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Oh, I am married now and are you

Posted By: Woes and more woes on 2009-06-13
In Reply to: You are NOT really that ignorant are you? Single - MT

still single?

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are you married? nm
If you are an IC NO taxes are taken out. If you are married have

your spouse have extra taken from their check.  How much to save you if you need to pay quarterly depends on your income bracket, but around 30%.

The above post made no sense.   Having to pay for bennies and working for benefits at another company.  Of course you have to work to get bennies, but if a company you work for pays your benefits that results in a higher rate of pay and if you have to work the more you get for working the better. 


No, he married Carrie

Just did my taxes for the first time since being married. Im in tears!!! SM

Could anyone tell me some great companies that hire employees.  Looks like IC positions are not going to work for me anymore :-(