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Some WMX posts on page 4 here near the top of the page. nm

Posted By: Slow moving today on 2007-01-22
In Reply to: WebMedX - JC


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Not at all. Worked for the NJ company. Used to pay by the page or partial page. Don't know about
Some comments on page 2 of this board, middle of the page. nm
Some posts about them here down a few on page 3,
Go down the page about 16" or so and see the posts. You
Actually now these posts have moved to the top 1/2 of page
The posts that were deleted on aren't page 2.
I posted that you give what you get.  If you give half wages for full editing of very few clear dictators on slow VR with no expander, bad sound quality, and technical problems you're going to get what you give. MTs who aren't high producers will follow along like docile sheep.The high producing, skilled MTs will move on.  VR allows shoddy work that was never acceptable when coming from MTs. The new generation of MTs have accepted that this is the future and aren't accustomed to the strict professionalism of the past. That's just what the MTSO is going to get.
Negative posts about Webmedx down a few on this page. nm
Look down the page. Dozens of posts a week on KS. nm
look at how many posts are on this page about t-Tech and what they could answer

I work for them and I have no problems sending an email and getting answers from them.

This is getting worse than Medquist was.

I am getting sick of hearing about them.

Multiple posts everyweek about both. Just look down the page.
If you'll look down the page lots of posts recently. nt
I put nt and you looked anyway.
A few posts about them about 3/4 of the way down this page between the DSG & Diskriter posts. nm
there is a thread further down this page or possibly the next page
I transcribed for Compuscribe years ago. Had no problems, just low pay but no problems.
Go to the bottom of the page and click on a page
number to get the most recent archives and then can do Ctrl F and do a search for WebMedX.   I wouldn't call them a small national.  
Page 2, scroll down towards the middle of the page, NM
Couple of posts here on page 11 near the top and then back during the summer, you should find a
Use the Google box search for MTStars at page top. A few posts from 4/2007 come up.
Posts on pg 2 here and lots at bottom of page 3 make them kind of iffy. nm
Use the Google box on this page and click on MTStars for your search. Lots of posts
I don't see that on their web page
Take a look at the next page (sm)
Maybe the people aren't still there, but they're experiences weren't good. Companies don't change that radically. If there are problems like that, it's because of major philosophical problems in the company. If after reading those posts you'd still want to pursue testing with them, well, all I can say is good luck. I'm sure we'll be hearing from you later.
Pay by the page
Is this good or bad? Does anyone have any experience with this type of pay?
Pay by the page
Thank you. It's $2.50 per pay page on a sliding scale. I do not really understand it and that's why I do not really know what questions to ask. Thanks for the input.
per page

To me it there are too many variables to quote a per page rate, font size, margins, etc.  You can have anywhere from 50 to 66 lines for full page depending on margins and font, so at .012 per line, that is quite a difference.  Also what do you do for 20 or 30 lines,  as they could both be half a page?   That is just my opinion though.   Could work in your favor and could not.  If they use a small Arial 10 font, takes a lot more lines to fill up a page than Courier 12.




I Get $2.75 per page
I type for an insurance company doing claim tapes and I charge by the page. It works out well for me. I type in Tahoma 10. Even if a page is just one line long I get paid the full rate.
i see it a little further down on this page
pay per page
Pay by the page
How on earth do you charge by the page? I have never been paid by the page but only by the line. Luckily, I found the job through the local paper and they will let me work from home (only 5 minutes away). There is a big psychiatric hospital down there street. Thanks for all of your help. I about gave up on transcription.
Pay by the page
I meant there is a big psychiatric hospital down the street from where I live and they usually charge by the page, but I have never charged by the page, but only by the line. Any suggestions?
by the page
The margins per page are 3 inch on the top and 3 inch left margin. Does that make a difference do you think?
Look down the page a little.....

Keystrokes is really popular right now. 

you are all over this page
with negative comments about a lot of companies.  Probably not a very good idea to let this recruiter know who you are by e-mailing straight from this site. Just a helpful hint.
pay by page
Does anyone work for a transcription company that pays by the page instead of cents per line?  If so, could you please email me.  Thanks.
Yep and now it's a whole page +2.
On what page are they? If they are there, I will
Further down this page, 1/3 way?, you
will find a message from the recruiter, Carlotta Buckley, with that signature.

I, along with others, have elabored myself on MDI, which is probably on next page now.

It is a great company that will do everything they can to take care of the MT. They have a positive QA team, etc. Personally i think they are the best company around.
Same page
I only wish more people would get on the page with us.  I fail to see  how some people can stick their head so far in the sand. 
No I'm not QA and I think we are on the same page. sm
My original post was in regards to Bayou MT's comment that we are not paid to look up doctor's names, unfamiliar names, terminology, etc.

P.S. I've run into the same QA types. The absolute worse was one from YOG. She actually called me on the phone and put me down.
at the top of the page --sm
there is a Google search bar. just beneath that are two buttons, . web and . MT stars. make sure the button by mt stars is checked and then type in the name of the company in question and click the search button beside it. that should bring up new and old postings about the company.
$1.00 a page?
You MUST be kidding!  What an insult!
$1.00 per page

Yes, I thought it was very low, too.  And she pointed out that you make the $1.00 page if you are very good.  I thought that was hilarious.  It was like she meant to convey that only the very top transcriptionists could ever hope to attain that job with such an exhorbitant amount of money as $1.00 per page!  I had to hang up quickly before I laughed out loud!  No hard feelings with them, though, and I wasn't all that insulted.  I wish them well.  They just don't have clue about how to hire quality transcriptionists and pay them well.  Of course, that problem is a common one in this industry, but they just seem to have even less of a clue than most companies about paying us properly for quality work.


look down the page

look down the page, much ado about something....
There's no such thing on the web page
pay by page vs line
Hmmm...I work by line and I pull in over $4000 per month.  I'd hardly call that no money. 
Don't you have to go to NJ to train? And pay was only 1.75 per page. nm
Paid by the page, HUH! You will be
By the page is great
Listen, I have done work both ways. By the page, you cannot get cheated. I have been cheated by line counters. I got $2.50, $2.75 and $3.00 a page. I would not go below $2.50, but you will make money this way. It's awesome! I congratulate you.

per page/per line

I know of MTs that charge $2 per page and make good money but I would question if you are cheating yourself especially with a report that is very long.  This may benefit a MT who is typing a lot of short reports.  I would prefer being paid per line when transcribing lengthy reports just for the fact that you are paid for every single character and space.  But, I would prefer being paid per page when transcribing many short reports because of the time its take to enter in patient information in each report, which slows down productivity.  So, base your decision on what you are transcribing and other factors. 

If you go to the bottom of any page
there will be page # at the bottom.  If on page 1 click on page 2 to see the newest of the posts that have scrolled off.  You can then do a Ctl F to do a search.  I don't know how sensitive the search is, by I've seen it Cymed and CyMed. 
Just scroll down the page
There have been plenty of recent posts on this company. Also, look on page 2, 3, etc...