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Posted By: kitty on 2009-03-21
In Reply to:

 I am a newbie, and I came here hoping to gain insight from MTs with years of experience, a little support, and make a few friends along the way.   

People here are too busy being rude, nasty, and trying to

out do one another, and it is sad!

As a newbie, I KNOW I have much to learn, but that does not mean I don't have a clue or a brain in my head. Passing the CS final with a score of 97 on the first try, well, I think I have a pretty good start at it.

While I have much to learn,  I strive every day to improve on my skills,and value advice from those with much more experience. That is not what you get here.

Certain people on here, the same people over and over again, respond to every post on every page , and it is always in a negative manner, and most often down right nasty...why?

At one time each of you were newbies, looking for that first chance, looking for advice , encouragement from others who are more experienced, but it seems you all have forgotten this fact.

It is possible to respond to someone and get your point across without being nasty, rude, insulting .

There is a lot of competition in this business, the bad economy and so many new MTs coming along only makes matters worse.

I enjoy the work, just want to improve, and try to make a decent living. And like I said, I hoped to make a few friends along the way, but that just is not possible. At least not here.

 It isn't about not having thick skin. I have raised 2 kids with health problems on my own, ran my own business for years, my skin is very thick. But,no one enjoys a place where they know every comment they make, question they ask will be met with an insult.

One person on here replied to me many times by email when I asked to hear from anyone who worked for or had worked for a company that had offered me a job, and I of course replied back thanking her for being so nice, for encouragement only to find out she was taking my personal emails to her and passing them along to other people, such as the recruiter at the company that I was thinking of accepting the job offer with...why? Only reason I could think of was to try to cause me trouble before I even got my foot in the door.

I had simply asked the lady how long it took to get set up to begin working, and if the platform they use had a line counter or if I needed my own. She sent my email to the recruiter saying she didn't know how to answer me????

Two simple, basic questions and she didn't know how to answer me? If you have been a MT for several years, worked for a company for several years, and cannot tell someone how long it took you to get set up, and if the platform you use  has a line counter, well, I am sorry but I have to wonder how you have a job.

The recruiter jumped on me saying I was to address all questions to only her, that writing this woman would not speed things  up for me??? I did not ask anyone to help speed things up for me. It was all very strange.

This is just one example of my bad experience here, then every time I come here it is this same nasty junk back and forth from the same people over and over again.

Some of you have nerve to tell others they need to grow up. 

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I'm a newbie

I am a newer employee and i get plenty of ESLs and harder to understand dictators.  Some of my reports are hard and i get plenty of reports that are short.  I still manage to be a high producer though.  So what.  It's called work.  The more you do of the harder dictators, the better you get.  The shorter reports you have, you just fly through them and do more. it still adds up if you are diligent and don't stop to whine about it. 

Also, if I am a high producer, I hope that i DO get taken care of by my company.  I am working extra, I am faster, and I deserve to reap some benefit from that.  You wouldn't expect a high school grad and a college grad to get offered the same pay would you?  Why does every one get so upset if a high producer is treated differently?  I just don't get it.

Just wondering whether anyone knows of a company that will hire a newbie?, and also who to not work for.
TH newbie
You only have worked 4 months, try working for over a year and believe me I was in your same shoes but when the honeymoon period is over, it is over!!! Due to some unforseen circumstances I was unable to leave my job but now I am looking into better opportunities. However I do wish you the best of luck with Transhealth.
I know that you are a newbie and all
I don't mean to sound cruel....but read through your post and see all the misspelled and misused words.  I'm glad to hear that someone is giving you an opportunity and that you are trying to better yourself, but you have a very long way to go to be able to QA someone's work.  Don't let people blow up your head only to have you disappointed later.  You also state that you are not yet doing the basic 4..... It will be years and years, if ever, before you are able to QA.  Also...just to let you know...it's ESL which stands for English as a second language.  Bless your little heart.
But you know there is a newbie out there
thinking that is great money!LOL!
Newbie job
Teresa, I say go for it! Six per line really isn't all that bad for starting out. My first transcription job was for an office that used tapes and I had to pick up, deliver and buy paper - all for nine per line. Stick with it - most of these companies will increase the pay as you get more experience, plus you can always get more work from other places, too! Good luck to you!
I am a newbie and I would take (sm)
the full time op reports and discharge summaries job if I were you. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to get wonderful experience. Just have confidence in yourself and jump right into it. It might be hard at first, but I'm sure it will benefit you in the end. I work very part time for a chiropractic neurologist at home, and I have been looking for extra work for months now, and can't seem to find any. Good luck. I don't think you will regret it.
Newbie MT
I am very interested to the point of stressed out, and beyond recognition. Please someone contact me with any positions available. My contact information is:
I live in the Little Rock, AR area, but serious looking for an at-home position. Even willing to work below average pay for the experience. Yes, that serious.
This newbie thanks you.
Newbie needs some help

Hi, I'm a newbie and was just wondering if anyone has ever heard of/worked for AccuStat Carolinas?  I think I just got hired...they didn't have me test, I just sent a resume.  Can anyone help?

Are you a newbie?
I have never taken a test where I had more than a couple of blanks, even if the sound quality was not very good.
only if you are a newbie
Have a good mentor program but there is no chance in hell of advancing your career unless you are wet behind the ears and don't pose a threat to your superiors or if you know how to brown nose. If you have a relative that is in management you will go far.

Very dirty politics at OSI. They offshore to India. They hound to work on your time off without recording hours. Very poor communication and awful awful QA department.
newbie pay
 Just because you are new at this doesn't mean you have to take the dregs and with SPI that is all you are going to get...and a raise...you have got to be kidding...I have been with this company over 3 years, made 9 cents a line with no spaces and they told me I would never make more than that...well they were right because now with this new 'compensation plan' I am making the least I have ever made in my life, even when I worked at McDonalds right out of high school (which was over 30 years ago).  Run, do not walk, to the nearest new job you can find...I
TT newbie
Give yourself time. They are more than patient. Any questions, feel free to e-mail me. Don't know if I will be able to help, but I will try. Good luck!
not this newbie
I think I got only the good dictators picked out for me during my training session - which was about 45 minutes. Since then, I have been getting the usual mix of bad, good and in between.
yes, it can be possible, for a newbie, on VR with 2 cpl ......nm
newbie in this situation
I think I am going to take the other job. I hate to do this, but the other job is also very flexible and a good company so I hear. Also, the other company is IC. I am just so discouraged, I am been working for an hour and a half on a very difficult, long OP report, but I guess I should be glad I got a job to do at the moment.
Anyone hiring newbie??


I just posted on the main board, but perhaps I should post my request here.   I have just finished MT schooling and I am hoping to get my first job.  I am a hard worker and very anxious to gain on the job experience - but who will take the time to help me in return for a lower rate of pay?   Thank you ffor any advice in where to go from here.     

Certainly not realistic for a newbie, but
there are plenty of MTs making 40K or more.  I easily make 40 to 45K full time without overtime, strictly 40 hours a week, employee status with very good benefits.  It is certainly possible, but MTs should not expect to graduate and make 40K the first year, it may take a couple years.    
Oh now that is just wrong!! As a newbie
admittedly this was 10 years ago, I got .075 cpl at the Squid. I would never even consider less than 8 cpl!!
Not, a newbie...15 years MT...SM
I would rather be a crying newbie than a seasoned MT who just can't except the fact that even the medical field changes and just DEAL WITH IT. If you old dogs can't be taught this, maybe you should like um, oh I don't know, MOVE ON?! Talk about crying. Grow up and get over yourselves already.
For a newbie, that's just fine. nm
Don't do it, especially if you're a newbie.
This is a university teaching hospital with a lot of ESLs.
Wow. I'm a newbie MT, and I can do waaaay
OK, I'm tooting my own horn, but the company that just hired me as a part-time IC is thrilled with me!
OK. Double wow. Same newbie here doing well.
For your information, no I am not a newbie.
And if you had just come from the crappy job I have, then you would be excited too!!
what can a newbie make?
I was told that I would probably make only about $300 a week starting out. I was very dissappointed but I guess I must start somewhere. That's the problem, I can not get started because nobody will hire a newbie!!!! Can anyone Help!!!
Definitely good for a newbie. nm
Keystrokes Newbie (But Old MT)

Does KS do any kind of annual performance review?  Do MTs ever get pay raises?

No I am not a newbie. I understand they want to know how well you can do - sm
but I have one particular test where the quality is so bad that no matter what I do I cannot make out what is being said. I was just wondering if it is just me or if all companies test this way. I have only tested for a handful of companies and the others were not very good quality either.
TransTech newbie
Working on an account with ESLs but I would expect that, have had much worse in the past. I do get a mix though, seems like when first logging in all the ESLs have floated to the top somehow and I get those first. However, you can pull up previous reports and those are a tremendous help, some nearly word for word the same thing. I wouldn't give up on a potentially good job because of a few ESLs scattered here and there. Ask for some help first.
newbie test?
Are there online tests to take just to see how me measure up?
OSI geared for newbie's not for exp'd MT's
That way they don't have to pay so much and the mentee's and newbie's don't care if they get bilked on their line count or if the work is sent off-shore or not, they are just grateful to have a job.

They just reduce the line count requirement because after lines are skimmed nobody can make the requirement and alot of people were complaining because they were trying to make them part time.

Promotions in place already with friends and relatives, like somebody else said, they don't even post the job position. It is impossible to be promoted if you are just hired off the street, it not matter how much experience you have.

QA manager has the worst grammar and spelling in the entire company. A former employee at OSi told me when she was hired she was placed on 100% quality review for 2-3 months because her work was so bad. Funny how she made her way to the top and she will fire you if you look at her wrong but most people can't stand to work with her. Her department is a revolving door and her email's are really unprofessional looking with colors and graphics, looks like she is sending them out to a kindergarten class.

Whatever, if you want entry level job OSI is definitely the place for you, super mentor dept., if you want to advance your career it is not the place for you. I went through the mentor program which I have to say really helped me and once I am comfortable enough to feel like I can be a team lead or some other promotion unfortunately I will have to leave the company because it will never happen at OSI.
Newbie has a lot to live up to....

Newbie at Focus looking for new job
Well, I'm tired of the crap at Focus and I've been reading everyone else's comments about them on here! Any suggestions on good companies to apply to that hire entry level? I have 3 months experience with Focus. Thanks!
Nah, the newbie had the best trainer...
including asking to work OT without recording...I have already seen it.  She is definitely a keeper!  Only those who refuse to do so are fired or made to be miserable so they leave on their own. 
Are you a newbie and how many lines do they want you
6 to 8 cpl is average for a newbie
Apply at OSi only if you are a newbie
Hey MDI-MD'ers, newbie has a...



I am getting used to some ESL guys and have to go back to listen to blanks that I have left.  Could you E-mail me with any tricks of the trade where I can book mark or note where, timewise, I am in the report at that time so I can go back more easily and find my blank area?



I read below you are a newbie also SM
unfortunately, a company with the health insurance requirements PLUS willing to hire someone just out of school is going to be hard to find.
If you are indeed a newbie, I believe MDI-MD only hires..sm

MTs with at least 5 years acute care experience.  I may be wrong but I have worked there about 6 years now and that is my understanding.  Good luck to you though wherever you land! 

Sten-Tel MA newbie
I am new with Sten-Tel and work on EditScript (started 5/29). As of 7/3 I am getting timely feedback. I am still on 100% QA and there are not many files available when I can work so I'm still struggling. . . but I am getting feedback.
I'm not a newbie nor veteran...sm
I've only been doing transcription for 10 years. However, with any job, I have always been the type to accept criticism with all the different jobs I've held, newbie or not. I am also the type that knows when to cut a company loose when I truly believe it is time because my sanity is more important. Especially in this field, there are more companies to go with; it is not like transcription is limited to just a few companies. I, myself, would take the loss from training like the MT said below and move on.
A newbie or MTSO...SM
A gross contradiction:  Paid per line, then the demographics BS, i.e., that's what we're paid for.  Where??  I'd love to apply with them!
Nope, not a newbie
I have been doing MT work for 17 years. I just cannot get over all the bad attitudes about this topic. We get paid to do a job and that is part of it so get over it, do your job, and stop whining. At least you are not flipping burgers. You get to stay home and earn over $20 an hour. I will look up demographics for as long as they will have me.
I'm a newbie and think Chronicle
I have run out of work sometimes but it's not all the time.  One of the QA people has been very nice and provides a real mentoring experience for me which I am very thankful for being new to all of this. 
Me too. I'm a newbie (compared to most) and
I find that her (the owner's) direction on spelling is not correct.  I took this job because I wanted to get into the MT field and with no experience it was hard to find work.  I think I made a mistake.  I'm afraid that this stepping stone is going to hurt instead of help me in the future. She's very stern when it comes to a 24 hour TAT but the quality is not there due to her instructions. 
newbie chat
I don't remember how to do it anymore, but know there is a way we could set up our own group chat for the account on yahoo or here. Anyone interested? E-mail and I will see if I can set it up.
makes me wish I were a newbie ;) nm
yes, a newbie would know the difference between

'peroneal' and 'perineal.' Newbies all went to an MT training program and have a certificate. Newbies are not 'dummies,' they just need experience. Why is it that old MTs think that only they are qualified to work in this profession?