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I'm at Webmedx after 10+ years at MQ. Good company. Plenty of work. SM

Posted By: WX on 2008-06-21
In Reply to: looking for new job - joie

Pay is direct deposit and on time. You have a 12-hour window and 35 hours is considered full-time. I cleared QA review in less than a day, and they leave me alone to do my job. Benefits are affordable. I don't need the insurance, but I understand it's pretty good. Don't get much PTO the 1st year, 3 days. If you know you will need to be off ANY time in the first 6 months or so, tell the recruiter. Line rate is fair and you can negotiate. They have a bonus/incentive plan that allows you to earn good money. Seems like no place is great these days, but they are probably as good as it gets. Feel free to E-mail me if I can help you out.

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Does anyone recommend a pretty good company that is good to work for, pay always on time and plenty
of work.  I know that is asking a lot, but just curious?
Webmedx is a good company to work (sm)
for.  Good benefits, fair pay.  They give you a 12-hour window to get your work done.  Be forewarned, though, most of their acute care has a GREAT DEAL of ESL dictators.  If ESLs are a problem for you, you might want to consider carefully before accepting a job with them.  QA is the absolute best.  I think my manager is the greatest, don't know about others.
webmedx has plenty of work all the time. The posters who sm
complain only have 1 or 2 accounts and DON'T want more. There is overtime today on 9 different accounts, 4 of which have OT until further notice. Now, does that sound like Webmedx is out of work? I know I work there, have for several years and have NEVER run out of work.
I've been there 5+ years and have had plenty of work.

I would occasionally work on weekends when I needed extra $$ and there is no work on the weekends now.  Mondays also tend to be a little slow because they are keeping a tighter TAT and we aren't playing catch-up from the weekend, but even then I still get my lines.  

Are you a long-time QTer and not getting your lines? 

There's plenty of work at Webmedx - my group of accounts is running OT. SM
Again, why don't you ask your manager for MORE WORK?
Just a minute here chickie. There is work at Webmedx and plenty more coming on board. SM
Maybe if you had more than one account to transcribe, you, too, would have work. Don't spread lies on this board please. It is not nice.
Does anyone know if Precyse Solutions is a good company that pays on time and has plenty
of work?
There is a lot to be said for good communication and plenty of work.
Trust me. It could be worse and I should know. I have worked for some companies that I WISHED paid 10 cents a line and had poor communication and lack of work. You cannot go wrong it sounds with what your doing. I could only pray for that.
Webmedx didn't about 1-1/2 years ago. Good luck. nm
Webmedx hires some ICs. Good company. So sorry for your loss. Good luck!
Medware, good platform, plenty of work
I have worked for them almost 3 years now, they are a better than average company and pay on time every other Friday.  Check them out, you will be happy you did.  Kim.
Potential is good if there is plenty of work to type. sm
Things were great when I first started, and the pay was great.  The work on my particular account started to slow way down after about 5 months, and thus the pay, too. Just be prepared if that is to happen.  I do wish you all the best though.
My company has plenty of work

but, they are not hiring at this time.  We have never ran out of work BECAUSE they don't overhire.  They have as many MTs as they need and sometimes we do have to work extra if there is a huge workload or something and it can be tiresome sitting at the computer 10-12 hours rather than my usual 8, BUT I wouldn't trade that for the jobs that make you search and beg for work. 

I think all companies should have the same work process, that way you get long-term employees because they can actually make a living there and don't have to seek out other employment.

Good accounts, great people, plenty of work. sm

I'm past that "honeymoon" stage of the first few months that another poster mentioned.  I still find them to be the best for me.  Never run out of work, always there for questions, including timely responses, great people (QA and otherwise). 

I'd highly suggest contacting either your supervisor or Jane (as she offered) about lack of work.  As you should see on the daily reports, there is plenty of work out there. 

Good luck & I hope it works out for you. 

Yes, they do. Nice little company. Plenty of work.
Pay on a weekly basis.  Internet based platform.  I do think they are still hiring.
It's a great company with plenty of work!
Pick your own schedule; they'll match current pay rate, tons of work, good-to-great money; nice people. Stuff posted on here is old and from dirtbags who couldn't hack it there!
My company lost the account I had worked on for 5 years. Webmedx got the
account so I followed it.   I have interviewed with about a dozen companies the last year and out of all of them the only ones I considered were Keystrokes and Webmedx. 
Been there 9 months and LOVE it!!! Plenty of work, good platform, great staff.
I finally found a home.
WEBMEDX is a good company
Thanks...I'll leave it in the mix before I decide what to do!
Webmedx does, and good company n/m
Awesome small company! Paid on time every 2 weeks. Plenty of work!
Owner is great. I would recommend this company to anyone who wanted to be paid what they are worth and paid on time!
Good company for me for last 2 years.
Lots of work. Good pay rate. Management/team leads are accessible. Good feedback. Get paid on time.
I've been there for 3 years - yes, good company
I've been there a few years. I think it's a good company.
Although I feel that ALL MT pay is far too low, Acusis pays better than most. Several accounts are teaching hospitals, some regular hospitals, and some clinics. Most of the time they have plenty of work, except right after the Holidays.

I find the management to be VERY nice to work with - a welcome change from my old situation, which was horrible. Excellent techs, too. The SoftScript platform they use works well. Sound quality is good. If you email a supervisor or other person there, I've found they respond in a timely manner.

The pay varies based on the account; more for harder ones, less for easy ones. They ask for feedback from MTs, and are appreciative to get it.

Anyway, judging by what I read on this board about other companies, I think one reason you don't hear much about Acusis is that most people that work for them are happy with them.
You can do a good job and despise the company. I was at MQ for 10 years.
I eventually deservedly despised them, but I did a great job. Otherwise, I would have heard about it. I'm at the Web now, and I agree with those that say they are getting to be just like MQ before MQ imploded and was sold. I don't despise Webmedx, but I don't love them, either. I don't think you can completely trust any of the nationals.
I have worked there for a few years now. Not a lousy company but a very good one. sm
Perhaps you did not meet their standards or perhaps they did not meet yours, but there is no reason for you to be on here bashing those of us that love working for KS. If you have specifics, please share. I will:

Good pay, on time every time.

Good account with plenty of work.

Good benefits.

Managers that are human and know that the employees are too.

Owners who care about the company and employees. They are involved but less and less with employees as they grow. Instead, they have hired managers that are great so that they can concentrate on sales and customers.

Growing company with no lost accounts, which is more than most can say.

Opportunity for advancement.

IT helpful and caring, especially since the major change in that area a few months ago.

I love my job and I'm not in Illinois either; I'm in Florida.
WebMedX is a good company. Decent pay for high level acute care
They have excellent account managers and a great QA dept. The platform is really quite easy with the improvements they have made, and they are constantly working to make it even better. Everything is geared to making the MT's job easier. I have been with WMX for over a year and I am quite pleased with them.
Webmedx radiology MTs?? How are they to work for and good pay?


Webmedx is a good place to work and has PT as well as FT. sm
Good luck in your search.
webmedix- I have 25 years exp., was offered low rate of pay. Heard it is a good company. nm
Is Transcend a good company with a good platform to work on. They are advertising.
right now plenty of work, also plenty of ESLs.nm
Plenty of BOTH on my end, I do traditional have plenty of work, always
Webmedx is the company I am leaving, so that won't work. sm
It's time to move on.
Three years is plenty of experience....no one is just...sm
giving her a chance. So ridiculous. Three years is only considered not enough experience so that companies can get away with the crap wages they pay because they consider you a newbie.
The company I work for NEVER gives PTO, even after 5 years. I would be willing sm
to wait a year to get it. Right now, I hate taking a day off at all because I am paycheck to paycheck and need to work to make money. If I had PTO, I would not feel guilty taking a day off here and there or even a short vacation.
Anyone know of a company looking for 13 years experience to work flexible part-time shift
I'm getting my real estate license but still want to keep my transcription job part-time.  I'm looking for a job that will allow me to work about 20 hours a week and still have the flexibility to show a home on the spur of the moment.  Thanks, I would appreciate any info!
Very, very good company to work
The pay, well, how good are you? You can make it what you want, so the post below, I would say she is not very good.
Good company to work for

Hello Everyone,

  I am currently emplopyed with a major transcription company that I am not happy with.  I am looking to switch to another company, but not sure which one(es) would be a good decision.

I have 12 years of experience and am looking to work at home.  Any and all information would be helpful.

Thank you

I need a good company 2 work 4
Okay, having asked about Amphion, I'm just gonna ask if anyone can refer any good companies that have work. I need part-time employee status, preferably a computer, decent line pay, and good incentives. I really need to find a company in the next couple of weeks. I have been with MQ for a really long time and have had no work for the last four weeks and very low work volume for the last year. Thanks!
Good company to work for.
Lots of work.  Platform is easy to learn.  Flexible schedules.  Good for an IC.
Good Company To Work For!!! :)
I have worked in the transcription industry for almost 16 years and by far Keystrokes has treated me the best since I have been with them. Wonderful staff, couldn't ask for anything any better. Why don't you apply? They have a lot to offer and are growing!
They are a good company to work for
Good luck to you, I have been with Medware almost one year, started part time and went full time.  I like my account and team leader, type on EXText.  Good benefits too.  They have consistent work and pay by direct deposit.   www.medwaremt.com  
Yes, good company to work for
Pay on time, good benefits, decent line rate, 401-K (just started match), PTO.
Very good company wot work
for if you seriously want to work full time. That was my problem. I didn't want to be on a set schedule.
DSG is NOT MQ. They are a good company to work for, sm
The only thing now is there is not a lot of work except for QA evidently.  But I still like working for them.  They just use the DocQScribe platform like a few other companies.
You need to work for a good company, sm
one that does not outsource or lie. That company is Webmedx. Give them a try. I have been there since 2003 and actually enjoy my job for a change.
Good company to work for!

I work for a bad company with a good
Good company to work for
I love it at Amphion, the platform is very productive and the people are wonderful.  I enjoy the variety of work on my account and keep plenty busy with voluntary OT when I want.  It's a great place to work.  Hope you give it a try and join our team!  
Not a good company to work for.
Go back and read the archieves from the last few months.  Nothing has changed.  I would keep looking if it was me.