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Sign it, take the money and get a new

Posted By: job on 2007-09-15
In Reply to: No-Compete Clause - MT In A Panic

They are putting you out of a job. It's not like you quit, so they have no right to request you to not get another MT job for 12 months. That is totally ridiculous! And really, are they going to follow you around and see what you do for the next 12 months? It's none of their business. I would just sign it, take the money and go about your business.

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i wouldn't sign it, but cross that out and sign
the rest
Amherst so we make less money and they get more money for MQ and bigger bonuses. Our guidelines came
from Amherst.
The company takes the money out of your salary, before they cut the check. It is your earned money,
It's about "money, money, money, mmmoonnney. Singing The Apprentice song.
yep, gotta spend money to make money. NM
So does yours. Perhaps you need a basic money class to learn to keep money. sm
I am off today and appalled at reading the posts on here.

Are you always this bitter? Do you have a family and friends who are safe and healthy? Count your blessings instead of being so angry and you might see that this is not a bad field to be in. It has kept food on my table for 27 years and will continue to do so. Is it harder now? You bet, but it is not impossible to make a good living of $50,000. You just have to work hard, give it your all and appreciate the good companies that are out there.

If I were an MTSO, I would find out who all these people posting such bitter posts are and find replacements for them a.s.a.p. Negativity spreads like poison, and with the world in the state it is, we should bond together not make it worse.
Money is not the root of all evil, the LOVE of money is. nm
It's a sign
hmmm, the woman at this company was so nasty, I told her, Why don't you hop on your broom and fly off into the sunset before someone drops a house on you.

Would seem she either flew or was flattened doesn't it?

They are poison. Run while you can.
How do I sign on?!!
How do I find this fantastic Deb?! I went to school for MT, found work which only lasted one year and then the company folded. I am having no luck finding anyone who'll take me on with just one year's experience. Deb sounds like just the perfect kind of person to work for. Is she hiring? Thanks for all the help, everyone!
exactly what I thought - the person cannot be a MT.  Management must not have enough work to keep them busy.
Is this a BAD sign?


For the past couple weeks we haven't been able to use our health insurance and my company says they will reimburse.  And then got email we had coverage until May 26 and then will get reviewed and be put back in the Blue Shield pool...this makes no sense.  Does this happen very often?  Should I be looking?


most def a BAD sign

Gurl, that is the sound of one duck quacking.  Vamamos, now.  Do not pass gonad. Proceed directly to the lighted exit sign over the door.  Insurance first, payroll next.  Unhuh.  Go.


Is this a bad sign?
Now I am getting nervous...maybe I should just stick with my current company? I really couldn't seem to find much info on them, and what I did find was over a year old. I just want to know if they are good to work for!
They have no right to ask you to give up your livelihood unless they are offering a severance to cover that time. My BF was offered a package from ATT and had him sign but gave him payroll for that time in one lump sum. Consult more attorneys. This is your livelihood - how are you to survive.
You think that is bad, I tried to sign on to my
account this morning and got invalid #.  I tried again and got invalid # again.  At this point I'm starting to freak, thinking they locked me out of the system.  I tried one more time and entered my number more slowly and got in.  I guess I'm as fast on the number pad as I am on the keyboard and it wasn't recognizing each number - LOL.  
I would say don't sign with them
I am waiting for work right now. 
So, do you think this is a sign

that JLG is going out of business or just getting rid of the SR side of it?  Hopefully for the MTs there, it just means more straight transcription for them.  If that is the case, I don't understand why some SR editors wouldn't be offered an MT position. 

Any other JLG SR editors out there get the axe or an offer to switch to MT?

Even if you sign up for M-F 8am-4am
...shift or something like that, you will always get suckered in to working extra hours. just the life of an MT. however from experience, being helpful and wanting to please everyone by volunteering to work extra in the beginning often leads to them EXPECTING you to work extra and taking advantage of you. Stand your ground from the start if you don't want to work 24/7. I did at first and before you know it I'm expected to bend to a cardiologists' whim 24/7. Only after I threatened to quit did they take me seriously.
ME too! But sign us up where?nm
Has your worked picked up any? Has anyone else's?
If you worked there a while, you'd know that a certain PM used to sign
If y'all don't know that, then y'all haven't been here that long
I loved #4 and #8. Where do I sign up?

I think that's because you don't have to pay the Indians to sign on - sm
and yes, I am being sarcastic!! :)
Was going to sign with them, but am leery
That makes me nervous, having to wait for a paper check. Don't like that scenario. Other than that, contract didn't look too bad. Low pay for IC, but not intolerable.
Not all companies that offer a sign-on bonus are bad news. Typically a company will offer a sign-on bonus if they are looking to fill positions quickly. A lot of times, this is interlinked with a new client/account go-live. The company wants to make sure they have enough MTs for the go-live. A sign-on bonus also draws more MTs to apply.
there are too many who don't make you sign.
I have 3 jobs and need them to feed my family. That's life. Don't do it.
sign-on bonus
I received my sign-on bonus for Precyse and also for Diskriter. No problemo. BTW, Diskriter seems to get a lot of flack around here, but I really love it. Very nice people, good platform, fair line counting, QA helpful and not stifling. OT frequently if you want it, but not all the time. I'm made to feel like a valued team member. :)
No employment unless you sign
The agreement states that the employee understands that he/she will no longer be employed unless he/she signs. (I found out that such coercion in order to save your job can be illegal.)
This is just incentive to get you to sign with this co.
Be that as it may, it IS incentive to sign on.
I would take it as a sign and move on. NM
You don't need to a sign a release for them

Just because you sign a contract

doesn't mean you have no recourse.  I worked for a company as an IC and my contract said that I had 24 TAT, was responsible for my own equipment and taxes taxes, had to abide by HIPAA regulations or get terminated, etc.  The company I worked for (very small less than 80 employees) DID NOT comply with HIPAA regulations and I have plenty of proof.  I'm gathering all the information I can before I see an attorney and possibly the IRS.  One gets tired of hearing look at your contract.  What makes them think THEY can break rules outlined in a contract and get away with it?

I've also been looking into IC versus employee status (on the IRS website) and it is interesting reading.  Makes me wonder if this contract was ever legal by IRS standards (something else I will be looking into).  It's time the tables turned on these bullies.  They need to realize that WE are the ones that make them money not the other way around! 


Do not sign contract

   Having experienced this personally, it can be anything from an inconvenience to a devastating financial blow and, by signing the contract, no leg to stand on when it comes to getting your money.


No, do not sign the contract.
Find another company.  There plenty out there that require set lines, but as an IC you shouldn't even have to commit to that.  The true IC positions are hard to come by as this field is abused as an IC.  JMO.
Well, all I have to say is they sign the paychecks
and if you don't like it find something else, but you never know, this may happen in a new job too.
Hmm, maybe sign of the times
I received it as well. Probably pretty scary to the MTs who currently work for them. If I knew of an account that needed a Transcriptionist without a middle man, that would be me in a heartbeat. I'm a 25+-year veteran displaced MT due to VR and I need a j-o-b!! It's so hard to find anything good right now. I was offered a job editing work from India. Okay... NO. Outsourcing and VR are what put me in this position. I just want a job with work and a fast platform. I'll even take less than 9 cents a line if the platform is right. No page of demographics to fill in. No listening to crappy voice files over and over again only to figure out the word is impression. If anyone out there knows of anything, hook a sister up. :)
Sign on bonuses
I got a job with WebmedX with a $250.00 sign on bonus.  Then, they charged me $250.00 to use their equipment.  I quit 2 months later.  So much for the sign on bonus.  Anyone actually get one? 
That's why you sign a confidentiality
to this information?  I've had access to this information since I started MT in 1981.  I also have transcribed reports on lots of public figures, celebrities, professional sports players, radio and TV personalities, etc.  I have access to their phone numbers, birthdates, social security numbers and address as well as their diagnoses, etc.  What you see/hear/transcribe goes no further than YOU.  You are a part of the health care team.  The doctors and nurses have access to this information.  The unit clerks have access to it.  The coders and file clerks have access to it.  There are lots of people with access to the information.  They just all know it is confidential patient information and is to be used only in the peformance of their job.  If you were a criminal and used that information to steal the patient's identity, you would no longer have a job, nor would you EVER have a job in the medical field again.
Did you sign on to do 75% or more ESLs to get sm
that rate? I was told I passed the tests, told them what I wanted as a line rate and at first it was fine, they suddenly they came back with I didn't pass the transcription test and sorry, apply later.  I asked what I didn't pass (all I had to take this time was ASR part) and the reply was have a wonderful weekend. LOL!  But they offered me 8.5 for one of the new accounts and I suppose with the weekend differential and production bonuses I might have gotten 9 cpl, who knows. 
Not a good sign...
Awful lot of people that looked and no one is happy...God I hate this line of work, I really do. But for now I am stuck it pays the extra bills and single mom and two in college. I am at their mercy...
Sign on bonuses
How do sign on bonuses work?  Has anyone ever received one?  I have seen a couple of companies say a $500 sign on bonus and was wondering, do you get this when you start or after you have been there a designated amount of time?  Was just curious.  TIA.
Just because you sign a contract it does
not mean you should not be classified as an employee by the IRS. I went to a seminar about IC versus employee 15 years ago, as my mom was opening up a temporary nursing registry and we were wondering what to do. Needless to say, all of our nurses and techs became employees, even though we did not offer benefits of health insurance or vacation, etc. We still paid into Social Security, Worker's Comp, etc., because the rules to proving your are an independent contractor are very strict would not have applied, and we did not want to take a chance. Back then the IRS was realing coming down on the status, and it looks like they need do it again soon.
That's usually a good sign..
I work for 2 companies now that I could not find any information on.  Though they run low on work occasionally, it is never for long.  They both are good to me and pay weekly.
radiology sign on bonus
Just recently saw Spheris ad for $500 sign on bonus for radiology. First time I have seen bonus offered for radiology. Am almost tempted, but have good accounts and steady work with current company. Any thoughts on this?
Spheris sign-on bonus
I wish that all transcriptionists would stop working for these transcription companies. I have been an MT for over 20 years, earn a great salary at a hospital and now I'm losing my job to a service who wants to pay me 8 cents per line. I refuse to give them my expertise for that crappy pay. There is nothing right about it. Also, you can bet that the sign on bonus will be made up somehow or another, probably with bad pay!
So if you are SE and switch to PT or FT, do you get the sign on bonus?
Where do I sign up for the head on a soapbox job?
Anyone notice there seem to be less sign on bonuses out there? (sm)

I am assuming (and we all know what happens when we assume) that this is because so many of the MQ people are out looking to change jobs that the companies feel like they don't have to work so hard to attract people. 



No. The paper they make you sign

says $125 (I guess to reimburse them for sending it to you in the first place) and for returning it.

I was ready to sign the contract. (nm)