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Raises were not the purpose of the meeting.... sm

Posted By: m on 2008-10-22
In Reply to: Where R Our Raises? - Wubadub

Did you not hear it said that prices are down 25% overall in the industry over the last few years? How can a company give you a ____ cent-per-line increase if the industry prices are down?

Did you not hear about the technology they are implementing to help the MTs increase productivity?

Increased Productivity = Increased Paycheck.

Overall, I came away from the meeting with a very good feeling. I'm sorry if it was not the same for you.

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Does FutureNet give annual raises or any type of raises? nm
Wonder if those support in the office get any raises. We are paying their raises, huh?

you know they ARE getting raises!


lol, that was on purpose.
I'm not that dumb.
What is the purpose of your post?
What's the purpose of them wanting
you to log everything?  Like country below, I always just jot down as downloading, but it sounds like maybe you are doing something a little more extensive?  If they require it to get paid, I guess you don't have much choice...but if you're talking major log keeping, that would take up a lot of time   I've just always done it for my own peace of mind, actually did have incident of DQS some time ago not counting a report I did, had to contact supervisor and got it corrected.  Also many years ago with MQ in the old days before DQS, there was some glitch happened, and I was very luck to have the job numbers, as I had to tell the person calling me late at night what jobs I had done...
The purpose of "nm" is so we don't have to look inside.-->nm
I thought the purpose of this site was

to be informative TO MTs and not AGAINST MTs.  If you are an MTSO who is getting bashed, well, don't you have the same right as the owner of this site to go out and form your own site/blog to bash anyone you want?  That's off topice anyway and wasn't what I meant when I posted.

People can say negative things about MTSOs (and the other way around) without it being bashing.  For example if someone asked about company X and I had worked for them 2 years and I'm in the process of leaving, I could perhaps say (as an example), I felt the initial account/platform training I received was inadequate and that kept me from meeting production minimum until my ? pay period.  That isn't bashing.  That's honest and if I say it was 2 years ago, the reader can inquire during the interview process about the company's current training procedures to see if it has improved during those 2 years. 

Wouldn't that hep both the MTSO and the potential MT be successful earlier in their relationship?

I can't help wonder if that e-mail was accidentally on purpose.nm
That is so NOT the purpose of medical insurance. nm
Sorry to offend, but the purpose of this board sm
is to ask questions and discuss things about the different companies we work for without getting our supervisors or leads involved. If I would have wanted to ask my lead I could have, but the reply would have took a lot longer given it was late at night on a Sunday, and I was wanting a reply right away.

I sorry you feel it is inappropriate to discuss what day we get paid on a public board, but I don't. Oh well everybody has a different opinion. Maybe I should write a letter to Emily Post to see I have broken some ettiqute rule, lol. Sorry MtMommomyof2, but seriously get over yourself (don't think I am bashing or anything, though) This is a public board, where the public (and yes even KS'ers) can post any question they like so long as doesn't violate any posting guidlines set forth by MTStars...not you.

I specialized for years, not on purpose....
... it just happened that way. I spent the first 36 years or so of my career doing strictly clinical; only moved into acute care 8 months ago because my beloved oncologist boss of nearly 28 years closed his practice, and I still needed to eat now and then.

In addition to the oncology practice, I did (and still do) orthopedics for many, many years as an IC. So I have well over 20 years in both those subjects. When you work with few docs, you get to where you can do their work on autopilot, very, very quickly.

I got paid more but that's only because those were local accounts, with the pay commensurate with the cost of living in our area. In fact, if I didn't still have that one local ortho account, I wouldn't be able to live on what I make on my acute care job for a national.
I think I made a valid point. What is your purpose in
My point was that a lot of recruiters will talk up their company when people looking into them inquire about them.  They're not supposed to do it, but it's done all the time.  Anyone who is seriously looking into a company will know exactly where to contact them and TO contact them.  Someone asked a legitimate question and got a rude reply from you.  You got called out and you don't like it.
And if you do this, deleting the report defeating the purpose
of VR being taught how to do a report so you would just have to keep it up, not a wise thing to do. Delete at 4 cents, type at 4 cents. I would think most places would not be accepting of this practice.
I cannot imagine what purpose you intend to serve by this post?
No wonder companies want to go overseas. I wouldn't hire the lot of you anyway with these ridiculous attitudes, slamming, and incessant back-biting.

It is apparent that US MTs are just not worth the trouble. The overseas MTs will do this work WITHOUT COMPLAINT.
The purpose of this board is to share info about MTSOs...

I simply don't understand why MTs post all these negative things about a company but will not divulge the name of the company or even give us a hint!  What are you afraid of?!?!!?  They are already screwing MTs over and probably you too if you're angry enough to post!  You can post anonymously, that's the beauty of this particular site.  No one need know who you are.

I, personally, keep a list of MTSOs and things I've heard about them.  God knows I've been through enough bad MTSOs, I want to save other MTs the heartache of going through the same crap I've gone through!

Besides the best way to get these MTSOs to change is to post their name on a PUBLIC forum.  Word of mouth can be a powerful thing!

Here is a list of companies I have worked for and the problems I have had, starting with the most recent:

JLG --> paid payroll practices, LATE pay checks, and discontinuation of direct deposit.

Focus Infomatics -->  they offshore the majority of their work, they lie about offshoring the majority of their work, they lie to their employees about pay, hours, and job status and breach contracts left and right.

TransHealth -->  I have nothing bad to say about them.  Pay always on time, people nice (they have since been bought by Webmedx).

Precyse Solutions -->  Nothing horrible to report.  If I recall, they didn't pay for templates, but they told you that up front.

Medquist --> horrible people in supervisory positions, very cliquish company, bad dictators on all my accounts!

Webmedx -->  The account I was on was completely and utterly horrible!  Other than that, nice people, very organized.

Accutype --> complete embecil in charge (when I worked for them) who knew nothing about transcription or the needs of MT, again very cliquey with friends giving friends the best work.

Diskriter --> ran out of work frequently

I also worked for several small MTSOs that were either bought or went out of business, and I will say it usually was the smallest MTSO that I enjoyed working for the most.  I did work as an IC for a company out of Arizona doing radiology a few years ago for a while (I can't remember the name, but I don't think they are around anymore).  Also I worked as an IC for Administrative Advantage out of Pennsylvania were pretty decent, easy accounts and easy to make money, used DropChute to deliver dictation and reports back and forth and you just typed in one big docment per dictator in Word.  Simple, straight forward, and always on time.  If you ran out of work, they would try to put you somewhere else, but never made any promises.  I like honesty and they were honest.

See how easy that was.  You try!

professionable -- thats cute- did you make this mistake on purpose or really think that is a word?

I have never heard professionable before.  lol



It is just a ra-ra meeting,,,
Nothing will be discussed, I was in the corporate meeting on Friay, and they basically blew smoke up our a$$
please let us know what happens at the meeting!!
Bet that meeting never happens now
She probably wanted to get that meeting out of the way before the pay cuts, or as she likes to call it 'leveling' - yeah it really levels you to get whacked like that - so now it will probably never get rescheduled.  She wanted to say a bunch of stuff like how hard we work and how much she appreciates it and how valuable we are and don't let the door hit ya and then two days later . . . wham!  Pay cuts for all!
My notes from the meeting - s/m
Apparently Acusis started in India, not the US. It's not very old - only 6 years. The CEO seems to know alot about business & making money, but not much about MT-ing. Says he's learning. They apparently have aspirations to be THE largest MT company not only in the US, but globally. He thought he could do it from India, but found he couldn't, partly because of the fact that some US medical institutions don't want offshored work. Others will allow PART of their work offshore (like radiology, etc.), but not other work. So instead this would be what he called a Hybrid US+India company. Hmmm.

So, according to what he said, he feels the best way to grow the company FAST is to also have a US MT force, so clients have a choice. They will have to pay more for US transcription, though he assures us the Indians are also good. (Yeah, RIGHT!) Initially the two-tiered business platform made sense to me. But other comments made later in the meeting made me wonder about what the REAL truth might be. Among other things, they plan to buy many other US MT companies, as well. DRC is just the first. He seems to think bigger is better. Having worked at PAMC since it was smaller, and seeing how nasty it got when it was bigger, I certainly don't agree.

Someone asked the question about the less-skilled, or even the accurate, but slower transcribers' role there. For now he seems to want only top-notch people, but later says how having a plan for bringing less-skilled MTs up to speed would be a good thing. Some questions sounded slightly hedged or evaded, and sometimes had the words for now thrown in, like maybe we weren't going to notice them or something. This had to do mainly with questions about change as it affected us. Red flag.

When asked about all the extra management people after the merge, he said that for now there was a seat for everyone on the bus. But he also allowed as how his company has always tended to have more execs than they really needed. Well, that certainly is one of the problems at PAMC, and it seems to cause them to continually find fault with the MTs, if for no other reason than to make themselves look good. So that was another rather loud warning-bell I heard.....it's a management-heavy company.

Re: Pay/Benefits - He says so far it'll remain the same. He wants it well above average, but doesn't specifically say whether or not MTs are part of that plan. He does say that by improving the software, etc., they can make the MTs more productive, and thus enable them to make more money. I didn't particularly like that part, either.

One thing that DID sound good was that although we would have to change over to Acusis' 401K (and who knows how good it is.....), he says they'll match it with 3%. Well, to me that isn't exactly MATCHING.... but I guess if you put in $100, they put in another $3.

Their company goals were:
- Global world-class customer satisfaction (sounds kinda' generic, but whatever...)
- Service flexibility & choice of options (the Hybrid-thing).
- Create the strongest organization (so they can gobble up & digest the competition?)
- Have the best technology (boys do like their toys.....)

I guess we'll lose the nice DRC software we're using now. He says he wants to have a new, blended software platform that will be called AcuSuite 3.0. It is supposed to have enhanced user-friendliness (hard to believe, if it's not written by someone who knows a LOT about MT!). He also mentions back-end speech-recognition.

He also mentioned that he was a leader in his church. (Oh, pul-eeeze! Not more holy-rollers trying to take over the healthcare industry!?!?) Definitely a red flag in my book.

The Future Plans are:
- To acquire more MT companies.
- To develop a repetitive model to acquire and integrate future acquisitions.

Again, all this talk about growing, merging, acquiring -- has nothing to do with the nuts & bolts of MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTION. He talked about MONEY, a LOT. But not MTs making money - but instead about his goal of having this be the world's BIGGEST and WEALTHIEST MT company. I don't think anyone can have those kind of aspirations and stay honest or have their employee's best interests at heart for very long.

One person brought up the fact that the Chief Officer of Acusis-India desires India to dominate the medical information field worldwide, and wanted to know if he intended to convert the clients from US-transcribed to Indian-transcribed. His answer was very ODD, and most certainly got me wondering: It was that it was his belief until 55 minutes ago. (Whaaaat?) He tried to clarify that by saying he used to think domination of the MT industry could be done solely through India, and that now he believes it cannot. But, either way, all this domination talk makes me uneasy.

Another question was How do US clients view the above statement by the C.O.O.? He admits it was viewed with skepticism. He also says hes been trying to take our clients for a long time, now. (What???) (I guess he tried from India, couldn't do it, and so now has come onshore.)

When asked about accrued vacation time, and would the MTs be able to keep it, the answer was YES. (Though said he doesn't yet understand DRCs system of accrual of vacation time according to Keystrokes typed, or how much can be carried.

In the first 100 days they plan to:
- Integrate talent, IT, Processes, Benefits.
- Establish performance goals, alignment.
- Retain only high customer satisfaction performers who get results. (Does this pertain to management? MTs? Everyone? What exactly does this mean? This wasn't clear).
- Continue to have quarterly conference calls. (Jeez .... even semi-annually would be more than I could stand.)

Later he says the MTs are where the rubber meets the road. (Good analogy, but will Acusis follow through on their statement that they consider the US-based MTs to be a valuable part of the company?) I wonder if he is aware of how many people are ready to walk out RIGHT NOW, just based on their strong ties with India?

Well, anyway, that was my take on everything, from all the notes I took. I don't plan to do anything rash.... and will instead just keep on typin' and see what develops. If I like it I'll stay, if I don't, then I guess I'll leave. But I won't cross that bridge 'til I come to it, as it's still too early to tell how the takeover will ultimately go. What we were told could be the truth, or it could all just be smoke and mirrors.
Anybody at TT have trouble meeting

I work days so I am wondering if the system is just plain bogged down.  

What kind of meeting? nm
Supervisor meeting...
I believe it was actually a big meeting of suits,
ya know, the real thinkers and shakers, at some annual meeting or something. I know of one manager who had to slink back to the office - there were offices in those days - with his tail between his legs, as the word beat of the  monkeys beat him back to the office. It was horrible. Happened probably a good 10 years ago, though, so its been their mentality for a long time.
I had the pleasure of meeting D several years ago

when you actually had to fly to Maryland to train before you worked for Signal.  To say I was impressed is an understatement.  I liked her immediately.  D is one of those people that you meet and feel like you have known your entire life; the kind of person everyone wants to be around.  Her personality comes across over the phone as well.  D genuinely cares.  I'm sure others know her far better than I do, but how could anyone have ANY interaction with her and not know she cares?  What other company can you email or call the head honcho, as busy as they are, and have them actually talk to you and address your concerns?  When I see someone being critical of D, all I can think is that person must not know her at all. 

Carlotta, thanks for the positive post and for putting things in perspective.  Sometimes we (me included) focus on what is wrong instead of what is right.  I feel sheepish for doing that.  I have worked in a hospital, for MDI, for other companies and had my own accounts and in not one of those situations was there always, or even usually, a happy medium in regard to work flow.  Too much or too little, feast or famine.   I should know that by now, and yet I have at times let myself forget it and slip into a negative attitude.

Those of us at MDI-MD really do have a good thing.  Maybe we should appreciate it more and complain less (me included). 


I wasn't asking for the meeting minutes.
I wasn't even asking what is said. I wanted to know if they were sold. I DO NOT want to get hired into that company if they are off-shoring, plain and simple. A simple e-mail would have sufficed instead of attacking a simple question. You think they would have told this potential hire that information BEFORE I entered the company? No worries, I am not jumping onto that boat anyway. Will take 2nd choice.
Easy! I was invited to the meeting...
...and it's an account I work on. Everyone else who works on this account was also invited to the meeting. Otherwise why would it matter to the casual passer-by? Clients are not to be named on this board... or did I get that wrong, too?
Looks like poster anon was at the meeting too.
And you jumped down her neck as well. Are we in need of some Midol?
What meeting? I just left but would sure love to know
what is going on with OSI. I was there for four years. TIA
meeting line counts

I guess I am confused as I have not actually worked for Amphion, but my sister works there, is constantly changing accounts and having to do 2nd and 3rd account to get her lines, and consistently meets 2000 lines a day in about 6-1/2 hours.  I don't understand how you could not meet their minimum line count...

I was counseled about not meeting my lines
when I had some personal issues that were making me very unreliable over several pay periods in a row...not just a day here or there, but I was only meeting about 60% of my lines for about 6-7 weeks.

I got a professional email offering to place me on a p.r.n. basis at a lower line rate, or get my act together and keep my promise by being reliable.

I looked at what was keeping me from making my lines, straightened out my issues (including having an outpatient surgery for something that had been dragging me down). After making my lines for 2 paychecks, I was sent another email thanking me for getting things fixed and patting me on the back for being the MT the person writing believed me to be.

They never dropped my pay. In fact, a few months later when I was able to increase my lines even more, I got a raise.

The point was that I committed to lines that I wasn't meeting (not due to lack of work) and they counseled me before giving up on me. If I hadn't pulled myself together, we would have parted ways. I needed that kick in the bum. I feel it made me a better MT and it made me feel better about myself in general. No one has ever said a word to me about not meeting my lines for lack of work...in fact, I usually get emails where they acknowledge the issue and reassure the team everything will be okay.

I think they are very professional, but they do have high expectations, which is why the best of the best work there.
I was told that it was going to be brought up at their next meeting...
hopefully something like that will be set up because I think it would be beneficial...
SPI account managers meeting

Well, Well....The account managers are at a conference in Nashville once again...I have heard rumors that some of them are going to fight for the MTs to get paid for headers/footers once again!!!  GOOD LUCK TO THEM!!  The last time they had a big account managers meeting like this (sometime last year) both my account manager and senior account manager left the next week!!!!  Wonder how many they are going to lose this time???   I heard there is plenty of work now, but the problem is there isn't anyone left to type it, so they are trying to work to death the ones that are left...what a mess!!!

Do you have any problems meeting production?

What's "out of work" for you? Are you meeting your
minimum line count or barely scraping by?
Any comments on the Acusis/DRC meeting?
Sometimes change can be a good thing, BUT...I have to say that I wasn't feeling too warm and fuzzy by the end of the call. What's with letting go of key people? Or maybe I haven't been with Acusis long enough to know that it happens all the time, just part of the business.

Also not feeling too thrilled about the change from KS to LPH. I thought I'd lucked out and found a company who understood the nitty gritty of production and paid fairly, but now they're switching to how everyone else does it. I'll wait and see how it shakes out (once they get it together and figure out the magic conversion formula) but why am I thinking it's going to be downhill from here? Or maybe it's just a mild case of paranoia...like MQ deja vu all over again.
town hall meeting
I agree.  This is very much a listening meeting, basically a pep rally about how great Webmedx is and how they put the employees first.  Unfortunately this is not the case demonstrated by the amount of posts here and the lack of work for those of us who have given so much to this company.  Now we sit with nary a thing to do.
Precyse MTs - Big meeting tomorrow
The big MT conference call meeting for all Precyse MTs is tomorrow.  Anybody know what this might all be about?
also dock your pay for not meeting QA standards..nm
You're welcome! Likewise to you! Nice meeting you!

Maybe I'll see ya in MQ world!!

I haven't had the pleasure of meeting her or any of the liaisons, sm

but I do look forward to the part of the new forum with photos and profiles posted.  It will be interesting to see if my mental pictures match the real thing. 

I'm like you ... I do tend to fret and worry when work is slow, even though I know that ups and downs tend to be the nature of the business.  I do believe, though, that everyone at MDI does the best they can to look out for us.  It still doesn't stop me from worrying when I run out of work, but I do not feel angry or blameful ... just sometimes wonder if I can find an electric pole to plug my computer into if I become homeless (smile).

Thanks to you, C, and D for the positive posts. 

You are so correct! Years ago at an AAMT meeting, sm
we asked a local risk management physician lecture us. He stated, Your company (or office) is only as good as its worst employee.

I have no trouble meeting my line count - and then some. nm
I will tell you why you aren't meeting the line count...
Other places more fair. If line count fairness isn't important, stick with Amphion. Also, work DOES run out and you are put on other accounts with nit-picky specifics.
Any comments on today's DRC/Acusis meeting? NM
So you ARE NOT having trouble meeting your line counts? sm
May I ask what your minimum line count is?
Most companies have a 2 week training period and if meeting
production and QA one can opt out of it early.
Any company not meeting payroll on time is not worth it.
I wouldn't wait around. There is no excuse for them not to meeting payroll once, much less twice.

it's called meeting turnaround time, as a team. NM
Just got an E-mail about a Webmedx town hall meeting

Is it typical for decreased pay for not meeting line requirements? sm

I know every company is different but has anyone had their pay rate decreased for failure to meet line requirements?  I have heard of taking away benefits, etc. before but never heard of decreased pay rates for IC because of this nor have I ever heard of the pay rate being different for full time versus part timers within the same company.  I have health issues causing my lack of meeting line requirements.  It isn't because I just don't want to work.  I guess this is just another tactic to take money out of our pockets and into theirs like the pay rate isn't low enough already.  Geez by the time I cover my expenses as an IC, I doubt I come out with anything anyway.  I might as well just work for free for the government to donate all my money overseas! 

Has anyone ever figured out how much difference is needed in pay between IC and employee to cover average expenses related to the job?  I know standard is 1 cent usually and that does not cover my expenses.