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My recollection is a bit different -

Posted By: Maternity leave on 2008-12-24
In Reply to: Seems like job discrepancy - TT fast_fingers

Let's see....

I had toxemia and was taken off work and placed on disability status at 8 months. Had to have pretty much total bedrest.

Had 12 hours of hard, induced labor which progressed much too quickly without dilatation.

Ended up having an emergency C-section as it turned out my daughter had a nuchal cord and her heartbeat was rapidly dwindling with every contraction.

After major surgery, I was in severe pain AND taking care of a newborn infant for a total of 8 weeks before I was deemed well enough to return to work.

And you have the audacity to compare maternity leave with a PAID VACATION???

Maybe eventually you'll get that same type of paid vacation when you undergo hip replacement.

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