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Spaces are not taken into account with gross lines....a line is a line...sm

Posted By: TNMT on 2007-01-31
In Reply to: Question 0.625 cpl gross line with no mention of - sm

if there seven words on a line.

or two


or a full line of typing...all of the companies that I have worked for define a gross line as 1 inch margins, 12 pt courier font....does not matter what we type in margins or font.....we convert all reports to the 1 inch margins and courier 12 font and then count the lines.  not the blank spaces between the lines.

Hope this helps.

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The norm in the 80s was 4 cents per Gross Line, not 65 char with spaces. nm
Gross lines unless it is a line of 72+
characters or more, then you can really get cheated. Once company that has someone plugging for them on MTChat pays gross lines, but those lines are up to 84-104 characters in some parts of the report, so you really get taken to the cleaners with the gross count.
Sometimes a gross line can equate to more than 65 counted character lines
I know one company whose lines are in very tiny font with very wide margins. The line length for those gross lines is 104-120 characters. This is almost double a 65 counted character line.

You can make a comparison of which is better by making a copy of your report (use cut/paste or lift into an expander, then copy into blank document) and run it thru a line count program set at 65.

Your definition of gross line is correct, but your equating it to pay is only good if the line length for gross lines is maximum 65 characters. MTSOs are learning how to make this gross line sound wonderful but in reality are robbing you blind.
A gross line is not based on characters. A gross line is
anything on the line constitutes a line, so if you only have 1 word on a line it is still counted as a line.   A gross line at 8 cpl roughly translates to 10 cpl/65 character. 
QT gets my vote! I love it! Gross line pay, on time, 1 account, steady work! Great place!!!! nm
Thanks for the info! Do you *feel* like you make more with a gross line v. character line? (nm)

Oh, they make money off us. Line rate is 17 cents a gross line.nm
Could someone help me with the figuring out of gross line versus character line? sm
I have generally been paid by character line, 65-character line.  Now, I have had job opportunities offering to pay gross line but it like 3 cents cheaper than what I am being paid now.  A few places I have read that gross line is MUCH better, but is it much better if the pay is so much lower?  Please explain how it works or equals out.  This position has offered me 6 cents per gross line - what would that equal out to in character lines?  Thanks...so confused...
"a line is a line" means gross line.
Gross line is a line, no matter how long or short.
A gross line is any line that has a character on it, so even if

a line just has one character on it, it is considered a line.   If you are getting 6 cpl per gross that is approximately equal to 8 cpl based on 65 characters.  Sometimes the font on a gross line can make it be less than that though. 

I see they pay on a VBC line. Isn't that a huge paycut from a 65-char. line with spaces? nm
They pay per net line not per gross line..sm
I work on Escription and they pay net line, all characters counted on entire document and divided by 65 to get one line count. 
gross line pay

If using Meditech, getting paid 8 cents/gross line is equivalent to what in getting paid per 65 cpl?    TIA

gross line pay
Sorry, that question doesn't make any sense.  What I meant basically is this:  Is 8 cents/gross line in Meditech's system good pay?  I was typing in Fusion and getting 7 cents/gross line at one time and it equalled far less lines than 7 cpl at a 65 char. line.  Does this make sense to anyone?  Thanks.
It is sad is what it is....used to be that per GROSS line.
They did not say if it was gross line
or 65 ch, but I think that they feel that because it is part time, that is all that is deserved. Part time or not, an acceptable pay should be required. I doubt they will get many applications, except maybe a newbie looking for experience and does not have to pay rent, etc.
Gross line pay is almost ALWAYS better
depending on the rate of gross pay. For instance, I just did a sample line count in MPTools. I compared one document and counted a gross line - anything with writing on it and a 65-char line (spaces included) and I compared the rates at .10/65char and .055/gross and for the SAME REPORT it showed: $96.06 for the 65-char line and for the gross Line it was $119.96. Still more money that way. And it adds up.

For the most part, from what I have seen, .10/65-char line is about what most companies TOP OUT at, so you are still better off with a gross line, at least from what I can see in the comparison.
Is that per gross line?....
Of course the gross line is more, but what is

the percentage of ESL, how easy is the platform, are there any benefits, can you be flexible with your schedule  ....

I don't know anything about either company.  I would search the boards and read everything you can find and make you a list of pros and cons. 


Are there any companies left that still pay the hard-working medical transcriber by the gross line?

A gross line is a gross line, however, if
the gross line is 75 characters long, instead of the usual 65, and you have long paragraphs, then you are making less money than if you were on a 65 character count.
6 cpl per gross line

Yes, it really is gross line as you described. nm

It's 6 cpl per gross line. Nothing to

gross line, it's going to come out to the average pay for 65 character - about .085, maybe 0.09 cpl 

gross line
so disappointed, those were the old ole' days.
Who pays by the gross line? Anyone?
Hmm, exactly what is a 65-character gross line?
Pay is six cents gross line.
Is that a gross line? Anything else is an insult!
Do the math. Could you not make more transcribing? I was paid $20 an hour and 4 cents a gross line at one point. Even that was lower than what I could make doing MT!
What companies pay by the gross line?

A list of companies would be great, thanks for your help!

Are there any companies that pay by gross line? nm
By Gross line - IMAGESTAT - sm

There is a post below that says Imagestat USED to pay by gross line.  I work there and get paid by gross line.

Anybody care to elaborate on this?  How do you know? 

she asked GROSS line
of course font size matters
In reference to gross line pay...sm
Let's put it this way. I used to be paid by the gross line until my company was bought out by a national. My pay at that time was 3.25 per gross line. Working on the very same client account on a gross line, I earned $20,000 more then anually than I do now after having been switched to 0.09 65 cpl w/spaces. However, a gross line also depends on the size of the font used and the length of the margins. But you get paid 3.5 cpl whether there is 82 characters in a *line* or just one character. do you realize how many short lines there are in a dictation as opposed to full 65 character lines? and how many of those short lines it takes to add up to a 65 character line? Believe me, it adds up, and I would go back to a gross line in a heart beat, given the opportunity. Maybe I will give this place a shot!
I was told by recruiter they pay gross line
I am wondering which is better.  Is gross line better than 65 character line with spaces.  Thanks
Question 0.625 cpl gross line with no mention of

spaces - means very good possibility this is 6 cpl on however many characters their font allows on a line on the page, right?  No mention of spaces... I understand it also means that just one character on a line could count also but good grief!!

I'm jealous! Is it gross line or 65 character? I am also
on an ER account with EXText but I cannot get near that. Any tips to share? I love working at Keystrokes but would love to get those kind of lines even more!
It could mean that a gross line will not exceed 65 characters. nm
Oh, yeah, I miss that gross line, too....
but I came from a 65-char company originally so I just look at it as back to same ol, same ol. But yeah, I do miss those gross lines...

Overall I haven't had too much problem adjusting, but then I was just grateful to be working again. And I also like the flexibility; I'm glad I didn't go to WMX with some of the rest.
Still very low at 6 cpl for gross line. I wouldn't take it and anyone else would be crazy to! n
8 center per gross line...as good as 9/65 cpl?
Depends on the length of the gross line. If it's
set as a 65-character length line also (as in same margins, same length), then 8 cpl gross is equivalent to about 10 cpl per 65 characters. But if the gross line margins are set for a really long line, then you might not come out much ahead. Did that make sense?
Well only if you get your own accounts or are paid gross line.
There is no way a transcription company will pay you that much. I have one of my own accounts too and make 12 cents per gross line, and I make around $50 per hour on average.
companies paying by gross line
Does anyone know any companies that pay by gross line?  Any info would be appreciated. 
Sounds like a gross line though, not 65-char.
Don't know if I misinterpreted the ad, but it might not be too bad if it is a gross line depending on dictator style. If there are a lot of short lines like on my current account, it could work out really well. I would actually make more at 6 cents per gross line than I make at 8 cents per 65-character line. Comparing the last report I just did, I made $5.08 for the report at 8 cpl, but if I had been paid 6 cents per gross line, I would have made $8.58. Can't really judge line rate unless you have all the info.

Heck, no! Gross line would be a great way to get paid! nm
I'm confused. It says 09 cents per 65-character GROSS line. sm
What is a 65 character **gross** line??
Exactly. I work for a chiropractor and I get 10 cents a gross line.
I had an MTSO once offer me 7 cpl per gross line and said it was equal to 10 cpl sm
for a 65 ccl, so would 6 cpl gross equal 9?  It is so hard to tell with these things anymore. 
It's 6cpl gross line and raise after 3 days.. better than nothing. ;) nm