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No one answered this. Does it mean what I think it means?

Posted By: Red flag on 2007-02-27
In Reply to: How is their tech support ? - txmt


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Moderator answered "Not True" which means she will not delete post with name and link (nm)

George says what he means or is it he means what he
but he sure does apologize in a way I've never heard a person whose company is valued at $8m a year apologize before and I've worked for companies who played who is the president of the week game! All I can say is that his personal interview about his high school reunion has a distinctly different style than his late January postings in which he degrenates the poster he tries to engage. Just remember George's quote we are misinformed.
Thanks so much to all who answered!
It makes it worse when your posts don't get answered either!! But you guys did, and they stayed long enough for me to read!! No, I am not impressed so far. I could have been hitting the job boards myself for a week now!! Happy nearly weekend!
Is MDI-MD the same as MDI? Sorry if this has been answered before. nm
i answered
your e/mail and it bounced back to me ???
Sorry nobody has answered.
Landmark - can be great when there is work. As far as I know not steady enough for full time.  Pay is not great as they don't pay for spaces.  MDI-MD I know they get lots of raves, but I have known some who have not had things go well.  I would definitely try them out before leaving Q. Of those I know who did, several are struggling.  No experience myself with them.  I know from the past, though, that I never leave one before I know the other is all its painted out to be. Best wishes.
I just answered you below.
I have already answered this above. nm

This has already been answered. Only
you can decide. Neither has a great reputation, but Transcend is probably a safer bet than Softscript, but again, only you can decide.
you may just have answered sm

a question for me.   I don't work for the same company, but my company just lost the ER part of a huge account.  Asked questions for over a month about what was going on and only got the answer that things were slow.  Bull!  all of a sudden.  Finally was told yesterday we lost the biggest part of the ER account which slowed everything down, due to budget restraints. 

I am wondering if the ERs went to VR and nobody is telling us.  I have come to the conclusion taht all these companies will LIE! 

I wish they would figure out that they would be better off to let the MTs know at the beginning what is going on so they could make informed decisions about getting other jobs.  So frustrating!

Are you happy now? I answered them all.
I cannot believe you would side with someone who shouts at people for not having any worthwhile input to the questions. People can search the archives for information about ALL the companies listed. Otherwise, Google will bring up any comments made at this and other MT sites. I was not being nasty. Why is it so hard to believe that out of 60-100 views, none of those people worked for XX company? Believe me, honey, I've been plenty nice around here answering technical, newbie and word board questions. You don't shout at people who try to help. THAT is nasty and offensive.
Just answered a question, that's all.
I asked this before and don't think it was answered (sm)
Have you ever heard of or worked for Orion (OMT)?  Been offered a job and am considering it. 
This question was answered

Please disregard. You already answered. nm
Thanks to you guys who answered...

on Oracle. Guess I don't know about the platform since I saw some not so favorable reviews on using it and being productive, am trying to figure out what exactly I really need to get started purchasing and I don't think at this point a C-phone would be one I would be willing to purchase. Thanks for the info!!

Anyone out there on JLG and their platform? Thanks!

Nobody has answered my JLG inquiry...

Please somebody tell me.  Good to their MTs, flexible, how is pay, what platform, how is QA? 


We hav recently answered these
Look on page 2,3,4,5 etc...
I have answered that many times.
If you don't want to provide that info you don't have to but they don't have to review your incomplete application either.

Sorry, just noticed nobody answered you yet. sm
The benefits are pretty good regarding PTO and holidays.  If you are asking about insurance, the coverage is great with BC/BS, which you can use almost anywhere.  All good providers take it.   Cost depends on how many you are insuring.  If you yourself, it is about $75 per month.  Cost grows for spouse, or 1 dependent, then entire family.  The cost for that is pretty high, but individual is good.
and there was no reason for you to have answered, if you -sm
felt uncomfortable or paranoid about the question being asked. It was not a requirement for you to answer anything. jmo
Answered your post below
I think we have already answered this question for you ....
not sure, but I remember your name associated with past posts on PM.  Just do a search.
You answered your own question.
QA is known to changes that contradict the style guide, and when questioned state oh we changed that. Then why wasn't the client profile/guide or style guide changed?
Well she answered the question
12.5 cents for overtime, so that must be time and a half which would mean she gets about 8.35. At that rate she needs all the overtime she can get.
Hi. Did you ever get your questions answered? If not, let me know.
I'd be glad to help if I could..
My emails have always been answered..
and if a subject line in an email indicated someone was out of work, I am sure they would get them some work ASAP as bad as they have been needing help lately.
Answered above. Just forget it.
I answered that same ad a year ago. . .
I am over-qualified for the position and have extensive experience in both veterinary ophthalmology as well as vet pathology. The recruiter is a very rude woman. She offered me the position but I could not work with someone like that. It probably explains why she keeps trying to recruit.
You answered your own question in your sm
post about third-rate transcriptionists.
Nope, not answered
People were saying much worse for the 8 as opposed to 6 and there was no answer as to why
I just answered her on the other board
I donít believe a word coming out of her mouth that she knows MTing. She cannot do specialities but trained in acute care?? She does not work for people who are not on the up and up yet she worked for people paying cash and under the table (same as cash way, underhanded to say the least). I do not believe her story and told her so.
Questions not answered
I learned that they are not going to answer our questions for now. I have no doubt they know the answers. I would think they would ask these questions before they agreed to sell out. It is just so frustrating that they will give us absolutely no answers to scheduling and pay rate. Surely they asked these things!
Excellent question that has yet to be answered.
And probably never will be.
In other words, MQ still has not answered any questions

than to say THE ONUS IS ON YOUR BACK!  Get the lines, sit in front of a computer you probably can't type on due to no power, lightening, frozen up, no work.......or expect to lose employee status. 

Of course what is employee status with them but a word.  It gives you nothing.

There is no way that company should ever offer EMPLOYEE status to an at-home transcriptionist.

And in doing that they should also be made to pay CONTRACT FEES, not employee wages as they are trying to get away with.

When MQ bought out my company there was no change from "employee" line pay up to "SE" line pay.  It stayed the same.  How insane is that?!

They screwed us from the start.  And knew it. 

I haven't read all the posts yet and haven't gotten the all important package, although I have quit MQ a while ago, I'm sure it will come, they never know who they have working for them! - but do they even offer Statutory Employees as of January?


these have been answered many, many time, just look up the archieves.
look there and then ask questions.
You answered you're own question by having
but (for the sake of argument) the 2 of you split and you keep your job, are you willing to ask for a pay increase to cover the tax you will need to save out of every paycheck to hand over as your state tax at the end of the year? And even if you are willing to, are you saying it's okay to work for a company who evades tax laws?

I don't know - I only answered the question. I do not work there; however, sm
did get a response to the ad posted. That is how I know who she is and what company she is with. The question did not ask if the company was good or anything else. Chill out!
You pretty much answered your own question.
Follow your gut instincts. 
I answered on main board, but (sm)
I must have said something wrong or the response got lost in the transfer here.

You might want to look into a company who does a lot of voice recognition. Ask here and I'm sure you will get some respones. Another avenue might be QA.

Good luck with your future bundle of joy!
Sorry nobody answered your Amphion question
They are too busy filling in demographics and not getting paid to do that to browse these boards.
Do yourself a favor and give up, you will regret going to work for Amphion.
OK - I work at TT and I answered the questions
I was answering the questions she emailed me about. Maybe I should have put her part first and my part last.
Here's another hard to get answered question lol
What type of USB is going to work best for Chartscripts? I'm going to have to buy one. I was thinking of an Infinity one...anyone have one they love?
What are you talking about? Answered your question..who said ANYTHING about

One answered below. Otherwise--I'd send an email see msg
asking who they were before I sent a resume.
No, this is not normal...If you are not getting emails answered...
I would contact someone in the main office..
My e-mails are always answered promptly
I really enjoy working there and have no gripes. Did you bring the incorrect paperwork to their attention?
Hils questions answered...
They are a great company!  I get paid on time all the time!  It is usually around 4 days after the last day of the pay period we get paid.  I do all of their physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy  (with the exception of one account).  I am part time and usually work around 20 hrs a week, give or take how busy the offices are.  I usually type anywhere from 5000 to almost 7000 lines a half.  Pay is good.  The QA girls and bosses are awesome! So helpful!  A benefit of their company is that you are never out of QA.  I know that sounds weird, but it's a great thing because that means two sets of eyes are always looking at the notes before they are sent to the doctors.  You still have to do your part and work hard and make sure you try not to leave any blanks, but they are really good if you have a couple still.  I still have a P.T. that I leave a blank here and there for...she's an interesting dictator!  LOL.  I love my account and wouldn't trade it for the world.  I hired in at Hils and about a month later purchased a used minivan!!!  I make enough money to pay for the van payments, my girls catholic school tuition payments and food/gas for the family/cars.  My husband pays the rest.  If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask!  I'd be glad to answer any! 
Not 1 person answered Webmedx.
All your questions have been answered in the archives
many times. 
Answered you on a previous post but way
down the page and did not see that. I have been in this field of work now for almost 40 years. I do VR and love it and make what I want but having said that, a person that allows someone to walk all over them is responsible, not the MTSOs. If more would just revolt, they might see a change but probably not, gone on too long now. People sit around and wait for work for days, weeks? What the heck is up with that? It is because people here do not want to give up the comfort of home and donít search for other employment.