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She is definitely an employee. This company in Georgia has 150+ employees. Forty hour

Posted By: Bren on 2007-10-23
In Reply to: Legal or not legal overtime question. - Bren

work week is one thing but having them get very upset when you are working 50-60 hours and be nasty when the account is still behind but saying no overtime, no way is a very different thing.  I advised her ask the department to check out this company and out get out of there anyway. 

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Hi, I'm a full-time MQ employee in Georgia...

I work in Georgia out of a California MQ office,  so you would need to check if every MQ office offers the same options for everyone in each state (I believe they do).  My office just switched over to United Health Care EPO in Georgia, which seems to be very good coverage ($15 office copay, 100% for labs, $500 copay for inpatient hospitalization, good drug coverage).  Employee contribution for single coverage is about $90/month.  Dental insurance is about $17/month.  MQ now offers life insurance, short- and long-term disability for FT employees, as well.  I've really liked the way their benefits package has evolved over the last few years.  I know MQ is going through a lot of challenges right now, but they've treated me well and have been an excellent fit for me.  I'm hoping the best for them and the rest of my fellow MQers.  From what I gather, situations may vary from office to office, so research yours thoroughly. 

Hope this was helpful.  The corporate number is 800-233-3030 if you need to speak with a recruiter for more info. 

(FWIW, I'm not a member of MQ management--just a satisfied MT :)

Hour employee
You should be punching a time clock or filling out a time sheet or something if you are hourly, in which case you would make sure the overtime hours are on there. You MUST be sure they are put on there. By law, employer HAS to pay you overtime. If not, you contact the wage and hour division in your state and I guarantee you they will be all over that. What she is doing is illegal!!
Company from Georgia.
They pay per minute dictated. Personally, I did not like it, especially when you get short reports. I wasn't there very long.
No. A company in Georgia. nm
I've never seen employee status on 24-hour TAT

But maybe someone offers it. Mostly what I've found are small companies that offer 24-hour TAT, so benefits are not part of the deal.

same way an employee making $8 an hour. Hold some back.
Info on company Voice Systems in Georgia -- Anyone?
Have an offer to work with this company, must purchase DropChute for $200.  Anyone ever heard of them?
Does anyone have any info about a company called InfoPro out of Georgia? (sm)
Has anyone worked for them and if so, what was your experience?  Is there enough work? How are they to work for? How is the platform?  Etc. 
It depends if you are employee or IC. Employees cannot hire sm
assistants. Most companies make you sign a confidentiality agreement, as do most hospitals and clinics. Those agreements should state (every one I have seen) that you will not let anyone have access to personal information or use your IDs. Letting someone listen is a direct violation. I read your post and went to the Privacy Manager at the hospital where I work to verify this before posting this response. She is our HIPAA specialist and told me that letting anyone listen or read a medical report is the same as telling them about it and a direct HIPAA violation.
Only hire as employee if they have 50 employees in the state you live in. NM
My state would never be one.
Does anyone know anything about a company called Heart of Georgia Health Information Services? (sm)
I am beginning a job search and this was one of the services that I came across.  Has anyone worked for them and had good or bad experiences that they could share?  TIA
Let me know if you pursue this company. I would like to work for a MN company as an employee?
Let me know! Thanks!
what company gives 24 hour window? - nm
My company pays $15 to $18 per hour for QA but

I was offered a QA position and even at the highest hourly amount, I make at least $3 more transcribing.

Depending on how much discipline I have on any particular day, I make anywhere from $20 to $35 an hour but never any less than $20 an hour on production.  Other than my hands killing me periodically, I would much rather transcribe!!

Tip for new employees to any company

This may sound like simple and crazy advice but I was recently sweating bullets when I started a new job and afraid that I could not meet the line requirements.  I sat down on my day off and spent about 4 or 5 hours seriously updating my shortcut program. I must have added 10 times the amount of shortcuts that I had before.  The very next time that I worked I doubled my production and it has gone up every day since then. 

So it may not be the new company you go to work for if you are worrying about making the line requirements. It may be your shortcut program needs some serious updating. That was sure true in my case.

There are probably still some rotten companies out there but I made a big difference myself and now I couldn't be happier at my new company!

what company pays 17 dollars an hour?
JLG pays 21 dollars an hour, that is a fact.
From the company owner to the employees
after somebody mistakenly forwarded an email from someone in India to the company employees- then they had to fess up. The person with the email slipup decided to "change jobs" within the company and it went to the pits after that with incompetent managers.
There are disgruntled former employees at any company
if you do your work and do it well you'll be fine at Diskriter.
Good company who employees nearly as many
a good company who always swore they would never offshore our work. Yup, good company. 1000 domestic MTs and 600 Indians.  They make MQ look loyal to the US!
A horrible company who does not value truth or the employees.
Is there a company who offers benefits to parttime employees?
Just curious
I work for another company that advertises for new employees often with the same reaction. Maybe s
those who are NOT in-the-know should keep their opinions to themselves unless they know facts. The company I work for is hiring over 100 MTs as well due to two new accounts between now and the end of the year too. Maybe a few of the biggies have lost a few accounts that the mid-size MTSOs can handle in a more personal manner. Perhaps hospitals are FINALLY getting tired of the offshore garbage they are getting back from some of the other nationals. Either way, there are some major accounts changing services and a few of the mid-size MTSOs will need to pull from the transcriptionists out there looking for a better job!
If the hospital employees know, then the company knows. Keep your mouth shut and get out.
You judge an entire company by the posts of 2 or 3 out of 500+ employees?
That amazes me with MQ too. A few people post but the what they write it taken as gospel.

Keystrokes is very well run; it is sad that someone can make a blanket statement about something they know nothing about.
Most company web sites have testimonials from LOTS of employees, not just one. sm

Kind of makes you think, doesn't it?  They just use that one tired rave review of yours.

As far as not having a problem with you being gone -- you're an IC!  You're SUPPOSED to be able to be gone when you need to be.   It is another place that doesn't seem to know the meaning of the idea of being an IC, although that is par for the course nowadays and I really cannot point them out as being the only one who does that.

It would seem best to let the CardioScribes thread die, but you had to bring it to the foreground again. 

Actually, having employees work at home is a benefit...TO THE COMPANY
more than the employee. The company doesn't have to pay for office space, electricity, etc.....
Is there a listing anywhere that shows # of employees or size of company? nm )


Without Naming Company, Does anyone know cost of COBRA for out-of-state employees?
Does any company offer insurance to part'time employees? nm
P.S. - I am an employee with this company

and they have NO benefits package yet.  I've been told for months that they are working on one.  I also was told you get PTO if you type 1100 per day.  Got news for ya.....it's impossible unless you work a couple weekends a month, which I will NOT do.  I found the job on this website, now when they need MTs they advertise elsewhere.  Shhhhh, guess it's a secret.  I'm making 0.085 cents/line and they are advertising elsewhere for .12 cents per line.  Nice eh? 

I'm hoping they fire me so I can collect unemployment. 

As an employee every company does not

provide your computer, which you have to have to do the job, every company doesn't provide a C-phone or foot pedal, which you have to have to do the job, they don't reimburse your internet, which is most cases you need to do your job.

In my case I had DSL, a land line as required by DSL, but which I rarely used and then I needed ULD once I was hired by KS.  I tried to go through my ISP, but they never could get it to work and I was tired of dealing with India.  I switched from DSL to cable internet and then I got digital phone through my internet provider.  Making the switch from land line to digital phone saves me $10/mo on my phone bill and switching from DSL to cable for six months I'm saving $15/mo on my internet expenses and will only save $5 after that 6 months. 

I don't see that I'm out anything as I came out better, but having an additional expense of $25/mo in order to be able to work at home is hardly a financial burden and I don't feel it is unreasonable.  You can always claim it on taxes.  Keystrokes clearly puts in their ad what equipment you need and if you need a C-phone they also state you will need ULD.   If an MT doesn't want to deal with that then there are other companies. 

If you are an employee of a company that provides
please mention the company so I can apply.  Thanks! 
can you tell us which state or company? Are you an employee or IC? sm
I know that a certain company in NY was investigated a few years back because of treating ICs like employees.

I hope it is not the company I work for as I am finally happy after being miserable for the last 3 years and 50 jobs.
Rapid Transcript, Inc- Does anyone have any recent info on this company...current/previous employees
I am wondering about anyone who has recently or is currently working for this company...any input is appreciated. There is some Bad talk about non-payment in the search archives from 2003-2004, but no recent talk. Just curious. :)
Best company with higest cpl employee status
Never would. BUT I am not an MTSO. I work as an employee for a company and I see everything sm
that I mentioned in my first post routinely. I don't mean to include all by no means, but don't try to make this out as a dream job. It has already been done and that is just one of of the reasons we are in the sad state we are in.
Great company and they pay employee insurance. nm
think, people! If she does 250 lines/hour, same docs daily, will make $15/hour
A company is not required to supply anything to an employee. The problem sm
is when ICs are supplied with equipment; they cannot be supplied with anything or they are employees.

Other professions need to have their own equipment, references, etc. This is not just in transcription.
100,000/year - no way. I charge $35/hour and work 10 hour days - sm

what's not to believe - I said that I charge $35/hour and work 10 hour days AND DO NOT MAKE - sm

try READING the post.
I have a friend working in a hospital and she is looking for a company from home as an employee.
Would anyone care to recommend a good company?
$35/hour x five 10-hour days = $1,750 gross/week.
$20 an hour is not even average for radiology. You should not make less than $25-30 per hour. sm
I work for Keystrokes and have for 3 years. I average 25 reports an hour, which is $31.25 an hour. I have 401, health insurance, direct deposit, life insurance. My lead tells me I'm wonderful when I talk to her, but I do not need a daily pat on the back.

I also have a good friend who works for them on a clinic. She only makes 0.08 per line but does 300 lines an hour, which is $24 an hour, again higher than your $20.

I don't think we're selling ourselves short. There are companies out there that are good to work for, 6 or 8 of them that I know of personally. Don't settle for $20 an hour.
Well if I could do 500 lines per hour, I would be making 35.00 an hour. sm
nothing to sneeze at. More than fair for having a 2-year degree. Come on people, we are all acting like we expect 6-digit incomes! Whatev!
Oh for sure employees, but not too often for statutory employees. Sorry for confusion.
Attn: Any Transcend employees or former employees
I have been offered a job with Transcend, but I am not completely sure about it yet and I need some input from you guys.  I have read positives and negatives regarding this company but alot of it was pretty old information.  Can anyone give me some recent feedback on them?    Thanks very much!!!
DDS Inc. in Georgia......sm
Does anyone have any information about this company, good or bad?  I didn't find anything when doing a search on this site. Thanks!
I am in Georgia......

Would you please e-mail me information.  I would love to apply.

They use IChart.
OSI of Georgia
Yes, I'm positive.  After a lovely conversation with a recruiter, I was emailed a lot of paperwork, and this statement was on one of the pages.  This is not hearsay; I saw it myself.  This was earlier this year; Im thinking it was March.  Maybe it is something new, or something that was only on that particular account, but it was a paper that I was supposed to sign in agreement to being paid minimum wage if the client did not pay.