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Proveros Payroll

Posted By: Heda on 2008-07-01
In Reply to:

Has anyone out there ever worked or is currently working for Proveros? They say one gets paid after 30 days. It has been six weeks and I am looking to get paid. I feel I've given them ample time to pay me. I wrote an email to the gal in payroll, and she has not replied yet. I would think she would apply right away.

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Proveros, Inc.
Anyone heard of this company good bad or ugly.  Rather know upfront. 
Proveros Inc
Anyone know what they pay for eScription?
Does anyone know anything about Proveros?
Good, bad, ugly? I think they are in NH. TIA!
I can tell you more about Proveros.

Watch out... I've had experience dealing with a company that was partnered with Proveros... they did not pay on time and what they do pay is pathetic...  Stay away, stay far, far away...
proveros does
Proveros Pay
Is Proveros's regular pay once or twice a month?
Is there anyone that knows anything about Proveros?
It is an exploitative venture that pays slave wages. Don't suport it.
You might want to do a background check on the principals.
good/SMART. Unlike some of us who got screwed over by Proveros.
So what about Proveros?
Don't you think we should see for ourselves what was said?
If anyone is considering working for Proveros, just know that you will have to wait 30 days before you receive a paycheck, it's in their contract. 
I would also go to the Proveros website and check out the affiliations that are listed. Personally, I was surprised to see several religious organizations listed as affiliates of Proveros.

You are so right!! Sydniee is such a liar and a bitch (you will never get her to respond to you, how they stay is business is a mystery.

I worked for this company for a couple of days and went elsewhere because they offered no benefits.  I was to have received a check on the 30th of July for work done the beginning of July and didn't get it.  After repeated communications, they have told me it has been mailed, overnighted, etc., etc. and I still haven't gotten it.  Now they're telling me it was overnighted today (we'll see) and the amount they told me is way below what it should be and what my time sheet shows.  The president of the company is now emailing me!!!  I have wasted so much time and energy with them and wondered if anyone else has anything to say about them.


I also have had a terrible time getting paid by Proveros.  They keep promising me that the money is in the mail - and it's alot more than what they owe you - but it never seems to show up.  One time they told me it was going to be sent via federal express and I asked for a tracking number and it showed only that a request had been put in - no package had ever actually been picked up for delivery.  I would recommend that you STAY FAR FAR AWAY from this company - they are not honest and either don't pay- or pay very very verylate.

Any new information on Proveros, Inc.? sm

How they pay, is there enough work, platform, how is management, etc., etc. etc.?


Anyone work with Proveros lately? nm
Looking for any info on Proveros
Anyone working for this company or that has.  I am just looking for any possible good/bad information.  Thanks!
working for Proveros
They won't hide from the truth and will tell you that they have paid late on occasion but they have always paid which is more than can be said of many. I reached the owner and he we upfront and took the time to talk and then follow up. Been around for about 3.5 years and growing fast with lots of work. They just started a great program for military spouses and seem very committed to us as MTs. Their only downside is what I said earlier.  You want to work for a company with ethics and has lots of work - it's been great for me
Sounds to me like Proveros
might not be where I would choose to work. It is reprehensible to wrap oneself in the American flag as a marketing ploy. That's one of the cheapest sell-outs there is.
proveros not good
If it were something good they wouldnt want to hide it.
proveros cant hide
This is hilarious. I am sure shortly Syd or Sheri at Proveros will whine to take these posts down. Because it is defamatory. LOL But you can run but you cant hide. Proveros is a deplorable company to work for for FREE.. Bottom line over and over and over again.. Pay is LATE or NON existent. Whine away girls at Proveros. We all know the deal.
Proveros and recruiter

Has anyone wanted to apply to Proveros but did not due to the person who is the recruiter for that company?  I am wondering as I have heard from friends who did not apply when they noticed the name of the Recruiter.

My best advice regarding Proveros
would be for anybody considering working for them to do a background check on the principals involved and then make your own decision based on what you find.
Any positives about Proveros?
All I see are negatives about Proveros.  Anybody work there that is happy?  Low ESL, plenty of work?  Anything?
Any info on Proveros
All info appreciated.
No, she works for Proveros..nm
DQS payroll
full-time people fill out a timesheet online. statutory MTs don't.
not dure what cmpany - but if you had a contract and it states a pay date or pay time frame - you can take steps to get you money an dinterest - legally they are bound to stick to the scheudle they gave you - go to the department of labors web site and file a complaint - they will get the message.
It would depend on the account you are typing on. The account I was on was paid weekly by direct deposit; however, there were other accounts that were paid bi monthly.
SPI Payroll
I also got that e-mail and even though I appreciate the heads up, it is still an inconvenience for me. My checks are deposited in a credit union account which has limited hours and this will entail me taking time away from my work schedule, not to mention a 20+ minute drive each way, to get my check deposited and then of course having to wait for it to clear before the funds to be available. I am not going to get too excited yet, unless it becomes a recurrent problem.

They never told me I would get paid in 30 days. I do not need the money that bad since I have benefits/salary through my husband, but I can totally understand your situation if you totally depend on your paycheck once a week, twice a week, or semi-monthly. Getting paid in 30 days is very hard. You do not want to get behind on your bills and ruin your credit.

This company is Synthescribe. I think they have been going through lots of personnel changes and that's why they have changed their name. So far they have been very nice to me. I'm supposed to start training next week, so I shall see how it goes!

Many companies use payroll companies and they are just a number waiting for their work to be done.  You dont generally dictate to the payroll company that you have MTs who are just dying to file their taxes on January 15....which is what y'all are doing I guess.

If you have your last pay stub, most companies have YTD info on there.

If you're an IC and not an employee, getting 1099s instead of W2s, you should have records that support the 1099, and therefore already have those totals as well.

Or just relax.... you will get them :)

Email for Proveros President

At least the president of the company must have some class.  This is an email I just received from him:

Hi Marla -


Your numbers are correct. I am so sorry!! I am sending you another check today via FedEx for the full $67.58.  Please keep the first check for $39.00 in return for your frustration and time.


I will have the second tracking number sent as well.


Thanks for all your time and again our sincerest apologies.



Now that the dust has settled about Proveros.....sm
can someone give some details about the company, especially platform used, ESL ratio, lines required per pay period, and pay period intervals (bimonthly, weekly, etc.)? Thanks for all info!
Anyone know of Proveros? They sent me an email out of the blue.
I have heard Proveros has that clause.
I got an email from Proveros about 3 months ago and...
it was sent by none other than Sheri Steadman, former keeper of this site. Of course I turned down the job - I had already read the postings on this board about pay problems. Upstanding citizen? Me thinks NOT!
Proveros posts removed from below...sm

Posts below regarding Proveros have been removed due to report coming in:

REASON: is Defamatory
COMMENTS: If you could please review this thread and remove it it would be greatly appreciated. It is untrue and paints Proveros in a light that has already proven to be extremely damaging to our reputation, business and recruiting efforts. Therefore I again formally that you remove this thread as soon as possible. Should you wish clairification or further information to substantiate our assertions please let me know.

Please be assured we are not taking sides here, however, if it is potentially damaging we cannot allow untrue defamatory comments be posted.  If you have verifiable proof, you may contact admin and request to post this information, but for the time being I am removing the posts. 

Thanks for understanding. 

proveros true colors
Guys, 42, 41, 30 days who cares. Can you see the attitude of the chick who keeps saying stuff is DEFAMATORY...can you imagine dealing with a person like this on a day to day basis and and then again when you DON'T get paid even after 100 days. Bottom line...they don't pay. Avoid this crazy Indian owned company.
proveros wins for worst
anytime the company PROVEROS is mentione THE BIGGEST a can of worms gets opened up. Because they cannot hide from all the MTs they screwed over.just read on below. Sheri is a total freak an so unprofessional as evidenced by her post and multiple alias' >>yet she recruits for Proveros?....MTs please do not give this co, even a fleeting thought. They do not pay on time ever ever or never.
DIT and Proveros allow split shifts
However, I think Proveros was just bought out by Superior Global or merged with them. It won't hurt to check them out.
Please submit $29.99 with next payroll
We encourage AT&T, as you can get multiple lines for $29.99, but there are other companies that have come out with comparable prices. Then, fax the bill to Rochelle and submit it with the second payroll of the month. Thanks a lot, Liz
Medscript payroll??
Does Medscript out of Naples, Florida only pay direct deposit?? I got a call from them wanting me to work PT as an IC but can't get anyone to answer the phone when I call and I have sent emails.  I want to accept this position, but I prefer a paper check. Anybody know?? 
payroll checks

is there anyone here who is as tired as I am of bounced checks, late checks, etc.

I finally have someone who pasy but evry three weeks the checks come and it is getting ridculous.  They held the first one for four weeks then mailed it out, and now it just gets later and later- I have two others I work for I sent myinvoice and got a check within three days.  is there a logical reason for this over and over again?

TTS payroll issues
Same here for me. I thought it was just me.
Leslie is payroll
...but now since most of the managers are gone or lost their titles (and money) she is being used to run accounts.  That's the biggest problem over there, people with absolutely NO transcription experience making the rules.