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That is really expensive

Posted By: sm on 2005-10-27
In Reply to: Love it here. I picked my shift, and - Another THer

for insurance. I could never afford that.

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VERY expensive
I think it was almost $300/mo for single and much more for kids/family. No dental.

Have you looked to see if your state offers some kind of subsidized health plan for kids? There's one in my state and the income guidelines are quite generous and it was very easy to sign up for - downloaded the forms off the internet and sent them in. I would suggest you do a little research in that direction.

MQ has good benefits, but good luck to a newbie getting the 150 lph on those teaching hospital accounts that you'll need to maintain your benefits.
You have to buy a lot of very expensive
equipment - a $300 router, a special modem, and their special telephony equipment. They only do overflow work, accounts not too bad, but there are problems there.
Self-pay for me is less expensive
I work for Keystrokes but unfortuantely their group insurance is more for me than what I pay on my own. I am told it is because of the overall health status of the group involved. If you are healthy, have no preexisting medical conditions,take no medications, and do not smoke you will find that a private plan is more reasonable than a group plan where the majority enrolled are over weight, have chronic illnesses and take prescription medications. Another good reason to stay in shape girls. :)
Very expensive
COBRA is normally offered when your personal or job insurance is no longer active (ex: you quit your job, you were let go). The rates are generally high, there is a cost for others added on to your insurance, and I believe it is only good for 18 months. You may want to check with other medical insurance companies and compare pricing. If there are any pre-exisiting conditions, you will want to find out about the waiting period for that (normally 6 months) as long as you have been covered within the last 6 months. Hope this helps.
insurance 2 expensive?

Recently I was contacted by an agent of the company I work for and was told that basically they didn't know how much longer they could cover me on their insurance plan that I have been on for years.  I am having a bit of a problem changing insurance companies right now because of a chronic illness. I gather that their portion is too expensive although I have no confirmation of that.  Can they actually drop me off of their insurance for this reason?  I suppose they could always terminate me or push me out, giving no reason, their right, but I already know why.  Is this illegal or does it just fall under being a poorly run company?

I think their insurance is very very very expensive. nm
TransTech is not less expensive than that...sm

my plan costs what you are paying now with the surcharge, but they have added a high deductible plan that is about 60% of the cost of a regular health plan.

I am getting a little desparate paying these premiums, too.  I hope you find something better.

Unfortunately, no. The last job I had the COBRA was too expensive, so I did
not get it, and had about a 4-month lapse.
I guess India got too expensive.
Glad I quit.
Can someone please tell me how expensive Transtech insurance is.....sm
for self only?  low deductibles.
I thought they were looking for less expensive plans
Yes!! I don't like the new insurance, more expensive and higher co-pay. nm
Psychiatric help is also expensive, but I think you should check into it anyway. nm

You want to PURCHASE your own platform? Platforms are very expensive so
There's 49 other states who are tired of hearing how expensive CA is. nm,
You sound like the "gambling is expensive" nutcase. nm
She's right above -- just go away.
Last time I talked with them, nothing had changed, insurance still way too expensive. nm
I got one too. I turned them DOWN for a job, insurance too expensive. Don't worry, just a form
and I have well over 16 years in this bizz.

To Keystrokes employees: Has anyone heard anything about when a new, less expensive insurance (sm)
is starting?  I was told by a valid source it was to be February 1 but it apparently didn't happen then.  Has anyone else heard a different date?  TIA.
bad insurance, expensive & lousy line count
When Transform (in Wyo) started they used MDintouch which was great but with Vscript I spent more time waiting for new reports to open (because it would have to open Word EVERY SINGLE TIME instead of Word just staying open, and for them to finish sending. long reports were OK & you could make SOME lines/$$ but after 6 years I made less & less AND LESS until I quit because I would OWE on payday - yes, I was paying over $900 for really lousy insurance for hubby & I. I'm no slouch - being doing it for about 25 yr when I quit & typed about 110 wpm. So take no time to pound out a report but tooooo much time wasted waiting on things to grind up & download. HAS to be better offers...
Is it possible to do call forwarding to one of those expensive phone sex lines? teehee.
They are nice people, but the pay is on the low side, benefits were expensive and they overhire. nm
For decent private individual policies, it is very expensive for a family.
Unless, you have a $5000-7500 deductible and a 50% copay on prescriptions which is bad for us because my son takes medication that costs $160 a month.  If we went with a policy equal to what my job provides, the premium is over $1000 a month. With my job, I am paying about $400 a month for family coverage.
MDI-FL. Last time I checked their medical insurance for families was expensive. Has that changed or
is it supposed to. I know at one point a recruiter told me they were working on making it more affordable but I never heard anything more. That is a big factor for me. I need affordable insurance for my family. Thanks for any input.
The new exam is less expensive than the old exam was.
It used to be taken in two parts and believe me it was $150 per part. If you did not pass the first part, you could not take the second part so you had to take the first part and repeat the entire cost until you passed. To those folks who might not have passed the first part for several tries, it was expensive. I still consider $300 (the old price) high. Now, today's **I think** is only $150. The price is at the AAMT website but that is only half of what it used to cost and so much easier as far as location and not needing a proctor etc