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Posted By: Vera on 2009-07-07
In Reply to: it is not as it seems - been there

Thank you so much for your post.  I was afraid of that...guess I will just keep looking.

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whups - sorry, reply to wrong "who wants to be" reply
if I only had a brain...

Again, sorry to BTDT.
um, only 1 harsh reply; the other 3 were in reply to the 1

I suppose someone could twist the post I put on the company forum as tattling.  However, I dont see how.  My post simply asked what the posts on MT stars were about.  I really don't think I need to "alert" anyone to anything as millions of MTs come to this forum daily.  Also, as some disgruntled ex-Transcenders said, their words not mine, Larry scans these boards regularly himself.

Another thing, I at least tried to go to the source and find out some information about what the OP was saying about unfair treatment, unfair pay and such between newbies and long-termers at Transcend.  I wanted to know what the person was talking about since she wasnt going to explain herself.  At least, I took it where it belonged in the first place, the company.  Of course, there was never a reply as that person isn't able to post using her name. 

Thank you for your post trying to divert the attention on to me instead of the issue at hand.  If  you are leaving or have left, why are still bothered by what I say?

My reply to your reply to my reply, lol

All I meant was that we could BOTH could be construed as troublemakers, depends on how you look at it.

You could also look at it that you were confronting people there at the company and trying to get them to talk about these things where you think it belongs.

There's a history, here, Michelle, that you're not aware of about why people won't talk about certain things on that forum, and you're not sure if they've already TRIED talking to management about it and got nowhere, you assume too much.

You're waltzing in here like you have controlling interest (hahaha, no pun intended) in Transcend and think you know how things should go, ignoring that there might be a history of why people are afraid to talk.

Really, though, it's not your job to try force people to answer any of your questions, here or anywhere else.

I applaud your courage to confront people about their claims, but learn when to leave it alone, that there may be a history that you weren't a part of, you weren't there yet, and people just want to commune to share experience and get a reality check.

And I'm sorry, I don't believe your only motivation was to get people talking about these issues where you think they belong.

There are some that have never even heard of this board and your post directed them here and stirred up a flurry of activity and I think you knew it would. So I hate to tell you this, but you've alerted several people to the complaints by bringing them here.

As IF it's any of your business, I have not finished my notice with them, Michelle, and was toiling whether I had done the right thing initially. I'm not about to leave anyone high-and-dry.

Let's see where you are in about three years, Michelle, you're going to be something else to deal with...Transcend better keep you on their good side.
Thanks for the reply (sm)

Do you currently work for them?  If so, could you please share a little bit of information about them?  Do you know what their line rate is? 

Thanks for your help!

okay you got it...thanks!
Thanks for the reply!
And thank you for your honesty. That is very much appreciated!


To set the record straight... I posted on here because I spoke from my heart which is the TRUTH about what I think from MY perspective on the companies that I have worked for in the past, just to give someone else some insight....  NO ONE from Keystrokes put me up to this, Not Lee OR Becky... OR not management of any kind, form or shape....

I just wanted to express how I felt about working for Keystrokes as I have worked for MANY nationals out there and anyone can e-mail me OR phone me and I will send you my credentials/resume to let you know this is NOT Lee!!!  I think KEYSTROKES ROCKS!!

Kim Drietz  Lake Benton, MN  612-486-9935  I'm not afraid to post my name.. BIG DEAL!!   I will get off my  now!!! 


Thanks for your concern! I will keep that in mind for the future!
Thanks for your reply...NM



Not only I have been transcribing since the ice ages but I have been with TT longer than 1 year.  I have worked on many platforms and have been paid hourly, salarly, by the minute, by the line, and by characters so I too am familiar with different aspects of different line counts and I have never had a problem with TT before but I do now and now is my concern.  I am not trying to badmouth TT because I have no problems with TT I just don't understand my line count and Debbie doesn't understand it either.  My only question has been and still is "is there someone out there who have worked with this platform and know how this line count "really" works?" and if that is a question you can answer for me or if there is some kind of formula you have that you can make me understand it since you seem to know that your counts are correct then I would really appreciate it because after all thats all I am asking for. 

Reply to $$$
How pathetic can you get? You need your husband's permission to post? My life is great - you need to save your pity for your poor pathetic self....if your husband says it's okay, that is. Adios!
Now that reply is really

Really not worth a reply.  This "old hag" bets you're a 20-year-old stud, sitting there in your birthday suit, doing OB/GYN notes and getting your delights.  Sheesh, yourself.

Never got a reply
Thank you for your reply

I appreciate it.


OSi Reply
Could you expand on this? Why should I run and not look back? If I'm going to run, I need more info than that. LOL
Thanks for the reply!

Thanks for taking the time to reply!  I am happily awaiting to start training later in the week! 

Thanks for the reply.

Thanks for your reply.
I usually ignore most of the nasty comments on here anyway.  I haven't found a company who was perfect yet, have you?  I think I will apply with them right now.
please reply again
so I can respond via email to give you info to submit resume.

thank you!

I get the MTjobs newsletter every week usually on Friday and it gives a list of the companies that have posted for the week.  Net Dictations was one of the companies listed. 

Yes, I did work for them for a short while. .
Who is EFD? Thanks for your reply
Actually, this is my first reply to any of this
and I was on a 15 minute break. I'm not unemployed and I'm not angry, I was just pointing out the obvious. You really shouldn't make assumtions.
Yes, I do, and cannot figure out why. I like the account and the dictators are not that bad...but for some reason cannot get the line count I did on my last oncology account. The recruiter told at interview that they pay for spaces, so it couldn't be that...however, I don't think ExText is that great to work with...especially when pulling up normals...it takes too long to do that!!!!

Thank you for reply. nm
THANK YOU for that reply!
Thanks for your reply!! nm
KS reply thanks
Thanks for the info - I appreciate it and it helps with the questioning I need to do.  Have a couple of prospects and just wanted to check them out.  CB
Why don't any of you reply to my ad?
Funny, I come here and read all of this talk about low pay scale, no work etc. I have had an ad posted on this board for about 2 months now and only received 3 or 4 replies. One person I even offered to listen to the dictations and get back to me. I never heard a word. I am willing to offer as much as .17 cents per line for my most difficult dictations who are mainly done by a doctor who dictates discharge summaries both psychiatric and medical for about 10 doctors on staff. The easiest work which is all psychiatric I would start at 11cents per 65 character line/no spaces. We are on electronic medical record system direct to hospital.  Regular medical for experience would start at 12 cents / up to as high as 14 if you are willing to be dedicated and work full time. Please reply if you are interested. I am a small independent contractor who has had the same account for 28 years/one general hospital and the other psychiatric in the Miami area.
Thanks for your reply.
I guess I will just wait to see if I get any work.
reply to MT
This company is in Mass. The other reply was correct about which company it is- FOCUS.
Thanks for the info. Sad to hear.
Thanks for the reply...
I brushed up my resume a little yesterday and may apply...it's just so hard to know sometimes when to move on and whether you're jumping from the frying pan into the fire.  Thanks!
it cut off the end of my reply sm
They list Thurs and Fri as company holidays but then said we had to work on Fri unless we had already asked off for it... What?!
There is a reply below from an
I received an automated replay yesterday stating that she would be out of the office until 3 p.m.
Reply. sm
I work on an account with highly experienced MTs.  We are all very familiar with the various doctors.  Some dictators actually are difficult enough to cause an MT to lose money.  If an MT gets the worst of the worst all day, someone who cherry picks is naturally going to make more money. 

I currently check the line count under properties of the document, my own account.  This has always been satisfactory to the client. 

Now I will be subcontracting some work and they said to base the count on 65-character line including headers/footers, spaces, tables, etc.  so to me it would be the same thing I am currently doing??? 

I had seen something where they took the total line count multiplied by 30% and that was roughly based on a 65-character line and then multiplied that by your cpl rate. 

Just looking for the best, and easiest, solution.

Thanks for help-


reply --
I would recommend you contact the company and get answers from them. If they are seriously interested, they will be sure you understand their line rate.
May I ask why you have decided to quit KS?

Thanks for your reply

Sometimes I wonder why these companies tell transcriptionists who rely on these at-home jobs for a living can't be more truthful in regard to the accounts assigned.  I realize it takes a while for an account to get up to speed...but 2 months' time is definitely more than enough.

Good luck to you!

No, I don't keep track of individual reports, but I had been averaging about 200 lph, and when Ichart started having problems, I haven't even come close to that amount.
I am not in any way saying it is TT's fault, but was just checking to see if anyone was experiencing the same problem...thinking it might be my computer. I definitely like TT too. By the way, I do not know how to do my own line counts and didn't even know that was possible with the Ichart software. The are definitely the nicest I have ever worked for, and, yes, I do know about all those other companies are bad.
Are you talking about Phoenix MedCom? I recently applied there and was so surprised when they sent an info sheet to me regarding working for them and stating pay range was 7-8 cpl for IC. No thanks.
Reply to reply
Yep, you're right!
I did re-email them, but thus far have not heard back from them. I sent the e-mail again last week. When you started there, did you already know Emdat, and do you know why they are so emphatic regarding new hires already be experienced on that platform. Just curious to know.

Hope you have experience on Emdat platform. She will not even talk to you if you do not...even if you are very experienced in the type of dictation she is needing.

I quit due to not enough work.  Also found out later MTs were not being paid on time and paychecks were bouncing.

I have worked for both MQ and Webmedx. If you would like more info, please email me.
Yes to all of your questions above! I worked for 2 months last year and quit.
We must work for the same company...even though it has enabled the Control-I function, I still get the message that I don't the rights to use it. After doing a report I hit control I and get nothing. Am I doing something wrong?