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Med-Tech or MWP services

Posted By: texan on 2006-01-19
In Reply to:

out of Michigan, may specialize in x-rays.  Anyone know anything about either of these companies?  I have GOT to find something to supplement soon!  Thanks!

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Have you considered radiology tech or lab tech?
A lot of the credits you have acquired for nursing transfer to both of those programs. Probably a little less stressful.
Weekly? Services are lucky if they get paid twice a month. Generally, services bill out to their
try transriptiongear.com's tech support. They do gearplayer tech support whereever you bought yo
info on AMD Services/AmeriMed Data Services
Please help me. Does anyone know anything about AMD Services or AmeriMed Data Services. I have been offered a position with them and need to know if they pay good, etc. before I accept a position with them. Thanks in advance.

Trans Tech Medical Solutions or Trans Tech Svcs?
Which is the one that everyone is always saying is so good to work for?  Trans Tech Medical Solutions or Trans Tech Services out of Iowa?  Thanks for any clarity you can provide!!!!
I worked there for 2 years and I liked it fine. The company has been going through changes internally and going onto a neew system, so I don't know how it is now. You do have to work in-house until you get up to speed (I think that is still applicable) No problem with getting paid direct deposit every two weeks. Supervisors and QA people are readily available for questions/problems. A very fair and nonabusive QA team Some have not liked the company, but I found them fair and easy to work for, one of the better services I have been involved with. They deal with hospitals and large clinics, no individual practices. You get a variety of work. You do have to start out working evening shifts, I believe....like I said I've been gone for a while, but I hope this helps.

I tested with Med-Tech a few days ago and I got an E-mail today to contact them regarding my scores. Does anyone know if this is a good company and/or if this is good news? Thanks!


Are you still working for them? How is it?
tt tech

how is the technical department at transtech?  Is it better to have your own computer or are theirs pretty reliable??

Thanks to all in advance.  I would appreciate any input.

Med-Tech Help . . . .
Does anyone else work for Med-Tech?  I got my first check but not my second and no one in payroll has responed to me as of yet.  Do they only pay once a month?  Or only cut a check over a certain amount?  I'm really tired of fighting for my money with these transcription places.  It makes me sick.  I work because I have to work -- it's not like it is just a hobby!
re: Med-Tech
They pay on the 1st and the 15th of the month. When did you receive your last paycheck?
MT Tech
 Why do they have a flashing "now hiring" sign?  Everytime I call in for work the pool is dry!
CPR Tech

Also did a short time with company.  Dictaphone needed and second line.  Thought platform was easy enough.  No training given, jump right in with heavy ESL and super speed MDs (was told ESLs but not told almost every dictator would be one).   Rerecording makes ugly MDs even worse.  It was assumed experience in all fields.  Pay was on time, however.

Does Med-Tech offshore?
Maybe the tech can get in there and see if
I know there has been a lot of discussion about T-Tech on here lately but would like to know if there is anyone there who really likes it and would be willing to e-mail and share their experience.  Would like to know about schedule flexibility, software, ESL, etc.  Thanks in advance.

Is there anyone out there with familiar with the company Med-Tech?  Any information grealy appreciated.

Ask Tech
There is a word Expander on BeyondTXT.  Ask them.  I do believe they can include what they call a short-cut which will export your Expanders over.  Not exactly sure, but they are really helpful... glad to see we have new MTs.... keep in touch if I can be of help.  Im relatively new but would share what knowledge I have.  I work on BeyondTXT for 2 months.  
can't the tech help you do that?
Tech should help
The techies are very aware of how to transfer your MQ Expander files to be used in MDI. Ask Matt or Greg, they have been doing this for years! Ask them about the aco file, do not try to do it on your own.
Anyone know what MED-TECH pay is starting at?  I have a year exp.  I am wondering what kind of pay the offer generally.  They sent a test to me.  I hate to waste time on testing if the pay is not good.  I already have one job with bad pay.  I don't want another. 

Does anyone in the world work for Med-Tech, at home or locally. Infomation on this company is like looking for a ghost!! It's like no one really works for them. Even locally. Or is there information that you just can't get on this company? If anyone has worked, is working, or has any info on this company please share.

Did you take their test yet?  It takes the recruiter awhile to get back to you.  I passed their test and was offered a job, but it took awhile.  For various reasons, nothing they did, I turned them down.
I don't know.  I Emailed you.
I think they are in Covington.  I spoke with a man.
Hello MTs:   I was wondering if anyone had any information on a company called Med-Tech located in Metairie, Louisiana.  Is pay good per line, are they a dependable company, do they pay on time, just general information.  Thanks
OSi tech setup
When an OSi tech person is in your PC, I would watch every move they make, especially when they are setting up your OSi email address.
trans tech does
tech support
The tech support is very good and very reliable at Spheris. A nice solid company.
Med-Tech in Georgia anyone?
I found a few posts from a couple of months ago, but only new hires.  I would love to know how it is going for you guys?  Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Med-Tech - How long did it take
for you to hear back from them?  I took the test, but I haven't heard anything.  Thanks.
Med-Tech Resources. nm
Yes, make sure you tell the tech because sm
I think the TA speed actually is used to count your lines in some way.
Trans Tech
So do you like it there or what?
How is their tech support ?
Re Trans Tech...
Are their incentives pretty easy to obtain?  Have heard many good things about this company.  Thanks.
Uh, how about Tech Support?
Anything on Med-Tech Resource?
Trans Tech
I was offered a job also. I asked about ASR, was told they have it, but if I did not want it, I would not have to do it.
Any other questions about T-tech?
ttech ttech ttech   Can we get them a board already.
Tech question

I don't know if this is the place to post this, but I need help.  I am waiting for tech support to call me back, but in the meantime, I am not working all morning.  I work in a ExText Word.  I just started working on my new laptop.  For some reason, whenever I have to make a numbered list, it is automatically indenting when I need it to stay flush left.  I am not computer savvy, and don't know how to fix it.  Can anybody help me?

And - unfortunately most of the tech support
... I've ever dealt with is not as savvy as they make themselves out to be. I have worked for several companies and to be honest I know more about general stuff like this than they do. You definitely came to the right place at MT Stars.
Med-Tech Resources. sm

Getting ready to sign and send in my contract with Med-Tech Resources out of Georgia.  Anything I should know, be aware of?  Any advice would be greatly appreciated. TIA.



That's the problem - I got very little help from tech...

He told me to look for something like C:documents/docQscribe.  Okay, then what?  When I get in there I find a gazillion files and have no clue which one is my expander.  I have e-mailed him twice and he never answers my e-mails.  In the meantime, I'm trying to type with no Expander file.  I saw something in there called Webcorrect and was just wondering if maybe that was my expander file...somebody?? Anybody???

Yes - tech support should be able to help

you with that.  When I switched from MQ to MDI, the tech at MDI converted my files so that I could transfer them.  If you have an MQ computer, I would suggest holding off on turning in a resignation with MQ until you have started at your new place and have a chance to get your files converted. 

Also, in regard to your question above, DSG uses DQS and I think maybe Precyse.  Someone else asked that not long ago - might want to check a related posts search or archives. 

As far as working extra hours, it depends on whether you are employee status or IC/SE.  Most IC/SE will let you work as much as they have available, while employee status may not let you go over 40 hours because they'll have to pay OT.

Good luck.  Hope you get out of the Q soon.  I did and don't regret it once.

Med-Tech Resources

Hello fellow MTs!!  Does anyone have any info on this company based out of Georgia?  Any info is appreciated.  Feel free to e-mail me if you would like.



Med-Tech Resources, GA?
If this is the company you are talking about, I worked for them for 3 years.  They used to have an in-house training program -- excellent intense program for 3 months which was equal to a 12-month program anywhere else.  I then worked in-house for a couple of months and then came home.  They have very strict QA, but I learned a lot from them.  They were having some financial difficulties about 3 years ago and there was question on the survival of the company, and that's when I left.  It's was also hard to get the shifts that I wanted there -- it seemed they played favorites a lot and I got really frustrated about them not wanting to be more flexible with schedules.  They are out of Marietta, GA, called Med-Tech Resources, and as far as I know are still in business.
Tech Support
I would like to access this board as well. I don't have my log-in info yet and actually know very little. My pedal should be here today, and then I have to call to schedule an appt with tech support. I hope that I can get ShortHand from them.

Med-Tech in Louisiana
Does anyone know about Med-Tech in Louisiana?  The ones below are the one in Georgia.
Med-Tech in Louisiana
Has anyone worked for Med-Tech in Louisiana?  Any info would be appreciated.