. Everyone was trying to get on with them.

I had two MT friends who worked there, then things started going south.  They kept trying to get me to apply there.

i remember...
a posting from someone saying they are good to work with and are hiring. sorry dont remember much else. good luck

I don't remember,
That is exactly how I remember it.
They did pay me a good line rate, but with no headers/footers, and I had a hard time making 1000 lines a day. I think I was on the worst account they had, BMH, about 90% ESL (worst I ever had too). My QA would call and scream at me for doing cardio, not for a mistake, but because I was not assigned to it. The clerks used to beg me to type it. She was supposedly the worst one there.
I can't remember her last name.
Been about 10 years since I worked for her.

I remember something about that but
don't remember which companies.  Can someone please tell me if Amphion, Cymed or Medware is one of these companies?  I'm about to apply to all 3 of them.
just remember...
The US MT will always be in demand. Unfortunately, in some cases only in an editing capacity. Do you think that work being transcribed in India is able to be edited and returned in an acceptable manner to the US doctor dictating it?  Absolutely not. The foreign physicians in our country depend on us to produce properly formatted reports, so how can a MT from India possibly come close to accomplishing this if it were not for the editing US MT. You really can't blame the US physician who contracts with a national co. and does not know his work is going to India. Why can't HIPAA reinforce a regulation stating that no US transcription should ever leave this country in any capacity?  Certain countries have restrictions on importing and exporting products. Why does are country not step up to the plat?  MTs have to form some kind of alliance to stop this...petitioning the government, etc.  Striking is not the answer because until some enforcement is in place, our jobs will continue to go overseas and back here for editing.
I think I remember you.

I remember the post (if it was yours) on the company board and remember it didn't stay on the board very long.  If I remember correctly, even though they removed your negative (truthful) post, the majority of the posts that remained were negative, complaining about things like the terrible platform and some being afraid they would have to apply for food stamps soon.

And if you're the person I'm thinking of, I believe you and I even emailed each other a couple times because I, too, had many concerns when you brought yours to the board.

You weren't wrong, and neither was I.  The only mistake I made was I stayed there a little longer than you did.  I should have left when you left.

I can't blame the newbies either because they simply don't know any better.  It's part of the process with this company.  They make sure things are great at the beginning, and then the downward process slowly begins.

Every single thing you have said is true.  If people don't want to believe it, then they can waste a few years of their life at Transcend, too.  I'm just grateful that I now work for a credible, honest company and couldn't be happier.  Hopefully, this will remain the case, and I can stay with this company for many years.  But after my experience at Transcend, my radar is definitely always on, and at the first hint of preferential treatment to someone else or lies being told to me, etc.,  I won't hesitate to leave this company as I hesitated to leave Transcend.

How to remember
An easy way to distringuish is to think of the first 3 letters of adduction. You are adding it to your body, therefore it is towards the body. The same would be true for adductors, so just think of addition to your body in any form and you should be good to go. Hope this helps.
As far as I remember...sm

you had to do up a schedule for every week of the days you would be working.  You picked the days and number of minutes you would commit to.  So, if you were working part-time and committed to 50 minutes a day, you could work those whenever you wanted to, (50 minutes x 5 days) as long as you made your commitment.  I don't think you ever had to work any weekends.

As for being an IC, I have never had this kind of insurance.  As far as I am concerned, if the doc signs it, he is saying he read it over and agrees.  I don't think any IC MTs have ever been sued, but I don't know for sure.  Maybe post this question on the main board.  The companies save big bucks using ICs so there must be something in place for protection.  I think most MTs are ICs. 

When you are an IC, you set yourself up as your own business, sole proprietor.  It is as simple as registering your name.  I have an accountant do my income tax every year and it costs about $200.  Hope this helps.

i cant remember the name.. c msg
but the email came from someone in Recruiting (female's name). The same person who informed me about passing the test and contacting me on the next recruitment was the same one who sent me the attachments ot download. Our situation is very different, but just by their pay scale, you can do better. I can deal with not being paid for headings (I guess), but I cannot deal with not being paid for spaces.
I think I remember something about them on...
MtChat.com. but I cant seem to access it this week. I cant really remember the deal but apparently they did something to their employees that made a ton of them quit so that is probably why they are hiring. You might want to keep checking back at that website and see if it comes up and then it will let you do a search on them.
anyone remember
Does anyone remember ddi, inc. Those were the days when transcription was a great job.
I remember that
I thought that those MTs had come from a company in the Sacramento area that had lost the majority of their work supposedly to VR. I also thought that a lot of those MTs were let go with only maybe a handful offered to stay on board.

I have not gotten my e-mail for the conference either. Maybe they are going to send it later on towards the end of the day Pacific time.

I do agree that our accounts do require that they be done here in the US. There have also been a lot of companies I suspect thought that have lied through their teeth about having work done here in the US and send it abroad.
What about MDI-MD? I remember once there was.. sm
a discussion about their line counts not being counted correctly either. Does anyone have any information on that?
maybe I did see that but I can't remember!


I remember them saying ...
... that it was an account by account fix and to be patient if it does not happen for you right away.  Patience seems to be the word.  Heck, it's been cockeyed since about the beginning of the year -- what's another week or 4...
Just remember you get what you pay for....
you left out the fact that while your on QA all those months, pay is 2 cents!!! I got suckered in by them a long time ago and hope all of you that are thinking about it, run while you can.
RE: Just remember you get what you pay for
Pay is not 2 cpl while you are in QA. You get charged for QA when you are out of QA but repeatedly abuse QA by sending things that are not necessary. I mean, if you're out of QA, is it really necessary to send half of your reports because somebody didn't want to look something up? Our dictators aren't bad, with the exception of maybe 2 or 3. It doesn't take anyone long to get out of QA unless they just aren't trying. A lot of things have improved at RC, one of them being that there is somebody there to help new hires and interns and feedback is given. I know this for a fact, because I am the one to do that. I hope you have a great day.
Can anyone remember the name...

Can anyone remember the name of the company that was advertising a while back for Transcriptionist that had changed their name.  The manager came on and wrote out a big explanation for why they were still answering the phones with the old name even though they were supposedly not the same company...

It seems like the new name was All American MT or something like that - and the old company was an Indian-owned company.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

They have another one too, but I can't remember the name of it.
From what I remember
Now it has been about 2 years ago, and I don't work for them anymore, but from what I remember training was all day for an entire week, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. There were breaks in between. I couldn't have done the training with my then 4-year-old. Thank goodness my husband was working 3rd shift and could take care of him while I trained. I hope this helps. I don't know how their training is now.
If i remember..
Chartscript platform..Actual IC. No schedule. Can't remember the pay.
What I remember
1. Use EXtext. I found it pretty easy and user friendly.
2. Cheapest health insurance close to $400 for 1 person. HMO and PPO available. Too expensive for my blood!
3. Deductable on above $2500.
4. ESLs - about 75%, frequently ran out of work, asking for more accounts = must be trained and then no one available to train you for weeks.
5. QA - cold, no follow-up explanations, nowhere near enough in the beginning. Come down on you weeks later after never having told you about issue in the first place.
6. Emails very untimely.
7. Must go to them (New Jersey) on your own dime for flight, hotel, taxi, meals. Train for 3 days (could have been done over the internet), stay working for them for 6 months (if you can stand it that long - I couldn't!) in order to be reimbursed only $500 of your expenses.
8. Yes.
9. Yes.
just remember
They have the option of telling you they don't need your services.
You have to remember that there are
many MTs looking for new jobs at the moment and this is a very slow time of year for most MTSOs and facilities.
You also have to remember that you
may not be concerned about 98% QA, however, they can ding you for whatever they want -- not what the facility wants, some weird quirk the facility has, etc, so you don't make 98%.
Hey....I remember.....
.....the old, blue screen!!!  Just goes to show our ages, I guess.  LOL!  In any case, I have worked with Meditech in the past (without text expander) and made pretty good money with it.  As has already been said, once you get the hang of it, it seems to move along quite smoothly.  And, for radiology, it is nice to see the actual type of report, i.e. CT head, beside the order number.  On many other programs, you have order # only (which significantly slows things down if the physician does not dictate the order #).  And, from what I can remember (have not worked on it for 4 years), I hardly ever had to fix things, as, IMO, the physicians seem to understand this program better and are more likely to enter the proper demographics.  With all of that being said, I personally will be working again with Meditech soon (IC part-time - in addition to my FT acute care EXText job), and am looking forward to checking out the updated version with text Expander compatibility!  If Meditech was really all that bad....why would an MT with 15+ years experience care to go back to it?  You might as well give it a try - add some more experience to your resume.  Best of luck to you!
I seem to remember
 700 being the number for part-timers and 1200 for full-timers
Do you remember
what the reports were like in comparison to what you type now?

There are so many factors involved in this line of work, it drives me batty!
Ah. Now I remember that. I got on

here and defended them because it wasn't true at all. It made me furious that someone was bashing them like that. They are the most honest company I've ever worked for and they treat all their employees like humans, not like machines.

If you never worked for them, you shouldn't spread rumors. The only ones I know who leave bad comments about them are probably trouble makers to begin with, probably paranoid and never happy in whatever any job.

I am very happy at TT, and have been since day 1 and they are really the best.

This is what I use to remember

which form of followup to use. 

Followup is a noun.  Follow up is a verb.  Follow-up is an adjective.

but remember
there is always going to be SOMEONE that has something bad to say about a company....now do not get me wrong if there are TONS of bad posts then that is probably not the place you would want to work...you just have to go with your gut!
Remember when....
not too long ago we would get emails at least twice a day informing us of work load on each account? Not anymore cuz there is none!
LOL, thanks so much, and yes I remember that (sm)
NOW, lol.  I love orthopedics, have loads experience and was interested in it part time but, oh well, will have to look for something else.  Lesson learned .... act QUICKLY, lol.
OK, remember me then when you need help
LOL! Good luck.
just remember...
what goes around comes around. If you are ever in a situation where a little kindness and compassion would be appreciated, I sure hope people don't behave the way you are.
Near as I can remember

the whole family worked all day to buy enough hamburger meat for supper and they were still hungry after eating it all.  I would say it would take about a bushel of picked peaches to equal 9 cpl.

I remember that!!
I recall that after my first husband passed I applied for one of those Saudi jobs, forget the name of the company.  I was offered a job.  Seems like the pay was around $100,000 and all kinds of perks including free housing and free food.  There were all kinds of perks too.  I got cold feet when I learned you couldn't wear jeans and God forbid that you should smoke a cigarette.  Seems like I recall that those earnings were also tax free.  Boy has the worm turned!!!
Yes I remember
and I was never one who said it wouldn't work.  I think a lot of MTs just didn't want to believe they could be replaced by a computer.  I don't know very much about EMRs but I know that the particular one this group uses is not very efficient.  It often doesn't refill my prescriptions to the point the doc told me to call his office to make sure that it went through and once it even ordered the wrong medication.  He isn't loving being able to access the records either.  When the computer is down, the records are down.  I didn't ask him many questions about how the thing worked but he said it was far better when they depended on a fax.
Do you remember if it was just medical for $360 or...
dental also.. and do you know what the deductibles are? Thanks for any help..
Around $300-$350 for both of you, if I remember correctly -
I've only been there 1-1/2 months. You have to wait 3 months before you're eligible for insurance, but your PTO they say you can use anytime. I'm so surprised how fast it adds up. I already have about $200 PTO.

Hope that helps. Good luck.
If I remember correctly, the pay is about 3-5 cpl and
they use a system I was unfamiliar with. I declined their offer.

But hey, if it suits you, go for it.
Does anybody remember ATF in Ft. Lauderdale from a few yrs ago?