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Need up-to-date info on DTS America

Posted By: wondering on 2007-08-16
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Such as platform, incentive plan if any and how does it work, benefits such as health insurance premiums, minimum line requirement, etc

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Anyone with up to date info re TRS?
What is the most up to date info on TRS? Good or bad? I read an old archives that said they deduct lines from you pay if client gets a report with errors. Also read that it is hard to get lines with their platform. Need the most current info regarding this company. Thank you.
Any up-to-date info on Transcend?
Archives from 2005 bring up a lot of problems with platform going down.  Is this still the case?  Is pay on time?  TIA.
Need up-to-date info for Medware?

I am thinking about working for them, but need current info as far as flexibility, etc.


Would really like any up-to-date info on Transcend.
Up to date info on Deventure....Please....NM
Does anyone have any up-to-date info on Med-Scribe in Florida?

  • Could not find any current posts in the archives.

Phoenix MedCom (looking for up-to-date info)
Does anyone have any up-to-date information on Phoenix MedCom.  I checked archives but everything is very old.  Would current transcriptionists there please share how they like it and if they have enough work and make a good line count. I am trying to make up my mind and really need your input.  Thank you so much for your time.
Looking at applying with either DSG or Keystrokes. Any up-to-date info would
be appreciated such as work availability, etc. 
Looking at applying with either DSG or Keystrokes. Any up-to-date info would
be appreciated such as work availability, etc. 
Anyone have up-to-date info on Transcend, pros/cons? nm
I would like new info on DTS America. Anyone?
Up to date info on Zylomed? People change and companies do to...(sm)
I need current information from MT's that do or have worked for Zylomed (Naples, FL) in the last year. If you've had a bad experience with them 2 or 3 years ago, don't bother writing. People change and companies do too! I need the real skinny on what's happening now. I would really appreciate hearing from current employees! Thanks so much!
Does anybody have any info on Medtrans of America, Inc.?
Any info on DTS America out of Nashville
Regarding the help wanted post on the job board from 11/16, I am seeking information on Medtrans of America.  Fair?  Pay on time?
any NEW info on MedTrans of America???
I realize 7cpl is low, but M-F and the TAT is perfect for what I need so I'm okay with the low cpl.  Just need to find out about the pay issues and any other pros or cons associated with them. TIA!!!! 
Does anyone have any info about a company called America's Pride? (sm)
I can't find anything on the web and know only that they type VA records.  Has anyone ever worked for them?  How are they to work for?  Do they hire IC/FT/PT/statutory?  How are the line counts, platform, etc?  Any info would be greatly appreciated. TIA
A little info on Task Force Pro and America's Pride
I don't have any info on them from personal experience but did find this info on a search. I'm assuming I'm allowed to place these links.

VERY interesting article. Sounds America's Pride had a contract with Medquist who was accused of sending active and inactive veterans' info overseas to be transcribed. Don't know the outcome, but for your reading enjoyment:



If anyone is or has worked for them I would also be interesting in hearing about them.
The date
Did you notice that the date on the postings shows 03/04?  That's strange, too.  Where I live, in the USA, it is still 03/03.
You do not have to put your date of birth on
an application.  It is illegal for them to ask age so date of birth falls in line.  If you want to just provide the month and day, that's okay.  The only time you would have to give date of birth or anything age related would be after you get the job and I can't really think of a reason they would need that.  They would probably find it out on your driver's license for identity purposes but other than that, I see no reason to let them have it prior.  Social security number again is a sensitive issue for application purposes only.  When you get the job of course you do HAVE to give it whether you are employee or IC.  I just would not randomly provide them with this information until you are hired and if they don't like it, they do not have to.
Did you check the date (m)
on the ad? The one I found for them on MT stars is from 2003. May not be around anymore.
Just had not said anything to date, but getting concerned. n/m
Can someone tell me a little something up-to-date about these companies. nm
start date?
anybody been contacted for a new start date?
My bad. Pay date the last day of the month,
not the 30th.
Another poster just indicated the date of the official merge is September 1st.

I just wanted to point this out so anyone intending to take a stand could make August 31st, 2009, their last date of employment for MDI-MD.
Closing date is 08/31 but there's a 15-day
I have work, all on today's date.
So, the ad was still posted after your cutoff date? sm
How tacky is THAT?

scroll to posts from the date

03-03-2007. Theye are posts from management regarding PT issue.


Can you restore to an earlier date and get (sm)

the changes the techie made to your computer?  I had 2 different companies set me up with an e-mail addy for their company, and got scam stock e-mails.  I feel your pain.

Do ctrl S then search by your ID # and the date.
Then you can compare job #s but only if you're writing down the document ID and not the voice job ID. 
Not sure if this list is up to date or if a fee is charged, but here's

Diskriter, Precyse, Opti-Script (Penn.), CIT (Charts in Time, FLA.), WebMedX, Transcend, Trans-Tech?, MQ?, Spheris, and Amphion.

Anybody know the exact start date of the

It's not the start date that's always the problem...sm

 If they give you a start date and not put you on 100% QA right away...OK.  If they put you on 100% QA and give you guaranteed hourly minimum while you're in training, that's OK, too. But what about the ones that put you on QA until their own QA monitor (who may be required to given feedback on everything and also have to justify his/her job and sometimes nitpicks just a little too much  )...and who will not let you do more than 2-5 jobs a day until you're off of QA?

More on Excel date/time
Sounds like you don't mind doing it, but if you're curious - check your formatting.

Go to the cell in question, then use the menu: Format > Cells
Make sure the format is GENERAL then close the dialog

Then type in 5:03 (or any time with just m:ss)

Also, try to type this in: 4:63 -- see what Excel changes it to

Good luck Excelling!

When someone says it is my PAY DATE, I expect that to mean the day I am paid. sm

And like the poster above, every other place I have worked, if the pay day falls on a weekend, I got the pay the day before.

Congrats to you for being so quick to defend.  I didn't attack the company.  I only said I wanted to have a pay day I could count on.  If you cannot understand that, then I'm sorry you have no compassion.

And yes, they have grown quickly, perhaps TOO quickly.  They make promises to the clients without having the manpower to back it up. Then they do a massive overhiring and then the work dries up.  It is a great cycle -- flooded with work, or begging for it.

I do not have to defend myself.  I stand by what I said. 

Make sure you get an exact date
Be careful that you get an exact training date. Otherwise, you could be left hanging for quite a while. Every time I asked when my training date was, I was not replied to.

Otherwise, I don't know much about this company because I never made it past that point.
Need up-to-date information on Sten-Tel (sm)

Is there anyone that currently works for Sten-Tel or has worked with them in the past 6 months or so that can tell me if they are a decent company to work for?  I searched the archives, but everything is at least a couple years old. 


I haven't gotten squat to date....nm
Go to the medquist form for the date of 03/17/09
Top of page *Two factual Verifications: and under that is: Proof taken off internet. If you click on this you will see the article regarding MQ and SPI's new contract regarding sending 2 million lines per month to them. By 2011 they will be sending 6 million.
found a date of Oct 29 (?) 2001 for the
I just did a Google search with: Lernout & Hauspie acquisition medquist

http://www.highbeam.com/doc/1G1-80067506.html (clickable link below)

You might be able to find some info on the others in a similar fashion.
It's not that the pay is never on time, it's just that they don't give you an exact date; o
It kind of depends on your start date sm
Work 1st through 15th, counts go in at end of day on the the 15th,  get paid on the 1st.  Work 16th through last day of month, counts go in at end of day last day of the month, get paid on the 15th.  So if you work the 12th, 13th, 14th, and 15th you would get paid for those 4 days on the 1st (so just a little over 2 weeks). 
Excel date/time value vs. format
It's helpful to understand how Excel handles date/time. (In all examples below, you don't actually type the quotes)

Excel maintains a distinction between the VALUE of the date/time and the FORMAT. For instance, when you type 5:12 in cell A3, Excel understands that you mean a date/time value, and stores this as 0.2166666. By default, if you do not specify a date, Excel uses the mythical 1/9/1900 for the date portion, and the time specified.

As another example, go to any cell and type in =NOW(). Excel will store this as a date/time, but format it on screen to your default preference -- mine looks like 1/26/2008 14:23. But if you click on that date again, then go to the Format menu, choose Number, select 4 Decimal places, you will see it change to 39473.6000 -- representing 39473.6 full days from the beginning of time (according to Excel - 1/0/1900).

Bottom line: go ahead and enter your data as just h:mm, then add them up / see if it behaves -- shouldn't require any special formatting....

Also, fwiw - if you have any Excel questions, I would be happy to reply here or answer emails....
It's ridiculous to say not to count on an exact pay date.
I'm just curious, if any of you are supposed to be paid on a certain date sm
and that date falls on a Saturday, does your company pay you on the Friday before or the Monday after?   I work for CardioScribes, and I am supposed to be paid on the 22nd, but unfortunately that falls on a Saturday so I am told that I will have to wait until Monday.  I thought most companies paid you the day before, but thought maybe things had changed and this is now the norm to make employees wait even longer.
Actually, my hire date was October 9 last year
but since it was my first new job in almost 28 years, it was a BIG thing. I left the old job because my beloved boss closed down his practice to join another one, and the other group declined to hire me. Their loss. I was hired by a medium-sized national that just got acquired by a large national. We're 1 month into the new regime (so if we want to get technical, I actually have started a new job in the last 30 days) and the only thing that has really changed so far is the pay period is now twice a month instead of every 2 weeks. I still work the same shift, the same accounts, the same pay rates, the same supervisors and QA people, the same platform, everything.

There's been some grumbling on this board about the new company and how they lure you in with big promises and then you always seem to run out of work, coincidentally just before you achieve the gross pay required per period to be considered full time and thus eligible for benefits. Of course I can only speak for myself, but I haven't seen any such thing, and the only times I have run out of work (briefly) have been on or around holidays. If the work is coming in slowly at any other time, our people actually call the clients and ask them what's going on. (And then they send out e-mails to let us know what's happening.) I work a 32-hour week (by my choice) but probably at least 9 days out of 10, there is enough work that I could work a full 8 hours if I wanted to. (And this pay period I came in at 25 percent over the gross minimum--and I know for a fact my own pay rate is actually on the lower end of the scale, so reaching that minimum is NOT exactly difficult. At least not for me.)

We don't get a lot of extraneous e-mails, only necessary announcements and requests, and we're all on IM so we can always find somebody to help if we have a question. We are also not only encouraged but strongly urged to send ANYTHING doubtful to QA, even if we have to leave 100 blanks in a report. They'd rather have a QA blank than a guess. And QA has NEVER gotten the least bit snarky with me; even when it's been a real duh! mistake on my part, the worst I might get is a smiley face with a gently-worded note pointing out the error.

I have a co-worker who was hired the same day I was, on the same account. She has a neighbor who works for the company that just acquired us, and LOVES it; in fact, she was encouraging my co-worker to jump ship and c'mon over, until we all found out we were all comin' on over anyway, as of April 1.
Webmedx first pay date DD or paper check?
Just wondering.  I know every place does something different.  I asked my STM, and she is trying to find out for me, but i thought this might be faster. 
Single strike day? Gimme a date, and I'm THERE!

Well, welcome aboard then. Do you have approximate live date? nm