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they email you some voice files to type and send back

Posted By: been there on 2009-07-08
In Reply to: MTS - meow


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Are there any companies that I would download voice files and then send back but would be able to
transcribe on the move so I can travel but not use all my vacation time?  I wish I had paid attention earlier this year..but I didn't know I'd ever be in the position to need to do this.
Send them an email to ask and see if it comes back. nm
i'd like to know too. i did send an email back before wasting more of my time to see if the work
I didn't think their voice files were of
good quality, lots of difficult dictators, and they are now offshoring.  MTSO said that files were surprisingly good.  I had to QA the entire report and basically retype most of it because reports were not surprisingly good.    MTSO was nice and up front about offshoring though. 
Yes, typed 3 voice files
The recruiter gave me three voice files and I had two hours to return them.  Not bad, one was kind of hard.  You only have to fill in the blanks, not transcribe the entire report.  Just like doing an edit.  From the time I applied on-line, got a call from the recruiter and tested and then offered a position was less than two days.  They sent me an equipment package and paperwork, I trained and now I am working my way through the three week full QA process.  Nice people so far, I am very happy with Medware.
Unless you have another way to play your voice files, use
Voice files disappering act

I am a former Transcend employee. 

I do hope all current and future employees have better luck than I did.

When I would ask about  lack ofwork I was told sometimes it was necessary to be flexible so I tried working at night. 

The platform I worked on had a queu wih all t jobs and you had to take in  that order.

At 10 PM there would be upwards of 100 jobs in the queu.

Then mysteriously they would vanish.  It was interesting that if, and I do mean IF, there any jobs were left they would be  ESLs or impossible dictators . 

There was no way they were not sent somewhere---- the average worker would be unable to sort the good from the bad dictators because the jobs had to be downloaded in order. 


As I said, I wish anyone with them good luck.  Some people must have had good luck.  I did not.  My team lead left shortly after Trancend aquired the company I was with.....mabye things would have been different if she had stayed. 

Two page of testing, ten voice files Med and Rad sm
for 8 cpl? No way. Thanks again.
Maybe they forgot to attach the voice files?
You usually get sent the tranny part as voice files and you'd do them in that particular
It is Chartscript. You can use WP5.1 or Word. Voice files
are DVI. 
Voice files that was sent to me were of totally awful quality!! sm
Would not touch it with a 10 foot pole and I have lots of years of experience.
Or the voice files may already be there "somewhere" for you to click on and play and you
Maybe a problem with voice files downloading like yesterday. nm

DOn't feel alone, I couldn't hear voice files and (sm)
thought there was a problem again, then realized I was using the wrong foot pedal. Double Duh for me this morning.
it sounds like they use FTP to send files though
I did find out that much so I'll throw that one the window! 
Look at smaller MTSOs that want to send you files
in Word.  You'll need to go MOM AND POP shop because it seems all of the larger companies have what you don't want, which is what I don't want and totally despise.  All of these junk-u-scribe platforms seem to benefit the company and not the MT. 
Test dictations are often bogus and not true voice files from the company. Need to ask. nm
I'd have to agree with the testing of 6 voice files. Turned me off. Who has time to spend doing a
of those tests... I need a job not a day of testing.
No experience because I couldnt even take the transcription tests. The voice files would not play.
How about you? I was bummed. I was really interested in the job but I tried everything to get the voice files to play but they wouldnt. Oh well, I guess if it were meant to be, then I would have been able to take the test.
Any place to get free practice voice files or does anyone offer testing that could be accessed w/o
Which companies do oral testing instead of sending files to type? nm
If you fax a resume and/or test files do you follow with an email the next day?

Just curious what others do.

Yippee - I finally got a call back and did the test files last night
I hate sent another email and even called, but she was out of office. When recruiter sent the test files, she apologized for being out of touch and even thanked me for my persistence.

By the way, I was not talking about Medscribe at all. It is a totally different company.

Wish me luck!
Back-end voice recognition
Just learned my company will be doing a system upgrade that will include what they call the beginnings of back- end voice recognition. I think the company mainly uses one system for all its accounts, so does this mean that all accounts will now have to go to back-end VR and I'll become an editor, or is it possible that only certain accounts will go this way??? I'm really concerned, as I don't want to do VR because it seems so many people that post say they lose money doing editing, and when I was hired I was told they were not going to go to VR. Seems like things have changed and I don't know what to expect. Any info appreciated. Thanks.
Has everyone heard back from Keystrokes yet regarding the email we received a while back?
Just wandering why I haven't heard any response yet.
I did that insurance stuff too. Hated it. Happy to type only 1 voice now
Hey OrthoMT.. tried to email you back but the email was returned as undeliverable..
Basically, this is what I'd like to know.. You can email me the information if you like..First off, are they hiring for ortho? and what is their scheduling like, FT or PT, IC status or employee etc. I would like to find a company that is pretty flexible. Also, what platform do they use? I have worked at some like you were saying, took forever to get the line count and I want to work 8 hours and be done. Oh, do you have benefits, and what are they like if you have them? Thanks for any information you can give..

I sent them an email back in August and never heard back sm
Is this company on Long Island? I checked out their website and even tried calling once. Were you successful in contacting them? All i know is that the company is owned by some doctors.

Did you have to send them back
Just asking.
Do you mean you send it back to the MT?
or do you just give the website with feedback?
send me an email
I may know of a place for you
Send an email and ask
someone in the office who does the time sheets.
I always send an email sm
and ask all those questions before testing.  If they don't want to give me that info before hand, they aren't worth it.
I think there are 2? send them email and ask
.Just put you message in the portion where is says Apply Now (or did you see info elsewhere?
It's always best to just send an email and let them know - regardless what day.
If I send you an email to let you know
the person you think you are talking about is NOT me, then would you post on this board you made a mistake? I would be more than willing to do this. I am not an owner, I am not a boss, I guarantee you you do not know me. Want to take me up on this or go ahead with posting false things?
anything you need....send email. NM
Has anyone heard back from Milner Voice and Data since their current ad? nm
I work there, but cannot send an email.
How can I help you
send me a private email
I don't discuss this company on the board and you will find few who do.
Send me an email and I will answer you :) nm
How is this better? I do not want to send my email address to anyone as sm
I end up on some strange lists when I do but I really am interested in Keystrokes. I have heard good things and bad and have weighed it out but this kind of cryptic message intrigues me. I just know that whatever happens, I am happy to go with a company that does not outsource and is very open about being against it. I have been burned by two hospitals and two services with offshore transcription.
To MT at Home - I tried to send you an email
but the delivery failed. Of course, I'm very interested in replying to you, but just do not know how.
Debbie - please re-send the email
Maybe you should send AA an email informing
One answered below. Otherwise--I'd send an email see msg
asking who they were before I sent a resume.
If you send an email and it is not returned as (sm)
undeliverable, would you kindly pass the email on to me? Mine just came back as undeliverable. Hmmmmm. Feeling not to sure about this place......

Thanks in advance.
Why not send this to her email directly?
I think you should take this to her via email. Its easy enough to create an alternate ID so you would not be identified if you are trying to be anonymous.
Pumpernickel, could you send me an email too.. sm
I am the original poster and would love to hear any other information. Incentives would help and might make my decision to stay or go a bit easier! Thanks.
I could send an email saying how I love VR
I have seen reports of mine transcribed by humans which have errors on them. I am glad to be using VR so still want to send emails?