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Love it here. I picked my shift, and

Posted By: Another THer on 2005-10-26
In Reply to: Company has been steadily growing, great bennies,... - THer

I enjoy it. Great benefits (I pay 236 a PP for full family insurance PPO with dental and vision!) plus PTO, holidays, and never ever late pay with direct deposit. The staff is awesome and I love my platform.

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I love 2nd shift
and am joining the TT club ...as soon as I get the computer set up
This is true. Shift does matter. I work 2nd shift and really have not had any issues with not havi
3rd shift radiology can be like that. Feast or famine. Same with 3rd shift sm
ER work. Sometimes the doctors are too busy to dictate, so they do it at the end. Why don't you talk to them and ask about a different shift?
Ya know, even if I spend time during my shift or after that shift

it is still MY time, expected by the company, and I am not getting paid for it regardless.  I don't answer my phone while I am working, never did, never will.  What other profession, while probably punching a clock, do folks work for free?  If I worked in an office doing this, that time would be paid - say 15 minutes a day x 5 days a week at even $10/hour =   $50 a month - and it is more time spent than that to deal with the email thing and the reminders and the changes in specifics and logging in and out of 3 different accounts when primary is out of work.  GRRR. 

I don't change jobs easily either, glad you are happy where you are - but producing 1400 lines of ACCURATE text will end my career soon (and probably yours also) and then what are we all to do?  My goal is not to work more, work harder and longer hours to produce a salary I can live on. 


Why can't companies at least let you know you were not picked for a job?
Yeah, yeah, I'm sure they are bombarded with people testing, but when you think of the hours spent for MTs trying to find a new job, and they take all those MTtest.com tests while still trying to work all day, only never to hear a peep back is hard to take.  A simple thanks, but no thanks would go a long way in my book.  I am sick of wasting my time.
Please. Yep, they picked 1 MT to send it to.

Looks like I picked the 2 right choices TY!
I just picked that out thin air. nm
I actually picked up a stalker
several years ago from another website.  A pretty frightening experience!
If you want to be nit-picked to death
Then by all means, hire on with Keystrokes. I had just started with them but after I saw my review, I told them I did not want to work for them. They nit-pick every comma, etc., to death and there was no way I was going to put up with that. These services get so carried away by all the insignificant crap that they just drive away anyone who is a good MT but doesn't want to put up with the nit-picking. Good luck.
Has any company said thank you to those who have picked up the extra
work for those who are "out of service" from the hurricane?  I have worked my fingers to the bone to keep a few accounts happy, no thanks, no overtime, no bonus.  Guess I am the dummy here. 
She tries to be nice..gets picked on for a typo..(sm)
and SHE'S hateful? You people are too much.
if someone actually PICKED this name.. then they need to hire someone with brains... nm
FATCAT - Has your worked picked up?

I've read your posts for years and know you've been happy at MDI, as have I.  My main account has FINALLY picked up this week.  Was wondering if things have picked up for you as well.  I'm breathing a huge sigh of relief and working as much as I can.  FINALLY!

Has the workload at MDI picked up for anyone? My accounts are still really low. nt


If you think you dont get more of the junk work when it is picked over by VR or ASR you had better
think again. The best attendings will be gone to VR and you will get the leftovers. I have been doing both for a year and I can guarantee you your CEO is full of it. Dont believe a word of it. You will either make less money on ASR or less money on the leftovers. Take you choice.
Amen to that - I have years of exp but never felt picked on here. nm
It was slow on one of my accounts this summer but picked up. sm
If I were you, I would go to Karyn or Becky, not Martha. Both of them will help you. I think Martha is too busy with new hires but the other two are great with back-up accounts or at least getting the names in front of Martha. Just a friendly tip, not meant to offend or cause flames.
Have picked up a PT job on the side. Hoping all works well with WMX, but (sm)

not going to disappoint the grandchildren at Xmas and birthday times.

The only problem with picking up a PT job is you lose flexibility in making up hours/lines with WMX because you are otherwise obligated.  Oh well, I don't think that can be considered my fault.  I just don't want to use up my PTO because of it.  Will they just let you take unpaid time if they run out of work during your window or do they make you use PTO or make it up?

Than mystery jobs randomly picked by mgmt.
bonuses/weekend/night shift differential is much rather preferred by me in the Dallas office than those jobs picked at random by "who knows who".
Good dictators end up on ASR so it can only get worse. My accounts are all picked over.
Same thing happened to me last year and when it picked up, it was crazy sm
For the rest of the year.
Tired: Has worked picked up at FN. Used to work there and left for WX. sm
Would kind of like to go back. Loved the gang; I used to be a YOGer. Had to leave about 1-1/2 years ago because of no work. Still mostly IC? Thanks.
Love, love, love TransTech! Not overhiring, just growing like crazy!
Con: Overflow work is cherry-picked from the git-go by the account's inhouse MTs. nm
They pay well 10 cpl days, 11 cpl 2nd shift, 12 for 3rd shift
1300 lines a day required, 65 character line. They have benefits. Don't know much else.
I have worked both 3rd shift and day shift (SM)
including what you call banker's hours (9 a.m. to 5 p.m.). I ran out of work more often on 3rd than I do now on the day shift.
I too love path & can't find it at home & would love to cross-train into rad in the meantime I do
Love this company, love my boss, very informative QA.nm.
Does anyone think 41 is too old to go to nursing school. I love MT but I just would love to be a
nurse.  I have such a interist in helping others and the medical world.
Love, love, love DeVenture
Super nice, flexible and just all around nice to work for.
Love, love, love Axolotl
I totally love Axolotl.  Just as A-team said, fantastic benefits.  Yes, strict schedule, but never ever had a problem getting off when I needed to.  I wouldn't dream of going anywhere else. 
Low pay, 5 p.m. to 1 a.m. EST shift.
Been doing this a long time, only wanted to give me 7.5 cents a line.   Guess so many people are looking, they feel they can offer such low pay.
Only 2nd and 3rd shift, though. :( nm
Which shift will you be working?  First shift has to flex a LOT because of low work/no work first thing in the morning, which of course will change your schedule for the rest of the day.  I didn't run out too much on 2nd shift, but if you work Sunday evening, you might not be able to finish out the week because of low work/no work.  (They don't have the best grip on when to turn off overtime on Friday/Saturday to keep enough work around for Sunday workers. Sunday is the end of the pay week.)  Very, very nice people.  My account was very good quality dictation, normal number of ESLs.  I left just last week because I wasn't making as much as I felt I should be making with my experience.  I liked the platform, but somehow I think it interfered with real productivity. I also didn't like working full-time on 2nd shift, but knew if I asked to move to first shift I would be forever flexing.  Just wasn't a good fit for me.  Hope you are happy there & good luck! 
2nd Shift

I will be on 2nd shift 4-12.  That is my regular schedule I enjoy, and I am working Tuesday-Saturday, Sun/Mon off.  So, that should work GOOD for me.  I did read on some posts a while back that it was hard to get production .... I have 10 years experience and I applied for millions of companies.  They seemed to have the most to offer ...  Do you know how easy it is to move up to QA Editor ?  That is what I'm currently doing at Spheris.  I hate having to go back to transcription, but I only have 1 year QA experience. . .

Thanks for your info ! ! !

TT 2nd shift
Gee, thanks, for getting back on tonight and sharing in my work! Last I heard, we're supposed to work our assigned hours. Hope everyone soon has enough work.
They very CLEARLY stated in the interview that we must work the FULL 8-hour shift even if line requirements are met. It doesn't matter, with all the issues of server, their internet, and lack of work, you can't get that in less than 8 hours anyway.
That's 5 cpl for 3rd shift. nm
3rd shift
i was just offered a 3rd shift position with them as well. this is my first time on acute care, and they were willing to give this clinic MT a shot :) coffee will be my best friend!
If she needs someone for a certain shift,
then she needs to hire an employee, not an IC. I don't know how these companies keep getting away with this. Why are they not reported?
shift differential
i have been asking about a shift differential for over 2 years now as i mainly work in the evenings. it's like everything else with them they are in no hurry when it's something that benefits the MT.
No shift diff??
I've ALWAYS gotten a 2nd shift differential in Ohio...wow, that's not fair to U.
I'm just finishing my shift a second job so I
could get a decent paycheck.  MDI has been out of work for months.  Of course, if there are 3 reports on the account not typed, they have someone else come onto the account and type it so they are caught up. 
JLG shift/production
Not sure what you mean by work by the shift versus production. JLG has several different software platforms and some c-phone accounts as well and pay scale and other account requirements vary. As for the accts I have, we are paid by production, 65-character line NO SPACES. I noticed that recently they posted an ad where they were offering to pay spaces for whatever account they were trying to staff, so even that is not uniform.

They say they pay a shift differential. I can tell you that when I hired I had to negotiate that with them specifically...otherwise they were not voluntarily forthcoming in specifying exactly what the shift differential is. Also, about four months later, they adjusted my pay rate DOWN, claiming that everyone in the company was taking the same hit...no way to know for sure. I still make a decent line rate, but it seems to me that my shift differential dried up when the reduction was made and the reduction has never been restored.

With regard to shift, when I hired, there was no universal requirement to work weekends (I hired as an IC). I was told I could work as much or as little as I wanted to. However, later on they did REQUIRE that we all work at least one weekend day (including ICs). Of course, again, I have no way of knowing if that has been enforced across the board.

Beyond that, at least in my case, they have been very flexible with my hours and days, just as long as I put in eight hours on the weekend. That eight hours does not necessarily have to be on the same day...can be split between Saturday and Sunday if you like. I don't work 5 days straight (Tuesday through Saturday or Sunday through Thursday). I like 2 days on, 1 day off, 3 days on, 1 day off...and that has been no problem. From time to time, I switch my day off and that has also never been a problem.

I am not sure how this works for fulltime employees and keep in mind, this may not apply to other accounts.
Ad from July said ICs for 2nd and 3rd shift only. Don't know anything else. nm
Is your shift key not working???
What's with the 'all lowercase' posts?
Shift differentials
Do companies have to pay shift differentials?
Webmedx pays shift differentials :)
If you are a 2nd shift, experienced rad MT, I bet
Keystrokes would go to 0.10 or .105 per line.

Make sure they know that you want another shift. There are
new accounts starting all the time, and if they know you want a different shift, they will move you the first chance there is. I have learned with Keystrokes that if you communicate well with them, they will bend over backwards. Took me a while to understand that they could not get the thought transfers I was trying to send :)

Seriously though, talk to them. You will find them to be more accommodating than a lot of other companies.