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MTSOs, I hope, have enough...

Posted By: anna_mt on 2006-04-26
In Reply to: Anyone know first-hand about a black list shared by - MT recruiters? Have only heard a rumor. nm

sense to make their own business decisions without letting other MTSOs, who are in direct competition with them, make their hiring decisions. There are some very vindictive people out there and some folks would stoop to anything just to be mean. To take the word of another MTSO, that may have had a bad experience with an MT, as gospel could be very costly, not only to the MT, but to the MTSO.

BTW: Isn't it illegal for companies to give out any info on an IC/employee with the exception of hire date and termination date? How can companies share with other companies the actual work that an MT has done for a company? How can these companies disregard HIPAA regulations simply for the name-bashing?

This all sounds very underhanded and illegal to me and any MTSO who does this sort of thing, I don't want to have anything to do with them.

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And what about the MTSOs that ...
yell and scream and write nasty emails just because they happen to be in a bad mood? And that goes for some QA people I can think of too. They don't know or care to be civil. I suppose the double standard would apply here though. Only the peasantry should be given psychiatric tests?!
Is this the correct board for me to ask a question of other MTSOs? I'm new to these boards.  Thank you. D

Thank you!  I have been in business 12 years and, if you can believe it, I have never implemented any guidelines for acceptable error rates from my transcriptionists.  I have 19 transcriptionists and am finding that I need to do something to make them realize that they can no longer be lazy and just figure, oh, Dell will fix it.  We have reached a volume of work where I cannot fix lazy transcription problems any longer.  I am unsure how to go about this?  What are various ways to figure out the allowable error rate?

Thank you for all the help you can provide!  D.


I currently do offer a three tiered pay scale where the transcriptionists work their way up -- but I nevertheless find so many things they simply are not looking up or aren't sure of themselves and so will put question marks.

Do you know how the nationals figure the 98% accuracy? That's my real problem, I don't know how to go about figuring the 98% accuracy. 

Good luck on getting that big account!!  We have a large one starting on 02/01 and I'm nervous that with the sudden increase in volume I won't have the time to QA the way I have to now.  In my area it is hard finding really top notch transcriptionists -- the couple I am having trouble with have been with me awhile and I've tried and tried to train them but they lack self confidence and don't THINK about what they are typing -- hard to teach that THINKING skill!!!

Who are the top 5 MTSOs (most MT's)? nm
To all MTSOs...sm

I am just curious.  I am sure it is very hard for MTSOs to find dependable, well-trained, honest people that work their required schedules as it is hard for dependable, honest, hardworking MTs to find companies that pay well, when they are supposed to, and have decent accounts and availability of work. 

My question is where are you?  I have close to 15+ years experience in multiple phases.  I have been burned by 2 telecommuting companies already.  I have been employed with this last company for over a year.  I thought they were great but over the past 5 months or so things have began to have turned sour.  Plus absolutely no benefits are offered.  I can handle not having any benefits as long as everything else is good. 

I have been skeptical to change jobs but things have just gotten to where I am completely dissatisfied. 

If any MTSOs are hiring, I would be happy to take any test, send resume, etc.  I just don't want to be burned anymore.  I love this profession but times have changed.  But like I said, it is hard for the MTSO as well as the MTs.

My opinion, I think part of the problem is with offshoring and the fact that offshored MTs can be paid less, therefore dropping US MTs pay. According to a lot of posts and my researching, MT pay has drastically dropped over the years and it's not getting better. Maybe if the MTSOs would post on what changes are happening on their end that makes them lower hire-on pay, that would help. From an MT standpoint, it seems that MTSOs are dropping MT pay but still lining their pockets, which is not a fair assessment, but that's the way some see it. We work hard and have to have a pretty much ongoing education to keep up with the medical terminology. I know some with 20+ years of experience are very frustrated that they cannot get a decent line pay. I don't know what MTSOs can do to make the situation better. Not all MTs are unhappy with their situation. I am very happy with the company I work with, although I do miss the statutory status and bonuses that I previously had at MQ, but times are changing and we have to adapt, and no I DON'T like it! Anyway, this is just my opinion.
I figure, it could get worse and for me, it actually has, so I try not to complain too much, but it does get frustrating and I try to look at it from both points of view, even though I'm not an MTSO and never actually owned one myself.
In the last 5 years that I have worked for an MTSO, I have seen a lot of changes in these companies and the way they treat their employees. When I first started working from home for one, the pay was good. They didn't bother you. They got your work to you...their were benefits. Now...with more experience and even certified, I get the run around too. Take a typing test with 20 minutes of dictation. Like being certified isn't good enough? My biggest concern is the fact they need to rethink how work-at-home employees should be treated. They tend to group us all together and try to treat us like we work in an office. It just isn't going to be the same. We obviously made this choice to work from home for our families. We give up a lot working from home, but they try to pretend that we should pay the same dues. The fact that they NEVER EVER CLOSE is a big one. Not to many companies out there make their employees work all hours, all days, all holidays with NO!!!!! reward for it. No thanks, nothing. They expect you to work on Christmas day in your home where your family is celebrating, perhaps 5 - 10 feet away and not participate?

For instance, I had to work last Christmas (and trust me, I've paid my dues on holidays). But it was a new job, so I had no choice. Sure I started late. I spent the first 2 hours celebrating with my family, opening presents, etc. As soon as that was over, I got on here and started working. I made my line count well before my shift was to end, but I got the mean e-mail about not working.

I think they need to get real. We work from home. We don't leave our problems at home when we go to work. Sure, you have to separate home from work while your working but I think they need to treat us with a little respect. Perhaps realize that we sacrifice for a reason instead of pretending that our reason doesn't exist.

Maybe they should take a clue from Google on how it treats its employees? Man I would just love to work there!

I feel so frustrated in this occupation lately, that I don't know what to do. I get the run around myself. Scheduling interviews and putting your whole day off for it and then the recruiter doesn't call!!! But e-mails saying sorry can we reschedule? NO, we can't.

I've seen and done it all in the last few years, offshoring, holidays, bad employers, horrible bosses. Its been a long time since I enjoyed my job.

Sorry if this runs on, but its late (since I have to work late shift to compete with the overseas people because they work while we sleep!) but I'm tired. Time to go to bed!

Here's hoping that something in the future happens and once again, our jobs are great and we brag to everyone about it!

This is what I believe about MTSOs

Most all of them are probably offshoring work secretly or not.  They overall don't respect their MTs.  They offer baloney rates.  They lie through their teeth.  They offer steak and deliver animal chow.  They punish all MTs supposedly because of the faults of a few MTs.  They keep tabs with countless instant messages and phone calls to keep their ignorant little children in check.  They are constantly running ads because they can't keep good MTs. 

How can any industry survive with this treatment?  I think almost every one of them is offshoring whether they admit it or not.  What other explanation could there be?  It can't be simply because the MTs put up with it.  There HAS to be something else behind it.  MTs as an industry don't put up with any more crap than any other type of employees.  BUT the MT industry has a way of offshoring work with nobody the wiser, unlike other industries and I think that is what is behind the whole sham. 


The way I see it (and probably others) is the reason many companies are struggling or not making it is because they did it to themselves.  Coming from a hospital setting, it's like comparing USA to Aruba, and I'm not talking scenery, here!



The way I see it (and probably others) is the reason many companies are struggling or not making it is because they did it to themselves.  Coming from a hospital setting, it's like comparing USA to Aruba, and I'm not talking scenery, here!


Shutting down the in-house hospital transcription department. Given the names of Alliance, Transcend, and Central Transcription Services. Not much of a choice. I need benefits. HELP!! Any information appreciated.
Those MTSOs
should spend the time making their company better instead of pretending it's so great.

You just wonder about people!
MTSOs and others
From what Im reading here on this board there are definitely some less desirable companies out there to work for.  There have been warnings many times on this board about these companies.  Its a vicious cycle it just keeps coming round and round, same company different month or week.  It could be that recruiters for these same companies keep posing as MTs and hooraying about what a great company it is, lots of fuzzies and smiley faces to reel people in.  Then, those very same people that were reeled in come back here to complain.  Heres a clue for ya, if the company is not talked about on this board its probably one of the rare ok places to work.  If you see too much bragging about a company then red flag- guess what, its a sneaking low down recruiter people!!!
if you ask me, MTSOs - sm
can cut corners by doing their own hiring and eliminating these recruiters.

with over 30 years experience I have said no to low-ballers because I started 20 years ago on production at - guess what - 8 cpl.

My personal favorites are the 'difficult' (and they know it) accounts that offer 7 - 8 cpl and claim commensurate with experience.

uh - run that by me again, and this time with a straight face, please.

JUST SAY NO, GIRLS. We can put them in a corner, too.

I work for 2 different services, one pays 10 cpl with differential for any weekend and holiday work typed. The other pays 9 cpl, but is very easy clinic work. These people who complain about not making any money on 9 cpl just aren't keeping their butts in their chairs.
Boy, you are correct!  I used to think the horror of horrors would be to work for someone who was not an MT.  For the past 10 years or so it seems that more than likely the strings are pulled by the suits who probably can't even type.  There are also those MTs who have sold out' and managed to get into management and they are just puppets for the suits so poor MTs have few anymore who will stand up for them. You are loyal to your MTs and chances are most of them reciprocate.
I think most MTSOs don't want MTs with
they don't want to pay for it. And it's quite obvious in my experience that the same goes for their QA people, as well!
$$$$ by MTSOs
As a past MTSO from the days gone by - not now... you cannot make a profit if you don't charge 3 times what you are paying your employee... so, 8 cents a line to the employee - the MTSO is making at least 24 CPL. Don't kid yourselves. We are all getting the screws from the MTSOs of today and they are getting rich as H-E-L-L.
you are so right! Plus the MTSOs sm
to put up with the whiny MTs who are worrying about what the MTSO is chargin and other things that the IC shouldn't even care about when its none of their business!
Need for MTSOs?

Despite working for an MTSO, it seems to me that I am receiving my work directly from the hospital already.  It's just that the MTSO QA and Admin people have access to the same platform and jobs as well.  In order for a job to go to our QA department, we have to pend it to them.  Otherwise, it goes directly to the facility.  I am an IC.  As I see it, the only thing that the MTSO has provided after my hiring has been the computation and delivery of my paycheck and QA when required.

If I were an IC working directly for a facility, I would be happy to cover stats for an additional fee.  Plus, I would charge an additional fee for the more difficult dictators, for rude behavior such as eating when dictating, for heavy lookups that could have been prevented if the dictator had provided sufficient information, and for those times when I have to spend several minutes listening to non-dictation, such as when the dictator is just having a conversation with a colleague or other person on the tape, apparently not able to push a pause button.   Contrary to these extra charges, I would look forward to being able to communicate directly with the facility to possibly effect changes/improvements.  As it is, I work for an MTSO whose owners are apparently afraid, too lazy, or noncaring to confront the facility in order to correct some problems that continue forever, never to change, that affect only the MTs and QAs.

Even with all this, I would bet that the facility could save money.  After all, it seems that right now there are a lot of people at the MTSOs that do not produce work, but still are receiving paychecks.

MTSOs would like you to believe that, but they
are ultimately responsible for the product they sell.
FYI - A lot of MTSOs do have
offices. Not everyone can work from home. The MTSO I work for has at least 20 people in the office.
Don't let the MTSOs and other
negative posters run you off. SOME people obviously don't like that you stand up for MTs and speak out about us getting a raw deal lately. I for one completely appreciate it.
NY MTSOs....sm
I am speechless, why so rude???? Geez, I am not saying all people from New York are that way, but I have worked for 2 services out of New York in my MT life and they take the cake for being so nasty.
Please understand that MTSOs
must provide a client with a quality product. If an MTSO continuously allows poor quality work to be sent to their client, then the MTSO risks losing the entire account.

Many MTs assume that because they have the ability to send a report to QA that this makes it ok for them to do sloppy work. When I first started as an MT, I averaged 100 lines per hour, sometimes less, because I would check my work as I went along and then I went back over it again. I would work 9-10 hours a day in order to meet my quota.

It is better to make less money and have a job than to get a lot of lines (that are of poor quality) and lose your job as a result by being terminated.

I think it is very fair that you were fired, especially if the issue has been discussed with you before. If you are fortunate enough to get another MT job, take your time and focus on producing a quality product.
Okay, then that confirms some MTSOs... sm
DO withhold federal and some MTSOs don't withhold federal. Medquist DID for the nine years I was an SE there.

It's a point worth noting to ask about in a job interview if anyone is considering SE status... 'cause it sure is a nasty blow when you have to pay quarterly taxes and there's nothing there to your credit.
What in that MTSOs rant
made you think SHE had gotten past grade school? Did that sound respectful to you? Power outages happen, cable outages happen, family deaths happen, jury duty happens. I broke my back for someone like her and when the above things happened to me, one right after the other, way beyond my conrol, I got the line about the client wanting me off the account because of three errors in two years. I will tell you this....it was the best thing that ever happened to me. No more stress, no more harassment, no more Harpy. It's a beautiful thing.
All MTSOs will be out of work at
You should get a part time IC positions to fill in for when there is no work at your primary employer. Do you think that there is an MTSO who is loaded with tons of work 365 days a year. IT DOES NOT EXIST. There is no such animal.
MTSOs also have the option
of walking away from a client who is not willing to pay an adequate rate that is required to get the job done. The money that the MTSOs save by using overseas MTs is spent on Editors who basically have to redo all of the poor poor quality reports.

If you are a building contractor and someone calls you and tells you they want a screened porch built. You as a contractor know what it's going to take to build that porch using quality materials and quality labor. If it takes $5000 to build the porch, are you going to let the homeowner tell you to do it for $3000 when you know it's not possible. Guess what...the contractor walks away and tells the homeowner they'll have to find someone else who can do it for that rate. MTSOs have the same option.

There is NO excuse for offshoring. There never will be.
I am not 'covering' for MTSOs
There are two sides to everything. 
There are 83 or so MTSOs under the umbrella of the
that has a huge investment in Indian transcription.
This should tell MTSOs to value their REAL MTs sm
by offering a higher line rate and benefits to maintain the good MTs in their companies. Why the seasoned, experienced MTs are offered the same rate as newbies is beyond me, and insulting, too.

As the old saying goes: You get what you pay for!

Suggestion to MTSOs: You should require all MTs to own a set of reference BOOKs! (The Google-only MTs are obvious. They are not serious about their work.) When testing candidates, arbitrarily select pages of the most important reference materials each MT should own and ask the MT to say what's on that page. Or pose a question where the MT has to look something up. An MT without reference books is like a carpenter without hammer and nails.

This is a response to What does this tell you? and agrees with what the poster said.

Not sure if I should mention the MTSOs name but

Is their an MTSO around that doesn't nitpick your work and make you feel like you're not worth a hoot.  Maybe the problem is that by the time I work my FT job and type 1500 lines then have to go home and do it some more I am just tired.  Also, I have a huge packet called style guideI should look over but  I just have not had the time.  Sometimes I wonder if it would be better to leave it than get fired. They sent an E-mail saying that if I did not raise my score from 96 to 98 my job could be in jeopardy.  I am not sure I will ever get it right.  They have changed words in my documents and told me it should be this way but I go and relisten and I still hear what I had originally put.  Even got DH to listen and he said he heard  I heard. I wonder if they are that hard on their foreign employees.

I really started this MTSO to test the waters.  I just got so tired of driving back and fourth I was hoping this would work out.  I am just not feeling confident in my self to do this job anymore but I have to pay the bills somehow.  I cannot get by on my good looks. So, I printed this style guide, going to poke holes in it, put it in a binder and will look at it while the kids are getting their hair cuts. I will carry that thing with me everywhere I go along with my corrections and study it when I can.  If they can me before I get a chance to bring my score up, I will burn it.

Oh, goodness. We WANT MTSOs and others to
This way open dialogue continues.

If we shut this place up to ONLY having MTs here ... we'll never get any information in/out!

You don't have to like anyone else's posts.

MTSOs who use DocQscribe
Does anyone know of any companies that use DocQScribe other than DSG and MedQuist.

maybe ... small MTSOs can go either way .. sm
pay small because they are small ... or pay well, and say they appreciate quality work, and joke with you about other MTs they have on their payroll ..... and then you realize they are probably making the same remarks about you behind your back too.
The 'policy' of some MTSOs...
...of waiting until clients pay them until they pay their ICs is a poor business practice - lousy and tacky, too.  Running a business involves having back-up  and/or personal funds on hand for when clients don't pay on time or don't pay at all.  And there are ways to get clients to pay on time; I've successfully used them and still keep clients and get client referrals
Small MTSOs that I know are not

The only reason they use subs is that the client needs more work done than they can physically do themselves.  Most small MTSOs did not start out wanting to be an MTSO at all, but just having their own accounts.  Then there is too much work and they have to use subs.  And most of the line count is forwarded on to the subcontractor, not kept as profit for the MTSO.

I am just such a small MTSO and I make more money when I don't have subs because I can spend my time typing instead of listening to blanks, setting up templates, explaining format, etc., doing payroll, etc.

If MTs did the work the way that they should, the MTSOs would not need sm
to assign the work. I have 8 accounts. 5 work fine with everyone doing first in, first out. 2 have to be assigned or everyone cherry-picks. The last one is assigned by the hospital because they have seen too many MTs cherry pick.

Re below post - This is what I believe about MTSOs
Suggestion for MTSOs
I think that every account has probably one or two crappy people. In all fairness I think that each MT on shift or on that account should have to do X amount of that doctor. That way every one does a little and no one gets stuck with all of it. So everyone might lose a little production but not enough to devastate. Wouldn't it be nice?

Do MTSOs run away from experienced MTs?

I have a great MT day job.  I was looking to get a few extra hours a week on another just to fill in my time and to begin IC so someday I can go full time IC and set my own hours. I have a lot of years under my belt.  I just tested with 3 IC firms for part time anytime you want work.  One of them responded and said my test was perfect and they sent me the document compared with their style only corrections.  They said they'd get back to me.  The other 2 companies never did and I know I did well on their tests.

Come to find out, I was speaking to an MTSO owner this week who said really did not plan to hire me because MTs with my experience are hard to control, and it is easier to work with people right out of school, yet she liked my experience and was tempted to work with me.  Really, how is that supposed to make me feel? I have paid my dues, worked for years, done every shift, worked in every situation, including on site hospitals and now that I have a lot of experience people are not calling me? I get lots of calls for full time work, but I already have a job I love.  And they are not afraid of me being demanding.  Because I am not.  We are not all alike.  Just because one person may be a prima donna does not want to follow company regulations, that does not mean that I wouldn't.  If I found out that I were being controlled yes I would leave, but wouldn't anyone?  Then, I realized they also wanted to pay me less per line, a beginning rate.  I did not act insulted. I just did not take the job.

So, to get called back on a p/t position if you have experience, you 1) should not scare them so dumb down your resume. 2) Act very flexible like you will do anything and then proceed to do so 3) do all the above at a lower rate.

Okay, so I got the message. I quit testing for p/t and IC.  I will just work harder and longer hours for the company f/t which does trust me, is not afraid of me, and treats me well.  I am just writing this to say, isn't this some kind of prejudice? What we are supposed to quit in midcareer? Is anyone else out there getting these answers? I learned my lesson. I am not looking anymore, wasting my time doing well on tests, or dumbing down my resume to be paid less. I will probably just sell junk on e bay.


There are many. Try smaller MTSOs. (nm)

Even small MTSOs?
I know all the bigger companies are moving to SR, but what about small MTSO's?
Are they also moving exclusively to SR? I know of very small MTSOs in my local area that still are picking up and delivering tapes. Not that I want to be in the dark ages, just don't want my pay cut in half to be fixing a garbled mess spit out by the machine! MT's at my company who have already moved to SR are finding they are making a lot less money doing it. They get half the pay, but it does NOT take half the time to do the work!
I think MTSOs are always hiring -- go for it!

Seems like this is SOP for all the MTSOs. TT and MQ are both notorious
It is time to for us to complaining on these boards and figure out a unified way to complain to labor boards and lawyers, and get some laws changed.
List of MTSOs
Does anyone know where to find a comprehensive list of MTSOs.  The ones that advertise aren't necessarily the best ones - we all know that.  TIA. 
What is wrong with some of these MTSOs...sm

Saw a job ad from some MTSO out of Mississippi....IC status, but look at this statement:

All positions are IC. These are straight shifts and are not flexible

Ads like this one burns me UP!!!!!!

Small MTSOs
should not comingle personal and company funds for many reasons, some of them tax reasons, some of them other legal reasons.