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Spheris is not a good company to work for

Posted By: MQMT1 on 2008-04-30
In Reply to: Spheris. How long does it take... - mnmt

I stayed with Spheris for as long as I possibly could, and pleaded with them for more work. I was without work more than I was with work. It was a nightmare. They have very poor communication and I ended up in a big hole because of them. They tell you one thing and then do another.

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Spheris a good company to work for or maybe
Transend?   I current work for MQ and even though I like my job, I am not too sure if it will be here seeing as all of our work is being sent to our friends in India.  I was wondering about Spheris.  I was going to apply to them about 3 years ago before I got my MQ gig... Would you say that they treat their  employees fair and not bounce them from account to account?  Do they change their employees schedule like crazy?  I really appreciate you taking the time to read this and maybe answer me back... lol!  I am a single mother so MONEY is really important right now.  My bills arent but 1700.00 and you would think that I would be able to make it... but NOPE!!!  In fact I am in the hole!!!!
What company is good in your opinion if Spheris is the worst? (nm)

Spheris is good to work for.
I worked for Spheris for a while.  I thought they were very good to work for.  I have no complaints.  They were very flexible on my hours when I needed it. 
What is the word on Spheris? Are they good to work for? sm
Would like to know pay range for experienced MT, monthly deductions for insurance, etc...run out of work?
Does anyone recommend a pretty good company that is good to work for, pay always on time and plenty
of work.  I know that is asking a lot, but just curious?
Spheris isn't the only company getting prior MQ work....sm
our company has also picked up several million dollars worth of business that MQ used to have because of the clients either having been overbilled by MQ or fears that they would be with all of the legal problems MQ is having.  Other current MQ clients are getting bids for when their contracts expire so I expect the MQ "tumble" to continue. 
Is Transcend a good company with a good platform to work on. They are advertising.
I did not work for Spheris when I used Vianeta. It was a differenc company. nm
Very, very good company to work
The pay, well, how good are you? You can make it what you want, so the post below, I would say she is not very good.
Good company to work for

Hello Everyone,

  I am currently emplopyed with a major transcription company that I am not happy with.  I am looking to switch to another company, but not sure which one(es) would be a good decision.

I have 12 years of experience and am looking to work at home.  Any and all information would be helpful.

Thank you

I need a good company 2 work 4
Okay, having asked about Amphion, I'm just gonna ask if anyone can refer any good companies that have work. I need part-time employee status, preferably a computer, decent line pay, and good incentives. I really need to find a company in the next couple of weeks. I have been with MQ for a really long time and have had no work for the last four weeks and very low work volume for the last year. Thanks!
Good company to work for.
Lots of work.  Platform is easy to learn.  Flexible schedules.  Good for an IC.
Good Company To Work For!!! :)
I have worked in the transcription industry for almost 16 years and by far Keystrokes has treated me the best since I have been with them. Wonderful staff, couldn't ask for anything any better. Why don't you apply? They have a lot to offer and are growing!
They are a good company to work for
Good luck to you, I have been with Medware almost one year, started part time and went full time.  I like my account and team leader, type on EXText.  Good benefits too.  They have consistent work and pay by direct deposit.   www.medwaremt.com  
Yes, good company to work for
Pay on time, good benefits, decent line rate, 401-K (just started match), PTO.
Very good company wot work
for if you seriously want to work full time. That was my problem. I didn't want to be on a set schedule.
DSG is NOT MQ. They are a good company to work for, sm
The only thing now is there is not a lot of work except for QA evidently.  But I still like working for them.  They just use the DocQScribe platform like a few other companies.
You need to work for a good company, sm
one that does not outsource or lie. That company is Webmedx. Give them a try. I have been there since 2003 and actually enjoy my job for a change.
Good company to work for!

I work for a bad company with a good
Good company to work for
I love it at Amphion, the platform is very productive and the people are wonderful.  I enjoy the variety of work on my account and keep plenty busy with voluntary OT when I want.  It's a great place to work.  Hope you give it a try and join our team!  
Not a good company to work for.
Go back and read the archieves from the last few months.  Nothing has changed.  I would keep looking if it was me.
Webmedx is a good company to work (sm)
for.  Good benefits, fair pay.  They give you a 12-hour window to get your work done.  Be forewarned, though, most of their acute care has a GREAT DEAL of ESL dictators.  If ESLs are a problem for you, you might want to consider carefully before accepting a job with them.  QA is the absolute best.  I think my manager is the greatest, don't know about others.
It's a good company. There is no shortage of work.
If anything, too much work
Is Transcend a good company to work for? nm
CBAY. Yes they do. They are a good company to work for.
Good benefits, nice people.
Softscript is a good company to work for. sm
I have been with them for over a year.  I have had 1 late check (by 1 day).  As long as you do your work and work the schedule you give them, they will leave you alone.    
Good company, pay on time, seems like a lot of work. nm
US Transcription - good company to work for or not?

Hi guys!!  Anyone out there got any information on US Transcription?  I am wondering what kind of company it is to work for.  Any information you can provide, good or bad, would be great.



When Mag won the award, they were not a good company to work for. nm
Is Keystrokes a good company to work for. nm
Anyone know anything about Transform? Is this company good to work for?
OSI good company to work for and others listed

Any info would be appreciated about these companies. Incentive pay/medical premiums, good accounts, Word-based platforms? 

What about Transolutions, Med-Scribe, MedWare, Northeast Transcription, E-MTS, JLG.  I know there is a lot here but I am tired of bouncing around this past year.  Want to find a place to make a decent living and stay put!!  Need good bennies, decent platform, decent account, and plenty of work.  I know, I know that is what we all want isn't it?


Is Diskriter a good company to work for?

Any information would be appreciated.


Oracle is a pretty good company to work for but,
their home-grown software makes it difficult to get a good line count.
Reply to Is Keystrokes a good company to work for
I have been in this business for 15+ years and I can honestly say, I have worked for quite a few different companies (Heartland - THE WORST OUT THERE; Softscript, about as bad and Spheris was so/so) and Keystrokes IS THE BEST!!!  I love my account and my supervisor and they do NOT hassle you as long as you are working. I have never heard a negative thing from anyone in the company yet!  I get paid on time and have taken time off in the last 3 months I have worked for them!  I SAY GO FOR IT!!   Okay, I will get off my  now!!   Anyway.. Keystrokes ROCKS!!
Good, decent company. Pay on time. Low on work. nm
This year they chose one that really is a good company to work for. nm
Trans Tech is a good company to work for.
I have plenty of work. I wish you the best.
If you are very good, the company accommodates you so you don't work weekends
Does anyone have any info on whether InterPro is good company to work for?

I am trying to decide between them and an acute care smaller company.  Does anybody know if they are a good company?



FN is a good company. Work volume much too low. SR pay very poor.
Focus infomatics... Good company to work for?

I am considering accepting a position with Focus infomatics.  Does anyone have information on this company? Their website is pretty impressive.  Any comments would very much be appreciated. Thanks.


Anyone know of a good company willing to hire for part-time work?  I'm not familiar with the majority of the companies looking to hire on here.  Thanks !

Not a good company. Their pay is low and software hard to work with sm
although now they say DocQScribe which means they have picked up MQ accounts like other companies.  I would stay away. 
I am looking for a company where I can work as an IC for good lph rate part-time...
I am needing to supplement my income, as I am the sole provider for my family due to hubby recovering from illness.  I would like to find a good company with good pay (9-11 cpl), part-time employee status or IC, hopefully providing all necessary equipment.  I have been searching the archives all day and have not come up with any other than Webmedx, but it sounds as if I would be doing mostly ESL to make the higher lph.  I could possibly come up with the PC if I needed to.  I have 8 years acute care experience.  Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.  If you don't feel comfortable posting, I have included my e-mail address.  Thanks much in advance for all your help
Can anyone tell me if Administrative Assistants is a good company to work for and if they hire IC
or employees.
Good company, lots of clinic work, pay on time.
I'm at Webmedx after 10+ years at MQ. Good company. Plenty of work. SM
Pay is direct deposit and on time. You have a 12-hour window and 35 hours is considered full-time. I cleared QA review in less than a day, and they leave me alone to do my job. Benefits are affordable. I don't need the insurance, but I understand it's pretty good. Don't get much PTO the 1st year, 3 days. If you know you will need to be off ANY time in the first 6 months or so, tell the recruiter. Line rate is fair and you can negotiate. They have a bonus/incentive plan that allows you to earn good money. Seems like no place is great these days, but they are probably as good as it gets. Feel free to E-mail me if I can help you out.
Decent company, good people, pay on time, work low sometimes. nm
Spheris supes/QA are good, insurance not good; they offshore