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My recollection of the incident...

Posted By: Esther on 2008-08-04
In Reply to: I remember the jewish post but I recall the poster - Cassie Dressler

As I recall, the poster was not upset because there was a christian forum, she was upset because on the christian forum they were referring to Jews and their money-making schemes along with other antisemitic comments. I am surprised that you, as a Jew, do not find those types of statements offensive, but to each his own!

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My recollection is a bit different -
Let's see....

I had toxemia and was taken off work and placed on disability status at 8 months. Had to have pretty much total bedrest.

Had 12 hours of hard, induced labor which progressed much too quickly without dilatation.

Ended up having an emergency C-section as it turned out my daughter had a nuchal cord and her heartbeat was rapidly dwindling with every contraction.

After major surgery, I was in severe pain AND taking care of a newborn infant for a total of 8 weeks before I was deemed well enough to return to work.

And you have the audacity to compare maternity leave with a PAID VACATION???

Maybe eventually you'll get that same type of paid vacation when you undergo hip replacement.
Amphion hasn't, to my recollection
Yep, about 3 months ago was when I had an incident with him.
What an unprofessional jerk.  LOL, wonder who he's selling shoes for?
Equifax for Ceridian incident
I've verified with both SPi and Ceridian that this is a legit offer - part of their responsibility to make up for this breach in our security. I've tried several times to sign up for it but, to date, have still been unable to. It tells me that something is wrong with my sign-in info; but when I try to start the registration process over again, it says I've already got an account. Can't reach anyone who can help me with it at Equifax, either. Just another screwed-up part of this. :(
ceridian incident police reports
I requested copies of the police report(s) and still haven't gotten any...