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Pennsylvania, sorry nm

Posted By: tibby on 2007-08-09
In Reply to: Several by that name. What state is the one you're asking about? nm - NM


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In Pennsylvania...
Experienced medical Transcriptionist can expect $15 to $18 per hour working in a medical office in Pennsylvania.
Is this the one in Pennsylvania? nm
Pro-Type in Pennsylvania?
Has anyone worked for them? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.
Has anyone worked for D&L out of Pennsylvania?? sm

I see that they are hiring 50 MTs.  I just want to know a few things about them before I get involved.  What is their platform like, their payment habits, and is it hard to meet line count, etc.

Thanks in Advance

Yes, Preferred in Pennsylvania. nm
Protype in Pennsylvania
Looking for information regarding this company.  Pros and cons please.  E-mail me if you do not want to post here.  Thanks.
Is this the Landmark in Pennsylvania?
Landmark in Pennsylvania

You will be sorry if you stick around.  He will suddenly call you and tell you that he's switcing everyone from employee status to IC status, and he'll tell that it's a good thing for you.  Ha!  There go your benefits down the drain.  He'll offer you a tenth of a cent increase in pay if you don't quit.  He goes through MTs and QA specialists frequently because of this.

Landmark in Pennsylvania?
I work for them and I'm nowhere near Penn. That doesn't make sense.
Butler Transcription is Pennsylvania...
Anybody work for them or have worked for them in the past.  Are they still in business??  Just curious.  They have a son who went around vandalizing my neighborhood last night.  Wrote some nasty words on my neighbor's cars that will cost 4000 dollars to get removed.  I was wondering how his parent's company ever panned out?  And if they are still around.  Just curious.
Landmark in Pennsylvania, need opinions please.. sm

I have read very differing opinions on this company and would love to hear from MTs who are currently employed by them or who have experiences they would like to share.  Please feel free to email me privately.  I am considering applying.  Thank you very much! 

Any info on Davis Transcription out of Pennsylvania? nm


Anyone hear of Erie Transcription out of Pennsylvania?
If so, any info would be appreciated.
The University of Pennsylvania Health System Hospitals is huge in Philadelphia. Do they hire their
own MTs for those hospitals does anyone know. They must have a large amount of transcription to be done.