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Some of us are single moms too. Missing

Posted By: child support checks the last few times. on 2009-06-13
In Reply to: Let me REMIND you, big head, u have a husband to PAY for the car; some of us are single or widows - TransTech MT gift is NO WORK/NO PAY

Doesn't make for putting bread on the table... feeling very irresponsible for staying at TT so long, when I have a kid to care for.. just waiting til the new job kicks in... and hoping the same situation does not happen again!

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A lot of MTs are single moms, or the
only breadwinner in the house. How do these people pay their rent? These are the people who are really suffering. All the way around its a lack of respect for this profession and the companies are screwing us royally. It takes a great amount of skill, many years of learning and the ability to sit in front of a screen for long hours. The way things are rigged now, you can't even afford to take a damn break for fear of getting the electricity cut off.
There are single Moms in every profession.
You can't expect to work for a company holding the cards, and them pay you all of what they make when you want to be at home and it is not your account.  It belongs to the company paying you.  There's always the pavement to pound if you think you deserve the big bucks.  Can't have it both ways.  I don't think anything is just handed to anyone.  If the electric is going to be turned off, then there are programs out there to help.  I think if you fall within a certain salary range, you would qualify for assistance especially being a single Mom or Dad. 
Any single moms working as an IC? sm
Any thoughts on this. I used to work from home for the local hospital. I was an employee paid hourly with benefits. Last year, they decided to outsource everything and Ive been left jumping from company to company trying to make ends meet and failing. It seems the nationals all to often have little or no work available on a pretty frequent basis and as such, I can't afford or qualify for benefits. So just wondering if other single moms have just opted for IC status and work for several companies to make ends meet?

MT, minimum wage, single moms, etc...sm
Medical transcription requires a great deal of skill and knowledge. It is not a minimum wage job, or should not be a minimum wage position. Years of learning and experience are involved to master this profession. No qualified MT, single mom or otherwise, should be working at minimum wage levels, in turn necessitating the help of assistance programs. This is too skilled a profession, and it is a shame that it is not so slowly sinking to the level of a minimum wage-type job.
No problems with moms here.
If the only reason you are an MT is because you wanted to stay at home with your kids, then it's probably the wrong reason to be an MT.

I was lucky enough to be at home with my kids but I was an MT before I had kids. When they were between the ages of 18 months and about 4, I had to juggle my schedule around because there was no way I could watch kids and work at the same time. I'm sure that's what most MT moms have to do.
What is your problem with moms working from home?
It sounds like you have some kind of bias against moms working from home! What is wrong with that? Just because an MT is a mom working from home does not automatically qualify her as someone who puts out crappy work. I am sure there are tons of moms on this board who put out quality work. I put out quality work now and once my baby comes I will still put out quality work. Quit bashing moms working from home.
Plenty of kids of stay at home moms are screwed up SM
I am a single mother whose child was in day care from age 20 months until kindergarten. She is turning out a lot better than most of the kids in her school. She is a teenager now and does not drink, she is an honor student. Come on now.... it depends on each individual case. You cannot make a blanket statement like you just did. That is ignorant.
Working is actually a good example for your children.

I must be missing something

Are you implying that because the initial poster mispelled all of the words she typed (intentionally, of course) that she must be talking about a black person.  I am a black person and do not speak that way, nor have I ever.  What exactly are you saying and I wish the original poster would also clarify what his or her point is. There are stupid, ignorant, unintelligent, inarticulate people of every race.  This point is demonstrated everyday, all day on this board.

What is missing from above is sm
You don't use your names do you? What you type shows up in the subject line until it posts! (groan) Anyhow, to all those that do not use your name to post, why would you think it was right to post someone else's real name on here and slam them.
Believe me, you are not missing out on anything besides
My employer did not post their line rates because each person can make something different.  Their pay is based on testing and years of experience.  I am really glad I didn't substitute this as automatic low pay or I would have missed out on the best opportunity to make what an MT should make with GREAT, affordable benefits. 
Yes I was. Am I missing something here?
am I missing something
This person recruiter or not says come work for a company that will not off shore - KS - why is that a horrid post?????
Not missing anything
Nope, I'm not missing any point. It most definitely is NOT a pay downgrade for me.
missing out
the support staff is US based..what are you talking about?? why dont you get facts straight
what did they promise?
so compared to other companies..like the one you work for?? come on get your facts straight!
I think that you are all missing something here.

Maybe you all are missing my point. I have posted this same ad locally via the radio station. I took 3 jobs. Two of them paid me twice what I should have been paid (these were long jobs that averaged me about $25/hr...total of about 16 hours...you do the math). The other one has a very good chance of turning into a paid position. I am not trying to scam any hard-working transcriptionists out there. I am not trying to take away your work. I am simply trying to help anybody out. Remember, this will help me in the future. I am thinking ahead. BTW, my school does help students get jobs. I am not stupid though. I will not put my future solely in the hands of one group. I have learned by listening to all of you...networking is the key! So, to all of you out there who are complaining about my proofreading, I am sorry. I am a student and offered to work for free. Realize that I am far from perfect. I am still learning. I am in school, working, taking care of two rugrats and all of my household duties. Knowing this, the fact that I am willing and able to take on even more work should only speak towards my character. I am a hard-working person, I cannot stand a minute of sitting and doing nothing. What I was proposing was to help anybody who would benefit from it. In return, I could benefit from your expertise. I have to learn somewhere. I did make the mistake of choosing a school that may not be the best but I am trying to make up for that by becoming your little helper. I want to benefit from a seasoned Transcriptionist telling me what I did wrong. Why are you all so scared of that? Also, might I add that I am an adult, I am not stupid. I will not take a job from overseas. I will not take a job without looking into it. I warn people that I am still learning and that I may not be perfect. Did I not say that I wanted a letter stating if I did good or bad? I am willing to take my chances. I have to start somewhere. I want to learn and better myself.

Oh, let's throw more in here. All three of those jobs I took...the people were VERY impressed. I am scheduled to do more work for them later this week. Thank you.


missing pay
they offered me a job, so glad I didn't end up taking it.  I do recall, though, that there was a direct deposit form in the info they sent.  Did they stop offering direct deposit? 
Yes, here's what you are missing...
'Oriental' is considered a derogatory way to refer to someone of Asian descent - for one reason because it arrogangly LUMPS all persons from different countries together under the same 'banner' -

Others on the board consider it a real bummer to have to consider this, but it really just comes down to good manners and showing respect -something ALL of us want.

We are all Americans but we are *not* all southerners, etc...

Nope you are not missing anything, you can't!
VR editing is just like having to transcribe the report in many cases. Companies are not doing you a favor.
Sorry....nm after that post is missing. NM
You aren't missing much with sm
Transhealth. Chartmatrix stinks, doesn't integrate well with Word at all (cannot use autocorrect), crashes alot, and hard dictators. Their test dictators are actual doctors on their system. Management and office staff turn over quite frequently. Transolutions last I knew started out at 6 cents a line. You may want to go IC if you don't need the benefits.
missing the point
Education is learned, reputation is earned. I don't want to own a company but I would love to work for one who treats me fair on a day to day, month to month, year to year basis. I thought this was somewhere I could come to get information I needed from other MTs who may have been in or might be in the same boat that I was rocking but depending on which company you are asking about you might find foes instead of friends. Its hard struggling with companies and supervisors who don't want to pay you a decent salary, who short your checks, who take away benefits and incentives, who take advantage of you if you demonstrate ability to do ESL doctors efficiently, and who have no work for you but post ads offering big sign on bonuses and we come here to ask opinions and get information and we get called liars and are told we are paranoid and that just aint right. These companies that we gripe about are not perfect companies and the majority of the time no one is griping about the exact same thing but when you have a group of peopled consisting of both current and past employees who have identical complaints about the same company then to me that constitutes a rotten apple in the bunch. Granted that apple might not be the actual company and that apple might not be you but there is a rotten apple somewhere in that bunch and eventually all will be able to see.
you are missing that the discussion

was also about signing the agreement that we would not bring the company to arbitration...as in agreeing never to sue them.

I think you are missing the point
On purpose? We object to jobs being sent offshore by (mega) and even not so mega corporations to save $$ - in order to maximize profits.

And *who* are you teaching by the way? What is the typical makeup of your classes?

Please correct the impression, if you can, that pay scales, benefits, etc., are only going to be further eroded by opportunities like this one...
You are missing the point...
An employee should not have to spend ANY money in order for a company to hire them. I don't care if the fax machines cost $2. This should not be the responsibility of the employee.

There are plenty of MT companies out there who are more professional and they overnight the paperwork and provide a similar means (at no cost to the employee) to mail the paperwork back.

If I received an offer from a company who expected me to print out and fax back to them my new hire work, I'd say nevermind.
Might be something missing from the installation. nm
I might be missing something, but it sounds like you have
Am I missing something? I clicked on
a few links to look up particular companies that are always being talked about as being Indian owned and didn't find them on this list????
Sorry, don't get your point! Am I missing

Missing the point
While I don't discount your experience, your math is way off there. First of all, I think starting wages for MT are too low (and the fact that starting wages are equal to the wages of experienced MTs doesn't help). I believe that, given the fact that when I started 12 years ago, I began at 8 cpl, with cost of living increases the starting wage for MT should be at least 9.5 cpl.

But there has to be a cap somewhere in terms of increase. For instance, my dad started as a nurse practitioner 25 years ago making $60K. He now makes $90K. That's as high as he will ever go. If he expected more than that, he'd never get a job. But, at the same time, he's very nicely compensated for his experience and knowledge.

Nonetheless, the question was what I think my worth is. That is what I believe, rationally and pragmatically, what my worth is. There's no right or wrong to it.
You are missing the point.
I did not say that feedback should not be sent the MTs. My point is that the MTSOs should compensate for the time taken to provide feedback if that is what they want. Being paid 3cpl to edit is not adequate pay for editing AND providing feedback, in my opinion.
missing minutes
Some of MDI's accounts are shared with other services (not by our choice, I'm sure). It may be that those minutes were reserved for the other service and for some unknown reason were re-routed to us instead. Some accounts also have in-house MTs that work on them and it could be something happened at the hospital that day with staffing or with some sort of emergency and minutes were re-routed to us that way, too. I really, really don't think MDI is sending work to India. I know it makes people jumpy who have been at the Q, but MDI is NOT the Q. There is probably a logical explanation for the work and I wish they would directly address it so people's imaginations would stop running wild.
I think you're missing what I'm saying.
8 cpl as an INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR is really low for an experienced MT. As an employee, it would be okay. There are plenty of companies who pay 8 cpl and above for employee status, so if you're experienced, you don't have to stoop to 8 as an IC. If you're happy with it, then more power to you! :)
What's the problem with Mag Mutual?? Are we missing something?
Just curious
You're not missing all that much. Not worth
being anxious over. I know they hire NJ MTs, so it must be a specific hospital account that won't let NJers in. They are often the middle man, or third party, or pain in the neck, between a hospital account and an MT. It sounded great on paper, but was not fun once working. Good luck.
Hayseed - Whereyabeen? We were missing you.
That's why, when QA gripes about a missing semicolon or
patient care', my heart doesn't exactly bleed for them. If they felt their dictation was truly that important, then they'd clean up their acts, and their hospitals would invest a few dollars in more up-to-date dictation equipment.

You are missing the point altogether. nm
You are missing the point Patel, sm
we do NOT want to share our work with you.....the companies are doing this, NOT US, the MTs.
You're missing the whole point
The issue here is MONEY. They see an opportunity to make BIG BUCKS. They don't give a rat's behind about whose medical records are being transcribed by whom. Slave labor brings them BIG BUCKS. Look at the profit they're making. American clients (hospitals) will pay BIG BUCKS for the work being done by poor (I mean that in a monetary sense) Indian workers who are happy to make a few cents or is it rupees? Their standard of living is what keeps this whole thing going.

It's NOT about the medical records or the patients. It's about making American and Indian suits BIG MONEY.
Something is missing here. Please answer a few ??ing variables here. Please sm.
I'm not affiliated with Landmark, but have perused enough archives to see that not paying their employees is not a common practice with them. The majority of posts regarding LM are very positive. No MTSO has 100% positive info, especially on this forum.

I'm not taking sides here, but to quote a poster below, there is a lot of missing information.

There are always two sides to every story, which is the reason for my questions.

1. How long were you employed with Landmark?

2. Have you returned any and all of their equipment?

3. Is nonpayment why you quit? If not, did you give the customary 2 wks notice?(Not that this justifies holding back pay, just trying to find ALL the answers.)

4. Were you in breach of contract in any way?

Whether your statements are true or not, they are still considered slanderous/libel. You may want to be prepare yourself in case you need to back them up.

Good luck!
I think you're missing the point.
Consider the case where 2 people apply for a job...one has been an MT for a whole year, all of it on the XXX platform. MT2 has been a Transcriptionist for 30 years...which means they've worked on selectric, wang, multimate, wp5.1, and a lot of the newer ones. A savvy company is going to hire MT2; the length of time in the field shows that they can adjust to whatever platform they're on and bring valuable experience.

To write a long-time MT off because they aren't familiar with your specific platform is shooting yourself in the foot, as those of us that have been doing this a while long long ago learned to adjust, and quickly, to whatever platform they put in front of us.
the meanies are missing the point
Rather than go in and answer each post, let me just reiterate THE POINT, which so many seem to be missing -- is that I was mainly talking about ATTITUDE, and giving the T a chance.  This was my choice.  Not because I feel guilty (!) about going forward with them, not because I am like a rape victim who thinks it is all my fault.  I never sat in front of my machien without work. Maybe 2 days I didn't meet my whole line committment for lack of work.  This was my choice ladies, and it was made with MUCH thought and consideration.  My only guilt is about my less than professional attitude I carried for awhile, saying some things I was not proud of. Was simply sharing my opnion and the process I have been going through to get to this point. I am no spring chicken and have been doing this way longer than many of you. I would also like to say, its a dirty rotten shame that all these years after the liberation movement where women were supposed to be freed from guilt (and enlightened!) about their choices (ie, stay home with kids or go to work) etc, that we STILL attack one another mercilessly, with just different boundaries being disputed.  I simply think that an attitude is 90% of the result sometimes. I am satisfied with my choice, given all the factors - and there are a lot of them - and will go forward with both eyes and ears open. 
just edited a few docs & almost 1/2 was missing
Sure, be happy to, but I see no email address? Am I missing it? nm
I can't believe you are MISSING a day when we are all drowning in work. You either aren't
working your scheduled hours during the week OR you need a backup account. Either way, there is more than enough to go around.
Whatever. You're missing my entire point.
Nobody could be faster, and I have zero errors - I also QA. I score 100% on any audits, and can churn out 400 lph if I choose. Trust me, 20 years into this, you aren't as eager to churn out 400 lph/8 hours day. There is a ceiling, and many of us have reached it. Have fun!
You're both missing the point. The companies
are breaking IRS laws when they do this. Employees are provided equipment; ICs provide their own. I know mechanics, and it works the same way with them. They may choose to own their own tools out of preference or so they can do work outside their employee job, but in an employee setting they are provided.
You're not missing out on anything believe me. This person who represents

themselves as management as said she fired me because I did such crappy work, .......   I was NOT fired, I quit.  I dealt only with the CEO of the company.  This person doesn't know who I am and obviously has more than a few screws loose.   When I turned in my notice the CEO offered me a management position and I could name my price.  Now that doesn't sound like someone who does crappy work to me.  I have since been offered a position 2 times since I left.

I would not recommend SS to my worst enemy. 

Lotof missing and varied info....

I would hope that anyone would really look at the info throughout all this.  Interesting how it varies just sooooooooooooo much!  If a company had a problem, it would happen to ALL of its employees.  I've been through that, and more than once.  And it wasn't a few who didn't get paid, it was ALL.  And think of it from a theft standpoint...if you're not going to pay some and keep the money, why not keep as much as you can?  Or, if you're not getting paid by a client, it's going to affect more than just a couple people as well. 

Makes me wonder just exactly why you're not working there.  Now if your actions constituted FRAUD...then I'm not sure that you'd be entitled to any money...especially if someone else had to redo all your work because it was so bad.  There are a lot of things that are being spilled about this company, but just seem to be holes in these stories.  Hmmmm.  And I have to wonder if ALL these people not getting paid, are all the same person in an attempt to get even with a company because they figured out what you were really all about.  Hmmmmm......

I would encourage people to ask questions.  There are plenty of ways to manipulate the board here and the people reading...be careful.  If someone is just mad because they didn't get to keep a job that so many of us have worked so hard at making a good living while he/she tried to come in an make it look so easy....well, he/she got what they deserved!  Too many people come into this business and make a mockery of what so many of us do well and make a good living at.  They think it's not so hard or anyone can do this.  C'mon...we've all gotten those calls from people who want to know how to get in the business.  Surprise, surprise, surprise....it takes WORK!  Don't get angry because your own impressions of what this business is and what it entails were wrong! 

Then I guess you aren't missing anything. If bored, go do next week's
Get a grip.