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QT gets my vote! I love it! Gross line pay, on time, 1 account, steady work! Great place!!!! nm

Posted By: QT'r on 2005-09-11
In Reply to: Good companies? - Crazed


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great place to work at - friendly QA - pay always on time
I love it there...best place I have worked...plenty of work, pay on time, excellent communication...
wonderful supervisors...who could ask for more?
Spaces are not taken into account with gross lines....a line is a line...sm

if there seven words on a line.

or two


or a full line of typing...all of the companies that I have worked for define a gross line as 1 inch margins, 12 pt courier font....does not matter what we type in margins or font.....we convert all reports to the 1 inch margins and courier 12 font and then count the lines.  not the blank spaces between the lines.

Hope this helps.

Heck, no! Gross line would be a great way to get paid! nm
Great bunch of people to work with, pay on time, my only problem is that QA is paid by line instead
of by the hour and you must listen to all reports 100% instead of just jumping and filling in the QA markers.
MDI-Maryland hires SE. Great place! Love it. nm
EMTS Great company steady work
Getting new work and accounts are sending more and more work.  Great people to work with. 
As far as I know, IC only. Very steady work flow. Pay is good and on time.

Great lady to work for. 

Pay on time and accurate, work flow steady.


7-8 gross is great. That is equivalent to 10-12 65 character lines, as a gross
line is about 35% lower than a 65 character line. Will you share who is paying this>
A gross line is not based on characters. A gross line is
anything on the line constitutes a line, so if you only have 1 word on a line it is still counted as a line.   A gross line at 8 cpl roughly translates to 10 cpl/65 character. 
MDI-Maryland is an excellent company, pay on time all the time, great line rate.
I left also because I went out and got my own client(s).
They are very nice people.

The only negative I can think of were the e-mails from the owner say work, work, work, we are out of TAT.

Other than that, which is very minor, it was a good experience.
Exactly. I work for a chiropractor and I get 10 cents a gross line.
Not sure if you need bennies or not, but QT hires IC and has plenty of work and pays gross line! sm
You can apply at www.qtmedical.com It's a great place to work. Pay is always on time, always correct, recognized for holidays. They pretty much leave you alone and let you work. Very, very rarely run out of work. Depending on experience, pay usually starts around 7 to 8 cpl (gross lines) :)
Great place to work!
I came to Phoenix after having worked at the 2 large nationals over the past 4 years. I'm SO glad! The do not pay for spaces but the headers/footers more than make up for that. The work is steady, same account (or accounts) and never runs out. The staff are great to work with, helpful and very thoughtful. Great place to work!
Great place to work
Wonderful people, great software, sound quality excellent, benefits affordable, don't really noticed the ESLs, maybe because I'm used to them, or maybe depends on the account.  Pay average.
Great place to work
This is Documed in New Jersey that I am talking about.  I have said this before on MT Stars, but I absolutely love this company.  Been with them for almost 2 years and I can't say enough good things about them.  The management is fantastic.  The office staff is wonderful.  They are very helpful with any problems you may have.  Pay has never been late.  Hope this helps. 
They are a great place to work..sm

I have been there nearly 4 years now. The staff is very professional and accommodating.  My schedule is flexible though there is a 24-hour TAT, but you can work the hours you want for the most part, at least on my account.  Pay is always on time, the platform easy,and I rarely hear from QA. So all things considered, I would certainly encourage you to give them a try!

Great place to work
I have been there for about 4 months. I love it there. Everybody there is great. I have an awesome account as well as a backup account. I plan on staying there for a long time. I don't know if they are currently hiring or not. Good luck!
GREAT place to work

I have worked for MANY companies, and this is the best one I have come across, HANDS DOWN!!!!  You are actually treated like a PERSON.  The communication there is GREAT!  It might not be the biggest, but I believe it's the BEST!  : - )

I do...It's a great place to work...SM
Everyone is very nice and helpful and there is never a shortage of work!
Let's hear from the MTs that love their companies, their jobs and have a great line count
I love where I work, happy with line count, happy with earning potential.  Love being an MT and working at home.  You???
Good & bad posts in the past. Must work 1 Sat. a month. Supposed to be gross line pay. Some days
Honestly, MQ is a great place to work!
I did work for Spheris before they were called EDIX, and I've worked for a couple of other nationals and MQ is by far the best! The grass isn't greener on the other side, believe me. MQ is the most advanced technilogically. If you don't want to feel like you are going backwards with technology, go give MQ a try. I work out of the Dallas office and the communication with my supervisor, other supervisors, upper management, other co-workers...is EXCELLENT. I love it. I would say at least give it a try before listening and taking the advice of anyone reporting a bad experience. All offices are not the same.
TT is a great place to work for. It is not that hard to
reach and maintain a decent line count. Incentives are fair and not to hard to reach. ExText is the best platform, at least in my 18 year experience. Great people, tons of work and the ESL percentage is about 20-25%.
I have to agree -- truly a great place to work. sm

There is always a learning curve anywhere, of course, but wiithin just a short time, my production was the same with TT as anywhere else.  The benefits are pretty good, insurance affordable, and as an added bonus, the people there truly care about their employees.   After 30+ years of transcribing, I feel like I finally found my home.

Definitely great place to work, 2 year
anniversary coming up and I still love my job.
Ditto...It's a great place to work (nm)

Sounds like you work at a great place
That seems like a much more reasonable line rate for VR, 0.065 - correct.  A lot better than the 0.03 0 0.045 that most offer.  Would it be okay to ask who you work for? 
Depending on the account your placed, this is not bad place to work.
If your on the Escription account, run and do not look back. Work often runs low and the stuff you get is horrid (ESLs) etc. and it is almost impossible to make any money. These are VR accounts. So, if your not on a VR account, you will most likely like it as far as pay on time and decent benefits. I had to quit because I either had no work or crappy accounts where I made no money. Obviously, it was more beneficial to find another job for me. Communication leaves a lot to be desired.
I love Keystrokes...been there for 3 months and couldn't ask for a better place to work...
Great place to work - give 'em a try!
Yep. Me too. Nice people, great place to work!
Chronicle Transcripts is a great place to work

Great place. People are super to work sm
with and answer your questions, etc.  Pay well and always on time.  If I ever work at home again, I will go back there first.
Great place to work. I've been there a year.
Exactly what do you want to know?
MDI is a good place to work. Depending on what account you get.... see msg
Some accounts are slightly overstaffed and there is less work but I know other accounts are swamped. Their benefits are comparable to other companies. Line count is reasonable and I like working there. The staff is really nice. Just like every company, what works for someone else may not work for you etc.. so go with your best judgement. They have been good to me so that is all I can speak for. Can I ask who else has offered you a job??
I miss YOG also! Good company, great line rate, and awesome account.
I definitely want to work.. but not for them. I have found great place to call home where you get..
what you are promised as far as work, pay, and the communication is excellent. MDI-FL should take a few lessons from some of these other companies and you'd have more happy employees. There are far too many team leaders and management out there trying to save face for MDI..obviously.. The rave reviews are NOT from the MTs trying to work for a living.
Great place to work. LOTs of work and (sm)
as the other poster noted, somewhat flexible.  Make your lines and they pretty much leave you be.  Communication is great, QA is great.  The platform is extremely easy.  There's plenty of work to go around and then some. 
Oh great, just what I want to get rid of. I am looking for a steady workload. nm
I work for TTS and I love it! Everyone is great and
I have a name and everyone there knows it and calls me by my first name.  Pay is always on time.  Pay rate is a little lowish, but there is a ton of work and it is definitely worth being a real person again.  I came from OSi and I just cannot believe the difference!
Thanks for the info! Do you *feel* like you make more with a gross line v. character line? (nm)

Oh, they make money off us. Line rate is 17 cents a gross line.nm
Is it a nice place to work and did you have work all the time. nm
Could someone help me with the figuring out of gross line versus character line? sm
I have generally been paid by character line, 65-character line.  Now, I have had job opportunities offering to pay gross line but it like 3 cents cheaper than what I am being paid now.  A few places I have read that gross line is MUCH better, but is it much better if the pay is so much lower?  Please explain how it works or equals out.  This position has offered me 6 cents per gross line - what would that equal out to in character lines?  Thanks...so confused...
I work at DDS and love it. Make great money!

I love MT, but I am also so glad hubby has steady income and excellent benefits!
He retired with 20 years in the air force and has a retirement check from that, as well as standard and very basic benefits that we can use without paying a whole lot. He has worked full time since retiring from the air force (he was 40 when he got his 20) with excellent pay and awesome benefits that we pay a very low premium for. I used to make excellent cash as an MT when being paid on a gross line, but now I make maybe 20K a year with no benefits of any kind from my job. Now my income just supplements his and is for the extras we enjoy.
I currently work at JLG and love it. Great, user friendly platform.
They leave you alone to type.  Pay on time, never late.  Pretty well organized and good communication.  And they do not offshore!  I be sticking around.   Cubicles 

I love it there. Tons of work, great people. I am 100% happy.
I love it here; easy platform, plenty of work, great communication