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Med Trans of America

Posted By: GAMT on 2007-09-05
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Has anybody worked for this company before?  They offered me a job paying 7 cents per line without spaces.  Is it worth taking?

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Med Trans of America

Can anyone tell me anything about Med Trans of America?  Have they always had payroll problems?

Med Trans of America

Can anyone give me any current information on this company?  I searched the boards and found information from 2006, but nothing current.  Thanks!

Med Trans of America
Run away from J at MedTrans of America.  You will not get paid.  Believe me.
Trans Tech Medical Solutions or Trans Tech Svcs?
Which is the one that everyone is always saying is so good to work for?  Trans Tech Medical Solutions or Trans Tech Services out of Iowa?  Thanks for any clarity you can provide!!!!
DTS America
Do they allow dial-up?  Thanks.
DTS America
Another one I passed through  a few years ago.  Didn't suit me.  They are/used to be big offshorers.
DTS America?
has anyone heard of this company? how are they in terms of pay, schedule, etc.?
DTS america

 Did anyone receive a response in regards to the rsdiology opening?  TIA.


DTS America
I worked for them years ago. I only stayed 30 days because they had no work. They insisted on training in-house with them for a week, and then when I got home I ran out of work every day. They only had one hospital account - the rest were doctors' offices. This was about 6-7 yrs ago. Ask lots of questions You know how productive you are and how much work you need. Trust your instincts. One hospital account is not enough for a good MT. I can't imagine anyone is insisting on in-house training in this day and age, but any good MT should be able to connect herself and learn the technical aspects of an account remotely in, like...an hour.
DTS America


I am looking for info on DTS America such as pay, plenty of work, benefits and how they treat you. I did see the one post about outsourcing to India, is this still their practice?



Have you ever seen in America...
Have you seen how chickens, cows and pigs are treated as livestock in our country? Or how they are killed before being served up as Grade A American? Ever seen live chickens dunked into boiling water to scald their feathers off? It's not a pretty picture, no matter what animal or country!
DTS America
Anyone currently working there that I can chat with, if so please email me.  Thanks
DTS of America



When I first started, they were great. When mgnt changed, it became the almighty $$.  I and several of my MT friends lost our jobs b/c they outsourced the work to India, lied about it, said there was no work, when there was work. One account they still have, that I worked on was Vanderbilt University Hospital, which is a HUGE teaching hospital and is the trauma center. How can Vandy be out of work? It is a  a joke that they're named DTS OF AMERICA when work is outsourced overseas.  You can e-mail me privately if you wish.


fast fingers


DTS America
I worked for DTS America for about a year. They changed the way they count lines, which caused the pay to drop about 20%. We were no longer able to keep track of our own lines, as they did not provide the software for that. I worked on trauma with quality of 98.5 or better. Eventually, I was making less than $6 per hour. They were constantly running out of work (read giving it to India). They required us to check the queue for work every 15 minutes, sometimes all day long! My state government lodged a complaint, and I was fired.
DTS America
Does anyone have any info on DTS America?
DTS America
Does anyone have any current information about DTS America QA positions?  Do they have plenty of work?  Do they pay on time?  Are their QA positions paid hourly or by the line?  I know they outsource.  Do they hire IC or employee? Thanks in advance for any information.
DTS America
Can anyone give me information regarding DTS America?  Do they pay on time?  Do they have plenty of work?  Do they offer flexible scheduling?  I would appreciate any information, good or bad. 
DTS America in TN
The DTS America that I am looking at is in Brentwood, TN also.
DTS America??
Does anyone have any information on DTS America?  Thanks in advance...
DTS America SM
Offers medical effective first of the month following hire, which in my case was three days, as i started on the 28th of the month.

I am not sure if they are hiring currently, but so far I love the company, and the accounts are not too difficult to learn at all
DTS America
I currently work for DTS America and for the most part they are a good company to work for.  The only gripe I have is we still receive our checks by snail mail (which for me means another 3-4 days wait for my check) and the work volume is currently lower than normal, but that happens with any company at times.   
DTS America
Looking for current info regarding DTS America.  I searched archives but most of the info is old.  Pros and cons please.  What platform do they use.  Thank you.
DTS America
I have a friend who has worked there a year and is very happy- makes good money. She is always trying to get me to come to work for them, but I only have dial-up.
DTS America....sm

Health insurance carrier?  Single premium amount?  Deductible?  Pay tier? 

DTS of America
I do, email if you want,  terrible company
DTS America
Thanks Susie, I was talking about the one outside of Nashville, TN. I guess that is the one in Brentwood. Wow, they laid off that many people. That is not good. Never a good sign. Thanks!!
DTS America
Is anyone out there familiar with DTS America?  What can you tell me about it? 
DTS America

Hi.  I have read previous posts regarding DTS America and am thinking of applying with them for a part-time position. I am trying to sort out if they actually have a tie with or outsource to India or the Phillipines.  I see in previous posts that they are 100% American owned, but I do not see anywhere that actually states where their work is done.  Would appreciate any info on this company from MTs currently working there.  Thanks in advance.


Anyone have current info on this compay?  Based out of Tennessee according to their website.   Thanks !!
DTS America
I work there too. There is no work left anymore. They totally over hired. You have to be on your computer almost 24 hours a day to make any kind of living at all now. By the way, that different lady is gone now.
Anyone work for DTS America
MedTrans of America
Is the former QMT, which has always had payroll problems.  I used to work for them until they stop paying.  Before that paychecks were always late (different excuse every time).  I found out later that the owner closes up business and opens up under another name when things get too out of hand I guess.  MedTrans of America is her third company at least. 

Is there anyone who has not gotten paid by J at MedTrans of America and if so, do you have another contact number besides the 1-800 which always goes to voice mail?

Not only does she still owe me for a couple of files - the last check she sent bounced!! I've notified MT Jobs about her because she had an ad posted on there earlier
Looking for input on DTS America.
I cannot really find much.  TIA!! 
Did anyone ever hear of DTS America. nm
America's Pride
Any feedback on America's Pride located in Virginia.  Good, bad, indifferent feedback appreciated.  Thanks.
In America there is a law against discriminating against (nm)
You might consider suing their a$$es.
Synthescribe America in TN
The company is located out of Tennessee and not the Phillipines.
Anyone working for DTS America right now. nm
I would like new info on DTS America. Anyone?
MedScribe FL or DTS America?nm
Has anyone ever heard of DTS America
good, bad, ugly.  TIA. 
So you;re willing to sell America out
because there's always work---(for now)?
I don't sell America out
I work only for companies that do not offshore, period.
Anyone know anything about DTS America? I never see any posts sm

about them, but maybe that is a good thing, meaning it is a good company with nothing to complain about.  Any kind of info would be appreciated, such as platform, decent pay (and on time), benefits, etc.

MedTrans of America, Inc.

Does anyone have any recent information ont his company?  I've done some research and can only find information that is (at least) 2+ years old.  The things that I have heard have been quite bothersome regarding paychecks, but I like to think everyone goes through a difficult time and can overcome it.  So, I am hoping to get some positive information.  If you have any information at all, I would be very thankful to hear it.


Thank you.

MedTrans of America, Inc???
Hi all,

I'm currently testing with MedTrans, and I was wondering if anyone out there has had any experience with them? I've seached the boards, but really found very little on them.

Yesterday my internet went down and I had to call them to let them know why I hadn't sent in my tests, but all I got was an answering machine. When my internet was back up I sent in an email to basically verify that someone got my message and I have yet to recieve a response. For some reason my gut is telling me this is sketchy at best.

Any info on them, god, bad, ugly, would be very much appreciated. The sooner the better too, I don't feel like wasting time of testing if they're not a good company to work for.


DTS America in Tennessee?
Does anybody have any current information on this company?  I did a search but nothing came up.  TIA!
Sounds like DTS America to me. nm
Anyone work for DTS America?  There has been no work for a couple of months now.  Are they offshoring the work?